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Reunions, Unions and Fusions (Open)

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In the end, fusions really didn't have anything to do with it all. Zane wasn't entirely sure if reunions would either.

After all, it had been quite some time since he had stepped foot in the Fairy Tail guild hall. Years. What was it now... 2? 3? Somewhere around there. The life of a wanderer was a fun one, but this was still Zane's home, even if it was one he had not been too. Standing outside the door to the building, the clouds began to cover up the afternoon sun as the blonde man took deep breaths, prepping himself. He could do this. This wasn't hard. He just had to go in: lots of people went in and out of their guild halls each and every day. This would be a piece of cake.

It wasn't a piece of cake. After 3 minutes of walking back and forth in front of the door, Zane took a brief pause to slap himself on the cheeks with his palms. This wasn't like him. The Zane he knew himself as was a coward, but certainly one who knew how to bluff! Maybe there were tons of people just past that door, all of which would think he was the coolest guy ever. All the new guildmates, and even some old ones, if any of the ones he knew had stuck around. "Alright, alright..."

Zane put his door on the handle, pushing it open without hesitation before he could change his mind again. He took a step in. He was here. It'd been a long time, but the hall was as lively as ever. That was to say that it was empty. "Oh." Zane figured this was sorta for the best. He had gotten over his fear of going in the hall, after all. Still, it woulda been nice to see someone... still, he figured it could come later. For now, he wanted to take a look around.

Walking through the main hall, Zane smiled as he ran his hands on the many tables that populated it. These always had a nice homey feel to him, one that a lot of newer tables couldn't replicate. He knew it was probably just because the guild was too poor to afford actual good tables, but it was charming nonetheless. Remembering that he used to cook here often, Zane's eyes wandered to the kitchen, his feet wanting to head in the same direction.

It seemed to him it hadn't been used for a bit. He didn't have any ingredients anyways. Still, this brought back some good memories. Sighing and smiling lightly to himself, Zane took out his notebook and sat on one of the wooden chairs at the table closest to the kitchen, on one of the chairs facing in the direction of the back of the guild rather than the front door. He grabbed his pen while he was at it, starting to write down details about the place as he would for everywhere else. This hall was about as close to perfect as an elephant is close to being small, but even after going away for so long it still felt like home.

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Mary Wraith
Recently rumors had been circulating among the lively folks of Fairy Tail.... Even now, some were regaling the terrifying tale... Of the haunted kitchen! Yes, really. Supposedly at night one could hear pots and utensils clattering, accompanied by ghastly whispering.  When the morning arrived, the whole kitchen would look like a murder scene with blood and food splattered everywhere. Some even claimed that if you went to the kitchen at midnight, you would see a terrifying, vengeful specter toiling away with grim ingredients. Human flesh and bones... Even hearts! Poor souls who got caught were never seen again... Hm, well, those were just silly rumors made to scare rookies.


However, soon a strange scent started drifting in the air. Or a stench more like. It smelled like death, moldy and putrid. After the resident jokers had gotten all the fart jokes out of their systems, people’s gazes started turning towards the kitchen. There was clattering... And ghastly whispering... Like someone was feverishly muttering to themself. A shadow appeared at the doorway. At a glance it resembled a woman wrapped in a dark dress. Her long, messy hair squirmed down her back. She was deathly pale with dark circles around her eyes, like a corpse fresh from a coffin. Her hands were a bloody mess, clutching onto a blade still dripping crimson. She said nothing and only stared back at the gawking people. Unblinking. Unmoving. Not even breathing...

Mary was frozen. Unable to even squeak. So many eyes... Staring right at her... She had just wanted to tell people that the lunch was ready, but now the words felt like a clump of tar in her throat. Slowly her unblinking stare shifted over the tables. It focused an icy glare on a certain writing at a certain table. Much to her horror... There was someone sitting in her seat! Cue internal screaming. She quickly shook the thought out of her head. Nonono, she was the new one here, so that meant... S-she had been sitting in someone else’s seat! The internal screaming intensified.

Without saying a word, the grim woman turned on her heel and vanished back into the kitchen. As soon as she was out of sight, the breath she had been holding came out as a panicked gasp. W-w-w-what could she even do? There were too many of them! Slumping down, she desperately tried to breathe. In... And out... In... And out... Just one sentence. That’s all she had to tell them. Quietly she started practicing it by herself. “L-lunch... is ready... Lunch is r-ready... Lunchisready...” Her nervous whispering took an eerie echo from the walls and trailed out into the hall as haunting, unintelligible nonsense.


