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Farming Simulator X789 2 [Quest][Aegis]

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#1Tomoe Tanaka 

Farming Simulator X789 2 [Quest][Aegis] Empty on Tue May 19, 2020 12:37 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
As Tomoe left the guild hall, he knew he'd be in for it. Right from the start he was informed that Aegis would be going on the job with him, and that was a problem right off the bat. Unlike normally, Tomoe would be unable to pull any trickery or use any disguises, and would merely need to deal with the job as himself. He couldn't risk anyone finding out, after all - that would defeat the entire point of it. Weapons were off the table as well, as who would have need of those with what he was doing?

It was theater once more that called the Joyan to action. He wasn't a huge fan of plays, but he did admit to being a good actor himself once it came down to it. He wouldn't be able to assume the role of good ol' Salazar Worthington or anything of the sort, so he needed to be a good boy for today. He'd still get paid, so that was his motivator to get through the day.

Tomoe looked at the clear blue skies overhead as he stood outside the theater, awaiting his questing partner. He would keep an ear out for the loud clashing metal noises and heavy footsteps, as that was always the sign that Aegis would soon arrive. Tomoe himself was wearing none of his usual combat gear, only black leather armor with a small side cloak. There would be no need for combat in such a location... right? The mere thought of that was ridiculous.

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-Do not fret the Night-


"Together, we will arise with the morning light."


Aegis enjoyed very much working with the theatre in marigold, and had built up quite a repertoire with them over the last few times he was called to work with them. So when he got a message early in the morning saying that they required him again, he was more than willing to head out. Rashida wanted to go into town to meet with Kurth, as he said he had something for her this week. Unsure if it was something specific or work he wanted her to do, she was eager none the less.

Tomoe was going to join him, and had left ahead of him apparently from what the staff at the desk had said. The notice said that they needed help, but didn't specify really what his job was going to be once he got there. The trip through the mountains was pretty uneventful compared to their normal adventures. The atmosphere was nice as it was a pretty clear day, and the air had a nice smell to it from all the snow on the mountain tops, and the trees and greenery around below. The Airship made for relatively easy travel not just for large distances, but even into town.

They landed the Airship outside of town and headed in towards Kurth's first, so he could drop Rashida off before heading to the theatre. After saying hello and goodbye for the time being, he headed over to the theatre, where he would meet up with Tomoe to start their work for the day.

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#3Tomoe Tanaka 

Farming Simulator X789 2 [Quest][Aegis] Empty on Wed May 20, 2020 12:18 am

Tomoe Tanaka
Sure enough, the armor would cling and clang as Aegis approached. It was in contrast to the Joyan's own careful, often cautious steps when moving about so drastically that there was nothing to be done about it. It was a fine sound though; one that Tomoe felt confident in saying had grown on him somewhat. He could never have imagined the lanky klutz from earlier days would walk so tall and proud. Though at the same time, he'd also never have imagined himself growing younger, so perhaps life was just full of surprises. Rather than yelling, Tomoe would wait for Aegis to draw closer before speaking.

"Yo. You ready to go in? I've got things to drink 'n people to fuck, so a job well done good and fast would be nice.", Tomoe spoke first, setting the tone that he very much wanted to see the quest come to its conclusion promptly.

Venturing inside for the 'first' time, Tomoe would give his introductions to everyone involved and the employer. It was the owner of the theater, who Tomoe had never met, but Salazar had surely left an impression. The owner would spout some things about the theater needing more supplies from various places and that orders had been put in all across the town. Delivery from each individual store would cost substantially more than hiring people to pick up each order, apparently, and thus was where the pair of guild mages would come in.

Once they were ready to venture forth into Marigold to start the job properly, Tomoe would sigh once exiting the theater and turned to Aegis.

"We ain't a goddamn charity, man. You'd think the pay would be higher for all the lifting we're gonna need to be doin'. Here I thought we'd be leading easier lives once the guild got formed. Can't have it that way, eh?", Tomoe exclaimed, finishing on a somber note with a resigned sigh, knowing that whining about the task at hand wouldn't get it done any faster.

"Guess there's nothing to it, though. Lead the way."

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-Do not fret the Night-


"Together, we will arise with the morning light."


