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Farming Simulator x789 Take 2 (Quest - Ko Lesalt)

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#1Ko Lesalt 

Farming Simulator x789 Take 2 (Quest - Ko Lesalt) Empty on Sun May 17, 2020 7:12 pm

Ko Lesalt

Some people just never learn.

It wasn't so much the performer trying to reinvent the Theater that Ko was frustrated with. If they wanted to spend this much time and money reinvigorating the arts in this town then that was their prerogative. What Ko didn't appreciate, at all, was the fact that a group of people he'd already apprehended once while attempting to sabotage the theater had not been jailed appropriately. Indeed, they were already out, and planning something new.

How the performers found out Ko didn't know, but they knew. The ne'er dowells that Ko had picked up last time he'd done this job were planning to disrupt the show again. This time, the performer was asking Ko to nip it in the bud before they reached the theater. There was a good chance they weren't going to wait until they got inside this time, so they couldn't wait for the men to show up first.

The biggest issue was that the performer didn't know where the men were holed up, which meant that Ko had to go hunting for them. Being previous employees of the Theater, they knew where the men lived, but predictably none of them were home to answer when Ko came calling. Luckily, one of the men was married, and his wife was none to happy with his latest bad ideas. She informed Ko that her husband had been spending an awful lot of time at one of the sleazier pubs in town, and that was all Ko needed.

He found himself at said pub a few hours before the show was scheduled to go on. While he probably should have been surprised to find the place mostly packed despite the big turnout the theater had been getting recently, Ko knew better. Pubs didn't make their money off of people just looking for entertainment; they made it by selling alcohol to people who wanted to get drunk. Or, in this case, they sold alcohol to people trying to meet in secret.

As soon as he passed through the door Ko spotted them. It wasn't exactly difficult; he'd already gotten well acquainted with all three of them before, and they weren't even sitting near the back of the pub. Since he'd been asked not to kill anyone, Ko loudly and deliberately slammed his sheathed sword on the floor, cutting through the drunken din. The three men glanced towards him instinctively, looking for the source of the sound, only to lock eyes with Ko. Cracking his knuckles, Ko only responded with a savage grin.

The ensuing scuffle eventually grew into a full blown bar brawl, and by the end of it Ko had been responsible for taking down much more than just his three would be saboteurs. Ko couldn't bring himself to care much, though. He'd always preferred a challenge. Doubly lucky, the bar brawl had lasted long enough that the show would have started some time ago, and after a quick head count Ko could see that all three targets were accounted for.

As the guards walked in and took in the devastated bar, Ko took satisfaction in a job well done.


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