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Zane's ears noticed something. It sounded almost like a woman. One muttering something or another to herself, about lunch. Most of the other details were things Zane wasn't able to make out, but hearing such a thing only made him realize that there was someone else in this guild hall. Putting away his pen and notebook, Zane began his search. First of all, the sound. The muttering seemed to be coming in the direction of the kitchen, enough to signify it was close by. Wasn't he just in the kitchen...? Perhaps this person was well hidden. Why would someone want to hide in their own guild hall, though?

Zane worried as to if this was an intruder. The way they had been whispering made him believe that if they were one they'd most likely be of little threat. Chances are it was just someone without a home coming in and looking for food. Still, better safe than sorry. Zane put his hand gently on the handgun strapped to his hip. He supposed there was that guild spell he had as well, though Zane couldn't help but fear that would most likely simply kill some innocent and possibly homeless woman. Slowly getting up from his chair, Zane walked over to the kitchen slowly, thoughts in his mind about how this situation was actually pretty cool. Seriously, all those horror or thriller novels would have something like this, right? The protagonist in an empty building, on edge as he approached to investigate things of potential danger. It was stuff like this that made Zane like living on this planet.

Cautiously approaching the kitchen, Zane stood near the entrance to it, having gone inside. He leaned up against the counter closest to the exit of the kitchen, his hand still on his hip. He'd call them out first in an attempt to bring them out of hiding and perhaps resolve this peacefully. Shooting someone certainly wasn't on his list of things he wanted to do upon getting back to the guild hall. Taking a breath in, Zane spoke. "Is someone there? Are you okay?" Zane hoped to use comforting words in an attempt to make whoever this person was feel he wasn't a threat. He tried to soften up his voice a bit too, ending up having done so too much, making him sound a bit more girly than he actually sounded like normally. "I'm not here to hurt you, whoever you are. Come on out. You said something about lunch, right? I'm a cook, maybe we can figure something out."

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Mary Wraith
Returning to the present moment, the nervous wreck was still hiding and mumbling to herself. Her... little appearance... had emptied the hall pretty effectively. Only one soul was brave -or foolish- enough to approach the supposedly haunted kitchen. As the hunter crept closer, he would notice two things. One, the mumbling was getting stronger. Two, so was the smell. It was rancid, like something had crawled into the pantry and died. In fact, on a closer look, a crimson pool stained the floor right by the door... Which was suspiciously ajar. And something had left a bloodied handprint on the doorknob. It didn’t take a master hunter to realize that something was still in there...

Suddenly the muttering stopped. Mary went dead silent, covering her mouth and holding her breath. S-s-s-someone was out there... And they didn’t sound happy. The desperate rhythm of her hammering heart felt deafening. She did, however, catch all the key parts of the stranger’s words. "I'm --- here to hurt you. --- Come on out." ...Kind of. Panic churned relentlessly inside her. Tears welled in her eyes. Soft, eerie sobs crept through the kitchen. A magic seal depicting grim imagery formed before her mouth. Caaarefully she reached for the door, planning to close it fully. Sadly, the cramped closet didn’t give her much room to maneuver. So instead of closing the door, her wet hand slipped and gave it a tiny push. Her eyes widened with panic.

Slowly the door to the pantry creaked open, revealing a grim shadow in the darkness. The ghastly woman was covering her face with bloodied hands. A sharp knife gleamed in her grasp. Ever so slightly she peeked past her fingers. What she saw was an intimidating young man with piercing eyes and... W-what was that...? Something shined in the light, catching her attention. Her gaze trailed down, stopping on the shiny thing strapped to his hip.  Realization struck like a hammer. It felt like her heart stopped. ...Hehasagun!


Without any warning, the ghastly woman revealed her teary-eyed visage. A chilling scream pierced the air, accompanied by a purple beam of dreadful magic. It was aimed right at the frightening stranger’s chest, the biggest target available. Upon striking anything, the spell would detonate in a purple blast that echoed her haunting voice. ...Unfortunately in the grand scale of magic, Banshee’s Lament measured at the weakest possible level. To any seasoned veteran it would’ve felt barely any stronger than a particularly solid scream. ...If they were even careless enough to get hit by it.


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Zane wasn't sure how he didn't notice the smell on his first visit, though it could've been that his nerves about being in the guild hall in general had gotten to him the first time, making the rest of his senses slightly dulled as a side effect. Now that he was here in the kitchen a second time, the foul smell definitely came to his notice, though he had smelled other things that were even worse before this, causing him not to gag or anything at the stench. Honestly, there were Oak alleyways that smelt worse than this. Zane thanked god each and every day that he wasn't hanging out in that city anymore...

