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The Winds of Change [Kaz]

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The night was darkening around her; the wild winds coldly blew and the clouds in the sky shielded the earth from being illuminated by the moon’s light. A lone figure stumbled through the woodlands around Marigold until it had reached a spot so secluded and forlorn that it felt safe to remove the cloak from its body. The woman underneath the black veil was drenched in sweat; exhaustion marked her features and she fell onto her knees, bent over the nearest tree stump and threw up her last meal. The Voidling’s body convulsed, her hands clenched into fists and every rune on her skin was glowing in its usual purple hue. Memories of past lives flooded her mind and kept her awake at the everlasting feeling of suffocation. Hours went by until it finally had separated itself from her, tore the earth open and disappeared into the void.

The gods really had forsaken her.

“I look like a slutty tavern girl,” she moaned while looking herself up and down in the mirror; her hair had darkened visibly – it was almost black now, and curled at the tips. Nuala Nazari’s skin had gained a noticeable tan and faint freckles graced her now naturally blush-kissed cheeks. Her eyes were the same, striking amethyst in colour. The marks that defined her had disappeared entirely and overall the otherwise hauntingly beautiful Voidling had become overwhelmingly human.

“That’s the point. The tips will be well worth it,” the other woman in the room responded while tightening the corset around Nuala’s waist. “Besides, you’re only ever here once a year, might as well make it worth my while,” she spoke, her voice hoarse from all the pipes she had smoked over the years. Nuala’s attire was rather shameless, and almost skimpy even–Sahael had forced her into a sultry tavern dress, without underwear and plenty of cleavage to prove it. Her trusty dagger was still strapped around her now bare thigh (more an accessory than a weapon at this moment) and before she could protest, she was doused in perfume which threw her into a sneezing fit. Nuala was given a pair of golden bracelets to accessorize with before Sahael shoved the poor girl through the door and into the bar, where she would have to work until her condition improved.

Next year I’ll just bury myself in a coffin for a week like the vampires do.

As the hours went by, Nuala realized that things weren’t too bad after all; both gold and beer were flowing, the guests were in a delightful mood, music was playing and it was beautiful night. Every once in a while, the now-human girl caught herself getting lost in thoughts about the Captain, where he was and what he was doing in these moments–she hated having to leave him behind so soon after finally being intimate with one another, but it was most certainly easier than having to explain to him what was currently going on with her.

Nuala had been fiddling around with something in the back of the bar for a while now, when Sahael called out to her to bring out a new bottle of syrup. Obedient as she was, the dark-haired woman snatched what she believed to be a bottle of syrup and came back out. “I think this is the last one–what do you even need it for?” The bar owner responded by gesturing towards a pile of pancakes and as Nuala poured the golden liquid over it, she even attempted to create a heart-shaped pattern. “Who the fuck orders pancakes at a bar?” Sahael shrugged. “Some baby-faced guy in traditional attire at table 5, I don’t fucking know,” she shrugged it off in her usual, dismissive manner and bright laughter escaped Nuala’s lips, who took the plate of pancakes and went on her merry way.

With swaying hips and an uncharacteristically sunny disposition, the woman skipped over to table 5, dropped two beers off somewhere else beforehand and was about to place the pancakes on top of the table, when her eyes locked fell on the man sitting at it–and the world around her froze. He stared at her as if she’d lost her damn mind and in these moments of not knowing what to do, she might as well had. “Oh.” Nuala’s body was immediately drawn towards the Captain, her gaze fell on his lips but instead of giving in to her instincts, the woman gently dropped the plate onto the table, slid it over to him and turned on her heel to flee the scene. The woman grabbed her dress and rushed out of the bar–not without running into at least 2 other guests and one chair on her way–swung the door open, slammed it close behind herself and tried her hardest to disappear into the nearest alley.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz eased the doors of the bar open and stepped inside. The smell of booze and food marinated between the patrons and spilled into the air. Scantily clad women danced between tables with eager smiles and hands ready for tips. The wind mage cleared his throat silently and walked up to the counter.

"Excuse me miss, I'd like some information and a table please?" Kaz leaned one hand on the counter. A few looks darted his way with the odd attire he wore. It wasn't long before whispers swarmed about, with his clothes being the most obvious giveaway. He heard the faint murmurs of people remarking about wind magic and his guild. Kaz tried to ignore it, being someone who wasn't much for fanfare and praise.

The woman gave a quick nod and pointed to a seat in the corner, "We'll be more than happy to answer your questions. but first, what would you like?"

"Uhm...pancakes if you have any."

The woman stood for a moment with her mouth ajar at the request and quickly returned to professionalism. "Yeah...of course...we'll see what we can do. Please sit over there." She turned to scribble down the order on a small slip of paper and passed it back to the cooks.

Kaz took his seat at the two chair table against the wall. It was always an odd request to ask for but hopefully, they would find a way to do it. The whole trip here, he had been focused on finding Nuala. He was hesitant to come at first, thinking she may have just wanted space, but he needed to talk to her about it. He needed to know if she planned to keep disappearing out of his life.

A cheerful woman made her way to the table with a bright smile and a plate full of pancakes. He saw the meal first and smiled that they had actually done it. His eyes followed up until they locked with hers. The hair was different and the shade of her skin but it was unmistakable. Those were the same amethyst eyes that had swept him away with desire. He was speechless as she set the plate down and slid it toward him.

"Nuala?" He squinted his eyes slightly in confusion and tried to make sense of it all. And to see her in that outfit...he didn't know what to think. He reached his hand towards hers, with a great surge of relief washing over him that he had found her. Everything within him sparked to life and urged him to stand and pull her into his embrace, but he restrained himself. His hand fell short as she pulled away from the messy syrup heart drizzled atop the pancakes.

"Wait," he called after her and jumped from his seat. He hastily dropped the jewels for the meal on the table and pushed by a man that was crossing the room. He kept his eyes on her slender figure dashing toward the doorway, but something about her movements was off. His thoughts culminated when she ran into a patron. The wind mage winced at the clumsy tumble.

"Oh," he moved closer and winced again as she collided with a second person.
"Nuala," he said, saddened when she crashed into a chair and curled his lips at the sides, still making his way toward her. It couldn't be his presence causing her to lose her footing, she has always maintained an astute level of willfulness.

As soon as she swung the door open, Kaz clapped his hands to feel her vibration on the other side of the door and detect the direction she was running towards. He dashed across the room and caught the door inches before it closed.

Outside he caught the glimpse of her outfit wisp into an alley. Kaz dashed into the air and over the roof of the bar. The roof was cold from the night air, and he could see the white cloud of his breath. He landed on the far end of it and darted to the next building. The distance between them was already closing. If there was one thing Kaz was good at from years of running on the wind and working as a knight, it was chasing people.

He ran across a rooftop above her and dropped into her path, with couple breaths to steady himself. The dark hair she had flowed around her shoulders. There was a moment of silence as Kaz just looked at her. It wasn't an illusion. Her appearance had to be an actually change. But there was no doubt who she was. Only one woman could look at him that way and make his heart flutter in anticipation.

"It is you. But why would you just walk out? Vanish after..."
he stepped closer only inches away from her, struggling between his frustration and the undeniable allure of kissing her. The lamp lights gave a shine to her dark hair that draped around her breasts.


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The woman should have known better than to run; there was something about magic that was inherently unfair to those who did not wield it, but Nuala always trusted in her biological abilities. Today was different though, and when the Captain chased after her she knew she was safe–even if the feeling was oddly reminiscent to being hunted. Poor Nuala screamed when he plopped down into her path, not startled by the Captain himself, but the abruptness of his movements. She stumbled backwards and into the nearest building’s wall, and in order to catch her breath, Nuala put up her hands to signal him to give her just a moment of rest. Her heart was racing, beating strongly against her chest and she could feel the thumping in her ears. A year had passed since this had last happened and Nuala had nearly forgotten the sensation of actual, genuine exhaustion. The limitations of her human body were frightening.

He immediately confronted her, but Nuala waved her hand dismissively. “Of course it’s me,” she hissed at him and almost sounded a little offended at the fact that he was now questioning her identity. How could he be uncertain? They had slept together several times now after all. Perhaps in the future she would have to allow him less time in between her legs. She turned around and faced the wall; with her backside now to the Captain, the distressed woman closed her eyes and leaned her forehead against the cold stone. Her mind was all over the place, tangled up in a mixture of emotions and thoughts she struggled to pick a part to find a clear image of how she wanted to solve this situation. Nuala came to the conclusion that she needed to calm herself first, and so she did. The rogue’s breathing slowed down and along with it the beating of her now human heart. She turned back around and looked up to him, only to seek solace in his eyes.

