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Astera to Marigold (travel)

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Astera to Marigold (travel) Empty Mon May 18, 2020 10:20 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir collapsed on his bed in the office after another long day of having thrown himself headfirst into work. There was no news yet on the matter he sent an inquiry about and nothing returned on the other matter either. So all he had was work, for now.

"I'll do the paperwork in the morning,"
he grumbled and relaxed. It was another day of running the cliffs and chasing off poachers. Most of the tourists had left Astera and that put his mind a little more at ease.

A loud knock on the door broke the silence and rest. "Come it," Kazimir sat back up and walked towards the door.

The meek head of a trainee poked in and then emerged fully with a salute, "Sir there are reports of a criminal organization in marigold connected to one here."

"They have a guild there. Just send communication."

"Uh sir, there is also that private matter. The person you wanted to keep an eye on was reported heading in that area."

"Actually I think this is something I should handle personally. I'll head to Marigold myself. Thanks," he spoke as he was already gathering up his things and out the door.

Once his feet touched the courtyard he whistled and the griffon swooped down. Kaz jumped on its back and they took to the skies. Kaz directed the steed southward and they soared over and out of Astera. He looked back on the city and new it was in capable hands. They had come a long way and he was finally taking a trip out of the region.

Era soon appeared in their path. Nostalgia struck the mage as they passed by the place he once called home and he recalled the countless hours he spent within the city and at headquarters. It seemed like a different life now.

Days continued to roll by as they ventured further south. A land he had not been to since he was a recruit in the knights. he was trained in that region. It was a pleasant reminder of the man he was before he was changed and his life branched off. But the trip itself rejuvenated his love of the open world and the wind rushing by. There were still also many things to see in fiore and finally he may have things settled enough to get back to it. He patted the griffon on the side and they rocketed onward.

Finally Marigold was in front of them. He claimed to come for two reasons but only one of them mattered. Only one was at the forefront of his mind.

He landed at the entrance to the city and nodded to the griffon, letting him roam free in the nearby wilds. With a steady step, the wind mage walked into a town of tranquility. Everything was in order and neatly designed. His first stop was the pub to ask some questions and then to find an inn to sleep.

WC 490/480
(600-20%wc reduction from griffon=480 total wc)

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