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Of Flowers and Pots [Judith]

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She stood by the older lady’s side in silence, eyes darting from between the various gardening tools, flower pots of all sizes and colors, bonsai, other plants, and seeds. Raquel was completely lost. No amount of prior preparation or understanding was enough for Raquel to recall what some of those items even were and how to use them. Gardening or anything related to it were never her thing; she doubted she will ever take an interest in them. As much as she enjoyed the swaying flowers of colors under the rhythm of wind, or the sweet smell they gave off, or the kind of pleasant feeling they invoked within her, Raquel was sure that the act of planting or looking after them was not for her.

Yet that was exactly what she was made to do now. When this girl –she couldn’t even remember her name- asked Raquel to complete a mission as a favor to her, the young vampire didn’t think that she was going to be made to do gardening. She was neither told about it nor was she warned against the grumpy old lady who immediately caught onto Raquel’s ignorance and started hounding her for it.

The wealthy heiress of a private manor with an extensive backyard gave her a rough lecture on what gardening is and what all of it entails. She had drilled quite a lot of names in the span of half an hour into her head, but now when they got to the shop, Raquel noticed that even the woman had no idea what she wanted to get.

The lady stuttered and muttered certain things –mostly incoherent because of her low nervous voice- and confused both the water mage as well as the shop owner.

“I want to make my garden look exquisite, you see, um…perhaps some of um…or maybe those um…”
She kept going, pointing towards the various seeds neatly kept on display. “What do you think?” Her rotund figure turned to her in hopes of saving herself from further embarrassment by putting the other amateur on the spot.

“What?” Raquel straightened up since she was really not expecting that question. “Uh, please give us some of the basic supplies? As for the flowers…” Her mind drew a blank as well. She wanted to name some of the ones she had seen commonly in someone’s garden but the trouble was that Raquel’s interest in the topic was so low that she had never even actually thought to observe how others grew their garden. “…” ‘Someone save me…’

Of Flowers and Pots [Judith] Y4RU1BP
#2Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
Another day came for a woman like Judith, she wanted to do as she normally did. go through various shops for flower shops for anything interesting. So she would even mention it to her husband while she departed to the the various ones in Magnolia.

Anders her husband would make some kind of witty remark about how Judith was a menace in Magnolia because she raid all of the flour shops before anyone generally can take any things they might need.

It was a silly thing to say but tat is just how their marriage worked. It was silly to suggest but Judith did not mind being called that, At least it was because she was raiding to make more plant and not anything too horrible.

The small woman she was, Would finally show up and arrive in the flower shop."I know i don't need any lilies or sun flowers."Already thinking over what flower kinds she would want or need.

She did not exactly pay attention to anyone around her because she was that in deep mentally what flowers she wanted, Since she wanted to find that one rare or uncommon thing that stood out. Judith seemed to be almost speed through her search, She was pretty quick with it looking through what seed where here."I don't need roses, nor the sun flowers, None of these Lilies, I have enough carnations."Judith stopped for a moment and look a few in front of her."Are these alstroemeria's?"Reading and studying just to be sure." I don't need them either."She carried on quickly going through the flowers still."I can get Cala Lilies later." But what on earth was Judith looking for?"Gardenia's, Orchid's or Peonies."Judith seemed to mention off hand what she was looking for.


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Raquel was quicker than the shop keeper at noticing this woman. Her faultless hearing had picked up the woman's whispers even from a few steps away. ‘Lilies and sun flowers?’ wonderful, 'carnations?' what are they? Confused but interested, Raquel repeated the same words under her breath and unintentionally moved a little closer to the silver haired woman. Now here was someone who seemed to know what she was doing. Though as spaced out as she looked, Raquel discovered that the woman had a clear idea on what she was looking for. She heard her murmur about all kinds of flowers, names and types that Raquel cared too little to know about. But if she could just employ this woman’s help…

Her usually impeccable intuition urged to bring this woman in on her task. The ease with which this woman’s eyes and fingers moved across the various flower seeds and plants told Raquel that her mission would get ten times better and smoother with her help. Perhaps she would even learn something new. But just as she was ready to clear her throat and greet her, the rich older lady came out of nowhere and beat Raquel at it.

