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That Night... [Tenshi][Open]

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#1Rinni Faithe 

That Night... [Tenshi][Open] Empty on Mon May 18, 2020 12:19 pm

Rinni Faithe
The sun was setting in the sky, as the moon appeared over the horizon. Not quite night, but the start of it. A young Encan girl with her young six-tailed fox was out enjoying the cool night air. The night used to scare Rinni Faithe as a child. But now, she enjoyed it the most. She wasn't really sure why, but the soft glow of the moon was soothing to her as of late. A tinge of pain emanated from her right shoulder. She gently placed her left hand over the scar which was hidden beneath her Beast Hide Vest. Under the vest, she wore a typical T-shirt, the short sleeve aiding in keeping the secrecy of her injury from view.

Atop her head, tilted by her tied up ponytail, rested a Frayed Huntsman Cap. The hat appeared old and worn, perhaps something passed down to her by a parent or sibling. Or it may have been something purchased from a yard sale or a ma and pa shop. Something used and unwanted. Some may think I'm implying that this is what the girl represents.

But I'm not.

Rinni Faithe came from a moderate family. Not wealthy but had enough to get by. In all honesty, her only downfall was her shy nature and her ability to see good in everyone she meets. Many may call this blind, youthful, naivety. She calls it empathy. She finds it hard to believe anyone is born evil. There must be good inside us all if we look, right?

Trailing behind her at ankle height walked a snow-white six-tailed fox with pale blue paws. She had large blue eyes that reminded one of the sapphires. Inside her ears was a tuft of white fur with blue behind it, making up the inside of her ears. She had a prominent nose that looked like a mini sapphire. Atop her head was curly white hair that matched the wispy appearance of her six tails.

The streets were emptying out, as people headed home for dinner or other purposes. Rinni had thought she should probably do the same before her parents sent her brother out to find her. The thought caused the girl to roll her eyes. She wasn't a kid anymore. She was a Ranger. She wished they'd recognize that and stop treating her like their baby girl. She felt Masado understood, having gone through that himself as a child. But, even still he was just as protective.

She sighed and sat on a  park bench, gazing up at the evening sky. It was so peaceful out here right now. She wished every day could feel this calm. As she stared at the sky, the fox-creature jumped up on the bench and crawled into her lap where it was greeted promptly by a hand stroking its back.

Rinni smiled softly as she and her companion Winter gazed up at the lovely sky together.

Evening Sky:
That Night... [Tenshi][Open] Img_1079


That Night... [Tenshi][Open] Empty on Tue May 19, 2020 7:48 pm


Dusk was signaled by the fire of the sky, hues of orange and pink battling for predominance before the indigo and blue gave way to darkness. Before long, Earthland would only be lit by what light made their way from the stars and moon. It seemed to be a stroke of luck that there was not a cloud in sight, and so those who wished to go against the norm and stay active would be able to do so with their vision unobstructed. As the suns rays slowly began to fade, and it was not just darkness that alerted the incoming night. The chill in the air began to set in, not enough for one to see their breath but still sufficient to cause little bumps to raise on exposed skin.

However, the night was no more special than the day. There was no solace in the stars, nor reprieve in the light of day, that influenced Tenshi one way or another. If anything, right now, they both went relatively unnoticed by him. Sure, he acknowledged that night made it harder to see, but rather than finding any enjoyment or preference from one to the other, instead he was busy trying to sate his rage with knowledge.

Simply put there was too much that he didn't know about this strange world. It seemed so much like what he thought he knew, yet so many small alterations. No one had ever heard of Infinity Hydra, nor a Leviathan Maw. When he asked people of Sins, he got scoffed at for being "Another loony," and told to take his religious spiel elsewhere. There was so much that he didn't understand, and it felt like whatever footing he thought he found consistently fell away beneath him.

Still, that was not to say that he wasn't still trying. Many of those he ran across were good for only a few questions before they decided enough was enough. He was never a rash man, nor was he one for emotional outbursts due to things such as stress or irritation. There was no rush for him. While the details of the previous life this body held were lost, he knew enough. He had tested it out, rather extensively, to see how athletic and energetic it was. He understood, after test and appraisal, the abilities his gear held. The real shocker was the weapon, capable it seemed of cancelling magic. It was certainly not on par with his old abilities, but it would do for now.

