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Count the Blessings [Quest]

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#1Mary Wraith 

Count the Blessings [Quest] Empty Sun May 24, 2020 11:09 am

Mary Wraith
Once again, Father Jerad, the devoted priest of Ilumin, had requested help from the brightest and bravest mages of Magnolia. ...Unfortunately they were all busy. Instead he found himself face to face with a familiar specter. While he was well aware of the ghastly rumors that surrounded her, as a man of faith he refused to believe such hurtful words. There was no such thing as ghosts, right? Well... That aside, she had helped him once in the past and he was sure she would do so again. Offering the eerie woman a basket and a brief description of the Blessia Flower, he pointed her towards the East Forest.

Mary was glad she had come across the job posting. Picking flowers was something even she could do. She was also vaguely familiar with this particular species. While it didn’t grow in her home country, she had come across it during her studies. And... Most importantly... Minimal social interaction. Her quivering heart was especially thankful for that. Simply talking to the handsome, young priest had been an ordeal... All those shamefully sinful thoughts... She shook her head like a dog drying its fur. Now was not the time! She had to focus and find those flowers...

At first, the gloomy woman wandered the outskirts of the forest. Her spiral eyes swept every shrub carefully, yet none of the flowers matched the description. Delicate and small with a red center and orange pedals... Such a bright combination of colors should have been easy to spot among the greenery, yes? But she couldn’t find a single one... Perhaps it grew deeper within the forest. She tried her best to recall the pages of the books she had studied. Hm, didn’t the Blessia plant prefer dim environments? Like under the shadow of larger trees? It was worth investigating.

Picking a nice and quiet path, the eerie mage delved deeper into the forest. From her previous trips she recalled some promising spots along the way. When she reached a mighty oak, her investigation was rewarded. Red and orange shined like a small flame in the shadows. She knelt down, eager to pick the flower. However, a sudden sting caused her to withdraw her hand. Oh... Right... The Blessia Flower was a thorny one. She could understand wanting to keep others at a distance... Muttering a quiet apology, she proceeded to carefully pick as many of the flowers as her small basket could carry.

Soon the spooky specter appeared at the steps of the church once again. Father Jerad was understandably anxious to know how it went. Without a word she presented a basket full of flowers. The young priest accepted it, showering her with heartfelt thanks. He explained how the flowers would help ill families. In return for the favor, he handed her the payment. Upon noticing that the pouch felt heavier than usual, she hesitated. Quietly she questioned if it was truly alright. However, the priest simply smiled and explained it as a little bonus for an Amicable Adventurer.

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