“I’m sorry,”
were the first words she said to him after a long silence and before she could approach him, he had already closed the distance between them. A cold gust of wind breezed through the street they were standing it, sending shivers down her mortal spine–she was freezing. “There are some things that required my immediate attention, and it seemed you were occupied by your guild duties anyways,” she explained and closed the distance between them entirely. The woman fell against his chest and tenderly snuggled up against him. She had been hesitant about involving in matters regarding her private life and her past, but he was here now and it showed her that he cared–that he wanted to be a part of it.

Nuala secretly hoped that her sweetness would distract him from the obvious elephant in the room, but she knew better than anyone how perceptive Kazimir was, and how well his magic aided him in it. She was also a bit annoyed that he had successfully tracked her down within less than a month–she either had gotten sloppy in hiding her tracks, or this was simply the first time he actually put any effort into finding her and returning her to his side. The latter thought made her heart ache a little, but she consoled herself by reminding herself that he now finally cared about her. And his feelings for her gave her a new type of power over him that she was beginning to enjoy very much.

With her arms wrapped tightly around her dear Captain and her cheek pressed against his chest, the sly thief lifted up her head ever so slightly to flash him a dreamy smile. As a human, Nuala could pull off the innocent look quite well, or so she thought. “And you? What brings you into this quaint little town?” She was purring like a cat, well aware of the effects it had on him.

“Trouble sleeping alone, perhaps?”

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Kazimir Seiryu
Her scream dazed the wind mage for a moment. It wasn't like her to get so easily startled. His body naturally moved to hers as she staggered towards a wall but her hand stopped his movement. She was...catching her breath. "Are you..." he began to ask when a new vibration registered to him. He leaned his head closer as she tried to catch the breath that had surprisingly escaped her. He had explored the contours of her body and knew that this was out of place. A vibration racing and thumping in her chest, pumping blood through her veins. Kaz swallowed, concerned now for all the things suddenly changing with her. But it was there. A heartbeat.

She hissed at him but it barely even registered as a backdrop against the other thoughts taking center stage. She turned away from him and he didn't close the distance. Smothering her at that moment would only make it worse as she gathered herself. He simply shook his head. She was the woman that held his heart, and yet he had no idea what was happening, even after a year of knowing her. He knew she was never a big fan of his sensory abilities and even as she turned to face him he could still feel the minor vibrations of her heart. When her eyes met his, searching for sanctuary, all his frustration faded away. No matter what happened it was that simple look that reeled him back in. Even so, nothing could assuage the worry that he felt, and confusion in the midst of her running away in the night and now cheerfully working her days away as a barmaid.

Her words carried warmth through the bitter cold of the night. Lamp lights flickered in the alley above the damp ground still wet from recent spring showers. For a moment she even looked...like she shivered. Before he could get angry again she closed the distance and fell against his chest. With a smile, he kissed her forehead, then slipped the jacket from his shoulders and draped it over hers. "Idiot," he said lovingly and didn't immediately question why she was suddenly impacted by the coldness of the weather. "No matter what's going on Nuala, I'll be there for you. You know that,"his voice stood firm on the history they shared and a connection now laced with intimacy. Woven into the tapestry of his tone were the threads of deep feelings for her. He let his hands run down her arms and wrap around her, still feeling her heartbeat against his chest and the warmth that radiated from her once cold body, that gave way to a thousand questions.

He smiled down at her attempt to be coy and avoid each of the numerous questions he had about the situation. He swallowed and looked down at the outfit she was wearing, which only served to make her more attractive and accentuate her already alluring features.

"You brought me here...but uhm..." he began and looked in her eyes. Her look was more innocent and mischievous than it ever had been, but the tan skin and somehow softer features aided it. Coupled with that outfit was almost too much for the mage. His gaze then trailed down to the maid outfit then off away and towards the entrance of the alley with a flush in his cheeks as she pressed against him. He had never seen her, in something so....exposing, or felt warmth and tenderness from her like this. He looked away but his hold on her tightened. "Sorry," he shook his head regaining his composure.

"Why did you sneak away? And what is," he began to ask gently and took a lock of her hair in his fingers, letting the now dark strands fall out and his fingers grazing across her shoulder.


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When the Captain draped his coat over Nuala’s naked shoulders, a bashful smile had found its way onto the woman’s lips; she had him wrapped around her finger, and she knew it by his soft voice, by the kiss he planted upon her forehead and by how quickly anger faded from his eyes and was replaced by something more primal and tender. He was in love with her and she knew it then. His words sparked a breathy laughter, which she hid against his chest along with a roll of her eyes–he was such a sweet and hopeless romantic. “I know that,” she reminded him, reluctant in admitting how comforted she felt by his presence. It was in the Captain’s nature to be supportive, and while she appreciated him for it, Nuala often thought that Kazimir was getting carried away by it sometimes.

That smile of hers only widened when she saw into his eyes and watched with mild amusement as they trailed down her body, and his gaze got lost in between the curves of her skin. He was like most men in that regard, and Nuala couldn’t blame him for it. If anything, it was quite endearing to see that ‘cosplay’ was the Nephilim’s weakness–and to know that he had any after all. Nuala’s fingers climbed up to his neck and before he could stutter any more words and ask any more questions, she had pulled him into a long kiss. He seemingly melted into her and just as his movements grew more passionate and demanding, the woman pulled her lips from his to catch her breath.

“It’s a long and complicated story,” she spoke and slowly began moving towards the bar, into the same direction they had come from. Nuala’s hands slithered around his wrists and she pulled him along with her, knowing he would follow her anywhere if she needed him to. Right now, her private chambers were the only place she wanted him to be. “I have to finish my shift and you should eat those pancakes,” she smiled a genuine smile and took him back to the bar. Once inside, the woman guided the lovestruck man back to his table, placed a napkin on his lap and lovingly kissed him before returning to her duties as the local tavern girl. Nuala wasn’t a fan of public display of affection, but kissing the Captain in such a social setting kept the other men off her tail until the end of the night. Sahael’s golden eyes were glued to Kazimir until Nuala’s shift ended and the bar slowly emptied, but the savannan warrior woman spoke not a single word to the guild master.

Nuala was uncertain in how she wanted to approach the situation–simply letting the man into her private chambers was an act of exposure to the thief, who had lived her life privately up until now. There was nothing inside her rooms she would hide from him, but Nuala worried about how well the Nephilim would take things and if it was perhaps a little too much at once. Both of them were still unraveling the aftereffects of their intimacy after all.

Two hours passed during which she merely shot him a glance or two, silently walking by his table while she served the other customers. She would leave it to him to sort out his thoughts and rest from the long travel, before she finally approached his table and took his hand into hers. “Come,” she whispered and with the Captain in tow, Nuala nodded towards Sahael–who was still staring him down–before she led him upstairs and into her rooms. On their way up the staircase, Nuala decided to begin telling her story. “She’s a friend from home, someone who took me in and taught me many of the things I know. We have known each other for over thirty years,” her voice wasn’t a whisper anymore, but it was still quiet enough to show that those words were meant for his ears and no one else’s.

“We were in the same thieves guild for many years. She was my partner and her brother was my lover for almost a decade, until his death.” Nuala had reached the final floor and led him to the door, but instead of entering it the woman came to a halt and leaned her back against the solid wood instead. The handles were locked with a golden chain. She remained silent for a moment, to let the weight of her words sink in. Her rooms were a very private place and while she wasn’t worried one bit about letting him in, she also knew that he had never been to a private housing space of hers before and this was entirely new to him.

“All of this traces decades into the past and I have never mentioned it to you, because I never thought it would be relevant to the relationship we had. But I suppose things are different now, aren’t they?”

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Kazimir Seiryu
She said she knew, but her actions told him otherwise. The fact that she still ran away in the night proved just how little he knew about her. He was ready to get back on track and protest when her finger climbed his neck and they locked in a kiss. His passion rose and he hugged her against his body. She used intimacy to elude serious talks and he tumbled innocently into her web. A smirk adorned his face as she pulled away to catch her breath.

