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Late spring blossoms [Aura Chou/Social]

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On a faraway hill on farmland. The wind swept through the grass,wheats and oats. A sea of memories upon golden shores for those who had seen destiny unfold before their eyes. A lonesome oak stood alone.
A birds nest with chirping babies and a feeding mother. In the shadows a hunter prowled. Fierce glowing eyes coming ever closer to its prey.

Steel was sitting with his back against a lonesome oak in the farmlands of Marigold. Reminiscing about how in his younger days this would be the sort of place where he and his hero master would train for hours upon end.

He heard a twig break above him and stumbled up from his resting spot just in time to catch a cat falling out of the Oak from above him. The cat growled at him at first and tried to get free because of the shock of falling but after a few calm pets and having his fingers being scratched at Steel managed to calm the cat down. “There there, you are fine now. There there.”

Quite contrary to his usual outfit Steel was wearing a cherry blossom flower patterned happi with nothing underneath. Harem pants in similar fashion and a pair of sandals with no socks. Fine clothing for a sunny late spring day.

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Aura Chou
She felt clean for once, a little free after the bath day with Aegis. The time had no meaning as she twirled about in her new dress. Her golden eyes gazed around like it was a new day, a new life, but a part of her felt fear still. She didn't want to trust Aegis, her master that was most likely looking for her was on his way. She wore a medium summer dress that was red and gold Joyan designs.

Most likely.

The people in Marigold so far felt friendly as she felt like she picked the right place to run to, away from  Hargeon's docks. While walking on her flat handmade sandals she walked towards a random direction as her hair flowed the opposite way. 'Maybe fate will design something anew today.' She thought. Past a few fields, she felt nothing new, heard nothing new, but her eyes spied a kitten in a tree. 'Does it want down? Is it stuck?' Her head tilted as she walked closer to end up seeing a man getting the cat. Her tails flailed slowly as her heart was struck by anxiety and fear.

Aura watched him as he got it down in a sake of time as the branch broke. "I-is it alright?" She spoke Fiorian slowly in her Joyan accent. She still had lots to learn when it came to speaking Fiorian, but it took progress. And the fact that he was a man, made her even more nervous.


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Steel turned around. He hadn’t seen whoever spoke coming. But heard from the voice that they weren't native to Fiore. As he finally turned all the way he saw her. A foxy lady. Voluptuous enough that a clergyman would blush when seeing her. Her hair flowed like a violet waterfall. She was almost as if the goddess Venus had landed on earthland to grace all the people with her presence. Steel’s heart skipped a beat.

“No it seems like he might have sprained his ankle.” His eyes met hers and he jokingly said “Nurse I might have to operate.” He then sat down, laid it in his lap, ripped a piece of his clothing apart to make a makeshift bandage and grabbed a twig from the ground to use as a splint for the ankle. He then looked up at her again. “Would you calm it whilst I apply the splint and bandage?” Depending on her answer he then proceeded with placing the splint in the correct area and applying the bandage.

After doing all that the cat would then stand up from his lap, wag its tail in his and maybe also her faces and then scoot off slowly into the tall grasses. “All fine it seems.” He smiled at her gently and stood back up reaching his hand out both to help her up if she had sat down next to him and to reach out for a greeting. Whichever came first didn’t matter. Afterall it all depended on how she had acted. "My name is Steel."

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Aura Chou
The man seemed to really be into rescuing the cat. He was checking on it and spoke towards Aura. It seemed that he was calling her some sort of nurse, not getting the joke. Jokes weren't allowed where she came from as humor never cease to exist. Slowly, she approached the man unsure if this was some sort of act to get her to come closer with the chance of catching her. Master was crafty and liked to use anyone he could to get what he wanted. She was his top jewel that now ran away, away from his grasp. There was no chance of him forgetting about her nor not caring.

"Alright." She simply said during the approach to calm the kitten. Her peaceful nature caught the kitty's chin and looked deeply into their eyes as she adored it. Sadly, it left as after their leg was wrapped and cured with a peg attached it ran off. The man got up right after and offered a hand. 'Do I accept?'. She felt anxious as her tails covered her face out of extinct and picked herself up. Her tail formed into nine tails as she fanned her appearance away. "My given name is Aura." She spoke slowly in Fiorian like any foreign would. "It was kind to care for the kitty. Most turn away.". Her golden eyes gazed away as her tails formed back into one and swayed slowly. Her eyes went back into his and put her hands behind her back, holding each other. If you look behind her a new trail of flowers grew to where she stood as she smelt like Jasmine and roses with droplets of sweet honey and fresh rain. Within the sun her black hair was a chocolate honey brown as her golden eyes were alike.


