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To Drinks, Family and Arm Wrestling {Tomoe}{Open to PG}

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#1Lucian V. Crimson 

To Drinks, Family and Arm Wrestling {Tomoe}{Open to PG} Empty on Thu May 21, 2020 11:37 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
The guildhall was normally empty with the recent activity in Marigold everyone was out completing some task or working towards some greater purpose for themselves. They all seemed to be busier than ever these days and Lucian had come to enjoy the silence of the castle.

Between spending days in the library or working on some sort of mission, walking the streets, or paying a visit to the theater, he had become content with life for the sake of it.

No more having to think about leaving the city he was in to disappear forever severing all the ties he had with those around him just to survive. As Lucian walked out of his room, he left his bracer and most of his items behind, walking around in black joggers like pants and a black tee. He felt at home and was thinking about the prospect of eating alone just like the last few nights.

I wonder if they are making the stew tonight... or are they gonna bring in the fish from port Haregon. The turquoise groupers were especially tasty, maybe they could fry them this time around or...

Lucian stared in horror as the guildhall was alive with the sounds of people. Somehow more folks than ever had poured in, PG mages clearly tired from their journies through Fiore. Damn it, not this soon, he wanted to meet them on a more low-volume level but this was like a family reunion of sorts and he felt out of place.

Eyeing the most distant table in the room, Lucian made a B-line for the kitchen line. Keeping his head down, he gathered his food for the night's festivities. The tray was filled with Toric stew, hearty meat from the bovine like creature that roamed the outside of Marigold, filled with various vegetables and brown broth the dish looked delicious. Along with the sides and rounds of drinks, Lucian should be happy but he felt so claustrophobic.

Taking the tray to the far table, he watched as the various pairs and groups shared in their stories of adventures, he felt alone among them but then again, he was brand new to their family. These people didn't know him and him vice-versa. So it's probably for the best he just ate his meal and went back to his room. No need to bother anyone more so than possible.

#2Rinni Faithe 

To Drinks, Family and Arm Wrestling {Tomoe}{Open to PG} Empty on Sun May 24, 2020 12:55 pm

Rinni Faithe
Not wanting to go home and deal with her overbearing parents, Rinni decided to return to the Guild Hall after a long and exhausting mission. As soon as she walked through the doors she froze completely mortified at what she was seeing. The hall was packed full of mages of all kinds, talking loud, eating, drinking, laughing. Just all the basic merriment of a giant family reunion. Rinni was the newest member and hadn't really met anyone aside from Tomoe. This was way too much and the teen was ill-prepared.

The girl sighed and looked down at her companion, a snow-white fox with 6 curly tails. The little fox looked up at her with a look of uncertainty in her bright blue eyes. Not wanting her first impression to be dirt and sweat she headed to her room to clean up a bit. After about an hour in the shower and another 10 minutes getting dressed, she was ready to mingle.

No, she really wasn't.

She was petrified.

Pausing to look herself over in the mirror, she could see how obvious her trembling was. She was really shy and really didn't do good in crowds. In fact, she had a severe case of ochlophobia; which basically meant she was afraid of crowds or crowded places. She really didn't need this right now. All she wanted was drama-free peace and quiet. Was that too much to ask?

It wasn't near this crowded when she was here with Tomoe being stamped as a new member. In fact, it was pretty empty. That wasn't too long ago. What the hell happened in that short a time? After taking a few deep breaths, Rinni finally left her room and headed toward the dining area of the hall to grab some food. She hadn't eaten since yesterday and was starving.

She very hurriedly gathered a small tray of food, nothing major. Just a small portion of meat and greens and potatoes. For a drink she got herself a glass of water and some orange juice. She was too young for alcoholic beverages so she left them alone. Now was the fun part. Finding a secluded area to eat. Man, where was Tomoe when she needed him?

After a while of searching (her heart thundering in her chest the entire time) she finally found an empty table in a far corner of the hall. As she approached she noticed a man sitting there alone. Just one person, she could hand that, right?

As she walked over to his table, she gingerly took the seat next to him. "Excuse me? Do... do you mind if I sit with you?" It was obvious by her trembling hands and awkward shy voice that she was new here as well, and had no idea who anyone was.

#3Tomoe Tanaka 

To Drinks, Family and Arm Wrestling {Tomoe}{Open to PG} Empty on Mon May 25, 2020 1:46 am

Tomoe Tanaka
Hands were grasping from the abyss. An inky blackness warped around Tomoe's frame as he became absorbed by an endless nothingness, descending into a dark ocean. Facing up towards the sky, the raven gown of night was already blanketing everything humanity found safe and sacred. No sun would reach, nor the stars, or even the moon. He was being dragged away from one darkness into another, and there was no stopping it. The hands... the hands, they grabbed at him as if they would perish if they didn't. They were servants to something that the Joyan would never be able to comprehend. The hands still felt so familiar, though. What were they? As they began to cover his face and the rest of his being, he would feel himself be torn apart by the swarm of hands. That would mark the end of the warrior known as Tomoe Tanaka.

After a long moment of silence, Tomoe awoke in a cold sweat. Breathing rapidly, he scanned his room with his hand already grasping a blade that didn't exist a mere blink ago, with seven others slashing at an enemy that didn't exist - at thin air. After taking a moment to gather himself, Tomoe focused. It was a night of celebration for the guild, and he was in the master bedroom closer to the top of the tower.

Glancing over at his clock, Tomoe let out a sigh of relief when he realized that the feast would only have just begun. More important than the feast, however, it was evidence that he still existed. Before leaving, he looked at the metronome next to his bed. He would use it to lull himself to sleep every night since leaving the Midnight Cult as a way of calming himself, but it seemed to have stopped moving by the time he had woken up.

"Well that's gonna be a problem...", Tomoe muttered, running a hand through his hair as he turned to leave for the feast; he'd deal with that issue later, because for now, he needed to take his mind off of things.

Making his way to the ground floor, the Joyan quickly saw many faces he didn't particularly recognize or remember. Had someone been getting up to a lot more recruiting lately? With the amount of people he didn't know, Tomoe would have no way of knowing if anyone there was a moocher hanging around for free food. Not that he cared at the moment, either way.

"Hey, how ya doin'?", was the phrase that the 'guild master' of Penumbral Guard would use to greet person after person who saw and recognized him.

Such pleasantries were annoying and fake, and Tomoe was grateful to be done with them after many minutes of uninteresting conversation and small talk. Most of them had nothing interesting to say about their recent adventures, and the rest were drowned out by the Joyan's own thoughts even if they were more compelling.

Out of the corner of his eye during such interactions, he noticed two people at a table, isolated from the rest. He noticed Rinni immediately, but not so much the other person. Remembering their sparring match from the other day, Tomoe hesitated for a moment. She had seen a more wild and primal side of him in their fight, or something darker than that, even. He wished to avoid explaining such things, but also wanted to get away from the crowd that made him more paranoid by the moment, so he made his way towards the pair. Spotlights were awful - people like him were much better suited to obscurity in the end.

"Mind if I sit here? Thanks. Don't mind if I do.", Tomoe would blurt out, not giving anyone time to respond before plopping down on a seat at their table.

The man's gaze would shift from Rinni to the mystery man, and then met somewhere in the middle, looking at neither of them and instead straight ahead towards the party that was still ongoing around them.

"Shit's wild, I tell ya. There ain't been a gathering this big since the guild's founding. Everyone's come home to roost, I guess.", Tomoe spoke up, a satisfied smirk on his face at seeing a new generation of mages being built up around him.


To Drinks, Family and Arm Wrestling {Tomoe}{Open to PG} Empty on Mon May 25, 2020 6:34 pm

How long has it been? In a few weeks, Masami would leave Marigold and settle for a different part in Fiore, probably even visit Joya, though that would take quite a long journey. While he's still here, he decided to buy groceries every morning or afternoon, whenever he's available. He cooked his own meals (traditional-Joyan style, of course) because he refused to fall under someone else's treatment. When he reached the guild's entrance doors, he made an effort in pushing these open (considering how they were still pretty heavy for Masami) with a paper bag embraced in Masami's right arm. "I'm home—oh!" There were people! The noise inside wasn't heard as much in the outside; Masami was pushed back when he released the tension, so he had to drop the bag of groceries to the ground so that he could open the doors with both hands. When he was finally inside, he chuckled in excitement, running to the kitchen to relocate the fruits and vegetables.

