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Oak to Magnoila.(Foot Travel)

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#1Regis Karlinius 

Oak to Magnoila.(Foot Travel) Empty Sun May 24, 2020 1:13 pm

Regis Karlinius
Much has time passed that Regis showed up and around the lands in general. Feeling like he had stayed too long and as well needed to shift areas and maybe the people of Oak where starting to feel a bit too unsure about Regis roaming around,living in the woods and hunting animals and just camping out there, only selling off some of the to keep some kind of money with him in case he needed it, Regis felt maybe going some where else might benefit in some way, As well as give the people from Oak a chance to not be so scared of a random armored man just walking out of the woods.

But where he wanted to go next would be quite a trip, not that he minded he was use to the walking and traveling alone. It did effect him at times the days of being alone and in the woods did much and a part of wished for something different.

One of the many things he wished for anything, Regis had finally dealt with what plagued his mind for a long time, it might have been time for him to make something else right as well.

He could not earn the forgiveness of who he killed, Regis had plans for that when he found what was right to say to his former in laws, After all showing his face to the family whom he killed one daughter of and child of them, What exactly he could say to that family to have them forgive him.

He wanted to face another problem as well, His own father. One of the few that Regis could not get forgiveness from of his family members, his mother could only just manage to forgive him, Waylon he never saw and Judina just bitterly forgave him.

No doubt with in his own mind that moment Regis tried to walk in and talk to either of his parents it would be a horrible situation, Something he knew he needed to face head on, Then again Regis had that from his father, much like his mother who he broke her heart when he did all what he had done. Then again it was a sore spot and Regis kind of knew he had put a stain in his own name with in his family, His father was the only one who hold the most negative energy in mind.

Regis would be at the outskirts of Magnolia while he would let out a sigh, He had not spoken in a while and he did feel nervous. On his mind was what exactly does he say to a man like his father who most likely wants to just tear him to pieces, Regis knew the largest insult to his family was to kill his own family, It was the worst insult to him than anything else,As much as he was ready to face him, Regis knew his own father might want to end his own life. Does it face him now and deal with it? or does he run away from everything like he has for a long time? nonetheless Regis would end up in Magnolia, figuring out if he was ready or not he was close by to see family.

Wordcount: 547/500

{exit to Magnolia}

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