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Nature's Boon (Lucian)

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Nature's Boon (Lucian) Empty on Fri May 22, 2020 2:41 am

Kazimir Seiryu
"Yeah...Load it up. Hurry. We gotta make it to the checkpoint by daybreak," a fat man grumbled in the dead of the night. A group of men loaded cages onto the back of a cloth-covered wagon. A few squawks and growls escaped the barred prisons before they were silenced by tranquilizers.

The only onlookers were the shadows cast along the street by the full moon above. The men pushed the final cage onto the first wagon and loaded another larger one onto the second.

"Alright. move out. Let's make some money," the leader guffawed and picked some meat from his teeth with his fingernail. The wagons took off down the street bobbing back and forth against the cobblestone.

The cages rattled in the back with two men trying to secure them and control the sound. The leader sat with the reins in his hands and spurred the horses to go a little faster, but tried to keep it steady to avoid suspicion. "Everything alright back there?" The man yelled. The men in the back hollered back that all was well.

The two wagons took corner after corner, their destination was the outer gate and then they'd be home free to sell the animals and skin the rest.

Kazimir dashed along the rooftops, breathing in the night air and stopped to sit. His coming here had been a spur of the moment decision and a great deal weighed on his mind.

A cold wind blew across the rooftops and he sat on the ledge of a building with his legs dangling off the side. He sat with his hands folded in his lap when his ears perked up at the clatter of horse hooves.

The wagons rolled onward beneath him and for a moment the cloth flap was caught by a strong breeze and flipped up. Inside it was clear to see the cages of tormented animals.

"Work never ends," He said and jumped to his feet to give chase.

#2Lucian V. Crimson 

Nature's Boon (Lucian) Empty on Fri May 22, 2020 8:00 am

Lucian V. Crimson
The Sumerian family was a notorious group of black market traffickers that had been operating in the Fiore region for quite a while and seemingly were making a move tonight. I have been tracking them for a while now because they have moved into an arena that doesn't bode well for me. Too many rare skins and furs have started to pop up more often in the marketplace, creatures that no man should own or be in touch with.

Normally I wouldn't have gotten involved because this could spell danger for creating possible dissonance and political turmoil between a group of criminals and the guild. But these creatures deserved to live and die as fate intended for them, in the wild and nature of their homes. And there was no way I was going to sit back and let this keep happening.

Lucian lurked from behind the corner of the cobblestone building. He had trailed them from their operation warehouse, which he planned to pay a nice visit to later. The men loaded the animals into the back of their wagon, the stirring beings were quickly placed back under sedation. With the crude metal cages loaded into the back they embarked on their journey.

Tailing them in the shadows, Lucian knew that there was a chance they would make way for crossroads leaving the forest alone in fear that the path through that area would probably draw attention from unnecessary predators of their prized possessions.

As they passed through the various bridges and buildings Lucian had picked up the scent of another, though granted he was definitely different from the rest. These men smelled like sweat and panic. This other individual still was fresh and seemed to be calm no sweat coming from his form. So either this was some elite scout or watch for them or another person was around to watch the festivities. Either way, he'd be taken down too if he got in my way.

As the wagon passed under a distinct building Lucian knew he had to make a move, once they got passed the gate there would not be many places to hide. The time was now, no matter what.

Pushing himself, he broke from behind the wagon and wheeled around, taking a corridor. Lucian sat behind the corner of the wall, as the wagon approached Lucian stepped out at the last second. Rearing up the horses slowed their approach, the men at the reigns cursed out loud as the horses became frantic, they could smell the wolf in him.

"What the hell?! Get out of the way!"

Lucian placed his hands on the horses, calming them down with pats to the neck. Slashing at their reigns with clawed hands, the horses sprinted from the wagon leaving it stranded in the street.

"What did you just do? Do you wanna die guy?"

Lucian turned his head to look up at the one with the reins in his hands.

"I should be asking you the same question. Release those animals you have back there and we can go about our business without any bloodshed."

Whistling out, the man called for his two companions to join him, the three stooges snarled with angry faces. They were ready to attack him, and he knew it. This was going to be fun.

"Tonight is just your unlucky night ain't guy." The leader jumped from the wagon to land directly in front of him.

"We'll see."

Lucian felt his physiology beginning to change, hopefully he didn't have to tear these poor fools to shreds. But for those animals death just might be appropriate.

#3Kazimir Seiryu 

Nature's Boon (Lucian) Empty on Sun May 24, 2020 6:03 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz dashed along the rooftops, closing the distance between himself and the wagons when suddenly the halted. The horses reared up, their hooves kicking high into the air. The wind mage stopped on the edge of a roof and eyed the situation. Best case scenario it was back and he hoped that was the case. Things would get complicated if it was a rival kingpin making their move for power and wealth.

Yelling burst out from the driver, scolding whoever it was that just appeared. The wind mage skirted around closer to survey the situation, moving to within earshot. The horses suddenly sprinted off and he made close enough in time to hear the lone man demand the release of the animals and the driver whistle and the rest of the goons came from the back. The three men stood ready to assault the lone warrior in the street. At least he had a better idea of what everyone's role in this fiasco was now.