Zane's attention was quickly brought to the sight of the woman stepping out from the pantry, his eyes growing a bit wider as the woman came out, him stepping back to widen the distance between him and the woman's general location, now a few meters away, stepping back and to the side, going slightly through the doorframe. It was then when a beam of magic hit the edge of his right shoulder, accompanied by a piercing scream. While the scream wasn't pleasant on the ears, the blow to his shoulder was undoubtedly of little pain to him, but enough to make his hands grab onto his pistol right away, backing out of the kitchen door and into the main hall with both hands on the grip, one index finger on the trigger in case Zane'd need to fire. "Back!" He said, really hoping he could've said something cooler than that. Still, he had read enough horror novels to know that the guys who say the cool stuff usually were killed off pretty early on.

Standing outside the door with an angle that allowed him to see most of the interior, Zane held his pistol towards the entrance in the case that he'd need to take more drastic measures. His fingers would stay on the trigger as he spoke, ready to shoot at the woman if she took any dangerous moves, even if it was while he was trying to talk to her. "I don't wanna have to hurt you, so come out of the kitchen slowly and I won't shoot." This time his demands were spoken in an even louder voice, most likely due to his shock. As a result his words sounded much clearer as well.

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Mary Wraith
Now Mary had really done it. She had messed up in the worst possible way. Dark thoughts swirled like ink inside her mind. She clutched her head, nails digging into the mess of hair. B-but it had been an accident! It all happened so quickly. She panicked. Lost control of her magic. As a total novice, her control had never been that great to begin with and and... The anxiety squeezed her heart in a vice grip. And what? The flood of excuses didn’t change the cold, cruel fact that she had just attacked someone in their sacred guild house. What if he was just an innocent visitor? Worse yet... What if he was a member of the guild? A powerful and respected friend of everyone? Everyone... except her.

The sudden shout startled the ghastly woman again. “HIEEEE!” She recoiled with a haunting shriek. Her voice threatened to drown the stranger’s commands. (Un)fortunately the key parts got through. "I -EEE- wanna -EEEEE- hurt you, so come out -EEEEEEEE- and I -EEE!- shoot." It was a good thing the hall was empty or otherwise this would’ve grown into an even bigger mess. If... That was even possible at this point... She had already imagined a thousand terrifying scenarios for what would happen if she stepped outside. Getting shot was the mildest one.

With no options left, the nervous wreck did the sensible thing. ...Psh, as if. Instead, she wanted to desperately flee and hide somewhere. In her panic she turned her gaze towards the kitchen window. It shined like a beautiful beacon of hope. Or was that just a trick of the light? At any rate, she lunged towards it as fast as she could. ...Which wasn’t saying much. Her frantic hands managed to grab a nearby frying pan. A shrill sound of shattering glass echoed through the kitchen and out into the hall. With the grace of a bookworm who didn’t exercise, ever, she flopped over the window sill. The broken glass cut into her hands and tore through her dress, but she was too desperate to stop now. If the stranger didn’t shoot her then and there, she would’ve fallen outside.


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Zane actually had never fired this gun once, ever. As such, he was pretty nervous to do so. After all, he hadn't even taken the time to like, shoot empty bottles of something. At least that's what he'd think he would do - after all, that was clearly the most popular cliche when it came to learning how to aim and handle a gun. His hand trembled just a bit. Why in the hell was he afraid of some woman in the cabinet? Perhaps he had read a book like this before, or something. After all, this entire situation had only began to make him think about horror movie cliches. This could end up being a comedy cliche too, where the two were just having one big misunderstanding. Zane dismiss that thought, though. He was clearly thinking too hard, and that option wasn't unrealistic. In fact, why did Zane always think so deeply and intricately? Was there a reason?

After thinking for about 200 words worth of completely relevant inner turmoil, Zane realized that the woman had gone out the window, catching her just as her legs left. Shocked, Zane moved towards the window, peeking his head out lightly to see the woman who had fallen off of it into the grass outside. Luckily the window was on the first floor, so the fall was only a foot or two at most. Looking at the state of the woman and the many pieces of glass that lay both inside the kitchen and on the glass, Zane decided that he felt sorry for her foremost. He just wanted to help this lady.

"Hey, look. I'm not going to harm you at all. Let's just be friends here, okay?" he asked, hoping that the woman would finally heed his words. As a bonus, Zane reached his other arm out the window, holding it open to the woman. Most people wouldn't be so helpful towards those who just broke through their guild window, but he always did have a soft spot for helping women. That was only because he was a good person, of course! He never had any ulterior motives ever. Haha. Still, he only wished to help for the time being. The man really didn't wanna have to shoot some girl on his first day back. Flashing a small, friendly smile at her, Zane really hoped that she wouldn't freak out again.

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Mary Wraith
Mary managed to tumble out of the window just in time to escape the frightening stranger. ...And landed right on her head with a painful thud. Slooowly the rest of her body followed the suit and flopped down. There she laid, sprawled on the grass, limp and lifeless. Her spiral eyes were spinning. Shards of glass glimmered all around her. Blood slowly pooled beneath her from the numerous cuts all over her body. If she hadn’t been a grim and repulsive sight before, now she certainly looked like a battered corpse. At least her chest was still moving with shallow breaths.