Until then, he would continue to try and supplement his knowledge. And, as it just so happened, he was given yet another opportunity to do so. Before him, sat alone upon a park bench, a girl who looked to be on the younger side. Still, she was certain to be able to answer at least some of his questions.

"Hello there," he began. He had spoken without much emotion, seeming neither happy to find someone nor disappointed. "Could you spare some time?"

#3Rinni Faithe 

That Night... [Tenshi][Open] Empty on Wed May 20, 2020 8:56 am

Rinni Faithe
The calm peaceful night and the cool air running across her skin felt so relaxing to the teen that she hadn't even noticed someone approaching her until she was met by an unfamiliar male voice. It wasn't a welcoming tone, not was it malicious. In fact, the neutrality of the man's voice sent chills up her spine. Not from fear, mind you. Mostly due to being caught off guard. She had assumed she was alone. The streets had been so quiet, she hadn't thought another living soul was even outside beside herself and her Snow Vulpix.

The white ball of fluff that had been peacefully nestled her the girl's lap now stirred from its nap. Two white ears, blue on the inside, twitched in the direction of the man's voice. Her head lifted as two large blue eyes turned to examine the source of the voice. The little animal in question was adorable. Her coat was pure white and soft as silk to the touch. She had white curly hair on her head, that matched the curly appearance of her six tails. All four paws were pale blue, as though she were wearing icy boots. As soon as the animal saw the man who had addressed Rinni she let out a squeak and jumped off the girl''s lap, retreating to hide under the bench.

That was odd. What had scared Winter? Rinni's brown eyes were the first to glance toward the stranger. Her head shortly followed as she peered up at the man who stood calmly before her. Her heart skipped a beat almost instantly. It was like her normal reaction to strangers. Nothing close to how she reacted to attractive people and potential crushes. This was something else. The tone to his voice, the way he carried himself; this was a man to keep an eye on. She wasn't sure if it was fear, distrust, or something else she felt. Whatever it was, she could feel her normal shy urges creeping up on her.

She tried to swallow them down. She had learned from past experiences not to show too much weakness. Being herself often resulted in teasing and bullying; at one point this came in extremely unbearable degrees. She couldn't let something like that repeat itself. She had to swallow her shyness and be brave. Calm, if anything. She was a member of the Penumbral Guard now. Her duty was to help others. Not that she wouldn't anyway. She always loved helping others, despite her shy nature. However, because of her shy and timid attitude, she was oftentimes not taken seriously.

That's why she set out on her own a while back. Why she recently joined a guild. To discover herself. Find her place. And prove her worth. It was most likely not immediately evident that she was a Guild Mage. Her tattoo was hidden on her left ankle, covered by her sock. She didn't dress like a girlie-girl, that much was obvious by the jeans and sneakers. As she turned to face the mysterious man a gentle breeze danced through her medium-dark brunette hair causing a few strands to obstruct her vision.

"Oh! You... you startled me." She confessed as she gingerly brushed the loose strands behind her ear. "What... what do you want with me?"

Her question was more curious than fearful. She couldn't understand why this man took enough interest in her to approach and ask for a moment of her time. No one had ever done that before. A hint of shy nervousness lingered in her voice despite herself. And her eyes may have betrayed her as they faltered their direction. Rather than maintaining eye contact like a normal person, she found herself looking anywhere else.

His lips.

His shoes.

Her hands as they rested in her lap.

Anywhere at all. Except his eyes. Now, most may find this as rude. Others may not care or even notice. Whatever the case may be with him, she hoped he not take offense with her. She wasn't out here for a fight if she could avoid it. And this man gave off powerful vibes. She had a feeling if it came down to it she wouldn't stand a chance against him. But, perhaps he was just a man looking for conversation. She could handle that, right? He may even be in trouble and seeking help. She'd be more than happy to help a citizen or fellow Mage in need. Whatever it was he wanted with her, she waited patiently for his response.


That Night... [Tenshi][Open] Empty on Tue May 26, 2020 3:11 pm

For just a moment, time seemed to freeze. She had been startled by his presence, but that much was no surprise. She had thought herself alone, ready to embrace the coming of night in this park enjoying solitary bliss. When his voice cut through that illusion of separation, it made sense that she'd be startled. For just a moment though, the images of the past flitted before his eyes as vivid as the girl before him. The gazes turned toward him, a moment to understand where they were, before death befell.