"Maybe when we get done with this guy we can sell him on the trade market too,"
One of the goons said as he stepped forward with a tranquilizer gun in one hand and a scimitar in the other.

The leader grumbled at the subservient thug. There was more to this night that he wanted to let on and he couldn't have his low ranking mob squad spill vital information. The men were still spread far enough apart for Kazimir to act. The leader was facing down the man that had stopped their entourage. The other two were still walking up from the back. "Always nice to have back up, he said and dashed off the top of the building and hurtled towards the two thugs from behind. Halfway down he thrust his hand and sent a torrent of wind surging forward and engulfing the two men in the back.

They screamed in pain as the wind tore at their bodies and knocked them apart from one another. They collapsed the ground injured but not dead. The leader furrowed his brow and spat with a scowl on his face. "Another one." he couldn't waste any time now and pulled the bullwhip that was bundled around his lower back. With a crack of the whip, like thunder he aimed his anger at Lucian. He wore a dagger on his belt still and a single tranquilizer gun.

#4Lucian V. Crimson 

Nature's Boon (Lucian) Empty on Sun May 24, 2020 9:06 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
He could feel the anticipation on their brows as they prepared for the fight, it wouldn't matter in the next few moments, he was going to lay these lowlifes down real low and leave them to die on the streets like the scum they were meant to be.

As he felt his form shifting, Lucian caught a whiff of the approaching smell from the other individual, their scent carried on the winds of magic?! Preparing to move out of the way, the magical wind current ripped through the two back goons, their bodies seemed to be caught up in a mighty gust of wind that ripped through their bodies almost reminiscent to claws of a great beast.

Suspended in the air, the two goons dropped two the ground their clothes rent to shreds from the slicing winds. So their other guest decided to make an appearance and was definitely against them. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. The leader turned to acknowledge the defeat of his goons, the brief moment of distraction was all Lucian needed, letting himself finally physically turned his body grew larger as he decided to enter the halfway state.
As the leader turned and brandished his whip. Before the man could fully process what happened, Lucian rushed forward and grabbed the hand that held the whip. Turning the arm until he could feel it snapping, the whip scattered to the ground.

As the man tried to desperately grasp onto his tranquilizer gun Lucian grabbed onto the other hand and held the individual up snarling in his face, Lucian grabbed him by the throat, holding him up in the air like a simple trophy.

"I ain't gonna tell you a damn thing you monster."

Lucian smiled, he watched as the man tried desperately to escape but it was pointless especially when he was in this form.

"I don't need you to tell me a thing, I just want to put you down as you deserve."

Grabbing the tranquilizer gun from his waist, Lucian continued to keep his eyes on the man in his hands, speaking aloud, he hoped whoever his mystery benefactor was could hear him.

"Do you wanna question him yourself, or can I go ahead and put him to sleep?"

#5Kazimir Seiryu 

Nature's Boon (Lucian) Empty on Wed May 27, 2020 1:40 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir looked through the thin cloud of debris left after the had begun to settle. The man that stood against the caravan had transformed. His body was larger and a maw replaced his mouth full of range. "A werewolf," he said silently to himself. It brought back a flood of memories, on every encounter he had in the past with their kind. All of them ending poorly. He had yet to meet a wolfman that didn't hunger for everything around them and try to consume it in bloodshed.

The dust settled and Kaz took a small step forward, just in time to see the werewolf charge the leader and wrench his arm. The leader grumbled on about loyalty to his employer. Kaz was ready to deal with them both in case this turned into a werewolf on the rampage but stopped as he heard the man speak.

"Oh...A werewolf animal activist,"
he said almost surprised by the turn of events. but it was a pleasant one. And fitting that his situational ally was born of the wild and sought to protect it. The wind mage approached while the goon was still being held in the air, his toes barely grazing the street.

"I do have one question,"
he said to the werewolf and then turned his attention to the leader of the caravan. "It seems you're in a bit of a situation. Perhaps if you tell me about your employer this man may take pity on you," he nodded toward Lucian.

The leader groaned as fear began to seep into his eyes. His life hung by the whim of these two and he didn't make it this far in life by risking his neck when he didn't have to. "Al...alright. Let me go. You want the guys in charge...I want off."

Kazimir looked at Lucian, "Well...seems to me that this is your case. I'm up for toppling an illegally organized animal trade. I've had some poaching problems in my area to and they may be connected. Or we could take our chances going back to where they loaded up the animals at?"

#6Lucian V. Crimson 

Nature's Boon (Lucian) Empty on Wed May 27, 2020 1:47 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
Lucian listened as the new man walked and questioned the man slightly, watching him break down in fear from the questioning, his bravado didn't last long.

"So who is this employer?" Lucian snarled the question while eyeing the man in his hands.

"Marcello Vangas...Runs the south region and some of the other parts of the trade..."

Looking over at the new man he returned his gaze back to his quarry, placing the tranquilizer gun to his neck Lucian pulled the trigger with a satisfying smile.

The body slumped to unconsciousness becoming heavy as dead weight, throwing him to the floor he returned to his fully human form.

