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Oak to Magnolia (Foot Travel)

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#1Erebus Gresham 

Oak to Magnolia (Foot Travel) Empty Sat May 23, 2020 4:47 pm

Erebus Gresham

Erebus had defeated the Lich and secured the respect of his Lord and home, he was no longer the homeless pick-pocket, he was a hero. Something like that essentially, so he felt it was time to finally leave. Putting the Rusty Daggers in a box, Erebus buried them to time-stamp his beginnings. The meaning was symbolic to him, he was finally a somebody, and his Judgement was for the betterment of Fiore. Erebus was proud of who he was, and was highly curious to find out what others were like. Being a natural thief, it was always in his head to nosy into the live's of others.

This journey would be a perilous recollection of the short but spectacular events to unfold in Oak Town, Erebus' origin point. He had taken a one man stand against a Lich attack shaking the whole province; but yet a rogue on a war path quelled him. Erebus was satisfied with his reputation now, a good first arc to open his future. He had trained himself a little bit, now he needed to go train in the kingdom, grow his power, so on and forth. Moving through Fiore was a hell on foot, but Erebus found no obstacle in exercise. He simply pondered the scenes, and watched from the distance. When time to travel through into Sieghart, Erebus stopped at the forest overlooking the mighty canyon passage.

He would camp here and draw rest before moving further tomorrow, towards Magnolia. Erebus chose to take Zane's word and go check out Fairy Tail. Not just them, but since it was all he had to work off of, might as well give it an honest gander. With sleeping bag and tent put up, Erebus took shelter for the night. Hidden well, in the case bandits approached.


#2Erebus Gresham 

Oak to Magnolia (Foot Travel) Empty Sat May 23, 2020 7:41 pm

Erebus Gresham

Erebus woke up early and packed his bag, everything magically fit into his satchel, so he never had to carry a lot. But he'd only ever went camping around Oak Town so this was new. Instead of going down the Canyon as originally desired, Erebus scrapped his whole venture and turned East. Heading for Crocus. Having just got out of Baska, the vast farmland Erebus was pulling awfully close to Port Astera where he could take a boat down the coast and reach the capitol in a short five to six hours. When he got there, he'd stop for his lunch.

Pulling into a pub, Erebus ordered Hogsmeade and Gingerberry Salad. He ate up, to revitalize his body for the walk ahead. Starting from Crocus Erebus would march towards Era. A large town built around a high, rocky checkpoint. This was the home of the Rune Knights, an outdated police officer-esque system for keeping the countryside managed and law-abiding, as a youth Erebus watched Rune Knights take advantage of a fellow deceased Knight's widow. Erebus had knew her for most of his youth, and the way that deed broke her... It never let him sit well with the RK, matter pf fact, he could never respect them again for it.

Least not in this generation.

But, for what it was worth, Era was considered a haven for safety. If you wanted to imagine the Utopia of this nation, then Era would be a debatable paradise in that argument. Erebus ignored the mountains which became snow-topped, and followed the forests out of Era. He walked what must have been another two days with rest between stops, and just as sure of his luck, Erebus came upon Magnolia. The town Zane had mentioned earlier on in Oak.

He was here. Exit & End


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