“Why you’re wonderful!” Raquel cringed at the annoyingly pig like squeal of the woman. “Young lady, you seem to know more than this one about flowers,” her fingers briefly pointed towards the young vampire who quickly entertained the thought of biting it completely off. That would teach her not to anger her. But she held her tongue -and fangs- with jaws set tightly in irritation. “I’ll pay you well if you come down to my manor and overlook the growth of my garden for me. I…”

“We would like to choose some good flowers for the garden,” This time Raquel interrupted her, feeling that the old woman was being too rude and forthright in her invitation. “I think some roses and carnation would look nice but neither I or this esteemed lady here is knowledgeable in what makes a pretty looking garden. If it won’t take too much of your time, would you please give us some of your help in the construction of this garden?”

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Judith Karlinius
Judith would continue in her delight mood, Looking over so many things, Her continual look through so many flowers and seed, With so many things in mind all with in a common task in her mind to try and remember, It was on the tip of her mind she could almost feel it, That very flower she wanted and was looking for might have been in reach

Judith was about to proclaim victory when she had two people speak to her, That joy and wonder in her face died with in a total of three seconds. The joy which Judith's face when they first picked up upon her faded into a normal plain face.

She would even express it her dismay."Oh....I forgot what I came here for..."Judith sounded literally depressed from this fact. That would not last super long after all people were talking to her and for the part she did not seem to mind strangers.

But the problem now was one thing. It was kind or a very rude situation. high class or not Judith hated rudeness of any kind and she would make that rather apparent as well, Her plain face showed that she was rather displeased.

Not only did they get her to forget what she came into this flower shop for, That also assume she would work or do something for them."You think some one of respectable stature would have had some manners to start with..."Judith mentioned that reality of Judith looking so young, Her voice sounding like some one who is about her current age of almost 60.

Couldn't guess that with the youthful looking short lady, It just seemed like she might caused the situation to turn horrible because of just how it started Judith's mood shifted back to her normal. The joy returned to face."What kind of garden are you looking to make? Keep in mind i am not a worker of this shop."Which was fair for her to point one because being unhappy with her service would not effect this shop."You need a theme for it start working nicely."


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She saw the changing colors in the short woman’s expression and felt miserable. Raquel didn’t show it on her face but she was quickly plotting a hundred ways to keep the rich old lady from ever speaking again. Luckily, the woman wasn’t so callous that she couldn’t notice the tone of displeasure in someone’s voice. She gave an angry huff and fell silent. So it now heavily relied on Raquel to coax the woman into giving them a helping hand. And that’s exactly what she did.

“Oh I’m so sorry we made you forget what you wanted to get,” She started with an apology. It was strange that Raquel felt like treating the short woman like she would treat an older person considering the fact that she looked as young as Raquel –if not younger- and was considerably shorter as well. But she brushed it off her mind, knowing that she would regret not getting her help.

When she mentioned a theme, Raquel immediately looked back at the silent, haughty woman behind her. Did she have a theme in mind? It didn't look like it. The lady mirrored the same confusion and ignorance that rose in Raquel's eyes. Sigh. It looked like this was completely dependent on her now. Definitely, she would never take unknown missions up again. Favor or not.

“I’m afraid we don’t really have a theme in mind either. But you seem wonderfully knowledgeable about it so perhaps you’d know what looks best. The garden is not too big but not too small either. It would go behind a moderately built manor house. So maybe something that could elevate that old beauty and charm of it?” She tried to explain it as clearly as she could. Raquel was still far too lost in the matters of gardening to know that gardens even had themes.

Of Flowers and Pots [Judith] Y4RU1BP
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Judith Karlinius
Just to show how odd of a woman Judith was, With in a matter of  second after hearing sorry Judith's normal happy way of acting would show."I am sure I will remember later, I have enough flowers anyway...I lost count after 20 kinds at home anyway."sounded like a silly amount with how casual and happy Judith sounded it was almost like she was not lying either.