"Such colourful language, did I catch you on a good day?" He chuckled softly. As they went inside and got acquainted, it was indeed transportation that needed to happen, apparently this time it was from the other stores in town that held their supplies and would have to be brought back to the theatre.

"To be quite honest so, a little lifting for this payment isn't too terrible. Of course a higher paycheck would be most welcome, but for the work I can see why." Aegis sighed lightly. "And yes, things have not gotten too much easier for us since the guild was founded, but it has definitely proven to be a boon in another itself. Including the well designs and thought-out Bridge."

The first stop that they had to make was e textile supplier, one could assume either costume pieces or possibly some replacements for the drawn blinds. It wasn't too far away, and they got there within a few minutes. "We are here to pick up for the theatre, do you have the item's on hand?" he said after some basic introductions as they entered the shop. "Is it's carriable by hand?" he said to the owner of the shop. "Oh yes, just some small items, let me go collect for you." as the very short man scurried back behind a closed door.

While he's gone, Aegis turned to Tomoe, "See? Shouldn't be too much work. Another thing to consider, is that soon we'll be able to undertake some higher-ranked missions, so that will be able to fund us a little bit more than we currently have sustaining us."

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#5Tomoe Tanaka 

Farming Simulator X789 2 [Quest][Aegis] Empty on Thu May 21, 2020 10:33 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe nodded along at Aegis' optimistic attitude. The Lich didn't take any more enjoyment in such tasks than Tomoe did, and he could see that; it was plain as day on the towering man's... skull? It was certainly a ruse. The task was neither engaging nor exciting. There would be no fighting and there would be no level of 'fun' to it besides the money and by extension the strip club visit that would follow soon after. Being surrounded in babes and liquor was the true fun, and the current mission was merely a means to that end.

"Higher ranked missions? Why, whatever could you mean? Nahhh, no way we'd be deserving of higher. Not even after one of the most dangerous men in Fiore walked up to our front door and then jumped off a bridge, presumably in fear.", Tomoe sighed, lifting up the share of boxes that were presented to him as he made his way for the door, making sure that Aegis was fine on his end. "Nope. This is the level we're at. Combat's too dangerous for us rookies still."

At that, Tomoe kicked open the door of the establishment they had visited and wandered outside, boxes in hand. They weren't all that heavy, which was a blessing that the Joyan was thankful for at least. The packages were light enough that he figured they could probably make a few more stops before dropping off the first batch. It'd give them time to talk and catch up, anyway. For the amount of things that it felt as if Tomoe had gone through, it seemed to him that there was an imbalance in the amount of things that happened to the amount of things that were discussed once they met back up to create the guild months ago.

"You wanna discuss any of that, by the way? We haven't really had any time to really talk about ol' Odin a whole lot. That shit was weird, right? To be honest, it might go a bit deeper than some asshole wanting to burn down our guild."

Tomoe ensured that Aegis was keeping up with his end of the supplies before he continued on his way, waiting to gauge the man's reaction and see if he was open to discuss such things.

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-Do not fret the Night-


"Together, we will arise with the morning light."


As Aegis picked up the box that the small man brought out from the back of the store, he nodded as Tomoe had already headed out of the shop.

"Yes, I found it very strange the way it was talked up and then simply left. Don't get confused, the strength of your strike was obvious, but having that kind of attitude normally implies motivation to finish said activity. I truly was expecting a backdoor attempt or it being a diversion of some kind."

The box didn't seem too heavy that he was carrying, but it was very wide and it caused some problems while walking down the street without bumping into people. Taking his time as to not do so, they chatted as they walked. "Yes, you would also recognize him from somewhere? I'm not too familiar with many other liches so I had my questions, as during a fight isn't really the time. Did you happen to ever find him, or parts of him, after you left?"

He stopped for a second and jostled the box up into the air to regain his grasp of it. The walk back wasn't too long as this was the closest store that they needed to pick up from, and they got back rather quickly. After someone open the door for them, they walked into the theatre and placed the boxes down next to the stage front.

"On to the next!" he said, figuring out where they were going next. Apparently it was a bit further than the last stop, but apparently it was props of some kind so it shouldn't be too hard to carry through the town he hoped.

