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Nanami Nakamura

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Nanami Nakamura


Name: Nanami "Nana" Nakamura.

Age: August 8th, X755.

Gender: Female.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan.

Ethnicity, Mother: Icebergian.

Class: Berserker.

Race: Human.

Rank: D-rank.

Guild: Advent World.

Tattoo: Crimson, Back of neck.

Face: Cha Hae-In - Solo Leveling.


Height: 5'9" ins. (175.26 cms).

Weight: 140 lbs. (63.5029 kgs).

Hair: Blonde.

Eyes: Hazel.

Overall: Nanami Nakamura is slender and slightly toned, a physique born from years living on the mountainside and within the craggy confines of Dawnridge Mine.

She is quite tall for a woman - coming up to the height of 5'9 and weighing 140 pounds. She is a rather plain face whose beauty shines more through her hazel eyes - the sharpness inherited from her father's Joyan ancestry.

Ontop her scalp is medium length soft blonde hair - a distinctive feature born from her mother's Icebergian heritage giving her a unique blend of east meets north.

Her skin is fair and rough from the years of wear and tear on her person from the elements and from combat. Callouses can be found on her hands while scars of various lengths and widths can be found scattered amongst her stalwart build.

Clothing wise she tends to wear very casual clothes, preferring a simple white button-up top, some denim jeans, and a pair of well worn brown work boots - over dresses and skirts.

Though, when in combat she often prepares for battle in her more battle-ready attire. A dark crimson top, with black skintight pants, and dark brown boots.

Extra: Several scars litter her body, mainly on her arms, chest, and back. Two studded silver earrings are embedded in both her ears as well.


Personality: Nanami is a very earnest and yet humble woman. She is not one to brag about her accomplishments nor let her failures crush her down. Compassionate by nature, she holds a very nurturing personality, one could even call her mothery.

Despite her gentle disposition, she is no way weak-willed. She is unafraid of toil or tribulation and always puts her best effort in all that she does. She fights with the desire to protect those who cannot protect themselves and will mercilessly take down all that hold the intent to cause harm.

When it comes to her own personal emotions, she is rather closed off and quiet. She is not someone who thinks too much about how she feels - so her feelings tend to pile up until she is unable to ignore them anymore. This often leads to messy displays of overloaded emotions - with equal amounts of yelling and or crying when the dam eventually breaks.

In combat, she is a fierce fighter who refuses to back down when a life is on the line. However, is selfless enough to give herself up if it means sparing others. Lastly, she is equal parts tomboyish and feminine. More than happy to embrace both sides depending on what the situation calls for. She is both a warrior and a cultivator - both of which reflect who she is as a person.


  • Ore/Gems: Being a miner by trade, Nanami loves collecting ores and precious gems - the rarer the better in her book. She makes a habit of collecting them on her excursions and keeps notes of their whereabouts, quantity, and quality, in a journal she keeps on her person.
  • Cooking: Nanami has always been a rather good cook - living in the mountains taught her clever ways to make meals. From the unique and odd to the good old comfortable and familiar. She's always willing to try something once - whether it's eating or cooking.


  • Destruction: Whether nature or human life - Nanami despises those who purposely cause harm for their own ill-begotten appetites. It takes a cruel soul to harm for the sake of harming and Nanami will have none of it! Those who destroy for no reason will meet the bite of her steel!
  • Nobles/Royalty: Call it a family inheritance, but Nanami has never liked those of privilege birth. Rush Valley had been independent of the noble king's coin for some time and she rather likes it that way. Because of that, she has a natural if petty dislike for those who live in the lap of luxury never to wont for anything. It just grinds her gears is all.


  • Enjoying Life: As simple as it sounds. She works hard in order to ensure a better future for her and any family she would start in the future. Working hard and forging a better future means that she can enjoy her twilight years in peace and happiness. It's what her parents want and its what she wishes for as well.


  • Claustrophobia: Quite the bitter pill for a miner, but one that haunts her dreams nonetheless. She has an unnatural fear of cramped, enclosed spaces, with no visible exits. This was due to an incident when she was young and fell into a crevice as a child unable to escape until help arrived. It stuck with her ever since.
  • Spiders: She absolutely despises spiders. They're icky and gross little horrors. Better stomped on with the heel of her boot!


Magic Name: Mother Mountain.

Magic Element: Earth.

Magic Description: Simple earth-based magic built around the concept of manipulating the earth under one's feet into several forms of attack and or defense. She is able to create slabs of the earth as a quick temporary shield or create crude spikes or spears of the earth to pierce the enemy's defense. It is a rather versatile ability born from one of the world's most plentiful sources.


History: Nanami Nakamura was born thirty-five years ago in the year X755 in the month of August to Takeshi Nakamura and Hestia Goldshire. Both of her parents were second-generation children from their respective countries of Joya and Iceburgh who came to Fiore in search of a better life. Her ancestors ended up in Rush Valley and developed a lifestyle as miners and jewelers.

From a young age, Nanami was quick to explore - her overly eager mind full of wonderous (if somewhat chaotic) ideas in her youth. She and her neighborhood friends often got in all sorts of shenanigans in and around the bountiful town.

As she grew older she learned of the world outside her home - and like any reckless child deigned it her duty to explore it. And on a rather dark night, she did so. Only to get lost and end up in a deep crevice with no way out.

From this, she developed a strong case of claustrophobia - as it took the search team until the early morning hours to find her shivering, scared form.

This did not stop her, however. Like many of the youth in Rush Valley, she developed a desire to make work of her hands. She would eventually find herself working in the Dawnridge Mine alongside her other friends in hopes of making some Jewels for herself for bigger ventures.

By the time she was a teenager, she made enough money to begin her true desire. To travel the world. She would eventually leave her home behind and travel around Fiore, eventually learning of her latent magical ability and her skill with earth magic.

Thus, she developed a slightly more altered goal - to become a mage. With her new ability in her grasp, she continued to travel, slowly making a name for herself in her hometown and the surrounding area as a sellsword. She picked up another combative skill in which she learned to wield the heavy axe in order to increase her effectiveness in battle.

It was not too much longer before she reached her early twenties and began earning a reputation as a wandering mage who took care of problems big and small.

She would take down bandits and wolves and even find someone's lost trinket. She found herself enjoying her chaotic yet fulfilling life. Each scar a memory of her victory or failure.

As she grew older and into her thirties she found herself wanting companionship. As one who traveled alone for most of her career, she found herself wanting allies with a common mind.

So, after much thought (a quick stop at her hometown) she decided to step out into the world once more - in search of a group of people who fit with her desires: To protect the weak, and to find a place to belong.

Luckily for her, she found it: within the guild known as Advent World.

Reference: N/A.

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Ill be reviewing you app!

Warriors unfortunately can not cast magic, bump when changed

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Nanami Nakamura
Alright, I changed her class to Berserker! Sorry about that!

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This character has been approved.

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