"We have plenty of time to talk about it,"he remarked but his words fell on seemingly deaf hears as she slid her hand to his and tugged him to follow. "Really? You..." the words left his mouth with a bit of irritation but he bit them back for now. She had made an obligation to work for this place and as a man of duty it wouldn't be right for her to burden her employer with absenteeism. "It's not like you to be so honor-bound. I must be rubbing off on you," he teased after taking a small breath and strolled in tow with her, back to the table.

"Uh," he muttered, taken back by the service and casual charm of Nuala, as she placed the napkin on his lap. It was a confusing moment as everything he thought he knew about her clashed with what was happening, and in that bewilderment their lips met once more for all to see. The first show of affection to the public that he happily accepted. And one that flushed his cheeks a little more, knowing that it happened with her in a maid's outfit. As their lips parted he cleared his throat and adjusted his jacket.

With a frilled maid skirt around her waist, she sauntered off without another word. Kaz's eyes trailed behind her swaying hips for a moment and he blinked his eyes a few times to gather whatever he could about his thoughts. Turning back to the pancakes he rose the utensils and settled in. That little pile of flour and sugar was the only sensible thing about all this. He took a few bites and slowed down, to tap his fork on the side of the plate. 'What the hell is going on,'he thought, stealing a few glances of Nuala happily at work. ' She has her reasons...but we still need to talk. No more letting myself get distracted.' He resolved to himself.

A few patrons had brought their attention to him, wondering what the connection between the famous mage and the barmaid could be. A part of him worried that even his presence here would bring unwanted attention to her. Probably not the easiest to hide with him around because of it.

A man at a table tapped his friend on the arm as Nuala walked by and glared at her like an alcoholic fawning over the last bottle. Kaz's eyes flashed white and a wave of fear swept the room, mild for most and focused on the table. The hair on the back of their necks stood on end and they whirled back around. A smile crept onto Kaz's face and he merrily went back to his heart covered pancakes with a proud bite.

Hours passed until Nuala finally returned and brought him to her with a whisper. He followed her once again and gave a quick bow to Sahael. "Ma'am." They snuck away up the stairs, past the faint giggles and eyes of the other barmaids.

She started by explaining who the woman was. The smallest piece of the puzzle that he cared about, but it'd all make sense together, "I see." over thirty years was a long time and her next sentence validated what he assumed. This had to do with her past in nefarious activities.

There was a sting of pain when he heard her mention about her lover. A person he had never known about, and too have lasted a decade. It explained some of the things about her...cold and distant to most and a profession driven to be alone.

A flood of information came over him all at once. Things were never so simple with her. They stopped at the door and he looked around her at the framing of the door and rested his gaze for a moment on the golden chain. Even before she spoke he felt the secrets of her past weighing heavy behind the door. "This is a lot to take in," he said still examining the simple wooden door that was a dam to the mysterious on the other side.

His eyes made their way back, locked with hers. "I can't hold it against you for having secrets. We both have things," his words were empathetic, but what did that all have to do with the changes she was going through physically?

"Yeah...things are different between us now,"
he spoke with a stern voice but riddled with sincerity that ran deeper than just some passionate affair. It was something far more genuine. "Which means you can't just run off in the night anymore," he spoke, and his tone was almost like two people that were already committed to one another. He took a step closer to her with the vigor of a captain.

"Whenever you're ready? I am." he said as he cupped her cheek and let his hand glid off back to his side. The question was more than entering the room. He still wasn't sure the depth of what they had, but he was sure he wanted to take whatever this next step was.


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The Captain appeared to be confused by the circumstances of her life and even when Nuala expected this to be the case, the Voidling was once again reminded of how different their understanding of each other had been for the past year; she was very much a lonesome wanderer, seeking for company and comfort to overcome the dreadfulness of her immortal life – he was always happy and content with the people around him. Kazimir never needed her, but she needed him. Nuala lowered her head at those thoughts and if there’s ever been a hint of a smile on her lips, it had faded completely by the time he’d finished speaking. Her fingertips trailed down the wooden door, until they reached the magical lock. It clicked once, then twice and unlocked upon the third time she’d grazed it. In that moment, the male stepped forward and demanded for something Nuala could never give him.

“I can do whatever I want,” she responded quietly and placed a hand to his cheek. “Nothing will ever change that, not even you.” Her words weren’t spoken in protest; there was no sign of resistance or defiance, and she wasn’t being playful either – Nuala was merely stating a fact. Then, she pushed the heavy door open, turned around and stepped inside her chambers.

Nuala’s private rooms were kept in dark colours; there was no light, but knowing that Kazimir had no night vision Nuala lit a few candles. The wooden floors were decorated with hand-woven carpets, their design reminiscent of a country far away from this one. Several larger maps hung on the walls, one of Savannah, one of Fiore and one of Earthland all together. The furniture was wooden with golden ornaments and the center of the room was a large canopy bed with silken, satin bed sheets in gold and purple and the entire room was decorated with unique and ancient looking weapons, statues, and even jewelry – items the woman had without a doubt acquired throughout her years as a thief. To the left side of the bed, next to a door that led into a bathroom, stood a bookshelf that contained knowledge in the languages of Savannah and Desierto. The mild scent of jasmine clung to the air.

The room itself was fairly spacious, and even though it was filled with memories and belongings of hers, it didn’t feel crowded one bit. Nuala had the curtains of her two large windows, as well as a balcony door closed and the right side of her room was marked by a large mannequin dressed in what appeared to be woman's military uniform. Oddly enough, there were plenty of beautiful and exotic looking plants growing in the darkest corners, none of which seemed to mind the lack of sunshine. On a square table next to one of the windows stood a bottle of foreign alcohol and a water pipe. On Nuala’s bedside table three framed pictures could be found: one of herself next to a younger Sahael, one of herself in the arms of a man and one portrait of the same man alone. Much like his sister, he had golden eyes, tan skin and long, dark hair. Unlike his sister, his smile was warm and kind. Next to his picture lay a golden ring with a beautiful, emerald gem in its center. A name had been engraved inside the golden band.


Nuala’s trusty weapons hung just above her bed and on the floor next to it stood what appeared to be a framed painting of the Voidling herself. It was dusty and halfway covered by a towel, but otherwise in good condition. The woman eyed a pack of cigarettes that was also on the table, but decided against it: Kazimir didn’t like smoking after all. Nuala granted the Nephilim some time to take in everything while she entered the bathroom and peeled herself out of her dress. She returned wearing a black, satin nightgown to match the sheets on her bed, towards which she pulled the Captain and gently removed any clothes of his she deemed unnecessary.

Once Kazimir was seated comfortably, she poured them both a glass of herbal liqueur and sat down on the bed next to him. “Here,” she smiled sweetly at her lover as she handed him the drink. “It improves blood circulation.” Nuala had contemplated whether he wanted to be intimate first, but by the look in his eyes she could tell that right now all he wanted were answers. “Sahael has been in and out of this country ever since our brotherhood broke apart, and she’s offered me to keep my valuables in here – it’s not that I don’t trust the guild with it, but this simply feels more personal.” Nuala motioned towards everything inside the room with the glass in her hand. “I rarely visit this place, but once every year or so I lose my powers and turn back human for a week – it’s during that time I seek shelter in these walls.” Nuala’s voice showed no hint of anticipation, or even suspense: the Voidling spoke nonchalantly, in an almost matter-of-factly way.

“Perhaps turning human is the wrong word,” she continued before taking a sip. “The void creature inside of me needs to return to its realm every so often, and I refuse to tag along – wouldn’t want to get trapped for another four decades again,” she laughed as if she’d made a funny joke before shaking her head in disbelief at her own words. She didn’t think she would ever meet a man she would have to explain all of this to. “It rips itself out of my body and takes my strength and powers with it, which leaves me completely defenseless. I feel like I can hardly walk straight these days,” her voice carried a dry undertone that seemed to cover the emotion she hid beneath.

“What do you think? Would you like to stay a bit?”

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Kazimir Seiryu
He placed his hand gently on hers after she said she'd never change her ways and the wind mage simply smiled. "Always taking things to the extremes. I didn't mean you shouldn't leave and take care of your business. Simply let me know next time," he spoke with a bit of reservation in his voice. Even speaking those words made him realize more of what he felt for her. His statement more of a hope that she misunderstood than anything because the alternative made him wonder. Gave him a reason to pause and really think about why he felt that way, and what things would be like with her if every night he didn't know if he would see her again or if she would vanish in a secret world all of her own.  

