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Leika Earthe

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#1Leika Earthe 

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Leika Earthe


Name: Leika Earthe

Age: November 5, 770 (19)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Demisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Bellan (Unknown)

Ethnicity, Mother: Sinese (Deceased)

Class: Beastmaster

Race: Demi-Human (Wolf)

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Daeva Eye

Tattoo: Brown, left side of her neck.

Face: Holo - Spice and Wolf


Height: 5'11"

Weight: 98 lbs

Hair: Red-orange

Eyes: Red

Overall: Leika is a beautiful young woman with a slender figure. She's severely underweight and malnourished from years of neglect and abuse. Her red-orange hair is quite long due to lack of proper grooming and runs the full length of her back ending just above her butt.

Rather than human ears, the girl has wolf ears atop her head. The fur color matches her hair color with white tips and white fur on the inside. She has full control of her ears mobility the same as any animal.

At the base of her lower back, connected to her tailbone, is a long and gorgeous wolf tail. Her tail has bushy fur that, like her ears, matches her hair color and ends in a white tip.

Extra: Her back is covered with scars and lashes from years of beatings. Her arms and legs have injection trails from years of experimentation and sedation. The numbers 12-5-9-11-1 are tattooed onto her neck, covered by her Guild tattoo.


Personality: She tends to act more like a wild animal than a human. Having been tossed scraps and growing up in a cage with no positive interaction from humans, Leika has limited knowledge of what it means to be human. She lacks the manners and communication skills of an average humanoid creature. She does know how to walk upright but often moves about on all fours or squats in a corner while observing people from a safe distance.

She doesn't trust humans, as every interaction she ever had with them was negative. As such, she's much more comfortable in the presence of nature keeping in the company of animals and other non-human creatures. Though capable of human speech, she's oftentimes quiet or speaks slowly as she tries to find the right words. She picked up basic human speech from her time in Daeva Eye. She also learned further social communication and human behaviors from her time in Daeva Guild.

She still fails to grasp what is and is not acceptable social behavior. She lacks any concept of personal space and rather than shaking hands she will sniff the subject in question (be it humanoid, animal, or inanimate). She's very obsessive over her lovely tail and will often be seen combing it with a comb made from twigs. She becomes aggressive if anyone touches her tail without her permission to do so.

She tends to wear minimal amounts of clothing, sometimes running around nude and needing to be corrected (often by people throwing blankets and jackets around her). She will wear clothes in public places, but sometimes she forgets.


  • Freedom: After spending her entire life in a cage from birth to adulthood and having no normal childhood or any semblance of a normal life, Leika enjoys her newfound freedom and will fight any who try to take away her free will and free-range.
  • Her Tail: Her tail is her pride and joy. She grooms it regularly and hates to have a hair out of place. She'll often be found brushing a twig-comb through the soft silky fur. She also can be found sleeping with her tail, having her arms and legs wrapped around her, and using the soft bushy tip as a pillow.
  • Apples: Being given scraps her entire life, her first taste of fresh fruits sent a sensation of pleasure through her senses that she had never experienced before. A girl at Daeva Eye introduced her to an apple and it has since been her favorite fruit. If you have an apple or two for her, you can easily turn her into a friend for life.


  • Humans: As her primary first encounter and following experiences with humans were negative and involved fear and pain, she has a strong distrust toward all humans. It may be possible for one to gang her trust, but it'd take a lot of work. If you're human, don't expect a warm welcome.
  • Confinement: Having spent 18 years in cages, she can't stand confinement. If she sees an animal in a cage, she will attempt to free it. She hates confinement so much that she prefers to sleep and live outside in the wild.
  • Cruelty: Her scars tell the story behind this dislike. She will become highly aggressive and protective of the victim if she catches someone performing acts of cruelty towards a defenseless animal or humanoid creature; especially children.


  • Lost: Being exposed to a strange new world she never knew existed upon her escape from the lab, she has no idea what normal life is. She has a strong desire to travel, explore, discover, and learn all that she can about the life she missed out on.
  • Love: Having never experienced it herself, she very mention of love intrigues her. She heard the word thrown around by guild members speaking of family and of lovers. She has no idea what any of that is. She wants to find someone who can teach her the meaning of love and family.


  • Enslavement: Leika's biggest fear is being captured by someone stronger and used as a slave to do acts against her will. Or worse, to be caged and suffer more experiments done to discover what makes her tick.
  • Claustrophobic: For obvious reasons, she has a fear of enclosed spaces. She'll freak out and become wild and untameable if she's forced into a crowded or small space or left in a room with a closed door and no exit. She may attack allies in her panic for escape.
  • Death: Honestly, who doesn't? Only an immortal, I'd imagine. But she was surrounded by death and suffering in that lab. Her fear is to not only die: but to die alone scared and helpless.


