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Renovations [MASAMI]

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Renovations [MASAMI] Empty on Tue May 12, 2020 3:43 am

Today's introduction is a bit different; Masami would usually go straight to the point, but today started him waking up confused. He had his clothes changed while he was lying down in the inn's bed... rather, the clinic? Only the clinic had that distinctive scent of mint, it felt illicit. Masami slightly panicked, checking his body for anything unusual. When he removed the blanket, there was still a reddish mark thinly wrapped around Masami's right ankle. Ah, right... recently, a weird orb caused a racket throughout the whole City of Marigold, granting vines to create architectural damage and causing lots of people to injure themselves. The vines were no simple vines. They were mobile and alive, as if having a mind of their own. Thankfully, everything had come to an end. Masami's jaw was slightly dropping as he looked around, observing the whole unit. Every corner appeared spruce and tidy.

"My garments...?" he asked the space, hoping someone would reply. Yet there was! The voice came from the right side through the curtains, replying: "In the drawers, pardon the confusion." A masculine voice, must have been the clinical doctor. Masami immediately turned to the desk on his left and pulled the top drawer, recognizing his Joyan clothing neatly packed upon the whole furniture. "How long was I out?" he asked once more, directing the messages to what seemed to be the clinic's sawbones as he took the garments out for him to wear. "A day or two, I'm not really sure." replied the voice, provoking Masami to nod in understanding. Marigold is a lot more chaotic than expected, having such a peaceful demeanor and exterior. Through the windows, although Masami felt that it was still afternoon, it felt like it recently rained. The skies seemed to appear in dusk, and Masami was sure of it. While taking the white getup off of his shoulders, checking his clothes for... huh, odd, it appeared so clean and tidy. Masami burned almost a forest, he should've been covered by dust now. "Well, what happened while I was out...?"

The man immediately answered, his voiced seemed to come nearer and nearer each time. "Kids came and kept calling you a hero, they even washed you and your clothes." the curtain gently opened, revealing a bright red-haired man, who appears old but also young. He had a smile on his face upon meeting face-to-face with Masami. The performer knew exactly who this is... Syllas, Fernando De Syllas, everybody knows who he is. "I was going to pick things up, but you woke up just in time." he mentioned, scratching his nape and looking away. Masami couldn't answer due to intimidation, he couldn't even properly tie the ribbons wrapped around his torso. "Yes?" was the only thing his mouth left over, even raising both of his brows. "Is t-there anything you need me t-to do...?" trying not to sound rude, Masami stuttered a little. Embarrassing! He quickly tied the ribbon tightly.

"Repairs, you could help a bit. A storm hit recently, you get the main idea." he uttered, raising a palm up and walking away. Before he walked through the door, he looked back at Masami and raised a thumbs up. "Aren't you pretty tough, you hero?" then shut the door closed. Masami sighed out loud, revealing the fact that he was unable to breathe throughout. A king! Or a leader, whatever Marigold City calls that guy. How can Masami act normal in front of a VIP? Anyhow, Masami fixed his awfully tight ribbons and wore his outer layer, his garment reeked of the smell of florals. Whoever washed this must've known how to take good care of this type of fabric, Masami doesn't smell bad, too. He definitely understood who those two kids were. Broken, damaged buildings were to be seen right after Masami opened the door. He hasn't even made a step out yet, but what he needed to do is definitely right there.

He approached a man nearby, whom was picking wooden planks up. "May I help you out?" he asked, but the man energetically shook his head to decline. "A pretty girl like you should stay put, leave it to us!" However, Masami begged to differ, remembering that he looks like a girl and it would be rare for people, especially women, to realize that he was a man. "No, I'm going to help." he immediately answered, picking a wooden plank right above his shoulders. Oh! It was lighter than expected, and he could easily move this from left to right with no sweat. What he only did was follow people around and mimicked what they were doing, such an easy job. Every now and then, Masami would approach anyone and ask them if he could do something. Though most of them declined his offer because a lady shouldn't stress themselves, Masami had helped out of forcing himself to do so.

The community renovations fixed faster than expected... well, it was expected because everyone was helping out. Just like in Joya, but more quiet and less crowded. It would be nice if they stayed like this forever. Masami felt cooler in temperature because he wasn't wearing his outer coat, which was rare, as he didn't want showing more skin other than his legs (just so he could become more agile). By the evening, an old woman along with other ladies came to talk to Masami, giving his outer coat back to him. They mentioned keeping the coat cleaner and thanking him for his hard work. If other men realized that Masami was a boy, they'd be awfully envious. However, everybody seemed to agree in staying happy. Masami hasn't seen the two kids, however, he had forgotten their names as well. Before the sun had completely set, the renovation had halted for everyone to rest. The citizen in charge came to Masami, giving him the same reward given by Farmer Jim. That's odd, is that the same for everything? Masami felt like he had been useful since the past two days.


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