Masami has never seen this many people in a while... how exciting! He had sparkles in his eyes as both of his palms joined together in front of him. Unfortunately, there was no stage for him to perform on – when he realized this, his optimistic face immediately expressed a tint of gloom and doom... should he stand up on one of the tables instead? Ah, he wouldn't want to get scolded. Masami turned his gaze upon the food located on top of the tables, some still left untouched. He scanned for a Joyan-inspired meal, however, it didn't seem like there were any. He was excited earlier, however... he suddenly realized how much pain in the bum crowds are, and all that pessimism swiftly followed. It would be worse if they got drunk, too... yikes. Though he was thinking all of these, his feet seemed to move on its' own and introduced him to a circle of people whom held cups (of juice?) in their hands. "Hello, it's Masami. I've seen you around, nice to meet you!" Masami's too used to enlightening the guests, he doesn't need to, not anymore – old habits die hard. He was already seeing a visual of drowning himself in water due to humiliation.

None of them really seemed familiar, after all. He would lie and act as if he knew everyone; people love familiar people. He needn't to be loved, at least, not anymore, it was a logic that was hard to get rid off. It was still very important to him to be liked, or at least try not to get on anyone's nerves. The thought of people disliking or being uncomfortable around him made him want to back out, so that at least they'd never know him, and they'd never process thoughts about him. Masami's outward optimistic appearance had a slight effect on his thoughts, convincing him that he wasn't pessimistic and that there was nothing to worry about. The years of being in a theater, being an actor, the experience of all those identity changes and self-awareness had become his best friends. 'Right... nothing to worry about.' right after uttering his thoughts, almost audibly, his gaze switched to the tables.

There weren't any familiar people, too... except the guild master, whose red hair acted like the apple to everyone's eyes. People with position are unconsciously eye-catching, for some reason – or was it because Masami can discern which people are which because of the roles he had played in the past? That was surely Tanaka Tomoe, even if Masami only saw the back part of that man's body. He didn't want to go to the guild master, 'Because it's scary.' he thought; people with position will always be somehow intimidating, no matter how nice they'd be.

Masami had already adjusted through people's personalities; everyone was friendly enough, and Masami became awfully friendly as well. He approached the table Tomoe was sitting upon, along with two other people: a man with sharper-looking eyes with a wild feel and a younger girl who appeared to be the opposite. For Masami, the girl was more approachable and innocent-looking, bringing some confidence through him. Because all of them were sitting, Masami placed his hands upon Tomoe's shoulders and leaned a little bit to the right to create a better view of the person. "Tomoe!" he stated in a Joyan-accent and even sounding like a child. Then he smiled at the other two; his gaze sustained at the man with sharper eyes... he doesn't know why, neither did he want to keep eye contact, but still does.

"A-Ah!" would they be bothered by the sudden skin contact? Masami thought so, suddenly releasing his palms off of Tanaka, then he'd interlock both hands then make a bow. "I'm Kita, you may refer to me as Masami." this was unexpected, he suddenly introduced himself to the other two. He didn't want to, because it was awkward to, but still does. He kept the bow that way, lowering for each second that had passed until the bow was an extraordinary ninety-degree bow. He wouldn't stand properly back up until he was told to – déjà vu, hello to you.

#5Lucian V. Crimson 

To Drinks, Family and Arm Wrestling {Tomoe}{Open to PG} Empty on Mon May 25, 2020 8:00 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
The guildhall was filling up with people, mages, and people of different shapes and sizes seemed to greet each other in jovial nature. They were excited to be home, like a family reunion of sorts. The different scents in the room were overpowering, to say the least, between the food, the people themselves wherever they were coming from, the different items. All these scents were unique and different but it almost would feel like before...

This reminds me of the old days with the crew, nights spent having a ball. Laughing and dancing, sharing stories about our past and funny memories. But I can't do that here, at least not now, these people don't know me and me with them. At least over here I can eat alone in peace and observe the room at my leisure while slowly figuring out how to navigate this scene, okay so first I'll...

"Do you mind if I sit with you?"

Oh no. This was not how it was supposed to go. Damn it. How did I draw this kind of attention to myself? Did I accidentally change some parts of my form? Just move her along, don't be rude. Just move her around...Granted the girl was a nervous thing, she probably had just gotten here as well and was looking for somewhere to fit in. She didn't seem to be all too confident. From the shaking voice and hands, it was obvious, but he wasn't in the mood to play babysitter or any sort of talking for that matter this evening, he just wanted to enjoy his meal and disappear.

"I am fine alon..."

The powerful scent cut through the room granted he couldn't place his finger on it, but whoever this guy was not to be taken lightly. The bright red hair on top of his head was like a beacon of light that cut through the room. It was like a flashlight that drew all wandering eyes towards him. Folks knew who he was and clearly respected him. As Lucian eyed the man, he watched his path through the hall, stopping to talk with various people and sort of mingling before deciding to make a beeline towards their table!

Damn it...more eyes and especially with someone like this guy, what in the hell was going on?! Do I have a sign over my head that says come sit here! I am friendly! I am a fool, I have to be. As Lucian huddle further into the corner, he went to address the young woman again.

"Listen, not to be rude... But I really..."

The red-haired male made his approach, before even getting out a word, he slid into the bench opposite of Lucian, he was clearly confident that his presence was warranted or even wanted. Leaning backward, Lucian placed his spoon into his mouth. Don't react, this guy is a guildmate, granted he was arrogant to think he had the right to just sit down wherever he wanted especially without an invitation. But...ugh...

"You can sit, youngin. "

Lucian spoke to Rinni and continued to spoon his food if he ate it quickly enough then he could be done with this and go back to his room. Returning to the red-haired man's comments form earlier, he chose to address them.

"Yeah, it seems for some reason this quiet place has grown louder in the last hours for some reason."

Looking around he could feel the aura of the air changing, then he caught a strong whiff of the air again...another person was moving towards them. Another person...What is this?

Lucian turned to face the newcomer ready to see what this one would bring to the table, but before he could begin to speak the young man spoke a word that shattered Lucian's thoughts. Tomoe? Like the acting guild master that Aegis had assigned Tomoe...My guild master. Damn it.

Now it all makes sense, this guy was comfortable because he was in charge of the hall, he was the one at the helm, all these tables and this place were his domain. Turning back to focus on the young man that was approaching, he took in his countenance. His features were sharp and condensed, more child-like, or young. He looked like he belonged in someone's show than he did in a guildhall let alone possibly in a fight. But then again appearances could be truly deceiving.

As the young man stopped at the table he ceremoniously bowed towards them while introducing himself as Masami.

"Well, I'm Lucian. Lucian Crimson. Nice to meet yall I guess."

Fate you couldn't have been crueler.

#6Rinni Faithe 

To Drinks, Family and Arm Wrestling {Tomoe}{Open to PG} Empty on Mon May 25, 2020 8:33 pm

Rinni Faithe
The man seemed to be uncomfortable by her presence, which made the girl shrink away a bit. She was afraid of this. She only just got here and already someone doesn't like her. What if none of them like her? What if she becomes the outcast of the Guild? What if they decide to kick her out? Her heart started to race in unnecessary panic. When the man finally spoke, he sounded as though he was about to turn her away; for reasons unknown he stopped in mid-sentence. Was he sniffing the air?

Rinni happened to glance up just in time to spot the familiar redhead in the crowd. Her eyes widened and her heart beat faster. A moment ago, she was wishing he was here. Wishing, so as to have one familiar face in the crowd. But now that he was approaching the very table she was attempting to procure a seat... she was beginning to regret her wish. She barely heard the man speaking to her as she watched in horror as Tomoe approached the table and basically invited himself with all the confidence of a proper leader.

As if conceding defeat, the previous man granted her permission to sit with him. She politely thanked him and placed her tray a bit away from his own and sat down. She then gingerly played with her food. She was hungry a moment ago but had suddenly lost her appetite. She became tense, hairs on her neck prickling when Tomoe looked at her. Winter, her little Snow Vulpix, had scurried under her seat in an attempt to hide from Tomoe. Rinni thought she was ready. That she could move on and face him.

She was wrong.

When she looked at Tomoe all she saw was flashbacks in her mind of their training match. The look in his eyes. The tone to his voice. The blood as she screamed. She shuddered and closed her eyes trying to will the memories away. She still hadn't touched her food, so as to appear normal she lifted her spoon to her mouth and gingerly took a bite. Tomoe went on to speak about the crowd, to which the other man agreed with him. A sharp hint of pain shot through her right shoulder again.