Yet that lasted only for a moment. The images faded away as the wisps they were, and he was once again left questioning their validity. He could not hesitate, though, as he had already drawn the question of the girl.

She'd have noticed no delay, at least not one that felt unnatural. He had paused for only a second, and his face held an expression that seemed more like curiosity at the present situation rather than anything else. It was as though the way she chose to word her question had caught him off guard, and without a reason to think it was anything else, that was likely how she'd perceive it.

A smile took onto his lips. It was pleasant, one that embodied confidence and resolution. His eyes seemed to peer through her, potentially giving off the illusion that he was looking through her more than at her. There was a very real possibility that she'd think something about him felt different, though whether or not she thought he was "off" or just someone important would be her own interpretation.

"Yes, or at least I hope you can." He paused for a moment, not getting any closer, before he looked up and allowed his eyes to travel to the city surrounding them. It was as though he were trying to gain his bearings, unsure of where they were.

"I am rather new to Fiore, you see. And I know nothing of my surroundings. Could you tell me what guilds are currently active?" His eyes circled back to her, and once again that smile was on his lips. He conveyed a sense of authority, but it seemed almost void of genuine kindness.

#5Rinni Faithe 

That Night... [Tenshi][Open] Empty on Tue May 26, 2020 6:35 pm

Rinni Faithe
In that split moment of awkward silence, Rinni felt increasingly unnerved by this man's presence. She fidgeted slightly on the bench, while not taking her eyes off him. Winter quivered under the bench, making soft whining noise. For some reason, the little fox was scared of this man. And maybe with good reason. Either way, A man at nightfall approaching a young girl alone in a park was a bit suspicious. If he had any ill intent, she had her bow to defend herself. She just hoped it didn't come to that.

As per usual, she awkwardly avoided direct contact as she tended to feel vulnerable and very uncomfortable when locked in someone's gaze. Her eyes found their way to his lips once more and she noticed a smile that wasn't present a moment ago. It seemed pleasant enough, so the girl calmed slightly. She was sure if he meant her harm he would have done it by now. Still, there was something off about him. The Ranger bit her lower lip nervously and slowly raised her eyes to meet his, only as an experiment. She wanted to see if he was even looking at her. Eerily enough it felt more like he was looking through her.

The hairs on her arms and neck prickled as a chill of discomfort ran up her spine. She quickly averted her gaze, her cheeks reddened. When he spoke again, her body became tense at the sound of his voice. To her confusion, he had appeared to answer his own question on her behalf, rather than to answer her question that she had put forth moments ago.

"W-what...?" She stammered as he put her in the awkward position of being forced to hear him out. Was no even an option?

She watched him as he shifted his gaze to the skies, her heart picking up speed due to the tension in the area between them. He stayed the same distance, to her relief. She wasn't going to deny him a seat beside her, at the same time she was too scared to offer one either. Instead she simply observed this mysterious man. The 15-year-old girl was visibly quivering from the intimidation his presence warranted.

Finally, his eyes fell upon her again and she began tense under his gaze. He was smiling again. But it didn't feel friendly in the least. In fact, he made Rinni feel helpless and subservient. It felt like he was the master and she was the pet, in a very literal sense. It was as if the very thought of free will was foreign to him. She wanted to walk away or ask him to leave, but she couldn't find the words. Instead, a tiny whimper escaped her lips. She prayed he hadn't caught that.

"G-Guilds? What...?" She repeated meekly, her voice quivering. If he had noticed her fear, he was making no attempt to comfort the child. "I... I know Fairy Tail is active... so is Blue Pegasus... I um I hear Daeva Eye is growing fast... then there's Penumbral Guard... I uh... oh! Lamia Scale, I'm pretty sure they're still around..."

She hadn't offered to give him her identity. Nor had he asked for it. So for now, she kept quiet. The only evidence of who she was (or at least who she was associated with) was the Penumbral Guard tattoo that rested on her left ankle, concealed beneath her sock. He'd never notice it, of course. She only hoped this man wasn't intending to harass her too much longer. Her eyes scanned the area. No one around except him and her.



