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Something Smells Fishy #1 [Quest: Nuala]

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Nuala was walking through the streets of Astera. The weather was quite gloomy today, but she didn’t mind the lack of sunshine for a change – after all it was sunny pretty much every other day nowadays anyways. The Voidling was moving around the docks in order to take a look around. She didn’t exactly like the water too much, but Fiore was surrounded by it so she better get used to it sooner or later. Frankly, the woman was looking to be more active again soon as the previous weeks had been spent by relaxing and focusing on herself rather than work. But of course all good things came to an end eventually she was inclined to start making money again. Nuala hadn’t been in Dahlia for quite some time as well, but there was no news of anything being wrong at the guild, so the woman didn’t worry.

The east was in a pretty good shape thanks to the influence of her guild and soon they would probably expand further by taking over the next town in their way: Hosenka. Hosenka was a beautiful city and Nuala couldn’t wait to spend more time there. Of course she also enjoyed the creepy scenery that was Dahlia, but Hosenka was just something else entirely. Magnolia wasn’t bad, but a little bit too flowery and cheery for the thief’s taste. That aside, Nuala was still in Astera for the day and decided to see if there was any work to be done at all at the docks. Nuala started walking along the pier and gazed towards the ocean. It was quite beautiful, she had to admit. Maybe Astera wasn’t so bad after all. A breeze got caught in her long hair and whirled it up and she sucked in the scent of the salty air.

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The seagulls were flying around just above her head and Nuala looked upwards and watched them for a while. She didn’t particularly like seagulls, because they were loud, cheeky and very annoying. But she wouldn’t kill them, at least not this time around since there was no reason for that. Nuala’s ears picked up on a sound coming from somewhere across the docks, not too far from her. It was a bunch of men arguing and it seemed as though there was a lot going on. She could tell there were some unhappy noises and just as she moved closer, she was able to tell what they were talking about. She spotted a bunch of men sitting by the docks and some others standing on a boat next to it. From what she could tell those were fishermen and sailors and they were having an argument – not against each other, but about something they were all frustrated with.

A few women were present too and she could tell by the looks on their faces that they were all very concerned. Nuala had nothing better to do, so she decided to move close enough to get them within hearing range, which wasn’t super close since she had great hearing after all, and began to eavesdrop on their conversation. The men and women on the boat were fishermen and sailors who had just returned from a trip down to the open sea, where they usually spent the early to midday hours of the day in order to catch fish. Which makes perfect sense, of course. There was a cove that was their usual fishing spot and even after going there for years, the fish had always been there and it made for a good spot. However, they were now complaining that things had changed and the fish were depleted.

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Something Smells Fishy #1 [Quest: Nuala] 2yRHFCu

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The wives and husbands of the fishermen were arguing a different point though. According to them, it was probably just because the sea had gone to their head and that they had been drinking more on their travels (which was a big accusation to make, Nuala thought) and that there was still plenty fish left. Nuala found the entire situation to be very interesting and she wondered how the husbands and wives, whose work was on land and they never left to see the spot for themselves, could be so sure that there was nothing going on that depleted the fish. Too much rum was always an option, but the sailors seemed very serious about what they had seen (or rather, not seen) and Nuala figured to help out these people before she left the town for good. The Voidling approached the bunch of people and began speaking to them.

She began asking questions and offered her help to investigate what exactly was going on and it seemed that the people were immediately grateful for her offer. They all pitched in to promise her a somewhat decent reward and Nuala decided that it was good. She entered the boat with the sailors and together they sailed off into the sea. The sailors took Nuala near to the cove where their usual fishing spot was and began demonstrating their issue. Even after throwing out the fish, there was no fish to be caught and when Nuala peered into the depths of the ocean, she couldn’t exactly spot any fish either. This was a surprise, but she figured there must be something or someone who was either scaring or eating all the fish away. Nuala asked to be let down by the cove so she could inspect that place a little better and figure out what was going on.

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Something Smells Fishy #1 [Quest: Nuala] 2yRHFCu

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The cove was quite the beautiful place and after they had sailed away from the town, the weather had even improved a bit. Nuala wondered what the reason for the disappearance of the fish was, and while she didn’t know she could assume a few things. According to the sailors, there had to be some sort of bigger, larger sea creature that was either scaring all the fish away or simply eating it themselves and that had to be the reason. Frankly, Nuala didn't think that was so unlikely. This was quite the fancy spot for a sea monster to reside in and if there was plenty of food here, then it should all be good for it. However, that’s not how the ecosystem worked and Nuala also didn’t believe that the sailors had drained this place of all of its fish already. If that was the case they would have noticed a decay in fish earlier.

There were also so few sailors, that it wasn’t possible for them to simply drain the entire ecosystem of this place. Same with one creature – so what if there were more? Then again, Nuala didn’t worry too much about that. Nuala was walking around the cove and used her ears and eyes to find what exactly was going on on this island. There was a smaller cave that she decided to entire and sure enough she found herself in some sort of underwater cave. It was a really beautiful spot, but she also spotted something very unlikely here. There was indeed a sea monster – a sea wyvern – just like the sailors had suspected and it was having babies. Nuala made sure not to be noticed by the wyvern and its young for now, but they were eating a bunch of fish and it was probably why there hadn’t been any fish in this area recently.

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Something Smells Fishy #1 [Quest: Nuala] 2yRHFCu

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Because of the way the island and cove were set up, Nuala quickly left the cave again and walked around the cove, to the other side – this was opposite to where the fishermen usually set up their fishing spot and low and behold, there were plenty of fish here. The fish simply avoided swimming around that island and those who did got eaten by the sea wyvern and its babies. That was not too bad though, because usually after a few months those babies would leave the nest and find somewhere else to settle down. So if the fishermen simply changed their fishing spot to the opposite side, around the cove, they would be fine. And it would only be a temporary solution because after a few months the sea wyverns would leave this place and travel elsewhere and things would go back to normal.

Nuala returned to the boat and began explaining the situation to the fishermen. They were surprisingly understand and glad that they had avoided an altercation with the sea wyvern. They sailed around the cove just like Nuala had expected and low and behold, there were plenty of fish for the men to catch. They spent a few hours there which Nuala used to relax and the men were all together very grateful that they had access to fish again. Of course it was a bit of a hassle for them to constantly travel around the cove because it did take a bit longer, but just for a few months they could live with it. In the afternoon after the fishermen had finished their business, they returned to Astera where the wives and husbands were already waiting. The situation was explained shortly after and Nuala received her reward for helping out. After that the Voidling decided it was time to leave Astera.

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Something Smells Fishy #1 [Quest: Nuala] 2yRHFCu

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