The werewolf bite.

It was burning again.

How much time did she have left? A week? A day? An hour?

She knew it was inevitable. And as she looked at Tomoe, she became more aware of the fact that she needed this. If she was to get stronger, to be able to protect herself and those who need her... she needed to take advantage of whatever she had at her disposal. She winced slightly in pain, her heart racing as she tried to mask the discomfort.

She continued to keep her injury concealed beneath her sleeve; though some part of her was screaming to just reveal it. They'll all find out eventually. But she was scared. She didn't know what becoming one of them would do to her. What if she attacked her allies just like...

Her thoughts were interrupted by another approach. A young man closer to her own age. Rinni couldn't help but blush as she sank into her seat. All she wanted was a private corner away from the crowd. How did she end up surrounded by 3 males?

The newcomer introduced himself as Masami. Rinni already knew Tomoe, so no introduction required there. However, when the strange man introduced himself as Lucian, Rinni felt it was only polite to return the courtesy. When she spoke, her voice was barely audible above the crowd unless you were right next to her or had very good hearing.

"I'm... my name is... Rinni Faithe."

#7Tomoe Tanaka 

To Drinks, Family and Arm Wrestling {Tomoe}{Open to PG} Empty on Mon May 25, 2020 11:19 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe felt a hand press against him. He didn't flinch, confident that he was among allies and not anyone who might have a death grudge against him just yet. He looked up from his seated position to see Masami greeting him. As usual, the Kita boy was on his usual eccentricity but seemed eager to interact with the guild. Due to this, there was no reason to complain. Even as Masami bowed at a freakish ninety degree angle there was nothing to complain about. Or, well, perhaps it was worth complaining about a little.

"At ease, kid. Take a seat while you're at it, it's been a minute. Sit an' relax with the elite of the guild! Heh.", Tomoe remarked, slapping Masami's back with more force than he intended to use and letting out a gut laugh to himself.

After what happened recently, a drink was exactly what he needed. There was nothing more to be done about it. He needed to drink to forget, because that was the only coping mechanism he had ever known. Soon he would introduce his "advisor", but for now he needed to have fun. As the rest of them were introducing themselves and exchanging pleasantries, Tomoe decided that what their little "get to know you" conversation needed was a bit of liquid courage. With a jolt, the Joyan was on his feet.

"An' you all know me! Well, 'cept for Dreads over there. Hey, I'm Tomoe. I'll be right back, yeah?"

With that, Tomoe hastily set off on a quest for liquor, disappearing into the crowd. He would scan the bottles littered around the guild hall, and eventually found one that was unopened. As luck would have it, it was rum! Tomoe's personal favorite. Whether the rest would enjoy it, he would need to see, but nobody except crazies and minors would turn down a good glass of rum. Not a drop could be left once the night was over; that was what the 'guild master' had decided on.

He would return a moment later, bottle firmly in hand and a satisfied, toothy grin across his face. In his other hand were four glasses, in case Rinni also wanted some.

Bein' around me right now, she very well might want some., Tomoe thought, a pang of guilt stabbing him from inside but not letting that same guilt show outwardly.

The Joyan would leap across the group's table to his side, taking his former seat back once again with perfect landing precision. He wasn't drunk yet so he could still do things like that if he felt like it. He just needed to remember not to do the same when he was leaving his seat later, after a few glasses of rum...

"So where were we? You guys all settling into the guild all fine and dandy? It's a tough gig out there sometimes. Any complaints?", Tomoe questioned, genuinely curious as to how some of his fellow guildmates were doing - or he was, until his gaze unintentionally drifted over to Rinni.

He instantly averted his gaze and looked elsewhere, acting as if he didn't look at her. He still didn't think he could see her without thinking of the incident, and it almost felt as if his blood would turn could if her eyes turned frightful again. He wished not to see that, and thus he took to opening the bottle of rum while the others conversed, doing his best to keep his normal, jovial expression.


To Drinks, Family and Arm Wrestling {Tomoe}{Open to PG} Empty on Tue May 26, 2020 12:03 pm

'Ah, I'm glad.' was what Masami thought when the two strangers introduced themselves as Rinni Faithe and Lucian Crimson, making a sigh as he finally stood back straight, then taking the open seat beside Lucian, the one with sharper-looking eyes. 'That was kinda awkward, too.' he smiled at Tomoe this time, his thought referring to when Tomoe patted Masami's back (a little too hard), could've made him choke on his own blood, and the boy tried not to express anything in response to that. He felt... comfortable, finally sitting in a table. Tomoe left first when he called Lucian "Dreads" and it was very humorous to Masami's impish nature. 'I want to call him that, too.' this thought marked another journey of bullying another person, indeed.

Who was Tomoe referring to when he mentioned 'elite' in their table? Assuming Masami meant that for Tomoe himself, he failed to create higher expectations upon everyone else. The one with sharp, wild eyes appeared to have (lots of) strength, the girl was quite normal-appearing, and as mentioned earlier, approachable. Considering how approachable she appears, Masami used this opportunity (of having a first impression) to deal with his idea of tricks and teasing. "Ah, ah!" he started the conversation while Tomoe was out, Masami showing both palms in front of his chest. "Miss Rinni, are you acquainted with this Mister Dreads—Lucian?" he purposely did that, making a mistake to lull the sharp-eyed sir into slight agitation. Masami even gave the girl a very, very gentle smile, adding up to such an innocent expression.

He would wait for the man's turn to react – rather, Masami was hoping that Lucian would react. It'd be funny, though it was ironic how he didn't even want to look at him at first, Tomoe's remark had planted such a convincing teasing tool for Masami to make use of. Masami scratched at his left cheek, still unused to the fact that the guild tattoo is stamped on that location, before he would say another thing. He had an idea of what to say, but not how he'd say it, and it was making him slightly anxious for negative responses. "I hope the guild's cozy enough for you two." he lightly chuckled afterwards, expressing his anxiety through mere laughter, then placed his palms down on top of his thighs. Would've been weird if they stayed like that forever.

He looked neither at Rinni or Lucian. In Masami's perception, the girl looked... uncomfortable enough, and Masami wouldn't want to add up to that. It's the same with Lucian, if you'd ask Masami about his thoughts – both of them had trays of food already while Masami didn't care about the food. 'Should I get some...?' Masami looked at the center of the table instead, he didn't want to stare at their trays and make it seem as if he was getting gluttonous over their trays. They couldn't provide Joyan-inspired recipes; Masami had no appetite.

After some time, when Tomoe came back with drinks, Masami couldn't help but express how surprised he was. How kind of him! That was entirely unexpected, he even provided glasses for everyone. When he opened the bottle, Masami couldn't help but gave a subtle expression of grimace in return. 'Eurk, what is that?' he badly wanted to cover his nose, not used to (or at least disliking) the smell of liquor. It smells like danger, to be exact. "Woah, it's... the drink... of men." Masami had nothing else to say, his palms open in the middle of his chest once more, lightly shaking his head left to right, lightly signalling how he didn't want to drink. He stayed in his seat, whatsoever.

#9Lucian V. Crimson 

To Drinks, Family and Arm Wrestling {Tomoe}{Open to PG} Empty on Tue May 26, 2020 9:14 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
Lucian watched as the young girl had sat down on the same side as Tomoe, she seemed to be sweating smelling like fear... I do not know what happened between them but clearly something did. This is not my place to judge, but gotta watch them closely. Turning to look at Tomoe, he could tell this man was definitely comfortable, to say the least but dreads? Not like I ain't never heard a joke about my hair before.

"With all due respect Guild Master, my hair is not my name, I told you that already. Unless you wanna be fire head?"

Lucian sat back again, throwing his spoon into the tray as he drank some water. This was definitely a band of strange ones indeed. Between the soft-spoken girl, the arrogant gm, this young man and himself this couldn't be normal.

"I am settling fine, the library is nice. Great place when it's quiet."

He eyed the three of them, Rinni seemed to avoid all sense of eye contact or contact at all for that matter. Masami seemed to be ready to follow suit behind Tomoe and Tomoe...

He watched as Tomoe laid the drinks out for everyone, even without being able to smell it, the strong punch of rum assaulted his nose as the cup was slid towards him, eyeing the cup, Lucian took a drink, the liquid sliding down his throat, roaring as it went down.