While the world was still spinning, the dizzy woman quietly wondered what just happened. It... didn’t hurt anymore... Her body felt weightless. And she could see a bright light shining down on her. The pieces fell together. Ah... This had to be... death. Yes, definitely. She had finally died. That was the only sensible explanation. Her heart skipped from joy. Oh, she had dreamed of this moment. Unfortunately her blissful peace was interrupted by a voice that felt all too familiar. She could vaguely make out the shape of a hand reaching towards her. How rude. Didn’t he know it was not polite to disturb someone’s earthly remains?

Suddenly the ghastly woman’s bloody hand snapped up, trying the latch onto the stranger’s wrist. Her touch was as cold as the grave. A haunting whisper crawled from the depths of her throat. “A corpse... should be left well alone.” If the man tried to pull her back up, he would find she was about as cooperative as a rag doll. Her arm flopped back down and she let out a solemn sigh. “You can’t harm that which is already dead...” On the bright side, she wasn’t afraid of him and his gun anymore. Now she was simply waiting for her soul to separate from her body. ...Which sure was taking a long time. Or maybe this was completely normal and she was just being impatient? She wasn’t sure... This was the first time she had died after all.


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Zane had been in many weird situations. This certainly ranked in the top ten. How high it would end up being would depend on how much further the situation would escalate. Zane leaned over the window, concerned for the girl. About to offer to help, Zane stopped himself. He doubted that, based off the events that had occurred so far, that the woman would want to be helped. Well, perhaps want wasn't the best word. Still, he had this idea that directly helping her wouldn't work. Listening to the woman, Zane sighed, putting the pistol back in his pocket and resting his elbow on the windowsill, placing his chin onto his fist as he leaned over and listened to the woman's troubles while watching over her.

The idea of being dead amused Zane. He was just barely not stupid enough to know he wasn't actually in heaven, so his co operation was one mostly born out of boredom and comedy, though at the same time he admittedly wanted to have a conversation with the woman that didn't involve screaming. His life was weird anyways, it would take quite a bit more than this to phase him. For now, he was dead. "Oh, yo. You're dead too, right? Welcome to the afterlife." A smile was put on Zane's face as he thought of the many ways to joke around with this girl, even if he didn't quite know if she was joking around or not too. "I'm god, actually. No need to be alarmed, my humble servant."

Zane could already feel the power trip, something that was actually quite concerning. Still, he had no time to do a semi-ironic self psychoanalysis of himself at the moment. He was god. And he had to look after his precious subject. "Anything you regret in life, my child? Now that you have ascended you must face all of your past grievances." Zane's voice was a bit higher now, almost as if he was imitating a nun. In all honesty it sounded horrible. If this was truly god's voice it might make any priest want to reconsider their faith. "Any past loves you lost a chance at? Life choices you could've made differently? Confess all to me and your sins may be washed away like sand on a sunny beach..."

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Mary Wraith
Much to the definitely dead woman’s continued confusion, her soul still stubbornly clung to her corpse. Carefully she turned her head. Hm. Her surroundings looked awfully familiar, a whole lot like the backyard of the guild... Weirder yet, the blonde stranger kept talking to her. That meant he could still see her... Which, in turn, meant that... He had to be dead too! Clearly. A murderous spirit wandering the halls of the guild... She had heard rumors similar to that. Although said rumors usually described an eerie, dark-haired woman with a knife, rather than a blonde man with a gun. Hm...

The pondering was cut short when the stranger introduced himself. His claim received a blank stare from the ghoulish woman. “God...?” She hesitated, trying to find the right words. “Um... I’m terribly sorry, but... I never served you.” Her awkward comment ended up being blunt and flat, like getting bopped with a rolled up newspaper. She hurried to elaborate. “My life was devoted to the Grim Reaper, the sacred shepherd of souls.” Speaking of whom... She was admittedly disappointed that the eternal guide still hadn’t appeared to collect her soul. Unless... No, couldn’t be. He didn’t even have a scythe or a dark hood.

With nothing better to do while waiting, Mary listened to the god’s words. His questioning was met with a solemn sigh. “Ah, regrets...?” Memories flooded her mind like pitch-black muck. The light of life behind her eyes died. Her tone darkened. Everything. A cold wind blew across the area, bringing deep chills. The careless man had just opened the Pandora’s Box. “It all started on the first year of the academy... When I first confessed my undying love to the most popular boy in the school...” The words crawled from her dry throat one after another. “I still remember the way he looked at me. How he screamed. His footsteps as he ran away...” Painfully awkward silence filled the air.