She turned and entered the room and with her back turned to him he stepped forward. And for the first time, there was trepidation. A split-second pause before his foot landed on the floorboard beyond the threshold of the door. He said he was ready, but his heart hit with a deep thud in his gut. This moment and her stoic words rattled his resolve. He had lived through enough heartache to be weary of uncertainty now, but focusing back on her, whatever they were doing was worth it and his foot landed true as he followed her in.

He ran his hand across the ornate wooden furniture and let his fingers drift off as he came to stand before the grand maps. It made him realize how minimalistic his life had been and how he lived. Most of what he owned he could set in a small military sized locker. Weapons and statues adorned the walls in displays and Kaz ventured to them in silence.

With such a dubious career he turned his head with his chin almost touching his shoulder and looked at her from the corner of his eye. A joke began to form in his mind, a quick quip about the items being stolen. Instead, he blinked and then continued his walk. Something about the moment didn't feel right for it.

A waft of jasmine brushed by his senses. He took a deeper breath of the sweet smell as if that simple added so many more layers to the woman he was with. His head tilted to the side as he saw the military uniform, the first thing a stood close to and gently touched the seams at the shoulders. Yet another mystery woven into her long history. He suddenly felt very foolish with all his proclamations and statements of desire towards a woman he came to realize he knew such little about. But he was a happy fool. He may not have known where she came from but he felt strongly that he knew who she was now. But he couldn't help but think of what she may have been like, in the brotherhood, walking in a march with military combat boots.

The bedside table was the next step on his journey. Resting atop it were three pictures all framed and all with the same man. Kazimir's hand grazed the frame of one picture and he slowly lifted it. Next to the pictures was a golden engraved ring and it all put a heavy sting of sadness in his heart. His other hand came up to grab the white scarf he wore around his neck. If she hadn't mentioned him all this time it could only mean one thing. One of love without the chance to run its course. He placed the picture down and gently rested his hand atop it for a moment, "May the wind guide your soul to peace," he whispered so Nuala wouldn't here.

He stepped by the satin-covered bed to the dusty half-covered picture when Nuala returned "That's more like you," he said earnestly as she was no longer in the maid outfit and in something that fit her personality much better. He remained silent as she undressed him and he moved to a comfortable spot in the sea of satin sheets.

"Thank you," he replied and returned her smile. He held it in both hands, still sitting relatively straight and took a small sip. It was odd to hear her talk about valuables and to have so many. "Sometimes it's best to keep things close. Or more secure. How long have you been coming here?"

Then she mentioned turning human and there was a twitch of confusion in his eyes. It passed as he took in all the things about her that had changed and it all started to make sense, and why she was worried. How could he have missed something so critical in their friendship? He adjusted himself on the bed to turn his body towards her and listened intently on what she was saying, then leaned back against the headboard of the bed with a breathy exhale. It was awful, the feeling of having that much power for it all to vanish and leave a person so vulnerable. His serious attention to her plight suddenly derailed by her joke giving him a lopsided smile while shaking his head.

"I'm sorry that sounds painful, to have it rip out of you," he replied with the laughter gone and more sincerity.

He took another sip of the beverage she gave him and it went down smooth. His hand glid across the satin sheets and held hers. His thumb massaged over her knuckles, "I think I wouldn't want to risk going back there either." He took her hand and gently pulled her to him. His arm wrapped around her shoulder and he stroked her satin-covered arm with his hand.

"I'd love to stay and learn more about you,"he said in a calm and compassionate voice."Plus someone has to make sure your fragile human body is okay,"he gave a quick breathy laugh.

Whatever pure sexuality had been the basis of their days in Astera had shifted as he held her. "It's hard to believe. You're actually, human right now," he said softly and ran his hand down her tan skin. "You've done a good job at hiding it. I knew something was off when you ran into those people...and that chair," he said almost with a smirk

"How do you feel about it? Do you enjoy being human for a little while even though you have to hide or is it not worth it?" He asked with a more concerned expression.

After she answered he would look around the room once more, "Thank you for inviting me here.," he said and placed his hand on her chest where her heart would be, the same way she had placed his hand there over a year ago when she first showed him she had no heartbeat. He felt the gentle thumping in her chest that grew faster, "There is still so much about you I don't know. To think you took off to hide your human nature," he said, still holding her close, hoping that in the emotion she hid, she could find safety in his arms.


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Nuala was savouring the hard liquor, licking her lips after each nip until the ominous, black liquid eventually disappeared. She placed the glass onto the nearest surface and turned her attention back towards the man on her bed. The alcohol–oddly enough–seemed to have cleared her mind and Nuala’s vision became just a little clearer. “A few times a year,” said the woman in response to his question and for a few silent moments she became buried in thoughts. “This is my safe haven, a place I have never shown to anyone else. I’m only here on two occasions–when I’m defenseless like this or when I’m injured.” Nuala understood the weight of her words the moment she had spoken them and she furrowed her brows as uncertainty crept into her mind.

“You–,” she paused for a second, then shook her head. “You’re not going to tell anyone about this place, are you? Write it down into one of your silly files and keep record of it at your guild?” Her eyes locked with his and she knew immediately that Kazimir would never betray her like that, but sometimes even good intentions could turn into something bad – a situation she understood better than most people did.

When his hand reached out to her own, Nuala couldn’t help but smile at the small but sweet gesture. The Captain had always been so kind to her, and without ever realizing it she clung to his sense of goodness, allowing for it to influence her in ways she hadn’t noticed. He pulled her against his chest and she gladly accepted, grateful for the skin contact and his warmth after being alone for almost a month. “I’m not fragile.” And she meant it. Nuala had simply grown so accustomed to her enhanced senses, that she felt numb without her sharp eyes and clear hearing. No longer as perceptive as she used to be, the woman felt anxious moving around in the world like that with a death mark looming right over her head, but of course that was something she would keep from Kazimir.

Unfortunately for Nuala, the Nephilim was still as observant as ever and when he pointed out her clumsiness, her cheeks flushed deep red and she affectionately bit him into the shoulder. “I don’t enjoy it, but it’s bearable,” she whispered and placed her head against his chest, close to his shoulder and the nape of his neck. “I try not to think about it too much. Without the symbiosis, time would eventually catch up to my body and I think I’d bite the dust soon enough,” she could only scoff at the thought of dying in a mortal body. When Nuala spoke, her voice wasn’t particularly stern, nor did she seem concerned at her potential fate. If anything, there was a strong sense of frustration and annoyance and eventually it would become clear that she felt as thought his was all a big inconvenience to her and her lifestyle. She hated being reminded of the past she tried so hard to forget about after all.

Even though she felt comfortable in her current position, the woman reached for her glass only to find it empty. “Oh.” The lack of alcohol left her mouth slightly ajar and she peeled herself out of the Captain’s embrace to stumble towards her table and reach for the bottle. Instead of returning to the bed, she took a seat on one of the cushioned chairs, pulled her knees up against her chest and gulped down more of the burning liquid. “Sorry,” her words weren’t a slur, but she was only mumbling now. “I don’t know if I’m drunk enough to have the rest of this conversation, but you may ask whatever questions you have anyways.” To sleep in the arms of a man and cry about the past, when she so clearly wanted him to be her future seemed not only like a bad, but also a stupid thing to do. And yet here she was, doing it anyways.

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Kazimir Seiryu
He kept listening to her speak about the intricacy of her condition and then finally she showed something more than a stoic response to it. Her brows furrowed and showed just how uncomfortable she was being in that state. He thought that it was lucky that after all this time and so many years, this place was still safe and no one had tracked her here yet.

The wind mage's attention perked as she addressed him more directly. "Yes?" he interjected casually in the moment that she paused. He locked eyes with her as she asked him such a worried question. One that they both already knew the answer to. He'd be offended by it if he didn't know how much this meant to her. Sometimes even if you know the answer, you still need to hear it. "Of course not. I would never," he replied and took a brief pause lost in her eyes. "your secrets are always safe with me."

"There are a lot of things I keep out of your file. Such as Nuala the secret assassin bounty hunter that happens to be sleeping with the guild master of a good guild,"
he added but nothing he said had a hint of regrets in it, just the subtle amusement out of how complicated that sentence made things sound, compared to how effortless it felt.

