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Count the Blessings (Quest, Zane)

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Count the Blessings (Quest, Zane) Empty Mon May 11, 2020 10:00 pm

Zane wasn't the most religious guy in the world, but he liked to think of himself as a pretty good soul. It was this that made him have no qualms about assisting the church. On the other hand, his lack of large amounts of faith meant that he had no qualms about taking money from the church either. Besides, he was sure their generation donations weren't being chipped away too much from the paycheck that was promise to the young blonde mage from Fairy Tail.

Zane had been tasked by a priest. Father Jared was his name. Wait, no. Zane just remembered that it was Jerad, not Jared. Still, the point was that Father Jerad wished for his assistance in find something. What was the something that need to be found? A Blessia Flower. It wasn't the easiest find in the world, but Zane had found crazier on these tasks. After all, he was in Oak not too long ago climbing through a disgusting sewer to search for a ring. Going on a walk through a forest for a flower was practically heaven, and for the same price tag too. Now that Zane thought about it, that lord in Oak was probably ripping him off big time... damn bastard.

Browsing through the outskirts of the forest, Zane sighed gently to himself. It was likely that he wouldn't find what he was looking for unless he went a bit deeper into the forest. Oh well, he wasn't planning to do anything else today either way. Just hoped that a bear wouldn't show up or anything. Didn't wanna waste his pistol on one.

Having gone deeper into the beautiful forest, the flower finally stuck out to Zane. It was just as beautiful as he imagined it to be. Quickly heading towards the flower to nab it himself, Zane held himself back as he noticed the many thorns that guarded the flora like a prison. Sighing, Zane noticed that he would have to be careful when holding these flowers, not wanting to get prickled by its sharp exterior.

His hands carefully getting as many as he could, Zane made sure to take minimal damage to his hands. After a while, Zane noticed that the plants with these flowers often grew under shade, making it easier to find more. Once he had felt like the amount of flowers would be good enough for Father Jerad, Zane decided to make his way back home to Magnolia, enjoying the peaceful spring breeze on his way back to the city.

Handing the flowers to the priest, he thanked Zane. Zane gave his usual humble response, though still made sure to leave with the money that was promised. As he walked off, Zane counted through them one by one to make sure the amount was just right. Perfecto. Walking off into the sunset, Zane couldn't help but wonder if he would get work from Father Jerad again. It wouldn't be bad, actually. Despite the thorns, this was one of the most pleasant jobs Zane had in a long time.



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