"Chances are Marcello is at the warehouse. Let's go pay him a visit, but first."

Lucian walked to the back of the wagon, the animals that were under heavy sedation from earlier had begun to stir and some of them had come to from earlier. They all screeched and roared in various tones. All of them were eager for their freedom. Pulling the flap of the wagon up, Lucian walked into the back, the animals in the cages rattling as they could sense the predator within.

Using the key he snatched from the driver, he opened up the cages, releasing the creatures back into the streets. Free from the confines of their cages, the various creatures made their way to the wild again.

"The only reason I'm not doing this alone is that I smelled you when this first started. So it was safe to assume this was your case first. I want these poachers to be put down. Once this is over, we never have to speak again."

Sniffing the air again, Lucian moved in the direction of the warehouse. From what he had remembered it was a large brown wooden building ducked in the southwestern part of town, tucked between two much larger white buildings.

#7Kazimir Seiryu 

Nature's Boon (Lucian) Empty on Sat May 30, 2020 11:51 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir crossed his arms as the vagrant spilled the information on his boss and the trade organization. He had no doubt that it was the same group responsible for the acts in his own neck of the woods. The wind mage let out a faint smile of approval at his newfound associate's act of tranquilizing the man. He had assumed the werewolf would have just killed him.

"Sounds good to me,"
he started walking when Lucian stopped and began to open up the cages. "Maybe we should..." he began to suggest waiting and taking the animals out of the city before releasing them as to avoid any panic in the street but the deed was done. Luckily most of them scurried straight for the exit once they got their bearings. Kaz just shrugged it off. "Well that worked out."

Kaz started walking once more when Lucian caught his ear once more, this time with less enthusiasm. "Werewolves do have a keen sense of smell," he replied as if he was semi-well versed on their existence. "Case? You mean you were tracking them too? I was just passing by when I caught wind of it. Just a bit of luck on my part," he said with a calm presence downplaying the fact that he was out on patrol, mostly because shaking his old habits as a Knight was hard.

"But even if you were here first. I have a knack for butting into things,"
He replied with a casual tone but his eyes whispered that nothing would have stopped him from getting involved. "But I want them put down too...or arrested. And never again, I actually have some questions about your transformation. Just curiosity."

Soon Lucian took to the trail and Kazimir ran along toward the warehouse with him. The building was protected by two larger ones around it. A hefty guard was sitting in a chair beside the front door with a long coat on, no doubt concealing something beneath it. The building had no windows except for the top floor.

"Well, how do you wanna tackle it? Both through the front or I can take the top?"
he asked and looked over his shoulder at his lycan comrade.

Through the top window of the building, they could see a small light, indicating something was still going on inside. A few more men approached with a cloth-covered cage in hand and greeted the guard. after a few seconds, the guard opened the door and the new group entered.

"Seems we made it just in time."

#8Lucian V. Crimson 

Nature's Boon (Lucian) Empty on Sat May 30, 2020 2:50 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
This guy was no ordinary mage, and definitely not someone to take lightly, I don't know if I can trust him. Matter of fact I really don't. He very well could be a spy or someone who works for the family and merely wanted to get in good with a threat, granted it was an elaborate plan especially to take out a single man, but then again I wasn't just a man.

By chance? Mmm... Fate, what do you have planned? This is not a matter of coincidence, but why this guy? Or is that some story he is telling to maintain face and keep up his charade. That would be smart considering if he wanted to take me out before I became a problem. Or this man was from a rival family and merely the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Though I wonder how long that would work out.

Tch, whatever, at the end of the day if he got in my way I would remove him all the same. These people would be put down like the worms they were no matter who they were.

He remembered his path back to the warehouse, luckily the travel would be short and they wouldn't have to spend too much time in travel with one another.

"I truthfully do not care to kill, done it once before and I hate it. But, should the chance present itself to rid the world of this evil, then so be it."

Lucian continued to move forward towards the warehouse, he could tell that by the incoming scents more people were coming. Something was happening tonight, that or they were merely on high alert already. Either other it didn't matter because either way, they would stand no chance against his wrath.

He couldn't help but chuckle at the notion of answering questions about his werewolf physiology. What more is there to understand especially for someone who didn't have to be one. Besides this existence was not one to be glorified or loved. The war of beast on the inside is not a joy.

"I grow fur, fangs, and claws. Anything else?"

Landing beside his comrade for the evening, he could tell the perceptive man even without any seemingly obvious special senses was able to decipher and decode the environment of the warehouse. As he had gathered from earlier, a direct frontal assault would be unwise, those goons on the wagon had been only a mere team that made up the much larger fighting force on the inside. While he didn't doubt his own ability, he didn't know the full scope of his partner's skills and that could possibly leave them at a disadvantage, though considering...

This man wouldn't have brought up the option if he wasn't sure of himself as well.

"The top would be fine. I smell a good number of people in there and by the overlapping scents, it would be hard to put a real number on it."

As the two of them reached the top, they looked over as a new group was brought into the warehouse, a familiar scent washing through his nose. One that almost brought him to tears...

