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Pass the Torch (Kenzo/Private)

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Pass the Torch (Kenzo/Private) Empty on Tue May 12, 2020 5:37 pm

Finn had made it to Marigold. The travel was monotonous, pretty pointless to be honest. As he traveled he realized that the entire symbolism behind doing it in Marigold was lost, so really this entire travel was kind of a waste of time. Regardless, he was already here, so he would go through with it.

He had sent a letter ahead of time, requesting Kenzo to greet him. Many of the members of Advent World had gone missing, or simply gone off and began pursuing their own goals. Kenzo was no different, but what made him unique was that he was powerful. Truly powerful, to the point that Finn respected him deeply. And it was why Kenzo was the perfect choice.

Approaching his friend, who was sitting on a bench at the northern gate as was scheduled, Finn took his guildmate into a hug and got right to the point. "Kenzo... I'll be honest with you. Something has come up. Something that I must do, and that I believe only I can do. I wish I could tell you what it was, and I wish I could tell you when it was finished, but I believe this will be the last time you and I ever speak to one another. The guild- It's yours now. Advent World was made from a dream. That dream has left me now, all the hard work and dedication I put into it now wasted and gone. But not you. You still have it. The spark. The desire to evolve, and grow. Please, Kenzo. Treat it well. Take this guild, become the Guild Master, and ensure that the world is a better place. I am truly happy that I got to meet you." And with that, regardless of Kenzo's words, Finn would simply put a single hand on his friends shoulder and smile. There was no changing his mind now.

Finn was now alone.


#2Kenzo Valens 

Pass the Torch (Kenzo/Private) Empty on Tue May 12, 2020 8:07 pm

Kenzo Valens
The merc had received word from his guild master around a day ago. How Finn knew that Kenzo was currently in Marigold to send a letter at the inn he was staying was beyond him, but it was to be expected of the Advent World guildmaster, right? The letter didn't have much detail, but it said it was urgent. This puzzled Kenzo above anything else, having no idea what business it could be about. Nevertheless, he made sure to be ahead of time at the place where the two warriors were supposed to meet.

The talk was quick and to the point. Finn was leaving. Where to? He didn't say. However, Kenzo only needed to take a look at him to understand his friends feelings. With a look of surprise, the Bellan swordsman accepted the last order he received. There was nothing more to say except smile and nod at the request. "I'll do my best…. Kenzo took a pause for a second, letting his words float in the wind as the realization of this new task started to weight on him. With a gentle grin, the blue haired swordsman extended his hand for Finn to reach. "Safe travels my friend.".

With that, the two of them bid their farewells. Kenzo stayed for a little longer at the spot, looking as Finn disappeared in the horizon. He was now guild master of Advent World. Kenzo had much to do, much to think about. Whatever the case, he'd make Finn proud.

- EXIT -

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