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Survivor Event - Concept

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Survivor Event - Concept Empty Wed May 20, 2020 1:47 pm



The first part of the event consists out of two camps (Raven and Crow) competing against each other. Both camps are situated on different islands: Crow Island and Raven Island. The team with the lowest score loses the challenge and as a result the member from the losing camp with the lowest score will be removed from the island. This continues till there are only a few members left in the event, after which the second part

The last remaining members will be merged into one group and sent to a different island. The second part of the event starts after the merge. There are no more camps competing against each other. Everyone competes for themselves now individually. The person with the lowest score in each challenge will be removed from the island.

Each member starts with 10 points in each of their attributes on the island.


  • Each participant has 10 points in their attributes during this event.

  • Users may continue roleplaying as usual outside of the event while they roleplay on the islands for the event. This event does not fill any topic slots.

  • Each user may only participate with only one single character in the event.

  • Crow Island and Raven Island is where both camps will be situated in the beginning. They will be able to search for food here during the Day Phase.

  • Both camps will be moved to Hawk Island during the Night Phase to compete against each other. They will be returned to their respective islands after the challenge.

  • Sometimes users will be sent to Vulture Island upon losing rather than being eliminated completely. On Vulture Island, the user may compete against others on Vulture Island to get a chance to return back to their islands.

  • During the Day Phase, those on Vulture Island may also search for food.

  • Once enough users have been eleminated, the remainder will be sent to Hawk Island permanently to compete as individuals against each other.

  • During the Day Phase, those on Hawk Island may also search for food.

  • The last remaining person on Hawk Island is considered the winner of the Survivor Event.


  • Each challenge relies on certain attributes. The challenges consist out of multiple stages, thus multiple attributes will be required, though the combinations will be random each time.

  • An example would be solving a puzzle (Intelligence) first after which the user must capture one of the roaming monkeys with their bare hands (Speed).

  • In such topics, the user first create a post attempting to solve a puzzle while rolling a dice. The dice represents their Intelligence in this case. After each user has rolled, the highest number may roleplay in their next post that they solved it first and rushed into the woods to capture that monkey while rolling another dice this time. The second dice would represent their Speed in this case.

  • The rolled number is affected by the attributes of the user. In this case, the user has 10 Intelligence, so a roll of 40 would mean a roll of 50.

  • The attributes can be altered before a challenge though by eating food.


  • There are two phases: Day and Night Phase.

  • The host shall announce each time when a Day has started. This means that all topics made after that announcement will count towards that Day.

  • The user must indicate the Day in their topic title as well e.g. it is announced that is Day 3, therefore all new topics must be labeled with - Day 3 at the end.

  • Users may attempt to obtain food during their Day posts via hunting, fishing, foraging etc.

  • There are five types of food: Meats, Fish, Fruits, Herbs and Nuts. Each food increases a different attribute during the next challenge.

  • Meats increase Strength, Fish increase Endurance, Fruits increase Speed, Herbs increase Constitution, and Nuts increase Intelligence.

  • The user must roleplay that they are either fishing, hunting etc. and roll a dice. It must be absolutely clear in the post what the user is searching for by stating the specific word in the post (Meat, Fish etc.).

  • The posts done to obtain food only need to be 100 words.

  • The dice determines whether food has been found and the quality of the food.

    • 1-20 Nothing
    • 21-40 Low Quality Food (+5)
    • 41-60 Medium Quality Food (+10)
    • 61-70 High Quality Food (+15)
    • 71-80 Excellent Quality Food (+20)
    • 81-90 Amulet (+30)
    • 91-100 Immunity Idol

  • The user may attempt to search for food twice during each Day phase. This can be done in the same topic. It doesn't have to be the same type of food. The user may decide to go for Meat twice if they think Strength could be important in the next challenge, or go for Nuts and Fish instead etc.

  • When it is announced that we are in the Night phase, it is no longer allowed to search for food.

  • The bonuses will be added onto the attributes of the user to grant them a higher roll number during the games. This means that it is possible to get numbers higher than 100.

  • The effects of food disappear after the challenge when the next Day Phase is announced.

Amulets and Idols

  • Sometimes, while searching for food, the user may stumble upon an amulet or idol instead.

  • The amulet is worn by the user during the next challenge and grants a larger bonus than food.

  • The immunity idol ensure that the user will not be eliminated even if they are the lowest performer.

  • There can only be one person with an immunity idol per camp. The next person landing upon an immunity idol will get an amulet instead.

  • There can only be one amulet per person before a challenge starts. Should the user roll another amulet before the challenge starts, they will receive High Quality Food instead.

  • The amulets and idols are only useful during the upcoming challenge. After that they disappear.

Random Occurences

  • While the users are on Crow Island and Raven Island, the host will roll the Random Occurence dice upon announcing the Day each time, starting at Day 2.

  • The random occurence will impact the entire team during their next challenge.

    • Fatigue (0-10): The conditions on the island have worn out everyone. Everyone suffers from a 5 point reduction to their Speed.
    • Damage (11-20): The conditions on the island have worn out everyone. Everyone suffers from a 5 point reduction to their Constitution.
    • Headache (21-30): The conditions on the island have worn out everyone. Everyone suffers from a 5 point reduction to their Intelligence.
    • Overexertion (31-40): The conditions on the island have worn out everyone. Everyone suffers from a 5 point reduction to their Strength.
    • Illness (41-50): The conditions on the island have worn out everyone. Everyone suffers from a 5 point reduction to their Endurance.
    • Dangerous Beasts - Fatigue (51-60): Dangerous beats have been chasing the group. Everyone is tired from running. Everyone suffers from a 10 point reduction to their Speed.
    • Monstrous Plants - Damage (61-70): Monstrous plants have attacked the group. Everyone has received damage to their body. Everyone suffers from a 10 point reduction to their Constitution.
    • Burning Sun - Headache (71-80 The sun has been burning intensely. Everyone can't think straight anymore. Everyone suffers from a 10 point reduction to their Intelligence.
    • Long Night - Overexertion (81-90 Survival during the night didn't allow for much rest. Everyone is feeling weak. Everyone suffers from a 10 point reduction to their Strength.
    • Pesky Bugs - Illness (91-100 Bugs have attacked the group. Everyone is feeling sick. Everyone suffers from a 10 point reduction to their Endurance.


  • Each user accepted into the event will be placed on one of the islands as the host announces that it is Day 1.

  • The users can start collecting food marking their topic titles with - Day 1.

  • Suddenly, the host will announce that the next phase has started: Night 1.

  • Users can no longer obtain food anymore. The challenge topic will be opened and users will have to post there.

  • The losing team will lose their lowest performing member.

  • The host will announce that it is now Day 2. This means that users can mark their new topics on their island with - Day 2 now to collect food again.

  • From now on, the host will also roll the Random Occurence dice for each island. This random occurence affects all users on that island and will result into a reduction of attributes during the next challenge.

  • This repeats till enough members have been removed and the camps are both merged on Hawk Island to compete for themselves.

  • Random Occurences will no longer happen on Hawk Island.


  • The last remaining users will receive the following monetary rewards:

    • First place: 5,000,000J
    • Second place: 2,500,000J
    • Third place: 1,000,000J
    • Fourth place: 500,000J
    • Fifth place: 250,000J
    • Sixth place: 100,000J

  • In addition, the last remaining 6 users may select from a range of additional rewards. Though, they are only one per person. The user in first place may select first, then the user in second place may select from the remaining rewards etc.

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