That Night... [Tenshi][Open] Empty Yesterday at 6:01 pm

Her confusion, or her inability to follow the ramblings of the man before her, were either undetected or ignored by him. He was completely following his own thoughts, unhindered by his surroundings. It seemed that, unless she directly spoke to his questions, he didn't care at all what she said or how she acted. As she stuttered out a response, either nervous or afraid, it was something he picked up on quickly. The first two he recognized, and was about to cut her off mid sentence in order to walk away, but then she continued onward.

"I heard Daeva Eye is growing fast..."

Those words. That was a guild, right? Daeva Eye? He had never heard of them. He was positive that wasn't a guild that existed prior. He thought back, racing through memories of his life, all the way up to his final struggles against death, and not once did even a small guild pop up with that name. She continued on, mentioning another that he had never heard of, before trying to skitter back to the names of old.

That Night... [Tenshi][Open] Tumblr_mok1xdY7Hc1qmu7tko1_500

His face grew close to hers, a gleam in his dead eyes that looked like a spark of life. For the first time, with the shadow swallowing up half of his face, would she be able to glance at what he truly was. That was, of course, if she was looking closely.

For just a moment she'd see pass the persona. She would see through the mask of pleasantries and the mild manners. She would know that she was dealing with a character. The look in his eyes, the grin on his face, the way that the dark half of his face seemed more true to himself than the part still illuminated by what modest light was still out; she would recognize that she was potentially in danger.

"Daeva Eye? Penumbral Guild?" His voice came out, and despite the grin on his face, it was cold and shallow. It held no inflection of joy or excitement, nor appreciation for her time. His questions to her had turned into a questioning of her, and it was in her best interest to make herself a willing participant.

"What of Infinity Hydra? What of the Seven Sins? Have you heard of either of these?" He needed to make sure. He needed to know if this was the world he knew.

#7Rinni Faithe 

That Night... [Tenshi][Open] Empty Yesterday at 6:27 pm

Rinni Faithe
A true sense of dread struck the child, like one she had never experienced before. Something appeared to have triggered this man. Something she may have said or did. With no rhyme or reason, he had quickly closed the distance and was (uncomfortably) up in her face. She was breathing faster as fear for her life set in. Her heart drummed loudly in her ears. Whimpering resounded from under her bench as Winter grew more on edge. The little white fox crawled up into her lap and growled at the man in an attempt to protect Rinni. However, Rinni was quick to shush the Snow Vulpix, as she had no intent to provoke this man.

"Shhh, quiet, Winter." She whispered as she stroked the 6-tailed fox's spine shakily, her eyes never leaving his face at this point. She had no choice. He was so close she could feel his breath. She wanted to run away as fast as she could. But she couldn't escape. "Just stay calm, okay? Everything will be fine..."

Despite her attempts to reassure the animal that quivered in her lap, her own voice wavered on the lines of not truly believing her own words. She was most definitely scared now. If she wasn't before, she 100% was now. She had no idea who this man was or what he wanted but his eyes, his voice, his very presence made her feel small and insignificant in comparison. Her body trembled, shrinking into the bench in a desperate attempt for the distance that she couldn't reach.

She whimpered softly as he repeated her words, a darker tone to his voice now. Why did she decide to come here alone at night? The sun was all but completely set. She could be on her way home or at least safe inside Penumbral Guard's halls. Instead, she was here, being interrogated by a man she never saw before. Why did she seem to draw the wrong kind of attention?

She'd rather face a pack of werewolves.

He then asked her about two other 'guilds'. At least she assumed they were guilds. If they were, she hadn't heard of them. Not sure how to answer his question, she managed a shaky quiver of a response, her voice almost an inaudible squeak. "N-no, Sir. I-I hadn't heard of those two. I...I've only been a member of a Guild for a little while myself... I... I'm not familiar with a-all of them, I swear..."

She was petrified at this point and looking for a means of escape. She slowly edged to the left inch by inch hoping to move far enough across the bench to attempt an escape. With any luck, maybe he wouldn't notice her subtle movements. She'd play along, answer his questions, but as soon as she cleared enough space she was running for her life.


That Night... [Tenshi][Open] Empty Yesterday at 7:34 pm

What this girl didn't know, and what she couldn't know, was that Tenshi was no fool. He understood her body language and facial expressions. He may have come across as a sociopath, but if so that just reflected his inability to properly show and purvey emotion. His ability to see and comprehend it, however, was left unhindered. He noticed the way her voice tripped over itself, the way her eyes darted, and the way her pet tried in vain to act as a sort of buffer. He noticed her minuscule movements, and her attempt to ensure she no longer felt cornered between him and the bench she had chosen for a seat. Normally, he would take it all in stride and maybe even empathize with the poor girl a little.