A tetani sparrow? Here in Fiore?! How in the hell did they get their hands on one of them?! A rare bird from his mother's lands. They were known as spiritual guides. With beautiful black and white feathers that alternated down its wings, the black-feathered body and large white crown of white feathers adorning its head, the bird was a symbol of peace in the afterlife. An assistant to death. He only remembered seeing one when his grandmother had passed and her burial ritual.

"I'm guessing they are planning to sell off the bird in that cage. I say we wait when they place it down and we get it to safety. Once it's free, we can attack without mercy."

Greedy bastards, how many did they kill to get that bird. Who's resting place did they disturb and why would they risk bringing it here. Ah! Control yourself Lucian, do not ruin this plan...

#9Kazimir Seiryu 

Nature's Boon (Lucian) Empty on Wed Jun 03, 2020 10:34 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz's brows rose and he put his hands on his hips as if he had just seen an old friend. Lucian's proclamation of disdain for taking life was music to the wind mage's ears. "Ah well, that's good to hear. Looks like we won't have any odd moments during the mission. I'm in the same boat." The wind mage had responded in a more relaxed mood. But the walk to the station was anything but relaxed. Tension hung in the air and Lucian was as dead-eyed focused on the task at hand. That is until he let out a small chuckle at Kaz's question. The answer was curt and to the point but Kaz wanted something more specific.

"Actually. Just two questions really. How do you become a werewolf and...can you smell that I'm not human,"
he asked with eyes as still as the ambient air around them.

"Top it is,"
he nodded to his ally and was intrigued by the sheer power of the werewolf's nose to be able to pick up anything beyond the walled building. They reached the top and Kaz grabbed hold of the top of the window sill. His fingers tightened around the wooden frame as the small caged bird was brought forward. The two of them were far from similar but they both shared a love of nature.

The wind mage gentle clapped his hands and a ripple of wind washed out from him. His attention was split between what Lucian said and his senses spreading out. "There's at least ten. Some men stationed behind the larger crates on patrol, but I can't sense the whole warehouse so I don't know what's on the other end."

"Yeah looks about like what a shady bunch like this would be up to. Alright then. We wait and strike. I can get the bird out no problem if you can begin with the men?"
Kaz asked hoping that it would be okay with the man. "Then I'll rejoin you and we can take them down. Here," Kaz reached to his belt for his mage staff and handed it to the man. "So you know I'll come back," he said with a smile and waited for the man to take it. A show of good faith as Lucian had little reason to trust him yet.

Kaz averted his attention back to the men and waited for them to move. The one with the cage took a slow step toward a table and set the cage down. The bird's squawk echoed in the warehouse that was void of any other animal sounds. The man turned around to face the group.

"So how much for such an exotic find?"
The hunter gestured with wide arms.

"Here we go,"
Kaz said as he hopped through the window and thrusted his hand up, sending a rush of wind that propelled him to the ground and right behind the bird. As soon as his feet landed, he wrapped both arms around the cage and tapped his foot creating another surge of wind. The air stirred up dirt, sending it frantically whirling around them and obscuring sight. The wind mage was propelled back upwards straight through the window, all happening within a couple of seconds.

He took a deep breath and set the cage softly on a flat part of the small balcony, and tucked safely in a corner. The mage stood back up and was ready to leap back in and stand alongside the werewolf.

#10Lucian V. Crimson 

Nature's Boon (Lucian) Empty on Wed Jun 03, 2020 7:34 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
Not human...Well between the one solid white eye and radiating aura, it was easy to spot. But granted, now that he had brought it up. He did smell...unique. Something warm, like freshly baked bread at one point and at other times like the air before a thunderstorm. Some points like a fresh sea breeze, and others like an arid desert. It was like he came from the sky or was the source of the wind itself. But why was he so curious about how I became a werewolf?

Granted he was not human but for a fact he wasn't a werewolf, the first thing was his scent and two, my bracer didn't shine in his presence. So that rules out anything from the darkness, leaving only a few beings out. One of the seraphim or nekomata? No cat-like features... unless he tucked his tail and his ears but he wouldn't strike me as one to be afraid to hide his true self.


Lucian remained quiet as they watched the proceedings inside. The deal was starting and clearly the hunter had made it clear he wasn't going to go for an easy price. They were going to have to come up off some serious jewels. But that was too damn bad because it was time to put an end to this little show. Lucian could feel the inner turmoil rise up, but his partner for the evening seemed to be just as calm as the wind.

He smiled with a boyish deposition like everything was just going to flow right into place. Whoever this man was he truly knew to trust in the will of fate. Maybe even more so than myself. Looking down at the staff, Lucian made an attempt to deny the act of sacrifice.

The fool, there was no need for sentimental actions such as this. They were headed into a fight, the last thing he should want is for either of them to be armed to the lesser extent of their full capabilities and arsenal. He didn't need him to give his staff over for me to trust him. Something tells me I can. I've known some dark people before, he doesn't feel like that.

Studying the staff as the wind mage prepared to extract the bird, he could see the soft markings that lined the staff's entire form. The staff was from an oak tree and lined with a special resin. Clearly well-taken care of despite obvious use. This guy must really trust me...Grr.

