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Decisions Made (Travel)

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Decisions Made (Travel) Empty Tue May 12, 2020 5:32 pm

Tenshi †
Finn had made the decision.

It had come to him quickly, without hesitation and without consideration. As the note within his hands crumpled, he tossed the letters onto the earth. They didn't need to go with him. His eyes looked out the window, hazy and reflective of a past that was no so far behind him. Memories of his brother flashed before his eyes. He was alive, vibrant, and so full of passion for the world around him. He wanted nothing but the best for Finn, and honestly Finn wondered if he was able to give his brother that slight repose from the horrors of their adventures.

He had to believe that he did. After all, that's what Jake had told him. He had assured Finn that their life together was the best time of his life, and so he had to accept his brothers final words as fact. He wished for a moment that he'd be able to go meet them, his niece and nephews. He knew that it was impossible though. It wasn't want Jake wanted, and all Finn truly wished for was to keep his brothers final wishes.

Most importantly was the explanation of their split. Jake explained it to him, letting Finn know that it wasn't due to any animosity or hatred. The love of their childhood was still there, and regardless of the time and space that separated them their familial bond hadn't gone anywhere.

The explanation was simple. With Jake leaving this world, finally retiring from his adventures for good, he asked Finn to do just a single thing. A single and final favor for his brother, and that was to finally follow his gut. For so long Finn had fought to find a reason to keep moving, to keep fighting forward and to try and change the world around him. Yet he'd realized that there was another way, one he'd known of long ago, but that he was never allowed to pursue.


Well, that was due to his brother. As long as Jake lived, and as long as the chance that they'd come back together existed, Finn would continue to put off his true goal. He would put off the final act he could do as a hero, because he couldn't be the one to leave his older brother behind. That wasn't how family worked, and he knew it would be unfair.

Yet Jake had reached the end of his life, long for a dog. And in his letter, he told Finn it was okay now. Finn didn't have to go on and fight if he didn't want to. He didn't have to continue to struggle and find ways to adapt to a world that didn't suit him, a world that felt foreign no matter how much he indulged himself.

Instead, he could pursue the idea of their parents. His father, the greatest adventurer Finn had ever met, had explained a place in Marigold that would be the perfect location for Finn to do it. He smiled, though there was no sadness on his face. Sure, he wanted to just go ahead and do it and get it done with. Yet something was driving him to make this travel and formally tell Kenzo of what was going to happen. Could he have just filed some paperwork, as Guilds were officially recognized by the Nobility and Royalty, and have them simply make the change and inform Kenzo of what was to come? Of course, and that made sense. Yet for some reason, despite no laws existing of such, he felt driven to do it in person.

Well, at least it'd take him to Marigold.

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Decisions Made (Travel) D09aavQ

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