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She hadn’t shaken his hand as part of the greeting. She was as before stated obviously foreign but their inability to shake his hand made him think that maybe in her country they didn't shake hands. He pondered slightly before putting his hand back and into one of his pockets. He spoke. “Hello Aura.” He looked as flowers strangely grew behind her.

Some sort of magical effect? He thought or maybe she really was a goddess sent from the skies and nature. He wondered what her mission was. What her purpose in the mortal realm was. Maybe she wasn’t a goddess, maybe he was wrong. He wanted to get to the bottom of things. He spoke again. “Caring for nature and the creatures that inhabit it is something I think everyone should do.” He pondered again before continuing to speak, this time with a curious tone. “So what brings you all the way out to these far off farmlands?” Again he was stunned by her beauty but tried to not let it show which he was only slightly capable off. His blushing gave him away.

He leaned against the solitary oak tree. “You know I think we could get a pretty wonderful view from the top of this tree if you would care to join me.” He hinted at climbing it by pointing up against the tree top with his left hand. His right hand fiddling its thumb and index finger within his right pant pocket whilst he smiled at this probably incomparable beauty of a demi-human cat girl.

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Aura Chou
Aura looked at the man named the same name as a metal. Was he like metal? The element in her area meant good things, but also there were a few things bad about them in which they could turn and be twisted into something wrongful. Metal, used for bad (weapons), and good (useful materials to build). 'Hmph?' Her attention was shifted back to the man himself and smiled happily. "Adventure of course!~" She spoke in her Joyan accent and put out her arms up in cheerfulness. She hid all her pain and truth behind that happy smile, her excited attitude, and didn't want to show it anymore. There was no use to it, right? While anytime she was gazing at Steel, she was super naive to what certain things meant; as emotions other than the negative ones were new to see for her own eyes.

Steel then talked about how they could climb the tree to see around. Why would someone want to do the climbing when magic was a thing? She shrugged it off and nodded, "Alright.". Slowly, she approached the tree and started to climb up.  Her fox tail moved accordingly to motion her dress so no one could see under her. She wasn't sure when Steel was going to climb, but once they were at a suitable height she stopped. The sun felt blazing, but it felt amazing as the wind was slow. Her golden-brown eyes gazed at Steel's eyes as she wondered what they'll see. "See anything good?" She had to choose simple words to say since she was still learning Fiorian.


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Steel waited at the base of the Oak as Aura started climbing step by step up the tree. He made sure not to look up as looking up was something a gentleman should not do when a woman climbs. He didn’t want to seem like a pervert that looked up womens skirts. After all he was a hero.

Steel slowly then started climbing when he could hear she was starting to get up to a fair vantage point. He climbed after her and they almost made it to the absolute top of the tree(around 10 meters of the ground).

Steel choosing another branch than her to sit on as the both of them sitting on one branch could break the branch. He looked at her as she looked at him. "See anything good?" He smiled at her and broke eye contact to look out at the sea of wheat, barley, oats and other grasses that the people of Marigold were harvesting. It all swayed in accordance with the wind creating a wave like effect. It was as if the two of them were sitting on a treetop in the ocean.

He looked back at her. “Isn't it great. This peacefulness. I wish it could always be like this for all the people of Fiore.” His short hair in comparison to hers couldn't sway in the wind gracefully. Instead only the front and top locs of hair were blowing around in the wind. But at least he was smiling dimples and all.

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Aura Chou
She sat on a long thick branch as she saw Steel sit on one on the other side. Both gazed upon the horizon fields that waved like the beautiful ocean that only reminded her of one thing, the ship. The ship that she escaped on to get away from Joya. Recently has she only been here for a few days. When he talked about Fiore the way he did she didn't know much at all. Was there chaos in this Country as much as there was in Joya? Aura's black-brown hair swayed with the wind's current while pieces of strands got stuck in small branches. Her hair strands that weren't stuck hanged low as when she stood her hair length was passed her assets.