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Zane's face had a hint of nervousness upon the girl's comment on the Grim Reaper. Did he just run into some cultist? He supposed it did kinda match her appearance. "I see..." left his lips softly, still keeping up his poor imitation of a deity. Zane was worried as to what he had gotten himself mixed up with, but he was also curious to actually see how far he could push this. It certainly felt a lot better than meekly flipping through pages of a notebook in an empty hall.

"Everything?" He asked, surprised at the woman's grim outlook. Still, he supposed it did match everything else he knew about her so far. Listening to the girl's laments about her love life, Zane couldn't help but feel a bit of empathy for her, his face turning to a slight frown. He was never the best with the opposite sex either, so he related in many ways. Unbeknownst to him, this whole thing was about to turn a therapy sessions, perhaps for himself rather than the girl in front of him. "I understand your pain. There was a boy I knew once, that I watched from above, who went through similar situations as you did."

"His name was Christian Z- er, Christian Pain." Zane's voice cracked a bit as he caught his mistake, almost giving out his true name. He took a deep breath to remind himself that he was playing a part here, one he intended to win countless awards for. "He was an elf, living in Baska. 17 at the time of this story. Anyways, every summer in Baska, there was this festival. Late august or so, it was meant to show off new crops and the like." As Zane continued on, he got so lost in his story that his voice began to shift back to its normal tone, not even noticing it himself. "Christian was really excited for this festival, you see. There was a girl he really liked that was going. Alicia. She was beautiful, had a good sense of humor, and was insanely intelligent to boot. She was a few years older than Christian was, but Christian turned 18 the night of that evening, you see. Once it was midnight, he'd finally be a full blown man, and he could go and ask Alicia out." Sighing, Zane wondered if he should really be telling this story. It had been over a decade, yet he still felt bummed.

"Anyways, basically, he asked the girl out, but she just laughed at him. She laughed and said she saw him as nothing more than a silly kid." Clearly, irritated, Zane ran his hands through his hair, sighing once more, this time with more frustration behind it. "And now look at me, here I am." The story had made Zane so frustrated that he had now completely dropped the act, not even noticing or caring that he was just speaking his mind at this point. "I'm in the run down building of a guild I've ignored for 2 years, talking to a woman I scared through a window, pretending to be god and whining about old as hell problems. Seriously, if I was 10 years older, this could very well count as a mid life crisis."

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Mary Wraith
The gloomy mage cocked a curious brow when the god claimed to understand her pain. “Um...” She was tempted to ask some... rather piercing questions, but bit her tongue. No, it was not the place of a mortal to question a god. No matter how much certain events weighed on her mind. So she settled for listening. Still, she was rather unsure if it was polite to share someone’s private tale with her so openly. Hm. Then again, dead people told no tales. Now that saying included her too. She silently swore to keep this tale a secret even if her fate was to roam the earth as a spirit.

Mary listened with quiet fascination. Her knowledge of the elves was admittedly limited. Back home, the academy was for humans only... The tale she knew all too well though. Only the genders were reversed. A boy liked a girl and asked her out... The girl screamed in terror and called him a gh- Oh. Well. Or she could simply laugh at him? Perhaps that was an option as well? She had never encountered that herself. A small mutter slipped past her lips. “Fascinating...” It was a pity she didn’t have her notebook with her. She would’ve loved to take some notes on elven expressions of affection. Ah, but she couldn’t really bring it with her. Not anymore.

However, before the bleeding specter could properly console the god, the shift in tone hit her out of nowhere. One word in particular caught her attention. She blinked. Once. Twice. Unsure if she heard that correctly. “W-wait, pretending...?” Then... That meant he was no deity at all! Wide-eyed shock washed over her features. She had believed him completely and he had just... lied to her like that... How cruel. More importantly, something didn’t quite add up here. Confusion swirled inside her mind, making her stumble over her words. “B-b-but... how can you see me... w-when I’m dead?” She was so close to a realization, yet just couldn’t make the obvious connection. Or perhaps she didn’t want to...


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Sighing, Zane rubbed his temples. He broke character. No point in trying to go through elaborate schemes to try and hide it now. He just had to pick that story outta all of them.... "Well, the way I see it, there are two possibilities." Holding up the finger to his left in order to dramatically enhance his explanation of this silly situation, Zane continued. "The first is simple. You are not dead, nor am I." This was the logical conclusion that most people would come to. After all, Zane always imagined the afterlife to be a bit more... initially impressive. Where were the pearly gates? The shining light? The cute girls with wings on their backs? Holding up the same finger on his right hand, Zane continued. "Possibility 2 - we are both dead. Though for me, it would certainly only be on the inside." A weak chuckle shortly came from Zane's lips, trying to distract himself from the third-life crisis he was having as of late.