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#7Tomoe Tanaka 

Farming Simulator X789 2 [Quest][Aegis] Empty on Fri May 22, 2020 10:57 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe would dwell on the idea that Odin's retreat was a ploy for a long while as they left. Since ultimately nothing happened, that couldn't be the case, right? They would've seen the results of it by now if there were some kind of scheme behind all of this. There was only a particular type of plan that would take longer to see the results of, and Tomoe's eyes sharpened at the realization he had come to.

"Back when I was in the Midnight Cult... me 'n him did meet at one point. We didn't know each other very well, but the 'me' from back then did agree with him on a lot of stuff. And back then...", Tomoe paused, thinking on Kusanagi and confirming to himself that it would indeed be a common link.

"Back then, I had Kusanagi. During our fight, I still had Kusanagi... I look completely different from when I met him, obviously, but both back when I first met him and when he approached us at our guild, I had Kusanagi on me in both occasions. The cult hunts down deserters, so if he recognized me, he'll be back with reinforcements.", Tomoe explained, a grim expression crossing his face.

"Either that, or to somehow report to the nobility that a former cultist is in Penumbral Guard. In either case, that's not good at all, man.", Tomoe finished with concern in his voice, shrugging his shoulders at the idea of a wanted murderer and cultist in his own right selling out another cut from the same cloth; it would've been funny to the Joyan if it weren't such a scary idea at the same time.

He would await Aegis' take on things before continuing, setting down the boxes at the theater before making their way to the next location. The idea that their guild could face serious consequences for Tomoe's mere existence made the man's stomach turn as they walked to their next destination. What would happen if knights showed up at the door demanding Tomoe's head? What would he do? There would be no ideal response in that situation, really.

"I didn't find anything of the bastard, either. Looked all night that night, but couldn't find a thing. That's just the way it goes sometimes, I guess. The motherfucker's definitely in pieces, but he'll put himself back together, I'm sure of it."

Tomoe didn't wish to talk about the absence of his weapons. For whatever reason, he found it difficult to merely hold them without thinking of the cult now. After that sleepless night pursuing Odin, the Joyan had returned exhausted and without weapons or armor. Lost in the chase, he had claimed. Nothing that could be done for it once they had washed away in the stream from above the clouds.

In truth he couldn't pick up such destructive weapons without flashes of the cult and of HER love flooding his mind. It was fear. Pure and simple fear as to what he could become again on a whim if the wrong sequence of events took place. Truthfully, he abandoned all that made him who he was as a warrior simply because he hated the idea of waging the wrong war. These were things that, of course, he kept to himself and planned to keep to himself for the foreseeable future as well. Nobody could know of the affection he still felt for HER.

As they stood outside the next delivery location, Tomoe awaited Aegis' response to his own thoughts. It was certainly a dire situation to be in.

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-Do not fret the Night-


"Together, we will arise with the morning light."


"Hmmmm. The definitely could pose to be an issue in the future." he scratched his chin in thought while they walked.

"Although I don't foresee them just attacking you out of nowhere. It's more likely they try and get you for information from your time the internet even if you don't really remember everything."

"Yes, it is unfortunate he recognized you however, we're going to have to be more careful in the future when it comes to things like this. When it comes to rarities in gear, especially something akin to your old blade, it's definitely hard to hide one's self." they walked for a short distance without saying much to each other, as both were in their own thoughts. Aegis pauses for a few seconds, before speaking up "But know I will have your back as I can. If anything being in the guild could possibly be seen as a sign of reformation. I don't know that for a fact something like that would fly, but it is plausible."

The next place they needed to go to wasn't too far from where they were now, and both were excited to get paid. Aegis had his own goals for the funds, and from what he knew Tomoe was really working on regaining his arsenal. Both of them had some idea of what they had planned for the future but with the new threats looming on them now that they're more in the public eye, things became much more complicated.

"It is unfortunate that nothing was found of him afterward. Why we do have the word of the townsfolk, we don't have direct proof of his attack other than hearsay. Well it's definitely enough for you and I, it probably won't be for others. One thing that we're going to definitely need to work on is the preparedness for attacks on the guild. I'm considering a few options for fortifications that may help in early warning. Something will have to be done for when we are away on missions or are otherwise unavailable."

As they kept walking towards the store now in front of them, the cadence and rhythm of the heavy armor seemed to have a calming consistency. Aegis opened the door first, once again greeting the store owner as they entered the establishment. "Greetings. We have come to pick up the orders that are supposed to be delivered to the theatre. Do you have them ready for us?"

