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Farming Simulator X789 (Quest - Ko Lesalt)

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#1Ko Lesalt 

Farming Simulator X789 (Quest - Ko Lesalt) Empty on Sat May 16, 2020 1:59 am

Ko Lesalt

The theater in Marigold was slowly starting to become a pain in Ko's rear. He'd done more work for the theater than anyone else in Marigold, and the people working there seemed to delight in using him for every odd request they could think of. This most recent request, however, was something more in his wheelhouse.

Some new performer was trying to set up a big production intended to bring in more clientele and elevate the theater as a whole. However, Marigold was an odd town, and big productions were bound to attract the wrong kind of attention alongside the higher attendee turnout. So, sensibly, the performer was hiring as many people as they could to assist, and in Ko's case he would be acting as a bouncer.

Ko wasn't surprised or even disappointed by his placement for this job. It had been a small miracle that his previous work for the Theater had gone as well as it had considering his typical countenance. He didn't exactly exude a welcoming atmosphere. Not to mention, this performer was throwing a lot of money around, hiring way more people than just himself. It didn't make sense for him to bust his ass in an area that didn't suit him when he could just as easily help by being himself.

So Ko had shown up at the designated time, in full armor, standing outside the main entrance of the theater and staring down the small crowd that had accumulated while waiting for the production to start. He didn't have a list or anything; as long as people paid their admission, they were allowed in, provided they didn't give him a bad feeling or were obviously causing issues.

The doors hadn't even been open 10 minutes before the first issue came up. A group of drunkards trying to cut in line near the front. As if Ko was blind or something. Luckily they were a cowardly sort, and all it took was a few cold words to get them to move on. The line lessened and lessened as patrons entered. Ko even had to endure the indignity of being recognized by some of the patrons from his role as Romeo some time back. Not his brightest moments.

The second real issue cropped up once most of the patrons had already entered the theater. Just as Ko was getting ready to close the doors, he spotted a group of men filing into one of the alleys running alongside the theater towards its rear staff entrances. He immediately recognized them from the Performer's description: they'd been former employees of the theater that had been let go for embezzlement. Ko could imagine what they were showing up now for.

He followed them into the alleyway, and found them fiddling with the staff entrance. It seemed they hadn't expected the locks to have been changed. Lucky for him, they were all grouped nice and close together. A few short words and a curt gesture, and Ko lobbed a spell into their midst. The small explosion sent the ill-meaning men scattering; injured, but not killed. Ko didn't imagine the performer who hired him would like corpses ruining his production.

Ko went about securing the former employees, satisfied in a job well done.


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