Backing away from the window, Zane faced into the kitchen, sighing once more. The smell was still there, but it didn't even bother him anymore. Crazier things had gone down since then anyways. "I'm sorry if I scared you with the gun or something. There should be a first aid kit in here. You want some help?" he called out to the woman behind him, his eyes and arms directed to a few of the shelves in the guild kitchen in an attempt to fish out the first aid kit. Covering his nose a bit, he finally found a small red bag that seemed like it fit the bill to a T. Letting go of his nose and getting a breath of fresh air as he stuck his head through the window once more, Zane held out the first aid bag while trying to avoid the shards of glass in his way.

"Are you able to patch some of them up yourself? I don't think I should go through this window, but if you reaaally need my help I suppose I can go the long way around." In the end, Zane always did have a habit of assisting girls. This soft spot usually cost him, however. He was sure something else would go terribly wrong, yet he still did it. Why? Why did he hurt himself like this? Did he enjoy the pain? Was it a sort of metaphorical stockholm syndrome? Either way, he lightly tossed the first aid kit down to the woman, it landing just a bit to her side. "What were you doing in the guild hall anyways?" he asked, Zane still on the theory that this woman was homeless or something of the like.

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Mary Wraith
And there it was... The one thing Mary had not wanted to hear. Her visage went blank. A quiet mutter left her lips. “Oh...” Something shattered. Ah, it was just her hopes and dreams. Thankfully nothing important... With a heavy sigh, she abandoned all hope. “I was so close this time...” The closest she had ever been. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. Death was such a tease sometimes. It promised an eternity, but refused to commit.

By now the adrenaline spike from the scare was wearing off. Pain was creeping into the wounded woman’s body. Every heartbeat throbbed through her veins. Weakly she struggled to get back onto her feet, but had to settle for simply sitting. Ragged breaths scratched her throat. Living was such a pain... She flinched at the stranger’s apology. “A-and I’m sorry for... um... a-attacking you... It was an accident...” Thankfully the man didn’t seem hurt. His kind offer was met with hesitation. “I-if it’s not too much trouble...” She reached for the first aid bag with a trembling hand. “I-It’s fine... I’ll be fine...” She lied.

Inside the bag the ghastly mage found some disinfectant and bandages. A splash of the purifying liquid brought stinging pain with it. Shuddering at the agony, she carefully cleaned her hands before giving up on it completely. It would be fine... M-maybe she could still die of an infection. That would be nice. Taking a big roll of bandage, she started wrapping it around her wounds. And everything else, really. Legs, arms, chest... Way too much bandage. Within moments she started resembling a mummy that had shambled from some ancient tomb. Only her eyes, hair and glimpses of clothing were left visible.

Though the throbbing pain still remained, the mummy mage tried to ignore it. The question was met with awkward fidgeting. “I... I was trying to cook... for everyone...” Twiddling her fingers together nervously, she desperately avoided any eye-contact. “The guild... has been kind to me... s-so I wanted to... um... uh...” She stumbled over her words before trailing off completely. A sudden realization had interrupted her train of thought. She... h-hadn’t even introduced herself yet! How rude of her. “M-mary...” She pointed at herself, as if that would somehow clarify the clumsy introduction.


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"I'm sure next time will work out better." Zane replied in response to the woman's apparent dissatisfaction with not being deceased. His expression turning to a slight frown, Zane seemed kind of concerned for the woman as she commented on her injuries. "Hey, it's alright. More harmful misunderstandings have happened to me in my lifetime. You really should patch yourself up right away, though. You ain't trying to sneakily die on me by bleeding out, are ya?" he asked, a slight smile on his face. Zane was joking, and he hoped that the woman would take it as a joke, but he wasn't really sure... Zane decided that he would not hesitate to bandage the woman himself should she refuse to treat her wounds. He really didn't feel comfortable with someone dying from his indirect actions. Zane started to recall the first aid training he did a long time ago, scratching his chin as he looked down while he collected his thoughts on the matter in case they were needed.

Once Zane was done thinking, his eyes wandered back to the woman, his face visibly surprised at her new choice of look. "Switching looks, are we? I always did think mummies were a bit scarier than witches." Grabbing a stool from nearby in the kitchen, Zane placed it outside the window, casually sitting on it as he listened to the woman's story. The story of the stench in this place had been cleared up, as was the woman's identity. Zane had been surprised the woman was a guild member. He didn't recognize her, so he assumed that she was an addition while he was away. "Ooooooooh, you're a guild member! Damn, I'm extra sorry about earlier then. I'm part of this guild too. Christian Zane. I'd reach for a handshake or something, but I'd rather glass not impale me." Standing up from the kitchen stool, Zane looked back to the kitchen. Having been a cook for many years, he had certainly seen slightly worse. This certainly was in the top ten, though. Still, it was nothing that his cleaning skills over the years couldn't attempt to fix. It was the least he could do for the guild after being away for so long as well...