Tch, hope he doesn't expect the same. I don't trust just anyone. But he seemed to be on his game. Lucian looked down and could smell the same ten this man had mentioned. Watching as the mage made his way inside, Lucian watched carefully as the men started to haggle, the two sides exchanging words and prices. As they bartered, he saw the wind mage enter quietly like the wind and prepare to leave just as quickly.

Wrapping the staff around his back, Lucian gathered himself and breathed in the night air. Jumping from the window, Lucian hurtled through the air to land on an unsuspecting henchman. Crushing the man under his weight, the room became high alert as every active man seemed to acknowledge his presence. The ten men from their earlier observations had now grown into 20.

But they were going to need a distraction. 10 men on the upper floor, placed in pairs at every junction. And ten men on the floor all in the surrounding area that Lucian was now in.

"What the hell, This some kind of double cross?!" The hunter exclaimed readying his weapon.

"We thought the same!" Marcello bellowed, his black suit and sun shades a stark contrast to his pale skin.

Lucian stepped on the man underneath him harder, grinding him into the concrete floor. Pushing his mana into his body, he was ready.

"I'm here to bring this whole place down. Especially you two."

The men roared in laughter, all of them finding humor in it. Before the laughter could die down, Lucian rushed one of the men next to Marcello. Grabbing him by his throat he threw the man into a nearby box turning it to kindling and splinters.

The fight had begun.

#11Kazimir Seiryu 

Nature's Boon (Lucian) Empty on Fri Jun 05, 2020 5:35 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz just gave a small shrug as the werewolf ignored the series of questions. they may have been a bit personally and the two didn't know each other at all. Yet he felt that the man was sizing him up and trying to get a measure on who exactly the wind mage was. "Perhaps after the battle then," he replied with a grin and headed back to focus on the task at hand.

There was a moment of hesitation as Kaz offered up the staff. A moment that gave the wind mage a bit more insight on Lucian. even though he held a cold exterior there was compromise and understanding in his actions. The pause told him he didn't need to take it but he chose to anyway if nothing else but to indulge Kazimir.

As soon as Kaz landed back on the roof, Lucian was already descending on his prey and with a loud crack, the battle was ready to begin. The thugs had doubled in size and took up tactical positions around the second floor. They stood ready to launch a singular and focuses attack on the werewolf.

Kaz stood on the edge of the window, his body half leaning into the room. The night air blew in behind him as he calculated the fastest way to deal with the second-floor groupings of men. The goons laughed and that was their final mistake. He didn't know much about his new comrade but he suspected he was going to make them pay for that.

The leader guffawed and in the next instant, Lucian was on them and heaving a man across the room. Marcello shuffled back and the remaining men closed in to protect him. The leader's eyes were set on Lucian and beaming with anger. "Kill him now!"

Kaz took that queue to dash down to the second floor and behind two of the men that readied guns aimed at Lucian. The two felt his presence and looked over their shoulders with wide eyes at the sudden appearance of the wind mage. before they could turn around Kaz released a violent surge of wind that eclipsed them and reached out to the other side of the room to collide with another group. The metal railings ripped apart and shrapnel plummeted to the first floor.

He stood in the wake of the destruction and nodded down toward Lucian, "bringing down this whole place works for me. I hate having to hold back. I'll take the upstairs." The wind mage spoke as casually as if they were still outside devising a strategy.

The half blown-up walkway he stood on bobbed under his weight as it struggled to stay in place. The second-floor goons turned their guns on Kaz and Marcello along with the seller ran beside one another to hide behind their men. Each one turning their attention between the battlefields.

Bullets soared through the air and Kaz dashed around the walkway, weaving through crates as the bullets peppered into the wooden planks sending debris into the air. The small wooden chips that blew off were captured in the wind and strewn about.

The distance closed as Kaz rushed nearer to his enemies. He let a tornado burst free and with a swipe of his hand, he made it surge around the room, barreling into the platforms and the walls until it consumed more of the small two-man teams. finally, there was only one team left and the structure was hanging on by scattered pieces of rebar.

The platform collapsed, sending the two careening into the crates below and rolling off onto the ground with a thud.

#12Lucian V. Crimson 

Nature's Boon (Lucian) Empty on Sat Jun 06, 2020 6:21 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
Lucian could sense the change in the wind before he felt it, like a descending storm, the wind mage rain down on the unsuspecting men. They were unprepared for the devastation that the wind mage had brought, it was hard to know the full extent of his powers but there was no way this was just some basic or your average magician. He was powerful and definitely could handle himself. Focusing on his new enemies, the men above were thrown out and about by the violent breeze that came from the man.

He seemed to be letting loose and was not one to hold back as he had said. That was nice, this was no place for kindness or any sort of hesitation. Lucian unwrapped the staff from his back, holding it in his hands. Alright it is time to go ahead and get this over with, he finished the men above and it is my turn to do the same.

"Hey! Catch."

Looking towards his partner for the evening he threw the staff towards the floating man hoping that his throw would be strong enough to get the lightweight weapon to him.

