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Bandit Attacks [Quest]

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#1Jan Ren 

Bandit Attacks [Quest] Empty on Thu May 14, 2020 5:04 pm

Jan Ren
It was late at night. An hour many were not supposed to be awake at. Sitting surprisingly comfortably atop a rooftop, an unexpectedly good view of the street corners laid out in-front of his eyes, the Sinese laid in wait. Fighting the urge to fall asleep himself. These kinds of requests were scarce, but Jan Ren knew it was merely a matter of time before it would have come eventually. Lord Syllas finally recruited Blue Pegasus' forces to uphold law in the city, and who better than one who was already present at town to take for the job?

Truthfully... He was scared. Facing a band of bandits wasn't quite ideal, especially for a man such as himself who'd have liked to avoid pain as much as possible. They were rumored to be quite troublesome to deal with, too; fact is that Marigold's Rune Knights had trouble catching them up to now (granted, they were a weak bunch now with their apparent decrease in power). Lowkey stressed, but trying not to think about it too much, the young man had to fend off both tiredness and anxiety as both preyed upon his mind. For a guild wizard, he really wasn't used to fighting.

But duty soon calls. He heard it; the sound of something (or, somethings,) breaking. Glass, perhaps. The screams of a shop owner were the right trigger to cause the young man to stand up and move, to wherever he heard the screaming coming from. Jumping atop the rooftops rather carefully, trying not to fall; the Sinese eventually took position above the store, witnessing the gang of bandits leave after a successful heist.


His proficiency with magic seemingly improved in his time in Fiore, as almost immediately, the Blue Pegasus mage took aim and fired, hitting one of the bandits straight in the back and knocking him unconscious. "--Shit!!" One of them let out, as the band dropped all the goods they picked up and made a run for it.

This is it... Superhero landing! He jumped down from the roof, and landed on the floor right by the path to block one of them away; managing to push him back, separating him from the group. "No more. Turn yourself in, and this will be over with quickly." Jan demanded, looking the bandit straight in the eye.

The overly-tall, muscular, intimidating and ready-to-fight bandit. "...Oh? No can do, man."

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#2Jan Ren 

Bandit Attacks [Quest] Empty on Sun May 17, 2020 4:53 pm

Jan Ren
Yeah, there was no way Jan was getting himself out of this one. After picking one of them off, he obviously wasn't going to let it slide. While the rest seemed rather cowardly, this one wasn't. This one was ready to fight, this one had tenacity that honestly intimidated the Sinese. Evidently from how the bandit immediately drew out a shortblade and charged in to attack the guild mage. "Sorry bud." He said, towering over the boy as he swung his sword with all his might down. "--Nothing personal. You just screwed our heist, so."

Luckily, the Sinese could see the attack coming and leapt sideways, out of the way. The bandit would blink twice, a terribly disturbing feeling taking over as he looked at his arm; decorated with bodies of water, looking similar to leeches. "What did you do?? Ew!! Get it off!!"

"Liquid Leecher!" The young man announced, having managed to activate the spell in the right moment to cover the bandit. Slowing him down with the discomfort he was feeling, trying to struggle with the water leeches; pulling at them to try get them off his arm, to no avail. "You--!!" In a sudden swoop, the large man swung his sword again; something Jan couldn't quite react to properly.

"!!" He got a solid hit with the back of the sword, fortunately. But it still hurt. Sending him flying back a few and skidding against the floor; holding at his torso as pain took over. He didn't have much time to react however, as the large man was quick to follow up, dashing forward and aiming to kick him while he's down.

"(Now!) Shot Drop!" Making the shape of a gun with his finger again, the Sinese pushed himself up with an arm, avoiding the kick; "Qang!!" magic circle appearing right in-front of his finger, as he fired straight into the bandit's chest. "Guh--!!..." Knocking him off his feet, grounding him and apparently having made him faint. "...Is it over??" God, let's hope it is.

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#3Jan Ren 

Bandit Attacks [Quest] Empty on Sun May 17, 2020 5:00 pm

Jan Ren
Now standing up but still hurt from the earlier attack, Jan took few steps, slowly, as he approached the bandit's laying body. That water drop seemed to land quite the hit, somehow critically striking at the center of the hulking man's chest. Hopefully he wasn't dead... What if he was?? Oh no, that wasn't part of the deal... Syllas would kill him! Inspecting the body rather meekly, afraid to discover that he actually took the man's life by accident; the Sinese peered over, eyes wide-open as he crouched to feel the man's heartbeat. If he could secure that fact, he'll be f--

"Ungh...! Damn--"

---"AAAAAH!!!" He just woke up!! In sudden stress, Jan reflexively screamed out, throwing a punch in 'self-defense' straight to the man's face; knocking him out, yet again. This time, seemingly for good. "...Oops."

All's well, all's well.

The Rune Knights would later come to find the young Blue Pegasus mage sitting atop the back of a grounded bandit, having already done proper tieing; that is, said victim's hands and legs were tied together to prevent him from escaping. You know, just in case he somehow woke up again.

"Good work." They praised, signaling for the young man to stand up. "We'll take it from here." One of them added, grabbing the bandit by his bulky arm and lifting him up, carrying the man over his shoulder. At that moment, Jan couldn't help but wonder. If the Rune Knights were strong enough to carry that big lug of a man over their shoulder with one arm, how come they had trouble dealing with this band of cowardly bandits in the first place? Moreover, why would they go out of their way to hire a guild wizard to do the job?

He couldn't complain much about it, however. He was getting paid for the job, after all.

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