She protested about being called fragile, and he didn't doubt that she was still capable. And saying something like that out loud probably brought a truth that was hard to hear. She was always proud and strong, stubborn too, but it was probably difficult enough for her to show this side of herself. He simply held her without a reply. The warmth of her body was something new.

Red flushed her cheeks and he loved all the little times he could garner that scarlet reaction. But it was most of the time short-lived as that red hue was oftentimes a warning as well. And this was one of those times as she bit his shoulder. "Ouch," he playfully exclaimed but in a low voice, not to change the mood. He gave her shoulder a small pinch in innocent retaliation and kissed her forehead as she nuzzled against his chest.

"I see. Well then once we leave this room I won't bring it up. One week out of a year. I can only imagine of inconvenient that must be. But one week out of the year, you still have plenty of time before the thought of aging even has to cross your mind," he spoke as delicately about the process as he could. "Nuala, I know its a tough time. When this happens to you in future, know that if you want me around I will be there for you, and if you'd rather spend this time alone I'll understand." He didn't like the idea, but he supported it. The time that she was most defenseless was the time he wanted to protect her the most.    

He cocked his head to the side as he watched her stumble from the bed and make her way to the chair. Seeing her in such a state was still an adjustment. She curled up into the chair with glass in hand. She said she wasn't fragile, but seeing her sitting in the chair with knees in her chest made her look more vulnerable than ever. When she mumbled her words, Kaz's mind finally as something he overlooked. Without her powers...she was human...and getting drunk.

Kaz positioned himself back up against the headboard. With her gone and him now suddenly alone on her bed in her chambers that he had never been to. Surrounded by all her memories...it felt so very odd. He wasn't sure how he'd handle her if she was drunk, he had never seen that side of her, but he did still have some questions to ask.

"Oh...where to start I suppose,"
he spoke aloud but mostly to himself. He fell back onto the one thing that he knew well...structure. He stood up from the bed, and moved to the center of the room. "I honestly don't even know where to start. There is so much around here...If you don't mind...Would you give me a tour? That way you can pick when and what you're ready to tell me. "


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Her fingers firmly grasped the green glass bottle by its neck, and she lifted it up to her lips a few more times for a small nip each, while the man in her bed spoke. His words were sweet like honey, and she adored the thought of having someone to depend on. Nuala always hated being alone and even when there was no one else around, she at the very least had the void inside her body to keep her safe from harm. It held no emotion towards their bond, but its existence was the reason for why she lived and had lived through everything. Their symbiosis was of more importance to her, than she could ever find the words for. With it gone, the girl from the void felt alone.

The alcohol was slowly getting to her head and with a hazy mind, the woman stood up from the chair and carefully took a few step towards him, and into the middle of the room. Her head was spinning, but it only took her a moment to find Kazimir, and return to the side of her most trusted person. Nuala wrapped her arms around him and sighed happily. “I’m dizzy,” she admitted at last and gently lifted her head to look into his eyes. A meek smile had found its way onto the girl’s lips and for a moment there she had forgotten about how complicated everything was and focused only on him alone.

“You are perfect, she whispered quietly and gave him a squeeze. And oddly enough, he was. The Nephilim was everything Nuala could have ever hoped for, someone who would stay by her side for more than just one lifetime–someone with whom she could actually be alive with, and not feel guilty about it. Unlike Kazimir, she never worried about his safety. She knew he was capable of protecting himself, and knowing that he was never in any real danger really put her mind at ease. It was the main reason for why she had allowed herself to fall in love with him, and it wasn’t that Nuala hadn’t come to terms with her own feelings, but the general confusion of him actually becoming hers, that caused the woman to only reluctantly open up to him.

Nuala had been completely lost in thoughts and so it took her a moment to register what the Guild Master had said. “Right,” a slow nod came out of her as she pulled him towards the only mannequin on display. “I was actually in Savannah’s military for a few years,” she spoke, and tone of her voice almost immediately took on a cocky note. “It’s nothing like Fiore's military,” she continued and looked up and towards him to follow his reaction.

“The conditions are harsh and strict, the training is physically exhausting and there’s no fancy magic to support one’s lack of actual strength.” Her fingers slid up his arm until they’d reached his biceps. She pinched it gently and chuckled at the lack of muscle in his build. “In fact, I think my rank was much higher than yours. What’s it that you did again? Patrol the safest streets in the country during broad daylight?” Her chuckle had turned into actual, giggly laughter and before the Captain could say anything, she had reached behind his head and pulled him down for a tender kiss.

Nuala purposely left out the dark history behind her time in the military and moved on to the next item in her room: the plants. There were a few of them, and although the majority looked entirely different from one another, they all had something in common: their leafs and blossoms were glowing mysteriously and the light they radiated was mostly greenish, blueish white, and sometimes purple and pinkish. “Those plants grow in caves, under the earth and anywhere else where it’s dark,” she explained and pointed at a potted pink plant on the windowsill. “I brought them from home, because I have never seen anything like it in Fiore. And I have been to many dark places here.” Nuala didn’t think Kazimir cared about the plants much, but it was a way to keep his mind occupied while her own was struggling to keep it together.

“Besides,” she continued and motioned around the room. “If I tell you where all the merchandise is from, you’re not going to try and take them back to their respective owners, are you?” With a vicious smile on her lips, she turned around and placed her chin against the Captain’s chest. Their eyes locked, and for a moment there she wondered why they were even still talking. “You’re sleeping with the thief, that makes you an accomplice.” She remembered his comment about her file, and how he kept certain things–including their intimate relationship–a secret. “I wonder what all of your lawful and politically correct guild members would think of us.” Nuala’s focus had changed onto him and while she spoke, she planted little kisses along his neck and pushed him back towards the bed. In between every bite, she sucked on his soft skin until it turned purple and he was once again covered in small declarations of her love.

“I wonder what they would say if they knew their Master has left Astera only to get lost in between the legs of a woman from another guild.” With all that alcohol in her blood, Nuala was feeling a little bit more provocative than usual and when her lips had reached his jawline, she stopped for a moment to see how he would respond.

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Kazimir Seiryu
He watched as she made her way to him with carefully placed steps. The liqueur in her glass had steadily been emptied and her seductive sways held a hint of imbalance to them. As soon as her arms wrapped around his shoulders he pulled her in with his arm around her waist. "I can see that," he said with a smirk. "I got you," he replied letting her know that no matter how off-kilter she was, he would be there to give he balance. The look in her eyes was completely focused on him, and he had to admit to himself that he liked taking such a large role in her thoughts. It was comforting to know that she cared so deeply and that the feelings he was falling into were already mirrored by her.

A soothing sensation tricked through his body upon hearing her words and it tickled the back of his neck and left goosebumps on his arms. People often said alcohol loosened people's lips to reveal what they truly felt. He squeezed her in return, hoping he could now live up to what she had said. He felt that he was certainly far from perfect but her words motivated him to aspire as close to it as he could, for her. He searched her eyes and his thoughts, to find anything that would describe the way he felt for her. "I'm just incredibly fortunate," he said lovingly and completely attentive to her. He didn't feel more like hers than standing in the middle of her memories held in her arms. Without a second thought, he rode out of Astera in search of her and leaving all else behind. But he dare not say just how much of sway she had over him as if it wasn't apparent already.

She led him over to her uniform and Kaz tilted his head forward surprised. "You..were in the military?" he asked rhetorically as it didn't seem like something she would have done, but it may have been a lifetime ago now. She flashed that same cocky smile and he knew it was coming. He rose one brow anticipating some sly remark in her tipsy state. His nose innocently flared at what was coming. He was ready with a million ways to stand up for the rune knights training but knew much better ways to get back at her from their time together. What really got him was her comment about magic as a crutch and the fingers on his other hand drummed against his leg.

He looked down at her hand with narrowed eyes at the fact that she pinched his arm. She chuckled but her own pinch was noticeably less strong as a human. He was ready with an argument but her fingers sneakily climbed there way up his neck. He opened his mouth to make his case but the cunning thief capitalized and pulled him in for a kiss that he gladly accepted and he pulled her in a little closer. No matter how brief the time was, he missed the feeling of her sultry lips against his.

"You know, the military of Fiore is a different branch than the Rune Knights. I'm sure their ranks could use improved tactical training,"
he remarked after their lips parted and they moved toward the next stop. "I try not to get caught up on rank. My concern is just in helping the people. ," he knew that she liked to get a rise out of him and it was more frustrating for her when he accepted her attempt. Why did you leave the military? Why did you join?