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#9Tomoe Tanaka 

Farming Simulator X789 2 [Quest][Aegis] Empty on Mon May 25, 2020 1:49 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
Fortifications, guild attacks, public perception... it was all too much to worry about. Thinking back on it, Tomoe never had to worry about those things while as a wanderer or while in Fairy Tail. Times were so much simpler back then, when he could simply be who he was without fear. Even when he was in the Midnight Cult he didn't really need to worry about public perception since he was already the biggest piece of shit one could be. Only now, in the current day and age of Fiore, did he need to worry about all those things. He understood, of course. He just didn't like it.

"Fuck the cult. Fuck the council. Fuck 'em all. We'll just do things how we do 'em, yeah? We need to get you a bit more recognized because I'm gettin' tired of the guild master thing here.", Tomoe blurted out, clearly tired of pretending to masquerade as a guild master.

The Joyan was never the type that enjoyed responsibility on any level, much less the responsibility of leading a guild. It wasn't the sort of thing he was giddy to accept. As they went to retrieve more supplies, Tomoe found himself looking over his shoulder quite frequently. Who would strike? And when? It was unclear.

"Sorry, but I can't think straight right now. I'll do what I can with ya, and then I'm gonna get on patrol or somethin'. I gotta make sure nothing fucky is goin' on. You draft up some fortification plans and we'll go over 'em a bit later."

Afterwards, Tomoe would deliver a few more runs of supplies alongside Aegis. Once he had done his part, Tomoe would then get suited for patrol on his own, wanting to be alone with his thoughts and to have the reassurance that cultists weren't after him already. Or knights at his door. Or any other number of awful situations. He was starting to get tired of needing to run from his past mistakes, but was powerless to change them at the same time. He had no weapons anymore, so anyone who tried to fight him would have the upper hand by default. Nevertheless, the Joyan pressed on anyway, needing to stay focused.

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-Do not fret the Night-


"Together, we will arise with the morning light."


"It is alright, I know it has not been easy for you to be the face of the guild. I appreciate you putting up with it this far, and I thank you for that." he responded to the comments of being a Guild Master. The boxes they had just picked up we're not too heavy so he didn't even think of them too much as they kept walking throughout the town. The end of their day was still in the middle of the rush he was people still all over the streets and markets.

"I am going to be glad when I don't have to worry too much about the immediate threats of the guild. Not that it disinterests me, or I don't and happiness in it, but it's nice to be able to do other things in the region without having to be here all the time. I think once the defenses are set up it will be much easier for me to venture out into the world without having to worry." he sighed slightly.

He was starting to become unsure of what to do, and this was a bit out of character for him. The Penumbral Guard was becoming more prosperous and it made him quite happy, especially with all the new members that had recently joined. There was still a lot of work that needed to be done on the actual facilities and the surrounding areas, but he was convinced he could make it happen relatively soon and relatively efficiently.

"Yes, I'll see what I can make up for the plans. I hope your Patrol goes well but just be careful considering everything that's been happening. I'm honestly just glad that it hasn't had major repercussions with the town or any of the townsfolk. We really don't want anything to happen like last time.".

As they worked their way back through the town it was pretty uneventful after the conversations. As they walked up to the theatre, once again the door was open for them as they came close to it. After making their way inside and dropping the boxes down gently besides the stage, Tomoe took his pay and headed out. Aegis had stayed behind for a few minutes to talk to the theatre master to make sure everything was in place.

"Is this all the goods that you needed? I wanted to double-check that you aren't missing anything."
"No, that seems to be everything. Thank you again for your help, I know it's not the most fabulous work but it is something that needs to be done. Specifically with the amount of people coming through the town, we are more on guard for potential robberies or thefts. We had a few a couple days ago so we've been more careful of who we send to pick up any props are things that we need for the theatre."
"Yes, I can see that would be an issue. Well if you have any other needs feel free to let me know. We've been a little busy as of late considering all of the people in town and various other individuals but we will do our best."

"Thank you sir."
the theatre master finishes with a bow. Aegis does a slight wave as he turns around and heads back towards the entrance of the building, and begins his long walk back to the guild hall.


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