Lucian felt the call of the beast in his body. The half transformation would be enough. Letting his body grow again, Lucian entered the halfway state. His fingers and teeth elongating into claws and fangs. The black and white fur exploding around his forearms and chest along his back as well. He resembled more of a large hairy human than a werewolf.

Jumping from the barrage of bullets from Marcello's team, Lucian focused on getting to him. Rushing forward he snatched up the front of the team and threw him into the rest of the group. The men fell to the ground in a heap, rushing past them he jumped to another individual. Picking up he tossed him into some of the walkways that were still intact.

Bounding forward, Lucian lunged after Marcello. His fear filling the room with its aroma. Dodging past some more of the men, he ducked under their bullets and slashed a metal pillar, the remaining walkway crumpling ontop of the men on the bottom floor.

Marcello ran around the corner and towards a back office but it would be of no use. Lucian had smelled his scent and he was going to put an end to this operation. Sitting still for a moment, he managed to turn around to acknowledge his parter.

"Mage! Imma go after Marcello, you can go after the hunter!"

#13Kazimir Seiryu 

Nature's Boon (Lucian) Empty on Mon Jun 08, 2020 8:02 am

Kazimir Seiryu
With the call of his comrade, Kaz turned to see the staff flying through the air and snagged it mid-jump. With a nod, in response, the wind mage quickly returned his focus to blowing away the remaining team at the top.

Kazimir watched as Lucian unleashed his animal ferocity. The winds died down in the building as the werewolf stood towering over the men on the bottom floor. He had never seen a partial transformation and the wind mage took it as a testament to the man's control over the primal forces that dwelled with him.

The men on the top floor were dispatched as the ones on the bottom were ravaged by a predator they had not expected. The final thugs were buried beneath a destroyed beam and the wind mage dropped down to the first floor with Lucian. The guards had been effortlessly thrown about and it only led to more wonder as to who this man was and what his roll in the city had been.

"On it," he replied as the wolfman prowled around the corner after the runaway crime boss. Kaz could still feel the vibrations in the air of a man running for his life. His heart was thundering against his ribcage. His movements were bumbling to find safety. Kaz walked slowly down another hallway in the opposite direction of Lucian. The wind mage had no doubt that he wouldn't be seeing Marcello alive again.

The lights flickered in the hallway and the man's vibrations in the wind came to a crawl. His breath was steady and his heart came to a low rumble. There was something else...a click and a swift movement of something heavy down the hall.

All at once, the hall was lit ablaze with a hail of bullets. The Gatling gun at the far end of the hall spun with deadly intent. The bullets stormed around Kaz as he dove behind a column and pressed tightly against the wall. Chunks of cement flew off beside him and the column was being whittled down quickly.

"We save these for special occasions," the hunter snarled.

Kazimir sighed and held out his hand directly in front of him as the bullets pounded the column. A blade of wind formed, hovering in the air. He could feel the rigorous vibrations of the weapon and with a flick of his wrist, he sent the blade shearing through the bullets and toward the gun. A metallic crash rang down the hall and the spinning gatling gun ceased.

Before there was another click, Kaz darted from behind the column and dashed in one motion all the way down the hall. Instantly he was in front of the hunter who had a gun pointed at Kaz's stomach. The wind mage's open palm was facing the man.

"I know how fast you are. I've been a hunter for too long," the man grinned and his finger fondled the trigger of his gun.

"Me too," Kaz said and thrust his hand forward. With a bang, the gun went off and the bullet ricocheted off the wall. The man screamed as a blade of wind sliced through his arm and the limb crashed to the ground. Kaz swiftly knocked the man out and put on a tunicate.

He drug the hunter back into the main room and propped the body against a crate.

"Hey, is it done?" he called out to wherever Lucian may be. "This one is all yours too."

#14Lucian V. Crimson 

Nature's Boon (Lucian) Empty on Tue Jun 09, 2020 7:13 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
I can smell him, that cologne, his natural body odor, the metal of his jewelry, what he ate. His fear. I hope he knows what it is like to be like a caged animal, a creature that is at the mercy of those in a position of power. Thrown into a corner and forced to accept whatever someone chooses to do to you. And so now he is at the mercy of someone else. As a crime boss, he has always probably been the seat of power. Able to exact his will upon the weaker or less connected. He probably trambled upon the bodies of the poor or lesser.

I wonder how many families he has ruined. How many lives he has taken just to get to this point now. Mmm... maybe I'll kill him, just tear him apart and leave the authorities with a body to clean up. No need for a trial or any judgment, just execution. No need to leave this scum alive to manipulate this system to cause more chaos...Clean his bones on my teeth and twirl his skin in my claws...Lucian no. Get it together. You're not a beast.

Lucian rounded the dark corner, the darkness of the hallway did no harm to him as he peered through the inky blackness. He could smell Marcello's scent, strolling forward, Lucian looked for any possible hiding spot. As he walked forward, he could hear the sounds of the panting breath from behind the door in front of him. The ragged breathing sending a plethora of scents outward, there was no point in waiting anymore.