He ran his hand across one of the leaves of the potted plant, and it bounced back full of life. It made sense to him given her affinity for the dark. "So you take trips back home often to get more," he asked and the simple trip to the plants turned into a deeper question for her.

Kazimir looked at all the questionable goods around the home. When she crossed back to put her chin on his chest he opened her nightgown and snaked his hands around her body so their skin could share the warmth between them. "Well...I don't think anyone has filed a claim and some of this stuff looks pretty old. But this is your tour," he added letting her know she was in charge of the flow of information.  " But if I were to assume any of it was stolen, I'd probably assume it was from other criminals." Luckily their first interaction was stealing from criminals and he gave himself no reason to think otherwise. He wasn't about to spoil the moment with his career.

"Does it," he replied with a coy look at being called an accomplice and ran his hand down the small of her back and cupped her butt in his hand. He gazed into her amethyst eyes and liked hearing her say the words aloud about what they were doing. Being in this place, in her home, made everything they were doing more clear, and apparent. Two lovers in a mad rendezvous around Fiore. He let out a soft moan and gave himself to the myriad of kisses and small mementos she left dotted around his skin. "I could ask the same of you. Your guildmates finding out your laying up with a lawman."His hand swam through her now dark hair and tangled around his finger, he gave it the slightest of tugs as his passion began to run away with him.

He found himself eased back onto the bed with Nuala standing before him still kissing his body. He ran his hands across her smooth tan skin up to her shoulders and slid the nightgown she wore off. "I think they would wonder why I'm talking to them and not here. But I'll deal with that when it comes," he whispered the last words in her ear and pulled her all the way onto the bed and moved exactly where she said he'd be. His lips kissed the curves of her body as they disappeared in the sea of satin sheets.

The sun was barely up before he knew it and she was still fast asleep in her human body. Her heart beat slowly and with a subtle kiss he rolled away from the warmth of her body. His feet hit the ground and he suddenly regretted the move. He walked towards the door quietly and slid on his clothes. Another night spent lovingly in her arms and yet he desired it more each time. It was clear how she felt about him, more than ever now that he stood in her stacked room of all her past lives.

He snuck into the hallway and made his way downstairs. The place had yet to really open and he slunk into the kitchen in the early hours of the morning and began to cook a small breakfast. He hastily cleaned up after himself and with two plates in hand, full of eggs and bacon, he slinked back into the room. She was always considerate of him and it was time to return her attentiveness.

The room was just as silent as when he left and he placed her plate by her end of the bed and his on the other table The smell of fresh-made food traveled through the air and Kaz pulled the sheets open and rejoined her. "Good morning," he said to softly wake her. he immersed himself beneath the satin and trailed down her body with kisses leading to her hips. The smell of eggs and bacon wafted across the room, and the jasmine scent lingered around the bed. Rays from the sun poked through the cracks in the curtains. He returned to greet her when she was ready to eat.

"I hope you slept well."


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Her head bent back, and she kissed him softly and for as long as she could. These moments with Kazimir were sacred and even she did not know how long they would last. She clung to him when their mouths separated and even though the Captain almost nonchalantly continued their previous conversation, Nuala was completely lost in his eyes that were so much brighter and kinder than her own. “Truth be told, I didn’t actually join the military myself. I was forced into it, but things worked out in my favour.” Her fingers trailed down the skin on his left arm and before he knew it, the woman had placed another kiss against his chest. Almost as if to tell him that she was okay, and that there was no need for unnecessary emotion in regards to the past.

The conversation moved on to the plants, and he asked if she visited ‘home’ every once in a while. She didn’t. “These succulents have extraordinary lifespans, just like myself,” she murmured and smiled at Kazimir. He undid her nightgown and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close into an intimate embrace. For some reason she suddenly felt mildly embarrassed over her nakedness and in an almost shameful way, the girl hid her reddened cheeks against his chest. He seemed to enjoy looking at her more than she had initially thought – and hoped for. “I haven’t gone back to Savannah in a few years. Fiore has its own charm.” Her words implied that she had stayed for his sake and if there was any doubt about her commitment towards him, Nuala raised her head and looked up at her Captain. The corners of her mouth slightly turned upwards.

The slight tug at her hair told her that she had been too submissive with him, and rather than giving in to his tease she merely arched a brow and smiled. “Daeva Eye is, regardless of what you may think, a lawful guild. Every now and then we even pay our taxes,” her words were followed by a chuckle as she led them towards the bed and repeatedly submitted herself to his cravings and desires until night turned into morning.

Nuala slept tight, and through the night without interruption. Her legs, arms and hair were sprawled across the man next to her and finding the time to rest and have some peace of mind had never been easier, than with the Captain at her side. Of course the alcohol still kept its promise of consequences and when Nuala awoke to the sound of his voice, and the feeling of his kisses all over her body she groaned and rolled over. Her head was aching, albeit not too badly, and she snuck into his arms before paying attention to the breakfast at all. “You shouldn’t have let me drink so much,” the woman complained and slowly opened her eyes. “You know I’m terrible with alco–,” she intended to continue that sentence, scolding him for letting her drink so much when he knew that she was prone to hangovers, when it dawned upon her. He didn’t know. He had never known until now.

Nuala’s eyes fell on the Captain and she abruptly sat up on her bed and scooted over to her own side. The satin sheets slipped off her naked skin and revealed her bare chest. She quickly pulled the blanket back up to cover herself and gave him an apologetic smile. Her head was ringing and she closed her eyes for a second to regain her focus. “Sorry, I thought you were someone else–,” she paused again almost immediately and this time, instead of excusing herself Nuala couldn’t help the deafening silence that took place between them. She was quiet for a solid minute, but her hands had begun to shake. Her gaze fell on the ring at her bedside table, the pictures she had decorated her room with and for a moment there, the woman felt sick to her stomach.

What am I doing here. This is his room, filled with his belongings.

And she should have never allowed another man to enter this realm. She saw that he had made breakfast for her, and even though she couldn’t even look at him right now, the mere thought of Kazimir’s face pulled at her heartstrings. Hit by the sudden realization that everything she still clung to, including the love she had lost, had happened in a lifetime before his, the woman nearly choked on her own words. Not that there was anything she could have said to him to make this better. With trembling hands Nuala fished her nightgown off the floor and sparsely dressed herself. She climbed out of bed, reached for the pack of cigarettes and the lighter on the table and ran out of the room.

She left the door wide open.

Not much time went by before Sahael stepped into the door frame with her arms crossed and her eyes set on the Captain. The woman appeared to be in her early fifties, with tan skin and fierce golden eyes. She had long hair in the same colour as Nuala’s, but unlike the Voidling her savannan heritage was clearly visible. “Over twenty-five years,” she spoke slowly. Her voice was deep and strong, pleasant on the ears in spite of the harshness of her expression.

“She’s loved my brother for longer than you have been alive. And she will never be free from him, not until the day she goes back to that wicked place she came from. There is nothing left of her for you to hold on to. You should go home.”

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Kazimir Seiryu
He smiled as she eased her way into his arms. It was reassuring that she slept with such comfort she had sprawled out over him and her long hair had decorated the bed. Her first words were a mild complaint about something he doubted he could have stopped. Her next sentence echoed with a bit of confusion as he had only known her as someone largely unaffected by the bottom of a glass. With a gentle stroke of her hair, he began to reply, “This is the first I’ve seen you like this.”

The wind mage was left with a befuddled look on his face as their moment of romance was shifted by her sudden seclusion to the far end of the bed. His bewilderment grew as she quickly concealed herself as if he had not seen her that way before. Kazimir pushed himself up to a seated position with his bare torso exposed. Then it hit him. His eyes trailed to the picture of the man beside her bed with her words stinging at his heart. A swirl of emotions bubbled within him, but none of it was anger or frustration. It was sadness both because she thought he was another man, and that her heart and mind could still belong to him, and because it was a feeling he could understand. But no amount of understanding dulled the pain of being mistaken for another. The thought of her comfort being found in his arms while she thought of the man in the photograph.