Turning back to Mary, Zane waved his hand at her inwards, almost as if to tell her to come in, though obviously not through the smashed window. "Well, I'm gonna clean this up. Come in through the front if you wanna help. Maybe after I can show ya how to make a simple lunch, if you'd like?" In the end, Zane's initial anxiety about being back in the guild had faded. He didn't have to worry about everyone thinking he was weird for vanishing and all, or his more goofy personality. This experience had only told him that there would always be weirder things to find in Fairy Tail.

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Mary Wraith
A pensive pause followed when Zane brought up dying by bleeding out. Mary recoiled from the realization. Her eyes shined with sudden hope. But of course! Why hadn’t she thought of that?! Unfortunately, the feeling was fleeting. She considered ripping the bandages away, but it was a little late now. The wounds simply weren’t bleeding heavily enough anymore. At most she would succeed in making a big, bloody mess. Again. Oh well... It was just as the polite man had said... Next time would work out better. Hopefully.

When the kind stranger introduced himself, the ghoulish woman repeated his name like a twisted echo. “Christian... Zane...” Those grim, spiral eyes stared keenly. “Your name... your face... I shall remember. Honestly, she was terrible with names, but she would try her very best to remember her guild mates. It was the very least she could do. His sudden invitation, on the other hand, caused a whole lot of hesitation. She was so focused on his beckoning hand that his words kind of slipped away...

Roughly five seconds later broken glass chimed again. Mary had managed to fumble her way inside. ...Through the window. Only now Zane’s words fully registered in her mind. “Oh, y-you meant... the door... of course... sorry...” To correct this shameful mistake, she naturally climbed through the broken window a third time. Walked all the way around the building... And finally shambled through the front door. By the time she reached the kitchen, she was panting heavily. Oh dear... She felt like she was dying... This happened every time she had to exercise. In her current state, even a short walk counted, apparently.

Finding a chair, the wounded woman took a chance to rest. She was still at death’s door from having lost a lot of blood. It felt kind of nice. Familiar. Like how she felt when casting her family’s magic. Poking her fingers together, she cast hesitant glances at the blonde man. Zane. Yes. That was his name. “Um... M-mr. Zane... T-that l-lunch... Would y-you like to... with me...? I mean... Uh...” She stumbled over her words, unable to voice her intent properly. How could accepting a simple offer be so difficult?


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Zane would usually act a bit more goofy in situations like this. While one could argue some of his actions so far had been goofy already, it would be safe to say that under different circumstances he might have acted a bit wackier in this situation. Why didn't he, then? The anxiety. The nervousness he had from being in the guild hall for long had made him a bit more reserved than usual, the keyword in this particular case being usual. Still, the craziness of the events that had gone down so far had actually helped Zane calm down more. He no longer felt quite as out of place. If wacky things happened it only meant that it was right where he belonged.

Upon Mary's climbing through the glass window, Zane turned to face her, taking a moment to process what just happened. His face grew blank, almost as if he could not properly judge the woman's actions. Needless to say though, the face certainly made it look as though he was judging someone or another. As Mary climbed through the window again, Zane's face remained the same. For a long time Zane had thought about himself in a light that wasn't always bright. He had self confidence in his goofy self, even if sometimes too much. After all, he was amazing. And funny. And certainly more handsome than the person reading this, especially if it's Guest doing the reading. But still, he often had his doubts. Concerns that he was too clumsy. Too careless. He now no longer had to worry as much about that. Zane now was certain he was only the second most clumsy and careless person on this earth.

Continuing to clean up as Mary got through the door, Zane covered his nose as he proceeded to load the contents of the mess into a trash bag. As Mary asked her question, Zane held his finger up to signify that he was heading to the dumpster, asking the girl to wait through signaling. Heading out the back, Zane would toss the trash bag on hastily, walking a few feet away from the pile of garbage and letting out a gasp. A small gag came shortly after. Hoping he would never have to experience such a stench again, he took a moment to catch his breath and headed back inside.

Should Mary still be in the kitchen, Zane would take a moment to pant, the smell still getting to him a bit despite it being mostly absent from the room as of now, leaning against one of the counters and looking in the girls directions. Not quite remembering what Mary asked, Zane assumed it was something about the meal he said he would cook with her earlier. "Well, I got a ton to clean up for today, so maybe another day. But when that day comes, you're gonna be the second best chef in this guild, mark my words." Turning towards the window, Zane knew he would have to scoop some of that up as well. "By the way, just so ya know, don't say anything to the guildmaster about your involvement in that window. I'll take responsibility, don't worry. Trust me, I am most likely much more equipped to take her temper than you are. Besides, there's no way she could get too mad at such a charming guy like me." Zane lied. The guildmaster could get mad at him, charming as he may be. Still, Zane was in a nice mood today. He wanted to show his guildmate how nice he was by taking the blame for her. And if he was lucky, maybe Mary would think he was as cool as he thought he himself was.

