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Multi-Faced Man [Conquest]

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#1Tomoe Tanaka 

Multi-Faced Man [Conquest] Empty on Wed May 20, 2020 2:29 am

Tomoe Tanaka
As Tomoe stood outside the imposing Castle Syllas, anxiety filled the Joyan's body. Today was his meeting with the royalty of Marigold, and what a meeting it would be. He was here representing Penumbral Guard, not just as some random fighting drunkard with a colorful vocabulary. There was a level of elegance and poise that he needed to radiate off of him as a result. He had no formal clothing to speak of, and so instead he went in his hunter garb. It was a great honor for hunters to wear such attire, and so it was the closest thing Tomoe had to 'respectable' clothing. Surely it would be enough? If not, he was well and truly out of options. He had also brought his other cloak and wore it over the hunter armor, feeling less comfortable without it nowadays.

No time like the present., Tomoe thought as he headed towards the gates, taking one last deep breath and thinking of how to get through this without messing up.

He would approach the guards by showing his tongue and by extension, the Penumbral Guard tattoo that existed on it. While somewhat grossed out by such an odd way of identifying himself, they let the Joyan through regardless. There was a look of caution from the two guards as Tomoe passed, them being clearly suspicious of him. It was obvious to the warrior that thoughts of a representative from the guild housing a Lich were filling their heads. It was horrifying to them that a man from the mountains who lived around and worked with such a being was now before them on their own land. Even though Tomoe understood where they were coming from, he still scoffed at their ridiculous paranoia.

Tomoe was guided into the throne room within the castle after being searched for hidden weapons and finding none. They even went so far as to place an enchantment on him to prevent the usage of magic; a hilarious notion to the crimson cutthroat who possessed no natural magic of his own in the first place. After all the security procedures had gone through, he found himself before Duke Syllas, the ruler of Marigold.

WC: 365

#2Tomoe Tanaka 

Multi-Faced Man [Conquest] Empty on Wed May 20, 2020 2:34 am

Tomoe Tanaka
“Thank you for permitting me to meet with you, Your Highness.”, Tomoe spoke with a tone of respect, bowing his head.

Around him were knights and wizards all in service to the Duke, who watched him carefully for any suspicious movements as he made his introduction. After a moment passed with nobody exploding or dying, Tomoe raised his head with nobody rushing him. Penumbral Guard, despite its best efforts, was still known as 'that guild with the Lich in it' and that was enough to spark fear among the locals. Being crass and rude wouldn't earn Tomoe any favors, and thus he put forth the same personality he had drawn out while talking to the nobility of Fiore a year ago; though back then his intentions were far different than they were now. The Duke raised a hand while gazing at his knights – a wordless command to be at ease and to not constantly be ready to attack the Joyan.

“You stand before me with a proposal, Mr. Tanaka. What might that be?”, Duke Syllas spoke, his voice benevolent and welcoming and in direct contrast with the silent judgment that the rest of his servants were radiating.

With a nod, Tomoe decided to cut right to the chase.

“Penumbral Guard humbly asks you for your support, Your Highness. In this time of rebuilding Fiore to its rightful state, I would ask that you lend your power to our cause so that we may lend our power to yours. Your people will need protection in the days to come, and we can offer it if we are welcome among you and among them.”, Tomoe explained, trying his best to suppress his thuggish vernacular while also being clear and concise.

The Duke, sitting proudly in his throne, contemplated the boy's words for a moment. His guards would mumble to themselves about what his response might be, but with another firm movement of his hand, all was silent once again. The Duke leaned forward in his seat in curiosity, gesturing around his court with his arms open wide.

“As you can see, Mr. Tanaka, we already have more than enough protection to be found here. If a threat were to emerge within Marigold, we could suppress it with ease. What is it that you're so confident that your guild could offer us, when our military force likely surpasses your own?”, Mr. Syllas responded, his words filling his subjects with resolve and morale merely at the acknowledgement that their strength was to be respected.