Leika Earthe Th?id=OIP

Magic Name: Yasha Ookami

Magic Element: Nature

Magic Description: This Magic is a support type enhancement Magic focused on healing and enhancing herself and her companions. Using the power of nature she can heal injuries and give temporary attribute boosts. This Magic only affects herself and her companions.


History: The history of Leika Earthe is not a happy one. She didn't have a happy family with happy parents. She never had a fun childhood like other children. In fact, she never even had a name. I recommend you leave now or get your tissues ready.

It was dark and cold. A she-wolf opened her eyes, blinking a few times as she awoke to find herself in an unfamiliar place. She tried to run but crashed into cold metal bars. All around her were the sounds of dying or terrified animals and creatures. She also heard the unmistakable sound of humans. Terrified, she tried to get a better view of her surroundings when her cage opened and she was roughly yanked out. In her panic she struggled to break free only to be sedated. When she awoke, she was scared and confused.

A few weeks or so later, she heard the humans talking about her.

"The experiment was a success. Subject 6-22-3-2-6 has been successfully impregnated."

"Are we sure it'll work this time?"

"As long as we're getting paid and men continue to make donations for our cause, who cares?"

"Well, the boss does apparently. He said he'd shut us down if we fail again."

The scent of death and screams of suffering was everywhere. Whatever this place was, the wolf knew she needed to leave.

One month passed and the wolf was heavily pregnant and in obvious pain. Whatever their end goal was, it was killing the wolf. A group of vets and scientists grabbed the wolf from her cage and quickly performed surgery doing an emergency C-section on the animal. They pulled out what appeared to be a one-month human fetus with some unusual traits. They quickly placed the fetus into an incubator where it could finish development. They couldn't afford to lose another one.

9 years later

A young girl with the unusual traits of being part human and part wolf paced naked, cold, and afraid inside a cage barely big enough for her to move in. Her mother had died years ago after being tossed aside once her role was complete. The child had been a success and their longest-living experiment to date. She hated where she was, but it was all she ever knew. To her, this was normal. The only social interaction she experienced was them taking her out of her cage to run tests on her. They beat her with a cat o' nine tails to test her pain tolerance. She'd scream and cry but they'd beat her until they were satisfied with the results, then they'd throw her back in the cage.

This treatment went on for years. This wasn't her first nor last time experiencing this kind of pain.

10 more years

Now 19 years old, the girl had spent the last 7 years trying to escape this place. Whatever was out there had to be better than this life. This cage, these humans. They were poison to her. But every time she fought she ended up sedated, beaten, and thrown back into her metal prison. It was beginning to look hopeless. Every time her numbers were called she knew to expect pain and became frightened. There was no way out of this nightmare.

One day as she slept in her cell, cold and alone, she heard a commotion. Her ears twitched and she peered through the bars to see what was going on. The humans that enslaved her were being attacked by a group of humans with strange powers she had never seen before. They freed all the living prisoners (animals and humans alike). When they reached her cage she backward away terrified.

It was a group of women all wearing armor and wielding weapons and spells. The girl looked at them afraid, but they reassured her they were there on a mission to free everyone. That she could trust them. The idea of leaving this place was appealing to the young demi-human, so she graciously escaped with them. On the way out, a young zebra-like animal joined them. It was lost and scared and clung to the demi's side. She stroked its head and they escaped together.

Daeva Eye

The bright sunlight and the smells and sights of the outside world had been more than overwhelming to the girl who had never seen the light of day. Having no name to call her by, the Daeva Eye Guildmistress named her Leika (taken from the numbers on her neck). She acquired the last name Earthe as the first spoken word she said was "Earth" as she grabbed a handful of fresh soil from the ground. She was taken in by the ladies of the guild and they eagerly took to pampering her. Startled and expecting pain, she was confused as the girls bathed her, combed and brushed her hair and tail, and gave her pretty clothes to cover her naked body.

She wasn't too crazy about the idea of clothes. Most felt restricting. But they explained she couldn't go around naked, so she eventually gave in to the idea. The Daeva Eye members taught her basic reading and speaking skills and tried to explain to her common manners, courtesies, and basic social skills. It wasn't easy, as Leika was too wild and unsocialized. And the only Guild members that could get near her were the non-human variety.

It wasn't long before the Guildmistress made Leika an official member. After explaining Guild Tattoos to Leika and how they worked, she was quick to have the numbers on her neck covered by the guild logo. She still had a long way to go, but perhaps in time the Demi-human would be able to live a semi-normal life.

Reference: Rinni Faithe's Alt.

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