“It’s...it's okay,” he managed to say through the mess of thoughts and reflexively looked at his scarf and thought about the memories of his own loss. The circumstances were different no doubt...but they both lost someone they loved and no matter how much it was a shock or painful...he couldn’t hold those feelings against her. Especially if he was the first to enter this world of hers. He turned to talk to her but she had already grabbed her nightgown and rushed from the room without another word. Yet again she had run away from him, leaving him behind without a word. He stayed on the bed a moment and made no attempt to follow, as his thoughts filled with worry. Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be. Was he even ready to risk such heartache? What had started out as something so carnal had inched its way from desire to love.

He rolled out of bed and took a deep breath. He could feel the whispers in the back of his mind, to spare himself from it. To accept that his love life may be cursed to repeated failure. The divine spark in his soul howled to be released and leave the pretense of mortal feelings and life behind. He closed his eyes for a moment and then reached down to take his scarf in his hand. “Maybe I am doomed to failure. Maybe not until I finish this.” He felt the seraphim stir in his soul beckoning him to leave and return to his divine mission. His eyes flashed white and he stood to get dressed when a woman appeared. Her sudden appearance snapped the mage out of his trance.

The last thing he wanted to hear was input from a stranger and a bitter one at that. He bit back his frustration and looked once more at the picture by her bedside. “Time heals all wounds...Isn’t that what they say.” He looked back at her now with sympathy in his eyes, “I’m sorry for what happened to your brother. Truly.” he paused for a moment and picked his shirt up from the ground. “But with respect madam...you’re wrong, “ he said and locked eyes with the woman with the same compassionate and calm tone. “That heartache is a part of her. It helped form who she is and so did that wicked place she came from. But it’s not all she is. There is still more than…” he paused, remembering the moment in the cave when she said that no matter what she did she would never be enough. “She is more than enough to hold on to. And if you can’t see that, then maybe you don’t know her as well as you think.” Kazimir finished and pulled his shirt on as he walked out of the room.

He had made his stand against the woman but even saying those words he wondered what fate they would have between one another now. If she would be ready for anything that they could have or if he was ready to put his heart out there again, but one thing was sure. He couldn’t keep being wrung like this, to be pulled in and shut out again and again.

Once he made his way outside, his path was clear. He would do what he always did in these situations. And as he stepped out of the door he saw the single plume of smoke coming from the garden. He slowly approached to see her standing there, just as distraught. He placed a hand on his scarf and walked to join her after a moment of pause to gather himself and what he would say next. The memories of a long lost life raced through his mind.

“This was a gift from her. My ex-fiance,” he said with a weary smile and stood by Nuala as he squeezed the scarf around his neck. “We were very much in love. Two people from neighboring clans. She was my partner on joint missions. On the day we were supposed to get married she was murdered and I was left for dead,” he said looking down at his scarf the whole time and then finally raising his eyes to meet Nuala’s. “We never got the chance to see where our lives would go. And I miss her to this day. She will always be a part of me...and I’m sorry that you’ve had to experience that same thing. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to have been with someone for that long, but I know it must be heart-wrenching. And that’s okay.”

He turned partially around and looked out over the hedges in the garden to the city. “I would never ask you to forget about him. But I do want to know where this could lead.”

“But perhaps I’ve been a bit too forward...I’ll give you some space and come by again later...leave the window open when you're ready to talk..and don’t forget to eat,” he said with a light-hearted attempt to lessen the heavy mood.

He turned around and began to leave, all the while hoping she would stop him now, but he was ready to accept her need for space. He could see all the confusion writing on her face now, from everything happening so fast and his unannounced visit here. He had taken away part of her choice to reveal something so delicate to him.

If she didn’t stop him, there would be no flight or gusts of wind. He simply walked down the path to the street...and turned into the city


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Her amethyst eyes had become dull, their colour no longer vibrant and beautiful. It was the eighth day, and the human felt exhausted. Her teeth sunk into her lower lip until it flushed deep red, and the tremor of her hands made it almost difficult to hold on to a small cigarette; she brought it up to her mouth and greedily sucked in the smoke. A slow burn slithered through her throat and lungs, but it did little to ease her mind. On the eighth day, her bad habits were always catching up, and the consequences of lost immortality came to light.

Her lips parted, but not a word came out. Instead, the Captain spoke and she quickly stubbed the cigarette out against her thigh to keep the scent and the smoke away from him. A sting of pain shot through her leg, but she disregarded it knowing her skin would heal soon – a moment she was looking forward to very much. He explained the origin of his scarf, and her heart froze over. It was her first time hearing his story, and she almost hated herself for feeling some sort of relief; for once, she wasn’t alone with her pain and even though the Captain deserved to love and to be loved, she was far too selfish to give up on him and she was glad that the person he had thought of marrying at such a young age was gone.

“I’m sorry for your loss,” she whispered and took his hand into hers.

Her fingers traced his skin, from his wrist to in between his knuckles and when the Captain finished speaking, Nuala brought his hand up to her lips and gently kissed it. “I suppose everyone holds on to the dead in one way or another,” she spoke softly, and every word was laced with grief. “I’m a mess, I’m sorry you had to witness all of this.” If Nuala had a choice, she would have chosen different circumstances to ease the man into her feelings for him, but life refused to grant her that wish. Her emotions were a whirlwind and while she was in her most vulnerable state, Nuala felt everything.

Perhaps the time had come to be honest with him.

Nuala’s feelings for the Captain had always been tainted by a sense of guilt, shame and humiliation. It almost turned her bitter, and even after he opened himself up to her, she continued to carry a lot of that unspoken frustration around. He turned to leave, and Nuala responded by shaking her head ever so slightly and holding on to his hand. “If you don’t mind,” she asked and gently squeezed him, “come see me in an hour. I have something to tell you.” If he wanted to leave, she would let him go after that. Nuala returned to her room and quietly closed the door behind herself.

She threw the cigarettes away first, then the empty bottle of alcohol. Nuala devoured the breakfast Kazimir had prepared and took a shower after eating. Oddly enough, the woman immediately felt better. Clad in white, Nuala’s dress effortlessly complimented her sensuous curves and her dark hair beautifully cascaded down the length of her back. She put it up in a ponytail, wrapped it with a red ribbon and painted her lips in the same colour.

Her gaze fell on the pictures by her bedside table and after a moment of contemplation, her mouth curved into a smile. She knew he wanted her to be happy – they both did. Nuala opened the balcony doors and eagerly awaited the Captain’s arrival. When he appeared in his usual fashion, she flashed him a meek smile. There was absolutely nothing in this world that she wanted more than him, and she knew this now. “May I?” If he allowed, she would cup his cheeks and pull him down for a sweet kiss. Her mouth lingered against his, until they were both stained red and after she moved away an inch, Nuala immediately closed the distance again to lick the lipstick off his lips.

“I’m sorry for ruining our morning,” she apologized candidly and reached for his hand. “But I think we need to talk about this – all of this. There’s a poppy field just outside town, near the large windmill. Do you mind taking us there?”

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Kazimir Seiryu
He reached his hand out but before he could stop her she had already pressed the hot tip of the cigarette against her leg. He always appreciated how she avoided having smoke around him, but he wouldn't want her to hurt herself because of it. Instead, he gave a weak smile at her thoughtfulness and told his story.

Nuala had taken his hand and her touch reminded him of the passionate evenings they had shared. Her finger moved over his knuckles and all at once he knew he was right in what he said to the woman that came in after her this morning. "And I'm sorry for yours." He said, realizing that they had more in common after all their time together than he realized. "You don't need to apologize. I'm glad I got to see that side of you."He figured sooner or later they would need to share those details about one another. information that in some ways was overdue given how long they knew each other, and yet this seemed the perfect time to do it.

A brief silence hung between them as Kaz turned but a gentle tug held him steady. The words she spoke came as sweet as morning tea. He couldn't help but think about how many times she had wandered away from him, and yet her touch could cement his feet to the ground. He stopped and faced her, with an undeniable sense of relief that she held onto him. "Yes, of course. I'll be back soon then," he replied with a nod and a smile on his face, but behind it was eagerness tangled with anxiousness. He pulled her in quickly and wrapped her in his arms before letting her go and heading out into town.

Despite the new backdrop of an unknown city, all he could think about was what Nuala wanted to say to him. he couldn't remember a time when she had requested a meeting just to talk about something so potentially emotional. Perhaps being human did more than just change her physically. Kazimir made his way back to his own hotel room and showered. He stepped out and didn't know what to wear, and with a shrug, he put on his usual attire, not that he had many other options. He spent the remaining time sitting atop the building lost in thought. His hand found its way to the scarf again and he could feel her presence. Even after all these years, it was as supportive as it had always been. "I suppose it's time," he said to himself and whispered to the woman of his past that he was stepping forward once again.