"I don't think these kids are gonna want any of this stuff. Besides their kids or did you forget that."

Lucian couldn't help but feel a little bit hypocritical. He had been a little older than them or possibly younger when he had taken a drink for the first time. Fondly he remembered how he couldn't even finish the first drink and an hour later threw up the horrible food, they had tried to cook in the fire earlier that evening. Everyone laughed at him as he heaved up the contents of his stomach, but he got his due revenge when everyone else followed suit hours later.

Returning to the present, he let the warm feeling fall from his body, releasing the moment from his mind. Looking at Masami he narrowed his eyes as the man seemed to have been following by Tomoe's influence.

"I don't know this girl or anyone else in this guild saved for Aegis. And Imma tell you now, my name is not dread nor is it my nickname. Let it not go any further."

Lucian eyed them, he knew that he should probably lighten up some but this was not how he wanted to go about things. They were pushing their boundaries too far, too damn soon. Except for Rinni, he understood her plight, even the small fox she had with her was just as frightful as her. But at least she had someone to hold on to in those hard times. A companion to keep her company through the darkness.

"Look, I don't mean to come out rude. Just I don't like people arrogantly pushing into my space. Unless they are prepared to defend themselves."

#10Rinni Faithe 

To Drinks, Family and Arm Wrestling {Tomoe}{Open to PG} Empty on Wed May 27, 2020 8:20 am

Rinni Faithe
The only thing Rinni could focus on was the presence of her Guildmaster. Aside from everything else, she stared quietly at her tray of food, poking at it with her fork. She'd occasionally take a bite or two, but she never said a word nor did she look directly into the eyes on the men around her. She did glance toward Tomoe every so often, an apprehensive look in her chocolate eyes. Tomoe stood up and walked away from the table while the boy known as Masami stuck around to tease the man she now knew to be Lucian. Normally, she'd blush or giggle (hell, maybe even smile) at the antics of someone like Masami. But she was too uncomfortable between Tomoe and the large gathering of strangers to even fully process his antics.

When Tomoe returned, he was carrying a bottle of Rum and four glasses. As he passed them around, Masami politely refused the alcoholic beverage. Lucian accepted the offer but scolded Tomoe for offering alcohol to two children. She knew she was a minor, but she hated being called a kid. When Tomoe asked how everyone was settling in, her eyes grew wide as she looked at him automatically. She wasn't sure how to answer that, but the words that entered her head were not what she wanted to let out of her mouth.

In an attempt to keep quiet, she grabbed her glass of rum and downed it in one quick gulp. Big mistake. The liquid burned going down her throat. Her face reddened and she began to choke on the beverage, clearly having never drunk an ounce of alcohol a day in her life. And drinking it so quickly caused her stomach to churn. Suddenly overtaken by nausea, the young girl bolted from the table and ran toward the restrooms without so much as excusing herself. The six-tailed fox quickly ran after her.

Once there, she spilled the contents of her guts into the toilet. While she convulsed and vomited uncontrollably, Winter sat beside her voicing her concern with tiny whines and whimpers. Her stomach hurt so bad. Her hair draped around the sides of her face as she heaved. She was more than likely going to get it in her hair and have to clean up before returning to the public eye.

Great! Why was this happening to her?


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-Do not fret the Night-


"Together, we will arise with the morning light."


After the long day in marigold Aegis had, he was glad to make it back home to the Guild Hall. Even after just getting done, he had so much more to do. The town of Myras was now on their radar as marigold had been secured. With a lot of the overpopulation of people visiting has started to come to a close, he now felt it was as good as time as any to start focussing on their branching.

As he got up to the guildhall, he took a breath and opened up the large and relatively heavy wooden doors.
What greeted him was a pleasant surprise. Quite a few of the new members of The Guild seem to be hanging out and eating together. It was something that he had been working towards and felt a tinge of pride seeing them all together.

"Greetings." he said toward everyone with a slight wave, but then turned over to the one he needed at this very moment. "Tomoe, I am glad you are here. We have urgent business to attend to in Myras. Rashida will be accompanying us and I'm just about to go confirm she's ready. The Airship is outside and I'll meet you there when you're ready."

As he continued walking towards the staircase to head up to Rashida's room, he looked towards the others at the table."Lucian, Rinni, and Masami. It's pleasing to see you are here and enjoying yourselves. Pardon the interruption and taking of one of your compatriots for the time being."

With that he quickly made his way upstairs, with the sound of metal armour and cloak the lasting impression of his presence.


PG Quest -15%

WC - 279


#12Tomoe Tanaka 

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Tomoe Tanaka
"Pffft, fine, we ain't addressing each other by hair then. You can call me whatever though, I don't give a shit. I'm a natural redhead, I do what I want!", Tomoe spoke proudly, responding to Lucian's request to not call him 'Dreads'; it was such a fun nickname, and it would be sorely missed. He was even amused when Masami followed up with the name as well. The kid was smart - he knew how to piss people off, and that was a talent worth keeping around.

Tomoe simply nodded his head in response to Lucian's desire to maintain boundaries. What a silly notion! Boundaries were meant to be broken in the first place. There was no need for them to exist anyways, as far as Tomoe was concerned. Just like rules, boundaries existed to be broken. The Joyan's brow did raise at Lucian's suggestion that if things continued, a fight could break out. After all, what other way could that be interpreted? The crimson cutthroat's eyes once more looked towards Lucian, a small ember igniting in them at the idea of a fight breaking out. Perhaps it was the fiery rum that the Joyan had downed, but it was an interesting idea, challenging his guild mates to fights; well, if he could keep himself under control anyway.

The flashes of his previous fight against a teammate, combined with that teammate proceeding to rush away from the table in a hurry, brought him out of such an idea just as he was starting to feel the mana rushing forth. No. He couldn't risk using his magic. Not now. It'd be too risky if he lost control in front of everyone; it'd be enough to get him exiled or jailed for sure, and potentially cause serious harm in the process. He relaxed from what seemed to be a formerly tense posture, the entire scenario since he looked at Lucian being one entirely without words.

"Shit, guess she drank too fast... well, I'm sure she'll be alright. We've all been there, yeah? Gotta pace yourself."

At that, Tomoe hopped up from his seat once more and stretched, relieving the stress and excitement he had felt from the previous few seconds. At that, a familiar face walked in and had shown his presence. He talked about preparing for a mission, and with Tomoe having just woken up and helped himself to some rum, he could use some activity.

"Well guys 'n gals, it was nice catchin' up, but me and him gotta get to work. Let's do this again some time, eh? Catch ya later!", Tomoe suggested, turning his gaze across the guild members at his table and not lingering on Rinni for long at all if she had returned by that point.

Scooping up the bottle of rum, Tomoe gave a farewell with a flick of his hand and a smile across his face, and shot off on his way to Aegis' airship with the bottle in hand.

- Exit -


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'Slowly, but surely...' were Masami's thoughts when Lucian finally reacted to Masami's small banter. Although his expression wasn't exquisite enough to make a show, Masami continued to gaze and analyze, looking for an open spot to intervene for another tease. However, the girl interrupted and cause Masami such a visible confusion. When she took her drink (unexpectedly!), she immediately ran away after. A silent gasp took over Masami's response as he placed a hand to slightly cover his own mouth. "W-Wha—?" he asked in confusion, even leaning his head to the right. He gave quick glances to Lucian, then to Tomoe, just because the boy absolutely knew not what to do. He was almost asking both the two older men to do something about it, and there was no way Masami could chase after a girl, assuming that she'd go directly to the bathroom.

Got it! Masami tapped the table. "I'll pick something up real quickly." he uttered while walking away, approaching the kitchen for the groceries he bought earlier. He could at least help right after everything is settled; he won't do anything for the girl now (assuming she won't need verbal support for that sort of sickness), it was time to be practical. He simply took a lemon and sliced it in the middle, then squeezed the juice out in a single jar, as small as Masami's palm. It was a quick remedy he learned back then in Joya, something useful that he could finish under five minutes. He'd smash chopped ginger and wash the peppermint before placing both in the jar, then adding a tiny bit of honey. Masami sealed the contents of the jar with a cork at the mouthpiece, now it could finally be preserved.