"I only recently got here. A few days away from my past, my Country." She softly sad in a low-tone filled with sadness, but it was the type where she tried to hide it. "This place as been beautiful with good people. Not like there." She tried to speak Fiorian the best she could. She only has been learning for about those few days with Priscilla and those on the ship. She smiled towards Steel, "It is great to meet different people." Her golden-brown eyes shined with the son, making them look wolf-like golden. She felt happy right now, but will she ever fully relaxed?


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Steel sat on the branch. Legs dangling off the side. He thought of home. How he had played and climbed the trees around the farm and the orchard. The apples. Fresh and crunchy they were. His memory was so clear of the good days. But the bad days he remembered most. He remembered the bad yields and the poor years. But most he remembered the day the farm burned and his parents were killed by bandits. It was a sad memory. Weirdly enough seeing this girl cleared his thoughts for just a moment as his eyes drowned in hers.

That's when it happened he fell backwards because he leaned too far. But in the nick of time he held on with his legs and swung back up again. He looked down at the ground a slight hint of sweat clearing its way from his forehead. He looked her in the eyes again. And then he spoke. “Wow that was pretty wild wasn’t it?” He smiled as if nothing had happened. As if he was the happiest kid in the world.

“Maybe we should get down from here before I get distracted again.” He then started to climb down again. He climbed first this time so that he could catch her if she would fall. When he got down he stopped and waited for her. He wanted to speak more with her but wanted her to get down safely before beginning any new conversations. And he made sure not to look up at her whenever she climbed after him.

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Aura Chou
The wind felt super nice as they relaxed on the tree. All good things do not last though as Steel started to lean more than he should have. As a reflex she leaned forward as if she was going to help him, but he was able to help himself. Taking a breather of relief she smiled simply while placing her hand on her heart as if she was going to have a heart attack if it turned out worse than it did. She saw him go  down the tree and looked right at her in the eyes. He wanted to get off it seemed. Nodding silently, Aura went down branch after branch without worrying about him looking up into her dress.

He didn't last time so why will he this time? Once she was down she placed her hands behind her back, grasping together. Her big brown-golden eyes shined as they looked up at the man. "What shall we do now?'' She spoke slowly to him in her Joyan accent. It was innocent and the cute type of talking when she tried her hardest to speak Fiorian. Aura was curious as to what Steel had up his sleeves. What did he want to do now? The real question; Did he even have any ideas truthfully?


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Now that they were both down on the ground he looked at her as the wind once again waved through the sea of grasses and made his hair wave a bit.

He smiled innocently at her again as she asked what they were going to do now. Then Steel spoke in a kind voice. “Now that we are down on the ground maybe we could just chill against the tree and talk.” She was new to this country so there probably was a lot she did not know and such.

He looked away from her out towards the sea of grasses and then he spoke again. “You only recently got here right? Maybe we could play a game of questions. You ask me about something and then I ask you. Any questions are valid but you are allowed to pass on answering sensitive subjects.”

He turned to her again and smiled. “Does that sound good to you? You may add any rules to the game if you want.” He wasn’t sure what he was going to ask her but he wanted to make sure that she was ok with this game before asking his first question so he decided to simply look her in the eyes and wait for a response.

While he thought hard about what to ask her first, after all she was from a whole other world than him. She must have seen things he could never imagine and vice versa really.

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Aura Chou
She stood there with her feet against the grass. She was not sure if she wore shoes before going on that tree, but now she had bare feet. It did not matter though since she felt comfortable this way. Aura was used to not wearing any shoes. The man with dark charcoal hair spoke to her, Steel. He seemed to want to play some question game. Could she answer all his questions with the few paragraphs of words she knew? Her eyes of golden-brown kept gazing into his eyes while her hair flowed to the right with the wind's current. It was a nice breeze as the spring brought the smell of flowers about. It was nothing like where she came from.

Sometimes though she got to go to these palaces and dance for them around Sakura trees. It was one of the nice things she got to experience out of all the horror that covered it. The memories was like addictive poison that devoured her soul. All she could think of was her memories and the recent events. The man wanted to know about her and in return, she will get to know about him. "Hai." She says in a 'yes' way. To those who are use to English words, Fiorian even it sounded more like she said hi. Even though that was not the case. She slowly sat down against the tree trunk with her knees close to her chin as if waiting for him to go first.