Tonight was not normal.

His voice dropped low, and his body slowly leaned in the direction she had been moving. His eyes lost any glimmer they once had, though they still reflected the light above just the same. They looked into her own iris', and they held no sympathy.

"If you move from this bench before our conversation ends I will kill your pet in front of you."

His voice was cold, without malice or anger, yet it dripped with something else. Something boiling from deep within him, in which she was currently caught within. Regardless of if she felt his shift of demeanor was because of her, she'd certainly feel its effect. He'd stand up straight, and once again he acted in a way in which his movements were not wasted.

His tall stature allowed him to tower over the seated girl. Any power she may have felt over the situation before was meant to be stripped away with this final posturing, and as he looked down upon her it was meant to convey the truth of the matter. Right here, right now, she was an entity far beneath him. This action of his was designed to teach her that lesson, without him having to get violent.

Though, he certainly wasn't opposed to that alternative.

"If both of them don't exist, then tell me-" he trailed off, his voice no longer the low rumble of a threat and instead back to their normal discussion. That quick shift of persona was perhaps the most terrifying thing about this meeting between the two. He looked up for a second, half contemplating and half sending yet another message. He didn't care about her. He didn't consider her or that fox a threat. He would lower his guard, utterly, and dare her to act.

"Who is the highest God?"

This time, assuming she didn't act, she might have even noticed the slight shift in his voice. It was strained, as if the question itself carried a difficulty behind it. There was something in his stance now, something in the way he asked that question and continued to look forlornly into the sky, that might even draw out a curiosity within an onlooker. A curiosity as to how he turned out this way, so obviously unsettled and confused.

"Any answer will do, just tell me the name of the highest deity you know of."

#9Rinni Faithe 

That Night... [Tenshi][Open] Empty Yesterday at 8:22 pm

Rinni Faithe
When he slowly and effortlessly leaned in to block her, she tensed up as the hairs on her neck pricked. Chills ran along her body causing her to tremble at an accelerated rate. She wrapped her arms around Winter and hugged her tightly against her chest as she watched this man. This interrogator. His eyes were so cold and void of any sympathy to her plight. No one had ever looked at her with the contempt that he was looking at her. She felt so helpless. She wanted to grab her bow, but everything in her screamed to submit. That he was something far too lethal for her to handle. At least not yet. She was very inexperienced in combat and knew nothing of him and his skills. The way he held himself, however, implied he was quite powerful.

She let out a tiny whimper when he threatened her pet. Her eyes shut tightly to suppress her tears as she hugged the white ball of fluff tightly in her arms causing the animal to squeak. There was no getting out of this. Not unless he let her, that is. She was very aware of this one simple fact that he was in control of all the cards. Anything she could do or thought she could do would have devastating results. When she dared to open her eyes again, he had moved away and was towering over her, but no longer blocking her in.

She could run. She could take a chance with her bow. But she didn't dare to. Something kept her in place. Was it fear? She didn't wish to put Winter in danger. She choked back tears and in a tiny whimper, she surrendered to his will. She was still by all means a child and a novice Ranger. She had no training to prepare herself for something like this. No idea what to do. So, the only thing she could think to do was survive. And surviving, in this case, meant obedience.

Maybe he'd let her go once he was satisfied with her answers?

Then again, what would he do if she didn't have the answers he wanted?

He began to speak again, and her eyes flickered toward him. She didn't move, didn't speak. Only sat and listened, not daring to disobey his order to stay put. Her survival instincts forbid such action. Tears slid down her face, and she hoped he'd be too caught in his rant to notice. She didn't want to be seen as weak. Although, that ship had sailed the moment she accepted that he was powerful and she was not.

"Who is the highest God?

That question completely took her by surprise and left Rinni speechless. The highest God? What on earth was he talking about? What did her religious beliefs or any beliefs have to do with anything? She was afraid of answering incorrectly until he continued to mention any answer will do. Just basically name the highest deity she knows. It was still a tough question. She never really put much thought into deities growing up. She paused for a moment, searching her mind which was still rattled by his looming presence.

"D-death, I-I guess..." She finally answered in a soft quivering tone. Her response was based on the fear she had for her or Winter's lives. "The God of Death... h-he has the power to end lives, right...? So that... it would make sense..."