This type of remedy must be given to the girl, Rinni, and had faith that it would help her. He took the jar and before he'd come back to the table, the guild's entrance was widely opened by... what is that? Masami raised a brow and slowed his pace, gazing at the tall... a lich! Were they right this whole time? Those things exist?! And Tomoe didn't even tell him that an Aegis truly did exist... inside of the guild, too! Masami was lightly panicking, what would the station-men think once they realized that Masami, himself, a member of the Penumbral Guard, didn't even know that their guild master was a lich? He observed how the lich even approached the table, specifically Tomoe, then Masami lightly sprinted towards the table to catch up.

He saw how tall the skeleton was, about as tall as the Goliath, perhaps? Masami was just staring at the skull of the creature... was it even necessary to call it 'creature'? He had the jar right between both of his palms, and they were certainly talking about a quest regards a city and another person. What was that? Where are they going? Masami was curious, as if it was something he'd put on a script. Then the lich mentioned their names, including Masami's! A flush of red hue puckered upon Masami's cheeks, proud to know that such a creature, let alone a leader of the guild, knows who he was! "A-Ah, yes..." he replied immediately, awkwardly. Did Tomoe tell Aegis about Masami? Oh, well... he did write his name upon the papers of the contract. Guess that was the reason.

When Tomoe walked off, Masami slightly followed as if something had pushed him. 'I want to go, too!' it was an event Masami had been waiting for! Though, he placed the remedy upon the table and slid it right in front of Lucian. "I'm sorry, Mister Dreads, but please give this to Miss Rinni!" this time, impulsively, he had forgotten that Lucian's name wasn't Dreads but Lucian. He was dividing his intentions upon both the two guild masters and Rinni, who had just ran off, that it didn't even make him feel as if it was necessary to call people by their (right) names. Afterwards, Masami ran up to Tomoe and lightly pulled a cloth from him, trying to get his attention. "Take me, as well!


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Lucian V. Crimson
Lucian could feel the tension, though whether from the warm alcohol or the desire to make his wishes concrete, it was tough to say. He couldn't fight his guild master, he just got here and yet, he couldn't help but feel the desire to. Such a bumbling individual so ready he seemed to fight, if he wanted a fight then he could have one. It would be no problem to him, it could be an arm wrestle but maybe he had to go ahead and show these people, he was not one to be infringed upon at someone's leisure. Then he smelt him, the unique scent of Aegis.

Mmm. Maybe he could make sense of this guild master for me, especially considering that he hadn't briefed this man on who I was or what I was like. Though granted I can't fault him, Aegis barely knew who I was either. Yet, the two of them had been so different. Was it really based on the lack of flesh for one, or was it that that in death Aegis had come to be more reserved.

Either way, it was pleasant to see a familiar visage but he could tell, despite the facial features he was in a hurry. Something had happened.

Is it time to mobilize, maybe that will give me the chance to go do something. And definitely not be here, or not. I guess he needed Tomoe specifically.

Looking over to the missing Masami and Rinni, He wondered what had become of the two of them. As he spooned his meal, he saw Masami run back his childlike eyes bulging as the two leaders began to saunter off. He seemed to be holding some sort of exilir in his hands as he ran to the table, dropping off the supposed medicine. Before Lucian could respond in turn, he watched as the little boy bounded after them, using the nickname he was growing to despise.

"I am not Dreads..."

I swear I am going to hold that kid over something high by his shirt collar. Pushing away his tray, Lucian fumbled with the vial in his hands, turning it over in his fingers as he held the item. Standing to his feet, he walked towards the bathrooms, pressing through the masses of people, he could hear the retching before he could smell it. He knew where the young lady was but didn't want to intrude on her privacy, granted she was a young woman, and with him being a man he was not going to enter into such a place.

Strolling to the doors that signified the ladies room, he saw the small white fox sitting at the edge of the entrance, her soft murmurs and whimpers as she worried about her master.

"The girl will be fine, little one. Go ahead and deliver this to her for me."

The small fox seemed to understand the directive. Sniffing the vial in his hands, she gently grasped the vial in her small jaw. Watching her bound inside. Lucian leaned up against the threshold. Poor girl. Well, it doesn't matter, I was done with that plate.

"Little One, that was gift from that Masami boy, how does your stomach feel?"

#15Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
Through her vomiting like a sick dog and the noise of the party, Rinni had no idea of the events in the dining hall. She had no clue Aegis had appeared, or who even Aegis was. She had no clue Tomoe and Masami had left with him. Nor did she know Lucian would be the one to rescue her from the horrible convulsions of her stomach. Poor Winter sat by the door whimpering when she heard a familiar voice behind her, her ear pricked in the direction of the voice and she poked her head out to spot Lucian.

The man handed the small fox a vial, the animal licking his hand in appreciation before grasping the vial in her jaw and carrying it to Rinni. The girl looked at the vial (once the contents of her stomach were emptied) and wiped her mouth with a wad of toilet paper. She heard a man's voice call to her. He called her Little One. That was a new nickname for her, so it couldn't be Tomoe. She thought a moment, her head still buzzing from the Rum and vomiting.


She knew who it was. The man with the dreads who was sitting alone. The one she approached before Tomoe and that Masami boy showed up. She accepted the vial from Winter once learning the source of it. She only hoped that kid didn't accidentally poison her. She downed the contents of the container, a mix of sweet and sour flavoring assaulting her tastebuds and causing her to make a face. Once it was down, she waited a moment for it to take effect. She heard Lucian ask how she was feeling, but she didn't feel like shouting through the door to respond.

She leaned on the stall walls as she pulled herself to her feet, her legs still weak from her experience. Vomiting that intense really took the strength out of you. She was starting to feel better though; she'd have to remember to thank that boy the next time she sees him. She stumbled toward the bathroom mirror and studied her reflection. She looked as bad as she had felt. She sighed, turned on the faucet, and filled her hands with water splashing it on her face in an attempt to wash away the sweat and vomit.

Of course, it was also in her hair, as she had feared. So she quickly washed out the tips that had been hit by the backlash of her nightmarish experience. She had thought losing a training fight against Tomoe was horrible... drinking Rum was a far worse experience. Then again, the Rum didn't try to kill her. She sighed as she re-examined herself in the mirror. Now wasn't the time to dwell on events of the past. Even if it's not so distant. It wasn't like she could talk about it anyway. Tomoe ensured that fact when he ordered her to keep it quiet.

She was sure he had his reasons.

Didn't make her any less scared of the man.

Deciding this was the best she was going to clean up, she headed toward the restroom door to meet her savior. As the bathroom door opened, Lucian was met by a timid girl of 5'4", water still visible on her face and damping the tips of her hair weighing it down somewhat. She stood in front of the older male, her hands folded in front of her, her head down as she glanced up at him through her eyelashes.

"Y-yeah...I'm...I'm fine... thank you... um... Lucian was it...?" Her voice was so soft and timid that it barely rose above the crowd. In fact, if Lucian wasn't directly in front of her, he might not have heard her at all.

#16Lucian V. Crimson 

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Lucian V. Crimson
Lucian looked out over at the crowd, almost like a watchful protect dog as he waited to hear from the young woman about her status. The crowd had begun to disperse into the evening and clearly, with the sudden entrance and exit of two of the guild's most prominent members, it was clear to most that maybe it was time to go. Watching the room filter out, he noticed her approaching quietly, the soft patter of the water dripping from her hair and flushed face told him all he needed to know.

Watching the duo appear was heartening, at least the girl was okay, she had definitely had taken on that rum too quick and had paid a price. One that I am likely she won't be taking again.

"Good. Yes, that is my name."

Continuing to lean, he knew it would be in his interest not to leave the child to her own accord, even though she more than likely threw up all the contents of her stomach and therefore the alcohol that was inside her, he could tell that she was still weak. Which he couldn't blame her, that was a slight ordeal.

As Lucian stood, up the girl's proximity to him brought a peculiar scent to his nose. One that unfortunately he knew all too well. The copper tinged scent, and the slight musk. She had some sort of wound, not too fresh but definitely a wound. Had Tomoe caused that? Is that why she feared him?

No. That man is many things, but if there is something I can attest to, I would have felt the murderous intent or the darkness within him to a degree. Unless he was going to great lengths to bury it within, Tomoe was not an evil man...Annoying but not evil.

But still, with that wound, and all of this madness, this girl was going to need someone. And as fate would have it, that has come to be me. Granted, this is merely to help out a guildmate in need. Nothing more and nothing less.

I can't afford to develop any bonds at the moment especially with someone who could very well have been my little sister. But all of this pandering could be saved for later, for right now the best cause of action was to go ahead and help her clear her head and to get some peace.