Tomoe paused for a moment. What could his guild truly offer? They were capable of defending the town, but surely the Duke could do the same with the men he had hired and trained with the budget of a royal behind them. In what way could Penumbral Guard possibly compete? Perhaps it was pointless to show himself here in the first place. Tomoe was about ready to leave with a firm nod and resignation to the cause, when he was reminded of the item he had brought with him today.

Could that be enough...?, Tomoe pondered to himself.

Ormus' Hundred Hoods was an item that was one of a kind. Tomoe was confident that almost nobody else in the world could possess an item like it, and he would use it as his final selling point. If it was for the guild, he would be willing to risk a single person knowing of his power.

“I do have something to offer that I can guarantee you nobody among your soldiers and mages could offer you, Your Highness. The only downside is, well... it's not one that I can show openly. As a matter of fact, it's something that's better the less people that know.”

WC: 990

#3Tomoe Tanaka 

Multi-Faced Man [Conquest] Empty on Wed May 20, 2020 2:40 am

Tomoe Tanaka
The suggestion was baffling to some and outrageous to others, who soon began to consider this an assassination attempt or that foul play was at work. Nevertheless, Duke Syllas cocked an eyebrow in curiosity as he leaned back into his throne. Giving his court wizard a glance, the Duke nodded his head.

“Remove the enchantment and bring him to my chambers.”, Mr. Syllas stated as plainly as anything, ignoring any potential threats; as he exited the throne and made his way to his private quarters, he exuded the aura of a man so proud and confident in his abilities that nothing could shake him.

Tomoe followed soon after getting his enchantment removed. Alongside him was a scarred, middle-aged knight of towering height. He was quiet and guided the Joyan along at a brisk pace, refusing to allow the man to stop for any reason. Once they arrived at the Duke's room, the knight was practically shoving him into the door.

“Get in and don't cause any trouble for His Highness. I'll know if something goes wrong.”, the knight spoke in a gravelly tone, his gaze watchful and unrelenting even once Tomoe slammed the door behind him.

Standing before Duke Syllas in private, Tomoe bowed once more. The Duke would ask Tomoe to show what he had to offer, and with a little hesitation at first, he eventually did. The crimson cutthroat would shift forms, showing faces of people of all different types. Men and women of various different appearances with different facial features all throughout. Tomoe demonstrated that he could become anybody he felt like, and afterwards, decided to explain his case.

“Your knights protect what's obvious and what's in front of them. With this power, I can protect people from the unseen. I can disable threats before they become threats, because I can become anybody that I wish to get any job done. I'm no army, but with this, I can appear to be one. I can make any threats feel like I'm an army, and the illusion of that can be a more dramatic deterrent than anything else, Your Highness.”, Tomoe explained, fully aware that the Duke would understand.

Mr. Syllas definitely understood, nodding and clapping at Tomoe's reveal. He approached the Joyan and put a hand on his shoulder, showing the twinkle of kindness in his eyes that the people of Marigold spoke of. In that moment he both understood why Tomoe would keep it a secret, and why it would be valuable. Moreover, that it would be better to allow this ability to work for the good of Marigold rather than to turn him down and risk him using this power against the people instead.

“We could definitely make use of that ability. Very well. As long as you swear to do regular patrols around Marigold searching for threats and taking care of any whenever you first find them, we have a deal. You will have the support of the Syllas family wherever you go.”, Duke Syllas spoke, satisfied at the guild mage's performance and accepting the proposal.

Afterwards, Tomoe left the castle with renewed vigor. He had done something to help the guild that day, and he couldn't feel more proud of doing so. There was still the creeping paranoia that he had done wrong by letting someone in on his secret, but at the end of the day, it was only one person still. It was for the good of Penumbral Guard's continued existence, and that was enough to justify doing what he did. It was a secret between him and the Duke, and not one that even Tomoe's most valued comrades knew. That was the price to pay, sometimes. Secrecy was the best protector.

WC: 1611

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