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Steel looked at Aura. He noticed she had no shoes on. He looked up towards the tree top. Had she lost her shoes up there? Would he as a gentleman have to climb back up and get it for her after just getting down? Maybe, maybe not.

He could smell the scent of flowers upon the air. It smelt nice. What did he want to ask her? Maybe he would ask something that basic to start with? “I have never been to your country so would it be ok if I asked a few basic questions to start with?” He looked at her and waited for her to either agree or disagree.

If it were ok he would continue by looking into her eyes and asking the first question “Where are you from?” After she had answered that and given her own question to him he would continue by asking the next question. “How is it like there?” After she answered that question he would go on and wait for her reply and her question to him. He then asked the last question he could think of that would matter to him “Is your country in need of heroes that save the civilians?”

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Aura Chou
Aura felt comfortable with her toes being tickled by the thin lining of the grass. The cool wind made her feel some chills, but not enough to complain about. The sun made sure to keep her warm enough without making her sweat a lot. Her beautiful hair kept motioning with the wave's current as her eyes gazed into Steel's. He was being super nice and then the questions started.

He went right to the bullseye of the problem when he asked his first. Anything that had to do with where she was from troubled her. It reminded her of when she lived with her parents... her father and stepmother who sold her. She loved them so why did they get rid of her so easily? Was she just that easy to get rid of? A single tear fell from her right eye as she thought of it. Her breathing was suddenly getting harsher as it was slow and heavy breathing.

'I can't think of it. No...' she believed and told herself like a broken record. Her eyes lowered to look at the ground. "I-it depends on your money." She softly spoke, calming down after a few minutes. She let the teardrop on the ground as her eyes were hidden by her long black hair with brown highlights. "My point of view was not the greatest." She put on a smile for him as she gazed back up. It was one of those happy-cry smiles that were bright and beautiful. She couldn't help it. She wasn't some emotionless being that had no emotions.

"Joya, the town I never knew the name - only Country." She spoke slowly as she was trying to think of words in Fiorian that she knew. "I... I escaped" Her eyes lowered back down as to hide her eyes. She didn't even think about asking questions now.


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Like when slowly peeling open an oyster. Steel’s questions had the same effect upon Aura. He saw as a solitary tear shining like a pearl in sunlight slowly made its way down her cheek. Did I go too far? he thought to himself. And yet he continued. She answered slowly in her broken Fioran. She was apparently from a country called Joya. Steel had heard of Joyan porcelain but that was about all he had heard about the country. Apparently Aura had fled to Fiore which meant that Joya was at least as bad as Fiore when it came to crime and underworld dealings.

He waited for her to ask her own questions that Steel could answer but as he waited and got no response he decided to remind her. “We don’t need to play this game if you do not want to. If you do however want to keep going it is your turn to ask the questions now. I will answer any question given unto me.” He then bowed a little whilst making a courteous wave in her general direction. As if they were dancing together on this thin veil of questions and answers. After all Steel was a hero.

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Aura Chou
She slowly started to calm down as her fear was being washed over by comfort. Her eyes shifted away embarrassed about it all and then heard him tell her that they could just talk about something else. She wondered about him though. "Do you have magic?" Curiously asking since she just found out about her gift. It follows her as the flowers appear with every step. When she dances the flowers twirl in the wind like a tornado dancing with her. She had this happen since she was a teen when she danced for her master and the people who bought her services for a day.

After he answered the first question, she thought about the next. Slowly she put her hair over her right ear as she chuckled nervously. "Out of all animals, what are you?" She made a cute smile while her tails swayed happily. It was like her mood quickly changed from terrified to now happy as she paid attention to Steel's words and face. In dance, he was leading first as she stepped backwards, but now it was her time to take him back before they twirl and her lean back in their dance.. This time of theirs was as if they were in their own world


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She seemed happier than before. Her mood had turned around weirdly fast. She had gone from a broken doll to a shining, sparkling rainbow over a field of flowers in seconds. She asked him if he had magic. While he had magic he wasn’t particularly good at using it but at least he could when he needed. So he answered “Yeah I can use magic.” He smiled at her as she asked him the next question. She asked him what animal he was out of all animals. He was human. She obviously had inhuman ears and even tails. He wondered. Did she have whiskers? He looked closely at her. Even leaning forward a little bit. She did not have whiskers.