"Come on. The hall is clearing out, we are gonna get you some water."

Kicking from the door, he walked forward passed the leaving members, sliding towards the kitchen, he grabbed a mug and filled it with water. Returning to the hall he sat at the table and waited to see if she would follow. The choice was hers, and he would understand if she chose to disappear for the evening.

#17Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
Rinni was feeling more passive than normal today. A lot happened to her in the past few weeks and it had left her feeling comatose inside. Like, she wanted to wake up and find that none of it happened. The werewolf, that man, Tomoe. Why was she going through all this? What did she do to deserve this treatment? While all these thoughts ran through her mind, she looked up at Lucian watching him warily. He was a Guildmate, he wouldn't hurt her, so why was she so uncomfortable?

Easy answer. She thought Tomoe wouldn't hurt her either. And he did. Badly. At least she was able to recover from that. There were some things Rinni knew she'd never fully recover from. The most obvious being the bite she wore on her right shoulder. The other being the psychological trauma that man put on her with his very effective scare tactics. It worked, and she felt like a weak little girl because of it. All these facts added up to one simple truth.

She'd be stronger as a werewolf. More capable. She almost died fighting that werewolf. She almost got killed by her own Guildmaster. She couldn't even protect herself against that man in the park. She took a step and staggered slightly, leaning on the wall for support. Winter made a tiny cry and nudged her leg gently.

"Don't worry, Winter. This is nothing I can't get over..." She reassured the little Snow Vulpix.

It was obvious Lucian was aware of how weak and vulnerable Rinni was in her current state. As he took the initiative to take care of the child, she couldn't help glancing around the Guild Hall. Tomoe was gone. People were also clearing out. Good. She needed alone time. Well, not completely alone. For some reason she was grateful Lucian stayed to look after her. She felt like she needed it, not that she'd admit it. Last she needed was to look like she was being babysat.

She'd have to talk to Tomoe eventually, but not now. She wasn't ready yet. Just the sight of him set her mind ablaze with horrible nightmarish memories of swords and blood. She quivered noticeably, hugging herself as she slowly followed the man. He had poured her some water and took a seat at the table. The Encan girl joined him and gratefully sipped at the water. Winter jumped onto the empty seat beside her and decided to curl into an adorable white ball of fluff.

Her wound started to tingle again. Something was setting it off. She wasn't sure why it'd randomly hurt from time to time, but this was the first time it tingled. It felt as though it were asleep or cramping. She idly placed her left hand over the wound, looking at the shoulder in question. Sighing, Rinni turned toward Lucian. As the hall emptied, and it became much more quiet and private, the awkwardness of sitting alone with a man she had only just met began to set in.

She was blushing. Again. Well, at least she wasn't pale anymore.

Despite how things may look to outsiders, it wasn't a crush thing. She was just like this with everyone. Well, during first encounters. She'd relax and become more open over time. But for now, she was shy and awkward and not sure what to say or do as she slowly sipped at her water while studying the man across from her. She wished she could talk about the fight with Tomoe. But he made he sear not to mention it to anyone.

Maybe her wound? No... no way was she going to bring that up if she could avoid it...

What about...

"I... I met a man... a little while ago...it was right after I joined the Guild..." She began softly, staring at her half-empty water glass. "He told me... he told me to tell everyone I know... that sin has returned to Fiore..."

She wasn't sure why she told him that. But that man had terrified her so much that she felt it was a bad idea to not obey him. She felt so helpless and scared of everything. His face flashed in front of her eyes as she remembered that night. Her body began to tremble visibly, the water in her glass vibrating as she squeezed the glass until her knuckles were pale. Why was she so scared?

#18Lucian V. Crimson 

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Lucian V. Crimson
"Child, Sin never left Fiore."

Sounds ominous, rumors of a deadly beast of prey that lurked in the shadow had been spread by people constantly on his travels. They all spoke to different things but each one ended the same, that they were at the mercy of their sins. What could that mean... And if that was the case, then someone very evil was coming from within the world, someone that was clearly confident enough to call themselves sin. To refer to themselves as a deity or primordial force of such magnitude... Who would really want to describe themselves as such? Looks like Imma have to keep my ears to the Earth and my nose to the sky on this one, something was lurking in the darkness.

"But don't worry, you won't have to face that alone. You're in a guild now. You have a family."

Lucian couldn't help but smirk at the thought of him talking like this. He should've have been saying the same things to himself. These people had become his family the moment he signed up to be apart of this place, he had sworn to protect his home as his epithet would. He had a duty to his people and to his newfound sense of home. Looking over the girl, her skin tone and features reminded him of his mother's...Could this girl be Encan?

"To Kam, Ti Soom (Love and Care). Little One. Are you Encan? "

Lucian felt the words of his mother's language flow out of his mouth, he hadn't spoken it in a long. It felt weird to speak it, but yet. Even if she didn't speak it, then there might be a chance. But even still what in the world was this. Had brought us together? No. That would be...possible. Fate doesn't work in coincidences. Of course, this was meant to be. And-wait. Her shoulder, why did she just grasp and look at it. Was that the wound I had smelled earlier in the evening? Did she get that from Tomoe?

"But before you answer that. What is wrong with your shoulder? And don't lie to me. I just seen you grasp at it."

Lucian crossed his arms and leaned back into the bench, he eyed her down, his amber eyes reading her movements searching for anything that might give him a hint to what possibly is going on in that head of hers. She definitely reminds me of my self at one point in time.

#19Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
"Child, Sin never left Fiore."

Well, that wasn't the response she had expected. Had he encountered the same man as herself? Or, perhaps, he encountered other people with similar stories to herself? In the least, now that that was out of her system she felt a sense of relief. But still... whoever that man was... she wasn't his first interrogation victim. That much was obvious. Her thoughts were interrupted when Lucian spoke to her in a familiar language, causing her brown eyes to shoot toward him in surprise. Was this man Encan? Before she could ask, he posed the question to her first. Once again, he referred to her as 'Little One'. Her expression changed to a look of mild annoyance. Why did everyone call her little? First Ko calls her Little Kitten, now Lucian calls her Little One.

"I have a family." She corrected, not wanting him to assume her parents were dead or something. She then added with a smile, "But, I guess now I have two families."

The nicknames didn't really bother her enough to correct them. She just viewed it as a term used for children. Oh, wait. Lucian already made it clear that he saw her as a child. Great. What did she have to do to prove herself as a woman and get some respect? Everywhere she went, she was treated like a kid. Fine. Whatever. She rubbed her shoulder and opened her mouth to answer him, but before she could, Lucian pulled off yet another unexpected surprise. He asked her about her shoulder. This caused her to tense up instantly as her eyes met his for just a brief moment before she quickly averted her gaze.

She knew. She knew she couldn't hide it forever. Sooner or later everyone would know. So, why did she try? Was it out of fear? Ignorance? Stupidity? I mean, her friend... boyfriend? What exactly was Ko to her anyway? Either way, he knew. Tomoe knew, and if she could share the truth with her Guildmaster she could tell the rest of the Guild, right? She studied Lucian's posture. He wasn't messing around, and she felt as though she got caught doing something she shouldn't by her older brother. The very idea caused her to release a short half amused half startled laugh.

"Well, I guess some secrets can't stay secret forever, right?" She said in a surprisingly calm tone. She even surprised herself by her own calmness. Her eyes stared at her glass of water. She picked it up, and took another long drink, before sitting the empty glass down. Brown eyes glanced back up toward the man across from her. She fidgeted in her seat nervously, not sure what to do with her hands. Her eyes stayed on him, but her body language seemed to display a fight or flight reaction; whereas, flight seemed to be what she was contemplating if he didn't like her answer. "I was bitten by a stupid werewolf. He was terrorizing a village, and I challenged him to fight me. I had no idea how strong or fast he was until he was on me. I shot an arrow through his heart but not before he managed to sink his teeth into my shoulder."

She knew the implications of her story. The tales of bite victims becoming what bit them. Werewolves, vampires, they were very real in this world. As were various other supernatural, strange, and unusual races. She wasn't sure why she acted like becoming one of them was so bad. Maybe it was the fear of losing control, growing power-hungry, and hurting her family. Still, maybe her new family could help make sure that doesn't happen. Lucian, for one, seemed to genuinely care about her well being. Maybe revealing the truth to him will bring her some sense of acceptance and relief.