Coming through the door, Lucian felt the hot sting of steel in his chest. The blade cut deep into his pectoral, the blade getting caught in the muscle as it wrenched its way into his chest. Marcello had snuck attacked from behind the door with a sword of sorts. But it was no use, nothing was going to stop him from getting this justice. Nothing.

Grabbing Marcello by the arm, he snatched him and threw him into the wall. His body slamming into it with a solid thunk. Wrestling the blade free, he threw it to the ground and strolled over. Grabbing the man again, the premier shades he wore had been damaged from Lucian's last throw. Holding him to his face, Marcello's fear was even more apparent.

"I..I'll give you anything! I'll make you rich! Just let me go-!"

Marcello's face went slack as Lucian backhanded him. The blood dripping from his mouth was a pleasant sight, maybe I should knock all of his teeth out of his mouth. Or I could just go ahead and get this over with and kill him...Or...

I can do what is right as a guild mage and give him over to the justice system. Let them sort him out, I no longer represent myself, I am part of a family now. And I won't dishonor them...

"Your money means nothing, pray to whatever god you serve because I will spare you. But believe me. If I see you on the streets again. I will not show the same mercy."

Stretching his arm backward he sent his fist forward and smacked Marcello unconscious. Slinging the body onto his shoulder he strolled back towards the center of the warehouse. The devastation of their attack littered every where. He had heard his partner for the evening call out to him.

Looking at the hunter with dismembered limb, Lucian couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the savagery before him.

"And here I was thinking I was the bloodthirsty beast. But this is for us both, we both worked for this. Let's drop them off at the authorities and then maybe I'll answer some of those questions you asked. Call it a professional courtesy."

Lucian kicked open the door to the warehouse and walked out into the open night air towards the local rune knight department.

#15Kazimir Seiryu 

Nature's Boon (Lucian) Empty on Fri Jun 12, 2020 7:54 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz looked down at the act of brutality that he had caused the man. He would never have guessed he would be called something like bloodthirsty by a werewolf. "It was this or get a hole shot through me. But I could have been a little more gentle," he replied but wasn't remorseful. Once someone refused to surrender and began an assault he would deal with it swiftly. "Thank you for the courtesy. We should hurry so he can get his wound patched up."

Kaz lifted the man onto his shoulders and followed Lucian out into the street. He had to say he was pleasantly surprised by the restraint and law-abiding ways of his partner showed. There were few people he encountered that would have taken the man into the police.

As they arrived at the station, Kaz shook his head with a smile at seeing the rune knights. They had gone their separate ways and the organization was in a bit of shambles but there were still those that held it together.  A few knights rushed out to greet them.

Once the knights reached Lucian and Kaz they both stood at attention and saluted, "Captain-Commander, we didn't expect you."

"Relax, This man and I were just cleaning up a mess," he said and slid the unconscious hunter from his back. The knights dropped the salute and took the men from Lucian and Kaz. "They were dealing in exotic animals. There is a warehouse back there with more men that need to be taken into custody. I'll have a report written up for you tomorrow and you'll need to get this man some medical care." Kaz's position with the knights was an odd one, but as the organization had become splintered it was hard to tell what went where anyway.

"Yes sir," the two knights replied and hauled the prisoners off toward the medical wing. A brief conversation and a small squad of knights emerged to head towards the warehouse and take care of the rest.

"I'm Kaz. Captain-Commander of something like a branch of the Rune Knights. Phoenix Feather. It's all kinda messy right now, with the system and structure," he waved his hand dismissing the fall of the knights into chaos as a morning breeze.

"But anyway, on to more important matters. These questions?" he asked once more and began to walk down the street, waiting for the man to join him. He had no idea what the town had to offer so he waited for Lucian to lead the way, now that business was done. He assumed the man wouldn't want any potential secrets about the wolf to be overheard by a slew of knights.  Although given the man's lawful nature he would almost assume he too was a knight but his allegiance seemed freer than that.

#16Lucian V. Crimson 

Nature's Boon (Lucian) Empty on Mon Jun 15, 2020 8:56 am

Lucian V. Crimson
Lucian watched the fractured police force move with swift precision as they made sure to place the criminals in a clear lockdown. They were clearly well trained and despite their numbers, they made it work with great ease. Lucian watched as they removed the man from his shoulders and placed him into cuffs. Mmm, a Captain Commander, meaning the leader of the former rune knights. Meaning this man was a leader. A captain commander of Phoenix Feather? Like the phoenix feather guild? So a guild master... Goodness, so that explains the level of power I saw back at the warehouse and that also means this man was not someone I could just move out of the way then. He was powerful indeed and was definitely not someone to take lightly.

Lucian shrugged off the circumstances and began to follow after Kaz, the night air was a soft breeze and the moonlight was a beautifully accompanying partner for the evening stroll. So I wonder, between him and Aegis does this whole thing about guild master being non-human is a consistent thing. Though that does bring forth the question, what exactly is this man? My bracer hadn't gone off so it was clear that he wasn't a being of the dark like I previously noticed. So what would that leave available?

Well, since we are going to be talking about my being then let's go ahead and have this conversation then. Strolling next to the guild master, Lucian matched his stride. This man seems to float even on the ground, his outfit and staff make him seem like some sort of vagabond or traveling wind.

