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Theater Antics [Quest]

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#1Ragnar Asgeir 

Theater Antics [Quest] Empty on Fri May 22, 2020 4:24 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar after finishing up that ‘great’ retelling of Romeo and Juliet, he had to go back to the theater because apparently Alice needed something else from him. Ragnar, at this point, was starting to get upset and could only imagine what he would have to do this time. As he walked into the room where he was supposed to meet Alice, he was surprised when he saw that Rebecca was there. Rebecca was apparently some orphan that Alice had decided to take under her wing and teach her about the theater. Why someone would want to do that is beyond Ragnar but clearly it was not Alice who called her in.

“What do you want Rebecca?” Ragnar asked at which point Rebecca said simply “Someone has been spreading rumors about Alice! They are causing me a lot of problems and I need it fixed! I noticed that you are reliable, and I need some help in finding out who is doing this and getting them to stop!” Ragnar nodded before saying “And I will be paid to deal with this problem?” Rebecca nodded her head before leaving the room as she clearly had other things to do.

Ragnar thought to himself how he was going to acquire this information as he did not have any contacts in this area of town to find this information, but he did know who he could talk to. As Ragnar left that room he went towards backstage. He knew that he could talk to some of the members of the crew and they would know, and they also knew that he was willing to break them in half if he did not get what he wanted. As luck would have it, Ragnar walked in right as he heard Jerry, one of the lightning guy say “ So apparently Alice is doing some illegal drugs, they say that this is what giving her the actor abilities she has, and that she has to be trashed to even get on the stage.” Jerry went on for a bit longer, as Ragnar stood behind him and the person, he was telling this too was going whiter and whiter by the second.


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#2Ragnar Asgeir 

Theater Antics [Quest] Empty on Fri May 22, 2020 4:24 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar smiled under his helmet as he reached down and grabbed Jerry on the shoulder, his hand big enough that the tip of his fingers nearly reached the bottom of his pectoral muscle and he grabbed him and then lifted him off his feet and dragged him off stage, towards the darker part of the stage and slamming him against the wall, still holding his shoulder but from the front as his thumb pressed against the front of his collar bone. The person he was talking to turned and left swiftly towards the door clearly not wanting to get involved.

Ragnar said simply “Where did you hear that rumor from Jerry?” And that was when the lies started as Jerry said, “I don’t know where I heard it!” Ragnar then started to squeeze his hand, his thumb pressing into the collarbone. It did not take long before he told Ragnar what he needed to know. He thanked Jerry for this time before turning and going towards where he knew he needed to go.
Ragnar went into the back to meet the rumor spreader, Jessica Day, who was in their dressing room alone.  Closing the door behind him, and looking around Ragnar said simply “ You will stop spreading rumors about Alice, if you don’t then you will have issues that you will not be able to deal with. “

Ragnar was surprised when he heard a laugh come out of Jessica’s mouth before she said simply “ What are you going to do about it big guy? Kill me? No! I will not! That bitch took eve…” The moment that Ragnar heard “ I will not” he darted across the room, easily covering the distance in the time she spoke as a single hand wrapped around her throat and he started to squeeze. Ragnar even though his guanleted hand could feel her windpipe start to give way and her vertabre start to bend and creek under the pressure of Ragnar’s hand. Jessica tried her best to fight off Ragnar, but his armor along with his long arms prevented her from doing any real damage before less then thirty seconds go by and she falls limp in Ragnar’s grip. Grabbing the top of her head with his other hand, he twisted it sharply as a soft crack was heard as her brain stem was severed from her spinal cord. Ragnar then threw the women onto the couch she had in her dressing room before leaving the room.

Ragnar went to Rebecca at that point and informed her that she would have to deal with Jessica’s body in the room, at which point she nodded and said calmly “ I will get rid of the body… you take your money and go before anyone sees you. “ Ragnar then took his money and happily went home.


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