She then moved on to his previous question. "(In Encan) Yes. My parents are from Enca. My brother and I were born there. (In Fiorian) I don't speak it as well as my parents and brother. I was a baby when we came to Fiore. But my parents taught me a few words and phrases. Love and care. My mom tells me and my brother that one all the time. Are you Encan?"

The child seemed to have come out of her shell around him. That was good. For the moment, the shy awkwardness was put aside. As she awaited his answer to her question (and response to her werewolf adventure) she idly ran her hand through the sleeping fox's fur.

#20Lucian V. Crimson 

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Lucian V. Crimson
Lucian looked at her with an unmoving face, he understood her pain and her shyness, but even at this moment, she was different from before. She seems to have come alive to a sense. Mmm, so is the awkwardness a ruse or merely a part of her nature. Either way, she has become much more lively which was good, that medicine must be working. Maybe that Masami boy isn't too damn bad after all...No he is still definitely that bad.

But anyway... Lucian continued to listen, the girl seemingly upset that her attempt at hiding her wound had been found out. Unfortunately for her with the curse of being a werewolf came a great nose And if I have learned anything having traveled this land, was that people rarely could hold secrets unless they truly meant to.

She couldn't hide that for long, besides she shouldn't have been left up to herself to deal with. But then again, she did her own work as a warrior and fighter and therefore she deserved the respect of a scarred fighter.

He could see the warrior in her eyes, the Encan people were not weak or fearful. War was in our bones and in our blood. Crafted from the flaming breath of the one to give fire to man. They have always been people who were strong and passionate.

Lucian could see that in her, it would serve her well in her path towards beasthood.

"I wouldn't think it wise to call a werewolf stupid to another werewolf's face. Especially when you are headed that way yourself. I'm sure you feel it."

Lucian smiled, she had her strength and her right to be upset. She was going to be just fine on journey, as long as she maintained control of the bloodlust that would eventually settle into her. It was going to be addictive and add emotions to her soul that she might not be ready for. And a lack of control would then bring about an untimely end for her and for those around her.

"I'm half Encan. My Father is Savanah. My mother taught me that as my first phrase and so it has stuck with me. And trust me, I'll need to brush up on mine as well."

So this is is what it is like to find another, someone who was like family. Granted she was going to be more of a little sister than anything but... If fate has decreed it so then let it be so. I will look after her as I would my own blood. Maybe even more so than anyone in this guild.

"So little one, why did you choose this guild? Are you a mage? Or an adventurer? Where have your travels brought you from?"

Lucian sipped on the leftover rum from earlier, with his physiology, it was harder to get drunk these days so the rum was basically sweet water with a nice kick.

#21Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
Rinni was grateful her water was empty. Otherwise, she would have choked hearing Lucian's next words. Not only did he defend the honor of werewolves, but he also confessed to being one himself. He even confirmed her previous worries of what this bite meant. So, she was right. She would become one of them. A monster in the night. But maybe 'monster' wasn't the correct term? I mean, if a man like Lucian could be a werewolf but a member of a guild that does good deeds. She felt the color drain and the heat rise in the same instance. All she could do was stare at him with wide brown eyes. Maybe it really was fated for her to meet Tomoe and join this Guild. It couldn't be a coincidence that these two werewolves ended up together like this.

Maybe it was time to face and accept her destiny.

Anyway, the girl quickly tried to correct her apparent accidental insult. "I-I didn't mean werewolves were... were stupid..." And the stuttering was back. Great. She was getting nervous again. "I-I just meant... I meant th-that one was... Because he was evil and... uh..."

'Do yourself a favor, Rinni. Shut up for once.'

"S-sorry, Sir..." She whispered meekly, her face pink in embarrassment as she sunk into her bench. She felt 6 inches tall in his presence now. This was not a good first impression at all. But, maybe it was good to be allied with an older, possibly more experienced, werewolf. He could teach her and protect her until she gets used to her new life.

He then answered her previous question of rather he was Encan. He revealed he was half-Encan and she nodded meekly. Winter, sensing her embarrassment and nervous tension, placed her head in the girl's lap and licked her hand comfortingly. Rinni subconsciously stroked the soft animal. She definitely wasn't going to correct her apparent new nickname now. She was kind of scared to. I mean, she was impressed and felt safe with Lucian. But scared at the same time. He was quite intimidating, even with the knowledge he wouldn't hurt her.

"M-my travels? Oh um... well..." She began, embarrassment evident in her voice as she hadn't really done much to be known for yet. "I um... no... I-I can't use magic. I'm an umm... a Ranger. It's kinda a weird story, how I joined... I um... I met Tomoe in Sieghart Mountains before the... the incident."

'Before the bite. It's a bite. You don't have to be scared to admit it. Not anymore.'

Despite what her mind was thinking, she couldn't help but feel uncomfortable and a bit shy all over again. Why was she like this? So easily flustered and intimidated by every little thing? Maybe she was just a stupid little kid. Still, she continued her story.

"After I fought and killed the werewolf by sheer dumb luck... I um... I decided I should... return home for a visit... I-I live in Marigold... it's where we moved to when I was a baby..." Having nothing to do with her hands in her nervousness, she went to idly playing with her dark brown strands of hair. "I was surprised... wh-when I met Tomoe again... in my h-home town... and things kinda went from there..."

#22Lucian V. Crimson 

To Drinks, Family and Arm Wrestling {Tomoe}{Open to PG} Empty on Tue Jun 02, 2020 5:32 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
Her stammering was evident that she felt some sort of shame. She shouldn't have though, there is no point in being against your own word. One must stand on their own feet regardless of the words of a person. To stand on your own against the world was the sign of a person with true strength.

"If he was then so it was, he was foolish."

Lucian could see little one was shying away, receding to her shell. It would not serve her well. So, she has a previous history with Tomoe. And a werewolf clan in the Seigahart mountains...That works then. I'll have to pay them a visit in due time, but for now.

"You do not kill from pure luck. Do not sell yourself short. You won as a warrior. That is all. Fate decreed you as the victor."

She needed to understand that there was more to this than luck. You do not survive in this world, by luck. Only fools believed in random chance and happenstance. This was the real world, were things had a certain point of being. If she was going to survive then she needed to be confident.

"Marigold. A nice humble place. Definitely different from my home."

I remember the open plains, the sea cliff overlooking the ocean that separated us from Fiore. The sun that came over the horizon and blessed the land with its beautiful brilliance. The way the sky used to be painted with hues of purple, blue, and red. Somedays it was pink and orange. It was a blessing, maybe one day I'll return to those cliffs again and truly give my blessings to my parents in a true burial.

But for now, that was not the focus it was time to be here for the family that I have now. Even though, I definitely want to harm some of them.

"So you have been brought here by fate. There is nothing wrong with that. You deserve to be here."

Leaning backward, Lucian let the rum run through his teeth. If there was one thing, these folks at least had something decent to drink in some regard. Lucian could see these girl's actions she was nervous. Fearful to some extent. It was disappointing.

"I suggest you get it together. You're in the real world now. There is no room for hesitation or fear. This world is unforgiving as is. Now with you're new physiology, it is even worse."

No one was going to baby her or take her by the hand and give her instructions. She handled herself this far alone, so there was no way she should expect that now.

"No one is going to coddle you. But at least you won't do this alone."

I did, traveling this world alone. Learning the ends and outs of people and their treacherous ways. No one made it out of this world alone. I know that now. It might be too late for me, but it is not for her.

#23Rinni Faithe 

To Drinks, Family and Arm Wrestling {Tomoe}{Open to PG} Empty on Wed Jun 03, 2020 11:49 am

Rinni Faithe
She was grateful the werewolf wasn't angry (or offended?) by her previous statement. He further proved his lack of concern for the matter by speaking nothing of her timid apology. Instead, he calmly agreed with her that if she says the werewolf she fought was stupid, then he most likely was stupid. Judging from what she has seen of Lucian so far, he seems to be the type to not get upset easily. Or, perhaps, he hides it well for the same reason she fears what's happening to her. What if this is his way of coping with the werewolf curse? He someone found a way to remain calm and never anger? Is that even possible? Or, can he be angered like anyone else?

As soon as the thought entered her mind, she felt a flutter in her stomach. She couldn't actually be thinking of challenging him, could she? He was a werewolf, she was just a little girl. A little girl who killed two werewolves by herself. 'But this is different. He is different. I don't want to kill him. We're family.'