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Mary Wraith
When the cleaner showed his signal, the ghastly mage nodded meekly. Of course she would allow him a moment. As much as he needed. It was the least she could do. Unfortunately, the tension was starting to feel unbearable. Her gaze wandered around the messy kitchen. The floor, the walls... Some of the soup had even splashed against the ceiling. She quietly lamented all the wasted ingredients. Still, it was better than thinking of... the other thing... W-what if he agreed? How would she even deal with that? Luckily, she didn’t need to consider the worse option before the man already got back.

A single sentence was all it took to stop Mary’s heart. It echoed through her head. Stabbed through her chest. She froze in place, staring blankly at nothing in particular. Tiny tears formed in the corners of her eyes. The realization chilled her to her core... Maybe another day... It may have been polite, kind even, but she had heard those words plenty of times before in one form or another. They always meant ‘no’. She was... rejected... once again. Number 121 for those keeping count. Like herself. But it was fine. She was used to it.

So it hurt just a little bit...

However, when the kind man offered to take the blame, the ghastly woman immediately snapped back to reality. All hesitation vanished from her features. Her teary eyes shined with strange resolve. I refuse. Blunt like getting bonked on the head. No stumbling or stammering in her words. For once she managed to speak with cold clarity. “You have been kind to me... So I cannot... will not allow you to shoulder the blame.” Her gaze dropped and brief bravery deflated. “Our deeds follow us to our graves.” In truth, she was absolutely terrified of facing the guildmaster, but... “This was my mistake... Thus it is my responsibility.” She would not be swayed on that point.

The wounded woman stood up shakily. Her breathing was still ragged, a proof of her laughably poor constitution and endurance. Still, she pressed forward, for she had made up her mind. “I... I’ll go get a broom...” She was going to help! With unsteady steps she shambled out of the kitchen and to the closest cleaning closet. She took a worn-down broom and another trash bag before returning to the scene of disaster. While the majority of the glass shards were outside, some had fallen inside as well. With careful motions she started sweeping the sharp, shiny mess into a tidy pile.


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Zane was noticeably taken aback for a brief moment upon the girl's sudden shift in tone. She spoke very clearly for a second there, almost as if she was a different person for two words only. Zane was surprised as she managed to uphold it for a bit more, though quickly felt relieved upon the return to her rather shy way of speaking. Zane was sighing internally: the shift in her way of speaking had caught him off guard, which was somewhat rare for Zane. He was used to a bunch of wacky things going on around him, so he didn't expect something like that to get him, but it did. Trying to hide his slight flustered attitude, he cleared his throat and spoke again once the girl stopped. "A-ah, you're right. That's a noble stance to take. But, I will not allow you to shoulder it all yourself. I still pointed a gun at you, and I still yelled at you. I also pretended to be god, though I don't think that's against the guild rules. Probably, at least. I can't remember anything like that on there." Chuckling to himself a little at the god compliment, Zane felt like he was back in his normal state again, a nice change after being temporarily caught off guard.

"Well, I think I need to head out of town pretty soon. Probably tomorrow, actually. Soooo maybe I will let ya broom. I guess if we'll split the blame evenly, we can split the cleaning evenly too, right? I do the kitchen, you do the window?" patting the girl on the shoulder, Zane moved towards the doorframe, not having realized how late it had gotten until the sun outside had begun to set slightly, becoming apparent that it was now the evening. Looking back before he left the kitchen, Zane waved his hand at Mary, smiling back at her as he left some parting words. "I'm gonna go to Myras city pretty soon, there's an important person I need to see there. Make sure to tell the guildmaster what happened, my parts and all. And say hi to her to me, if ya can. She'll probably be shocked I'm even still alive, given how long I've been gone from Magnolia." Nervously laughing to himself, Zane noticed that this was also a good way to avoid her wrath. He'd imagine she would probably beat him up if he talked to her, broken windows or not...

"If I'm ever back in town, I'll cook with you. I know a lotta good recipes: you'll make the whole guild fall in love with your cooking, I promise. See ya around, Mary." And with that, Zane exited the kitchen and soon the guild itself. It was a nice visit. He woulda loved to stick around a bit longer, but he had something he needed to do for now. He would be back as soon as he could. For now, he needed to go to Myras. Zane had to admit that he liked his new guildmate, though. Fairy Tail always was a perfect place for weirdos. Just like him.


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