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Country At War - Quest

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#1Erebus Gresham 

Country At War - Quest Empty Sat May 16, 2020 9:38 pm

Erebus Gresham

You will first be sent to the Swineherd Pub, where a skeleton knight has been found wrecking havoc.

Hours into the night, Erebus had been bandaged up and healed twice over, he smelled of body odor, and was grimy. With dirt, blood, and who knows what else under his fingernails. His frizzy hair, dangling now in his face, and his shirt torn up beyond repair. Erebus now understood why mages wore armor, and cape get-ups or whatever. This was a dangerous lifestyle, and he was just getting into it. Alas, his judgement in life, was to become a hero, that's what he discovered after all. So no room to bitch about his odds now, if he died, then fate was wrong; but if he persisted? Then he was falling right into chess, and he was destined to storm the board. Erebus toted nothing but two rusty daggers for the moment, and a vest under his ripped clothing. But if everything was going to continue to be so dangerous post this Lich fiasco, then he figured he'd pick up a grimoire from a bookstore and acclimate himself for the future.

That reality was some ways off, but not out of reach per say. Indeed, Erebus was known to be an immature person, a thief. But he didn't want to be that anymore, matter of fact, he was sure that his story meant for him to become a respected wizard. It was just a matter of making others' believe too. So here he was, risking his life to defeat undead; when he had 'literally' no kind of arsenal, two broke ass daggers and his strength, strength he always possessed inside, but never applied. Life was an irregular kind of game suppose it, you keep going down this path like you think you're progressive and then it hits you, you're twenty years old and still so broke you have to steal to survive. Tsk, Erebus was sick of that mess. He wished he could change and provide, and sooner or later he really, truly, would.


#2Erebus Gresham 

Country At War - Quest Empty Sat May 16, 2020 9:40 pm

Erebus Gresham

The next place to check for this monster was called Swineherd Pub and the Rogue knew it well, he pretty much bucked and penny checked everyday around here as growing teenager, nowadays he mostly loitered around Coffee Shops, rich white women. Either sucked him off, or he got what they came to eat with, regardless the pay was well worth in the moments. As said recently though, Erebus was ready to put that away, tuning back in on him, he stood across the street by the corner. Spotting the Pub, Erebus went straight into stealth mode, and staked the situation. He knew he was a master on his feet, and wouldn't emit much sound. If any, he usually didn't. He could hear crashes of pans being hurled inside, and a voice roaring which sounded like three or so voices distorted over each other in a musical program. Erebus remained in the shadows, moments later a chair came through the window, busting it to pieces. A woman, in her under threw her body out of it, landing on glass, when her figure skidded, Erebus knew her life was in danger. It was time to remove his strategy and rescue this damsel, get some head later, and get paid. Straightening up to charge in, the sound of a malefic howl caused Erebus to stop in his tracks.

The Knight, standing high at nine-ish feet tall, three meters, bent it's neck and peered out the door towards the girl as she stumbled to get up and run. He laughed demonic, chortling at her plead for life. He started to chase her, Erebus was back some sixty feet away, far enough to be scared he'd fail and scared he was, there's no way he'd make it. Even so his feet propelled him after the duo. The Skeletal Knight reared it's sword back as if it thrust it outward and pierce-- but Erebus had lunged... Twice. He was so close that releasing his hand on his Rusty Dagger sent it forward through the air, and caved in on the Knights skull. The strength Erebus possessed and maintained was nigh S-rank and with his weapon damage added, was S-rank. It busted open a hole and shut off any nervous system control the creature had before it even realized what was happening.


#3Erebus Gresham 

Country At War - Quest Empty Sat May 16, 2020 9:43 pm

Erebus Gresham

To defeat it that quick... Well shit man, it surprised the Rogue too. All the creatures up til now were pretty hard, but this on was going down fast. And he was positive this motherfucker looked stronger than all the rest. It just couldn't be the Lich he was looking for; his intelligence could tell him so. At least the girl was saved; with her in safety. The body faded to dust, and a black orb flew off passing her on the ground. "Hey I'm sorry. I really want to help you, but I need to follow that thing, it might lead me to the Necromancer so I can end this goose chase for good. Stay safe." He said confidently, as the Rogue sprinted off by her. He was on his way. His growth was finally looking up, I mean, it was obvious she was totally about to fall in love with him but hey, Erebus chases bags not bitches. So following the spirit he allowed it to take him outside of Town. The chase was long, about twenty minutes or so, and if if it hadn't been for the smoke emitting from that orb, he would have lost it in the dark of the night. Thankfully that would be the case. The deeper he tread on, the creepier and more excluded he crossed into from his home in Oak. Up ahead, Erebus could see it now in full vision. He almost pissed himself. The place this thing was taking him, was none other, than fucking Phantom Lord Guild Hall. No way, why didn't he think to look here before? This place screamed Lich Hideout, it was the perfect 'Bando'... He took a deep breath, and further came the Rogue to the inevitable Lich.