And now he was boosting her self-esteem by commenting on her skills in battle? She wasn't sure what to think or feel at this point. If she was so strong, why did she get bit? If she was such a worthy opponent, why did Tomoe kick her ass? More so, why did that man in the park scare her so badly she couldn't even pick up arms to defend herself? She could feel herself trembling. Was it fear? Stress? Frustration?

She barely heard him comment on Marigold being her home, being so different from his home. Her mind was elsewhere as she questioned her strengths, her motives, her weaknesses, her future. Lucian's next words brought her back to reality.

I suggest you get it together.

He was right. He was 100% right. How could she prove to herself, to her family, to her Guild.. hell, to the world... that she was more than she was if she was going to continue on as a shy, timid, helpless little girl? Everyone looked at her as if she were an innocent child. No one took her seriously. She hated it. She clutched her fists together trembling lightly. Lucian must have read her trembles as something else, for his next works triggered her in some way that not even she expected.

No one is going to coddle you. But at least you won't do this alone.

"No one is going to coddle me? Are you serious right now, Mr. Crimson?!" Her sudden outburst had even surprised her. It was completely out of character, and she wondered if it was the werewolf in her speaking out of her held in frustrations. "Don't you dare act like you know me, werewolf! My parents have coddled me my entire life! My brother is so overprotective he drives me insane! I went to Sieghart Mountains to get away from them! To find my own independence! I. Don't. Want. To be. CODDLED!" As she spoke the last words, she stood up and slammed her palms down on the table hard. It hurt. She didn't care. She leaned in close, her eyes locking with his like a pack wolf challenging their alpha. There was a low growl behind her voice. "I don't need your sympathy nor your coddling! I killed two werewolves by myself! Do you think I'm going to allow one to talk down to me as if I were a suckling infant?"

She maintained eye contact, staring him down, which was not something she was normally comfortable with. Was she really doing this? Why on earth was she even challenging Lucian? He hadn't done anything to her, but yet she couldn't help herself. Her heart was racing at the reality of her actions. But she couldn't back down now. She had to hold her ground.

Otherwise, she'd prove him to be right.

Stats (Just in case):

Silent Movement: Rangers do not make any sound when moving on their feet on land. This allows them to remain undetected from those they're hunting.
Sharp Shooter: Rangers receive an additional 5 meters range and a One-post Cool-down Reduction to all their Ranged Weapon spells.
Minor Magic Resistance: Rangers receive one rank less damage from magic.

Strength:  39
[be]Speed:[/b] 31 (+30 [Ranger Cloak] + 20 [Arcing Dagger]  = 81)
Constitution: 16
Endurance: 24
Intelligence: 1
Damage:  B-Rank
Run Speed: 20 m/s (25 m/s with armor)
Pain Tolerance: C-Rank
Lunge Distance: 10 m/s (12.5 m/s with Armor)
Lunge Cooldown: 2 Posts
Run Duration: 3 Posts
HP: A-Rank (1x A-Rank Weapon, 1x A-Rank Head, 1x A-Rank Armor, 1x S-Rank Off-Hand, 1x A-Rank Ring)
Mana: 1,150 [Now 1,150]
Mana: 200 [Now 200]
Strength:  11
Constitution: 11
Speed: 8

#24Lucian V. Crimson 

To Drinks, Family and Arm Wrestling {Tomoe}{Open to PG} Empty on Thu Jun 04, 2020 12:39 am

Lucian V. Crimson
Lucian smiled, it was soft at first and then it grew. Though whether from the alcohol or his own inner feelings it was hard to say. But this was beautiful, she did it. Defend yourself always was something mom and pops had preached about, never just accepting the beating. Defend yourself, at the core of it all everything deserved a chance at life. To fight for the right to live. Not killed in their sleep or defenseless, but on their own feet with their convictions and mantras at their backs. Standing firm on the principles and foundations of their beliefs. To rob, someone of the right to defend themselves was to steal from them the most basic of human rights.

"I knew you had it in ya."

Lucian wasn't afraid of the young woman's anger or rage. She had every right to be upset and she did exactly as she was supposed to.  

"Though granted, being courteous in a rant. We will have to work on that."

He was unfazed by the outburst, this was merely apart of the way of life. This was how a family was supposed to be. Helping one another grow and evolve. Become more than what they could be on their own. She was doing good, though that was also dangerous, who else other than her was to say when she would transform. It could days, minutes, weeks, hours, months till the beast arrived but she had to be prepared and at that moment she had failed.

"As well as you controlling your anger. Do not mistake this for sweetness. But in that moment you acted as I wanted. You defended yourself, but you didn't think. What would have happened in that moment if you turned?"

Lucian sipped from his mug, kicking back and relaxing as he continued his lesson.

"If I had not been a werewolf myself and just a regular human and your emotions got the best of you what then?"

Lucian slammed his cup down, leaning forward he stared directly into the eyes of the angry monster. He wanted to lock eyes with the darkness within. The wolf that was below the surface, the beast of bloodshed that was now apart of her very soul. He wanted to reach that part of her because without control she was going to be a skin on the wall.

"You have to think! You now walk the fine line between human and beast. Man and monster. Your emotions are no longer just emotions. They are possible triggers. Anger is no longer just being upset. It could make you bloodthirsty. Now instead of punching a hole in the wall when you're mad, you put your hand through someone's chest."

Lucian could feel his own fire simmering below the surface, but this was nowhere near a situation worth the effort or emotion. This was a lesson and he was the teacher.

"You must remember control. Or you will never live the life you're intended."

Lucian looked her over with his amber eyes, her smell chest huffing and puffing with righteous fires. Her eyes gleamed with harmful intent. She wanted to prove herself, to not be taken lightly. If what she said is true then I can understand. If that was the case then she rightfully so needed to get this lesson and quick.

"I'm sure you have seen the effects of what happens when someone loses control. Which by the way. You threaten me again, and I'll show you the outcome of when one gives themselves over to the beast."

Eh, I've grown soft maybe. Had this been a few years ago, she would have gotten the fight she wanted. But now...eh.

#25Rinni Faithe 

To Drinks, Family and Arm Wrestling {Tomoe}{Open to PG} Empty on Thu Jun 04, 2020 9:25 am

Rinni Faithe
The surprise showed in her eyes as Lucian praised her for standing up to him. She had expected some sort of repercussion for her actions. A fight; in the least, she had expected him to be angry. But, he was still so calm as he spoke to her as though talking to a pup. Winter was hiding under the table, scared of the vibes the two werewolves gave off. The air in the room between them was so still, it was probably good that everyone cleared out leaving them completely alone. After all, she didn't want her first impression on the Guild to be of her attacking one of her own. At least she knew or hoped, Lucian would keep such an incident between them.

He was now calmly lecturing her about controlling her temper as she glared him down like a wild animal. This wasn't like her at all. She wanted to stop, to apologize for her behavior. Though, something told her an apology wouldn't go over well with this man. From what she had seen of him thus far, he didn't much appreciate weakness and viewed apologies as such. Maybe she was reading too much into this, but that was the feeling she got.

What snapped her back to reality and got both the attention of her and of the beast within was the sound of Lucian slamming the glass down. She flinched. So he was angry. He hid it so well, and when he did show it he still managed to control himself. How? How did he do it? She needed to know. She needed to stay close to Lucian so he could teach her.

Which by the way.

Here it was. The backlash she had been expecting.

You threaten me again, and I'll show you the outcome of when one gives themselves over to the beast.

He responded to her threat with one of his own. His closeness as he glared right back into her anger filled gaze was enough to make her back down. He was definitely the alpha in this situation and was in no way intimidated by her attempt to overthrow him as such. She wondered if they were the only werewolves in this guild? So far, from what she'd seen she was the youngest member, and Lucian was quick to 'adopt' her as soon as he realized she shared his fate. That alone should be enough reason to respect and obey him.

After a few minutes, her brown eyes averted away from his amber ones. She slowly lowered back into her seat, somewhat calming down. She was in control again, at least. But now, she wasn't sure what to say to him. Her heart was still racing with adrenaline and fear. She couldn't stop thinking of what he had said.

If I had not been a werewolf myself and just a regular human and your emotions got the best of you what then?

She couldn't let that happen. She felt tears welling up. She shook her head and blinked them away. After a moment or two, she finally brought herself to look at Lucian, though not in the eyes this time. She already lost that stare down. "I...I'm..." She was about to apologize for her behavior but caught herself. "Could you... take me on requests with you, Lucian...? I... I don't... trust myself alone right now..."

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