He dashed off the roof and the town whizzed by below until Nuala's balcony was beneath him. He landed softly with a breeze of wind at his feet. He smiled at her question, as they both knew the answer and he leaned into her kiss. Even though she stood in a form that she resented, he found her just as lovely as when she stood with purple hair and rune markings. A smile widened on his face as she unexpectedly licked his lips. He ran his hands down her shoulders and her arms and pulled her closer to him. "it's nothing," he replied.

He knew this talk was coming. And normally there would be a sense of dread and wonder at the crossroads of what those words could lead to. But her kiss carried comfort in what was to come and he pulled her up onto the ledge of the balcony. "I suppose we do, don't we? Before we get ahead of ourselves." He looked toward the direction that she talked about and the windmill stood like a tower in the fields. "Hold on," he whispered as his wings sprang from his back and with beat downward, sending them airborne. He slid one arm below her legs and scooped her up at the knees like the she was a fair damsel to be whisked away.

He held her close as the buildings below them became more and more distant. Her long hair was caught in the wind and blew passed his arm and shoulder. He could feel the warmth of her tan body pressed against his through the elegant white dress she wore. "You look amazing, Nuala," he said and looked at her with the white dress that hugged the shape of her body. He leaned in to kiss her while they soared over the city, their clothes billowed by the wind rushing by them.

The buildings turned to poppy fields beneath them. He slowed down as they approached the windmill and hovered over a beautifully lush meadow, barely touched by boots. The townsfolk clearly held this place with some regard. Kazimir landed at a safe spot big enough for them both to stand in with ease, surrounded by the flowing greenery. "This spot look good," he asked and let her gently down to her feet.


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He scooped her up effortlessly, and together they soared over Marigold and towards the field of flowers she had pointed him to. The Voidling wasn’t a very romantic being, but when the Captain leaned down midair for a kiss, not even Nuala could resist – with her hand on his cheek, she giggled and gingerly returned the smooch. His compliment however fell on deaf ears and she merely shrugged it off while leaning her head against his shoulder. “It’s the last time I will make you look at me in a dress, I promise.” With Nuala’s everyday attire being entirely different from this her words shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Voidling knew that her time in a human body was slowly coming to an end and she was very much looking forward to being her usual, edgy self again.

“It’s perfect,” she answered to her Captain and carefully put her feet on the ground. The weather was beautiful, and the ever rising temperatures a clear sign that summer was upon them. Nuala’s eyes gazed across the meadow and she was pleased to find no one else but them around; finally some well deserved privacy. The woman inhaled a deep breath and closed her eyes. She had her back turned towards the Captain, and for a moment it was perfectly still between the two of them. “It’s not what I imagined for us, but I think I quite like it,” she said and moved around so he could see her smile.  Nuala often thought about how and when she would admit her feelings to him. Under the moonlight and on top of the roofs that overlooked the entire city of Astera seemed like a perfect time and place, but their emotions didn’t match and she was too afraid of being rejected and hurt.

“I think between the two of us, I am the fortune one,” she continued; a sweetness that made her appear almost meek laced her every word, and with her white dress, the silly ribbon in her hair and lovelorn eyes Nuala looked almost innocent – like any human girl would. Her hands reached out for his and while their fingers interlaced with one another, she had stepped a little closer. Kazimir’s skin had paled ever so slightly after the creation of his guild; the founding of Phoenix Feather had lured him back inside to desk duties and endless amounts of paperwork.

Now Nuala could see a faint tint of colour returning to his face and as they continued to spend time together–and outside in the wilderness–his complexion would continue to darken bit by bit, but never as much as her own. It was hardly noticeable to the human eye, but Nuala had spent so much time looking at his face in the past year that she noticed every single difference. There was also something different about one of his eyes, something the Voidling had chosen not to ask about just yet. As long as they were still that deep blue, almost indigo colour she adored so much, Nuala didn’t care what shade of light they shimmered in.

She stepped forward and placed a quick, soft kiss to his lips. The look of helplessness he gave her every time they shared a moment of intimacy made her smile – and because of it she knew he was just as smitten with her as she was with him. “I’m in love with you.” With only inches separating them, Nuala’s fingers trailed along his face and tugged a few strands of hair behind his ear. “I have been in love with you ever since we first met, and I can’t seem to get you out of my head,” she gave him a weak smile and rested her hand against his chest. “I haven’t felt this way for anyone since Nadir passed, and because of that I was going to wait for you. A whole lifetime if I must. But after everything that has happened between us in the past month, I still don’t know if you ever wanted me at all.” Her hand slid up to his shoulder and she gently squeezed him, silently assuring him that no matter what his thoughts were on the matter, she would accept it.

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Kazimir Seiryu
"Well, that would be a shame," Kaz replied with a smile, hoping that he'd be able to catch a glimpse of her in a dress in the future. He knew she wasn't one for too many words of flattery though. Perhaps this girlish side of her was a side-effect of being human but he liked her regardless of what hair color flowed down her shoulders.

She twirled to admire the scenery around them, while he admired the elegance in her movements and the small gust that bundled up the ends of her hair. "It is," he faintly said and looked off at the wild meadow that surrounded them. A symphony of colors blooming from the spring showers. The wind mage tilted his head at her statement and her smile sent a flow of warmth into his heart. "And what exactly did you imagine for us," he added in a rare cheeky moment for the Nephilim. This talk was long overdue and he could only speculate on what all she had built up within herself after all this time. He took in a silent deep breath through his nose and a chill danced on his shoulders.

Every sweetness she let flutter in the air between them brought Kaz's thoughts more focused on the stunning woman that stood before him. He laced his fingers with hers and stepped forward, closing the distance even more so between them. The twister of emotions that ran wild in his mind began to calm. The fragmented feelings folded together until they were almost a singular clear image.

He could still feel the pulse of her heart beating in her palms and through her fingers. The warmth of her human hands was new to him. He didn't mind and even enjoyed it, but a part of him missed the coldness of her body that had first pulled him into a passionate embrace. He turned her palm over in his hand, ran his finger across it to feel the warmth, and then laced them together once more. Who would have thought coldness would bring such a sense of comfort.

The ribbon bobbed in the breeze with her hair and Kaz lost himself in her lovelorn gaze. He had fallen for her when she was a voidling and all over again as a human. He nearly regretted all the time he had spent, not looking at her with such affection. He caught her faint glimpse of his left eye. A story he'd have to tell her about later, but he tried not to react to it.

He kissed her back and gave a tender squeeze of her hands. The look on his face betraying every tiny thought he had ever had about her. She pulled away with a few stray strands of her dark hair trailing behind her. The way he looked at her, she could have stolen his grace and taken his place in heavenly appearance.

He swallowed when she spoke those words but he never broke eye contact except to close them softly as she brushed the hair behind his ear. He reopened them and pulled her body closer to his, their foreheads lightly touching and noses nearly grazing from the edge of another kiss. He couldn't speak as she continued, each word framing the image he had in his mind into sharp clarity. His heart beat against the hand she placed on his chest. He held her as she slid her hand to his shoulder.

The meadow was nothing more than a backdrop, lost to him in her presence. His hand rose up to caress her cheek and lingered on her smooth skin. His face moved next to hers, cheek to cheek. His lips close enough to let shallow breaths rush over her ear. The memories they shared over a year blended together. Long talks by a campfire and small moments of eye contact. Campsites outside of dungeons and awaken to the sun only to see she was already geared up and waiting for him. Waiting then...and waiting now. The long sorrowful moment in the cavern when it all came to light.

"I didn't mean to keep you,"
he replied with sincerity and a small grin felt against her cheek. But his words were nothing but compassion and longing. He pulled away from her to return only inches away from her face. "You've always been more than enough for me." He snaked his hand from her cheek to the back of her head and neck. Her hair delicately caught between his fingers.

"You've dominated my thoughts. I would have tracked you down all across Fiore. There where days I'd hope I'd open my office door and find you sitting there with some witty remark"

"Everything this past month has only shown me...just how much I've fallen in love with you too." He pulled her into a kiss, holding her as close to him as he could.

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