Broken wood, wet with mildew from water, and a lot of stone blocks littered the area. Guess the Phantasm family was afraid of ghostly apparitions because they hadn't come near to clean the place up. Not that they ever really did anything themselves anyways, but hey. Money could make people go do anything, maybe after this they'd figure that out. Regardless, Erebus could see ahead of him, a morbid sight. The creature was void of skin, and brown with ivory, his eye sockets empty, only beat in that regard to whatever soul this thing was suppose to have had.


#4Erebus Gresham 

Country At War - Quest Empty Sat May 16, 2020 9:45 pm

Erebus Gresham

"I'm here to ask that you live my city and stop killing innocents. Oak wants no trouble with your kind, and even less to do with you now. Leave at once, or like all of your monsters thus far. I will cut you down." The Rogue dripped with charisma as always. His glare powered by confidence, his eyes full of fire.

"You would come here to die, in irony, just to plead with death." The lich laughed, the souls of whatever other entities surrounding him distorting his already raspy voice. "I kill you now, little boy. DIE!!!" Lifting both hands the creature called forth his Knight once more. The last one hadn't been much of a challenge but he always got a lucky jump on it.Now it was back like Michael Byers, and that meant he had to get this game rolling. Erebus charged, yelling at the top of his lungs, before he thrusted himself into a front flip, bringing his left hand knife to slam into a charging two meter long blade. The parry was enough to shake the Knight who paled in comparison to Erebus in terms of speed. Moving through the flip, Erebus brought his foot down against his opponent's face.The sheer magnitude behind that shot would rattle the Skeletal Knight. Allowing Erebus a split second to get his other foot to the ground and play it safe. Once he did he began rapidly jabbing his knife forward, if successful he would all but bust through the metal plated armor the foe wore.

Erebus wasn't done however, in fact, he hadn't even began. His other hand spun the dagger with finesse and Erebus moved to press body against against body with off-balance Knight. His left hand came around the target's back and planted a dagger into the kidney. Completely erupting the foe into ashes.


#5Erebus Gresham 

Country At War - Quest Empty Sat May 16, 2020 9:49 pm

Erebus Gresham

These things weren't all that. The Behemoths were way tougher. Then again, being a knifeman, one on ones were natural to Erebus. He spat towards the lich, unspoken insult, it was to say 'you're pathetic.' "Aghhh!!!!!!! You bitch," he cooed moving his hands around, purple masses of energy provoked numerous foes to life. In total there had to be eight to ten behemoths, thirty beasts, and five more knights. A tiny militia force. "You're funny. Don't you know who I am?" Erebus said with humor and coy. "I'm Erebus Gresham, acrobat extraordinaire, dagger-dancing rogue. If there's anyone who is going to get you now buddy," Erebus took a mocking bow. "It's me." Just like that, all of the creatures ran for him, and Erebus shot off toward them too. Poetry in motion, all the more. Erebus would duck sword, glide under feet, his hands extending merely to slice fiends as he continued to roll and sprint heading for the Necromancer. No matter how hard the monsters tried, Erebus was peak human, he gutted them and drilled past lines under adrenaline and precision. Perhaps it was unfair, to be this good at what you do. If it was, Erebus was surely breaking the rules. None the lesser, he stabbed and lunged, frenzied and blitzed, Hitting everything that came within reach clearly and critically. Stinging these fallacious abominations for all the power he could muster on his own.

Having not paid attention to them before, Erebus hardly knew how to react when a beast exploded into dust as he spun by it. Apparently he'd hit that one too many times, actually now, he was beginning to see many monsters explode into dust as he drew closer to them. A stab to the back was a clear win, and so, having found out how to take the most talented foes out, the knights, Erebus applied this to every creature and watched them all fall.



#6Erebus Gresham 

Country At War - Quest Empty Sat May 16, 2020 9:52 pm

Erebus Gresham

Ten more Knights, three more Behemoths, ten more Beasts. Erebus was drenched now in his sweat and his legs buckled, but he would not fall. He had too much riding on his success. To lose now, would be to allow his home to be murdered by this ugly thing. No, Erebus changed then and there. Adopting a new attitude. He thrust-in like a rocket, zipping from one target to the next, holding them all outside of a circle as he lunged from one side and dodged out of blows to strike the other. The circle was dwindling but explosions of dust began to go off. With the circle withering Erebus cut a hole into it and went off at max speed for the Lich, hitting it in the chest piece. The creature exploded into fire and along with him, all of his summons seemed to become dust in the wind.

Shoveling through the fabric of a burning cloak, Erebus used his dagger to pull it and prod it around. Then, now that he could visibly see the Phylactery, Erebus crushed it under the blunt force of his handle. Destroying the foe for good.

"Well done boy," a voice interrupted from some fifteen feet away. Turning and standing Erebus made eye contact with Sirius Phantasm, and immediately he fell to a knee. "Sire." He spoke, hating nobility terms, but yet, he knew where he stood-- status-wise. He had no choice. "Stand, you're a hero. Thank you for your service. Please, get going." Erebus nodded, he was beat. "Talk to the Spokesperson when you arrive in town, I have some magic candy and money waiting for you." Erebus obeyed the rules set to him by his Lord and returned later for his just deserts, the Storyline in Oak had ceased.



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