After answering his question she went back into a moment of soft sobbing that she struggled to suppress. Her little fox scurried out of her arms, suffocating from how tight she was squeezing the poor thing, and returned to hiding under the bench. Rinni pulled her legs up onto the bench, hugging her knees to her chest as she sobbed softly. Her Penumbral Guard tattoo was now visible on her left ankle in bright turquoise.

"I....I answered your questions.... please.... please can I leave now.....?" She begged softly but made no move to escape of her own free will. She couldn't. He'd kill Winter if she did something so stupid.


That Night... [Tenshi][Open] Empty Yesterday at 8:38 pm

"Death...? The highest god is..."

He trailed off to her responses, and as he contemplated its meaning, her words felt feeble. They reached him, of course, her plea to leave. She had begged him to leave, and a part of him even thought it right to answer the poor girl. First, however, he had to mull over this response. What it meant for this world, and what it meant for his understanding of it. There were two distinct possibilities, each separate from one another yet implying a similar thing.

Yet, beyond that, he felt like there was something he was missing. Something so simple, so integral to her answer, that he should have gotten it.

And that's when it struck.

Laughter escaped his lips, gleefully escaping into the air. It wasn't a laugh that matched the rest of the scene, and it would likely contrast terribly with his expression from moments ago. It was as though her answer to his peculiar question had lifted a weight off his chest that had been there for far too long. His voice rang out, not sadistic, but truly happy. His gaze snapped down to the poor girl.

"Yes, yes. Death would be the most powerful God, wouldn't he? That means that I won," he said, enough emphasis on the final word to show how much he savored its feeling on his tongue. He sighed, stepping back away from her. It was another intentional act to trigger a subconscious signal within her. He was removing the pressure from her, and allowing her both some physical and mental breathing room. With that, she would be able to begin to calm down.

"Thank you for your time, child. You've been helpful." He spoke as if allowing her reprieve, signalling he was dismissing her from the area. However, before she could so much as move, he spoke up again.

"I'll need you to do me one more favor. Tell everyone you know about your experience tonight. Tell them that Sin has returned to Fiore."

He was not crazy, despite his actions this night. Certainly to anyone in this world, the memories in his head and the words out of his lips would come across as so. To her, she probably saw before her a cruel monster of a man, a tyrant that had just made her feel helpless. Yet none of that mattered. He took in a breath of air, and for the first time since he had awoken in that cave he felt peace. He had plenty of questions, but he would answer those as he went. For now, however, he had direction.

Xun was far too arrogant an existence to allow his name to fade. With all his power and life, he clung to a pathetic need for worship and acknowledgment. If her answer wasn't immediately him, it implied either he did not exist in this world, or he had died long ago. And since Tenshi was here, alive and well, that meant that he had won. He had found a way to beat the Exis.

And now, he would find away to make himself One.


#11Rinni Faithe 

That Night... [Tenshi][Open] Empty Yesterday at 8:57 pm

Rinni Faithe
She could only describe it as a relief. When the man moved away from her, she felt as though she could breathe again. She calmed down slightly, but remained wary and didn't dare move without a signal from him that she had his permission to do so. He repeated what she said as if preparing to correct her. She thought she had somehow answered him incorrectly. However, she began to laugh. After several moments of deep thought processing, he was laughing. She hadn't heard the man laugh this entire time, yet here he was.

And he seemed genuinely happy. How had he gone from cold and merciless to happy? This gave her hope that she was safe from any harm on his part. Still, she waited before moving. Her eyes watched him cautiously, and when he spoke his tone was less malevolent and sounded both happy and sadistic as he agreed with her analyses. The fact he agreed with her caused her to sigh in relief.

When he thanked her for her time (making it sound as though she actually had a choice) she dropped her legs from the bench and began to stand up. She was interrupted before she could flee by his adding one more thing to their visit. He requested a favor of her. She froze where she stood, looking up at him in the uncertainty of any favors to do for such an evil man. His only request was for her to tell everyone she knows of the events tonight.

Sin had returned.

What did that mean?

She had no time to contemplate this, nor was she willing to question him after how he had forcefully interrogated her. As soon as she was positive of her freedom, she took off running home to her parents and brother. The little fox ran behind her, neither one daring to look back.


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