He leaned back and spoke “I don’t know what animal I am, you will have to tell me.” then smiled and slowly started imitating some animals beginning with a type of ape known as a gorilla. Getting down on all four with closed fists and walking around and beating his chest whilst making ape sounds all while asking “Am I a Gorilla?” He then stood up straight, let his hair go wild, pushed his chest out and roared, imitating a lion. And asked again “Am I a Lion?” He didn’t know and wanted to see her smile more. He didn’t want to see her sad.

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Aura Chou
He seemed like he was simply being a tease. She tilted her head innocently looking at him with her wide brown-golden eyes. A soft smile stayed on her soft lips while leaning forward making her hair shift off her shoulder and against her chest - downward. He wasn't sure what animal he was and wanted to just tell her what she thought, but how could she? Do people just assume things about people right away? "One cannot assume one's spirit as the spirit to my eyes has not formed," she spoke softly with a sweet smile towards the man. She slowly reached for his hair as she got into the position to do so. A leaf fell onto his hair - rather he felt it or not. She plucked it gently and giggled, leaning back to smile while looking into his eyes from a nice distance.

"I am what I already am with more than just what meets the eyes." She spoke slowly as usual as she tried to think of how to say certain words, how to mix them together to where he could possibly understand. Steel was a man of some words and his characteristics were not yet fully known. She feels like there's another part of him, like there was to her. He right now was being gentle. Towards her magic question he was not very specific, "What can you do?" She then questioned with a sweet smile as her eyes lit up with curiosity.


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She told Steel that she couldn’t assume what spirit animal he was. Something about it not being formed yet. Steel understood what she meant even though she spoke in strange words. Then she plucked a fallen leaf from Steel’s hair which made Steel blush a little. He hadn’t noticed it and having her that close was intimidating in a positive way. Her next sentence he did not know how to answer and so he stayed quiet.

She asked him what he can do and the question itself was a pretty general question so Steel started with talking about his magic. “I can control light magic to do several different things, Right now I can use it to propel myself in different directions, I can also use it to make myself stronger.” They were still playing the game though and so Steel continued with asking his own questions.

He started by asking his fourth question as he had already asked three “I noticed some strange flowers growing behind you earlier. I suspect you also have magic?” Steel then asked his fifth question. “Why did you come to this country?” It was a pretty intimate question and seeing how Aura had reacted to the earlier questions about her home country he didn’t expect her to actually answer the question.

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Aura Chou
To what he was saying he was able to control light. Light was a pretty little thing and was everywhere. Her nature loved that stuff. She made a playful smile as he spoke and looked into his eyes without gazing away. Something he brought up next bothered her. It was like another strike into her chest. Before she let that bother her she answered his question. "Nature!~ It follows me." She spoke softly and slowly as she wondered perhaps if he had a favorite flower.

That subject will have to come back on another day though as she felt sleepy. She sat by him enough to where she could lean against him. Truthfully, she wanted to hide her face with her long black hair as she teared up. Her voice stayed soft and hid her pain well as she explained. "I escape Joya to run away from Master I suppose." She continued on her talk. "People on the ship brought me here. Said it was better. Said there were many great people here. Better than Joya anyways." She thought about her words as much as she could while speaking. She didn't want to sound too dumb. She felt like since he was kind, he will be her friend and know eventually.

"Parents sold me when I was young. I was very known there for dancing and being a wife for rich people for a day... I had to."
Her voice became softer at the end as she closed her eyes. The sun, the wind and his comfortable shoulder made everything alright.


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They were sitting. Leaning against the tree that they had climbed not far too long ago. She was leaning against him in a very tired manner. He understood that the day was over now. It was getting late after all. He felt stupid for asking her that question now. Even if his curiosity had gotten the best of him it had made her pay in tears. He didn’t want to be presumptuous by touching her but he decided to pat her head anyways.

He didn’t say anything as it seemed the conversation and the fact that it was already late had made the woman Aura drowsy. He simply sat there and felt the sun and gentle wind as they both slowly fell asleep.

Steel woke up first, not wanting to disturb Aura’s sleep he slowly leaned her against the tree instead of his own shoulder before standing up. From where he stood he looked back at what had been a sunny day which was now almost a beautiful crimson sundown. He wrote on the ground in front of her with his fingers.

“I hope we meet again.
/Your friend: Steel”

After having written that in the ground he slowly left the area.


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