"So how I turned, it was simple. I am...was a nomad. I traveled across Fiore, and I used to spend many nights sleeping outside."

Lucian placed his hands behind his head and looked up towards the moon.

"Well one night, in a forest hidden deep in the mountains behind Oak. I came upon a dying white and black-furred werewolf. His body was heaving from the struggle to live. He was fighting for every breath."

I can hear his voice even now, I remember the smell of blood. The strains of life's fight against death and its push towards defiance of fate.

"Well, I am one for life and so I came upon him. I talked to him as he passed. He told me about his life and how it was coming to an end without a legacy of sorts. He didn't want to leave the world behind without some sort of mark left on it. And so I offered myself as the legacy. At one point I was the harbinger of the ancient god of war and beast. And so I felt it was my duty to do so."

Lucian smirked at the thought, and how different things were now. He was no longer the harbinger but was now on a different path of life.

"So about you not being human, you don't smell like any cat or any other creature, I've run into. So what are you?"

#17Kazimir Seiryu 

Nature's Boon (Lucian) Empty on Sat Jun 20, 2020 9:06 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz titled his ear to the man. The faint skip in his sentence from past to present told that he still held some nomadic spirit in his heart. "Me too," he replied. "I lived in a tribe and before Fiore I was a traveler and spent many nights in the wilds. Seems that's where we get our reverence for nature."

The wind mage grew as silent as the street they walked when Lucian continued. The image of a werewolf was ingrained in his mind. The story told of culture and lineage of werewolves that the wind mage had been unaware of. perhaps he had looked at them in the wrong light all this time. "Harbinger of the ancient god of war is quite some title," he said, just as intrigued by that as the story of the wolf. "Was it really that easy of a decision to make?" It did make sense, a harbinger of beasts taking on the legacy of the werewolf, and given how naturally he moved in battle and the seamless transitions, Kaz assumed this was no recent transformation. Although Lucian left out the actual transference process, Kaz would leave it at that.

"A noble transformation. I suppose I didn't have any expectations as to what it was like, but that's a nice one," he said.

he replied as the conversation shifted to him. "I suppose it's only fair seeing as how you told me about yourself.' his question gave Kazimiir enough of an answer. He knew now the werewolves could detect the smell of something non-human in him.

"I hope I don't smell like a cat,"
he remarked with a grin. "I'm a Nephilim. Given angelic grace by seraphim. Not too many of us anymore," he shrugged. "Whether that's a good thing or not."

He kept the pace steady as the two strolled further along the street. The sound of the knights rushing to the warehouse echoed behind them. "Happened pretty similar. I came across a Seraphim but it was while I was dying during an investigation of church corruption. And he gave me a new life. Guess that's just how magical beings are." It seemed like a lifetime ago to recount the memory. His chest still ached from the scar.

"You seem to have adapted to your transformation pretty well. But what brings a werewolf to prowl the streets of Marigold?"

#18Lucian V. Crimson 

Nature's Boon (Lucian) Empty on Sun Jun 21, 2020 7:34 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
"It was a title earned in blood and fate. Honestly, one that I care not to be too proud of. And as for the decision..."

Lucian looked out towards the moon, remembering the bird they had just saved, and how the beast would return home. To continue its work of guiding the dead back to the afterlife to be at peace with those that have gone before them.

"That bird you saved back there is a creature from my mother's homeland, a tetani sparrow. A bird who is the guide of death. They lead the dying towards peace and the place their ancestors have prepared for them."

Hold your emotions... Hold them.

"Death has always been a constant in my life and so it was too easy to choose to continue one's life to lead them to into a peaceful rest."

The solemn moment hung in the air, but there was more to the conversation than just his life. Listening closely Lucian looked around them, watching for any other potential dangers that might try to interrupt the pair's travels.

"An angel...Not every day you meet one. Let alone one that allows you to live again. Seems like we both were "gifted" our unique physiologies. Tch, that reminds me of how Krotodamus used to tell me he never had time for attendants. He rather go and address his followers personally."

Lucian smiled at the reaction of the old god when he had brought up the question of angels and why he never had such help.

" It must take a lot to go against one of the oldest organizations in the world. But I commend you for your efforts in thwarting evil in a holy place."

Shrugging his shoulders, he turned around facing his back going forwards, looking behind as he walked backward.

"I have been here to learn. Grow. Evolve. I am a member of the Penumbral Guard. My journey with fate brought me here without true affiliation or allegiance to anyone to anything. And then, I found a family of sorts. A consistent home. But I fear that once again I will be having to leave this place again."

Stopping in the middle of their walk, Lucian could feel the air changing, something was amiss. The winds of fate were never wrong and something is telling me that this is the moment to take my leave. Though granted.

"Captain Commander. I hate to cut this short. But something is calling out to me. I appreciate your assistance in cleaning up my home. I pray fate allows us to meet again, though I do hope it is neither one of us on the verge of death."

Transforming into his halfway state Lucian jumped from the streets out into the cold night air, the time for a new journey upon him.


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