Judith then seemed better with the situation, They would be in a lot better standing with Judith now since she was now easy to deal with."You can easily theme up flower beds to fit with the around around it."Which oddly enough was more then likely not as common as she thought.

But Judith seemed to be thinking too big, when thinking to herself a small vine started growing around her shoulder, It was a the bud of a yellow flower and it then light up like a light when she had an idea."Well given the class way of whom your speaking for is acting, Try a small patch of royal colored flowers."Judith was not leaving them clueless at least."Some often base them off of color of house crest as well."Judith at least explained it enough to make sense.

Then she would smile and say."Might I suggest yellow roses and purple Liliacs? to makes past royal colors that stand out in small groups?"Judith asked them both and awaited to see what they thought with her idea."if you are looking for flowers with out thorns there are various as well."Judith was not being helpful to most likely the relief of both of them, It was almost a horrible situation for them both to have Judith just out right refuse, Guess this was a lesson in manners.


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Raquel perked up at the mention of flowers. Finally, they were getting somewhere! She was almost sure this woman would refuse to help given the unpleasant way things started off. Luckily, her personality took a complete 180 in the fraction of mere seconds. It was strange but Raquel paid no mind to it until she saw the small vine that wrapped around the petite woman and bloomed into a yellow flower. ‘Oh dear…’ She finally knew who she was dealing with. It was another mage just like her except this one probably had magic related to flowers or nature. She was on guard as if it was reflex and almost visibly paled. Thankfully, just in time, Raquel managed to catch herself before she really did something to earn the displeasure of the smiling woman again.

She barely resisted the urge to roll her eyes in disgust when her client’s class was mentioned. Sure, she was a part of the nobility but the woman’s attitude so far had been nothing but horrid. But choosing royal colors sounded good, especially since Raquel noticed the old lady puff up her chest in pride at the mention of it. As long as the woman was happy, Raquel could finish her mission off with ease.

“So yellow roses and purple lilacs? They sound good, especially the purple lilacs,” Raquel nodded. Admittedly, she was quite biased towards the color purple since it somehow reminded her of Daeva Eye. “Maybe we could mix in some white colored ones too,” She suggested, looking back at the client to confirm whether she was ok with white. “I feel like white would make an elegant garden although I don’t quite know enough to tell if it really will,” She shrugged and then asked, “If you aren’t too busy, would you mind coming down to the small manor house with us? It isn’t that far ahead and we could greatly use your help. Besides, I noticed that you’re a mage. It’s wonderful, I’m one, too. My name is Raquel by the way.” She finally gave the petite woman her name and held out a hand to shake.

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Judith Karlinius
It was more of a flower conversation it seemed it was all now a vast interest."Since purple was a hard color to make at one point colors of royals where colors hard to get, So some capes to large parts purple with the edges of it being gold in color to stand out."Judith being her was in deep with the idea at least white was a pretty good add in. Judith would not dismiss the idea. She could work off of that since it was easy to mix white,gold and purple.

It was a risk to go to a strangers house, Rich or not Judith always felt unsure about it, A part of her was considering outright refusing but she had to bury that part of her mind because that part of her was in the past, Doing people acts of kindness led to better things down the road."Well I am not really doing anything important, Just seeing if there was anything I did not have at home."Which might be a relief for the shop own means they where saved from Judith raiding their shops for seeds or flowers she did not have. sure Judith was a good customer, she made things hard to keep in stock, After all her house alone out did most flower shops.

"I don't see a problem with that."Judith had agreed to go with them, continuing her ever so whimsical way of being."I am Judith, Member of Fairy Tail."Judith seemed to shake her hand with out a second thought of it, They where off to see Judith work her magical head in the sky ways of working. With that Judith would turn to leave since they where not stick around here, the plant they saw on her was already gone.


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Raquel purposefully withheld the information on her guild. While Daeva Eye hasn’t really done anything to gain bad reputation, the word around the cities surrounding Dahlia was not all that good either. Daeva Eye is extremely unpredictable, at least that’s what her few weeks in it has told her. The members were neither good nor bad, their guild master herself being truly neutral to both sides of the moral coin. She wasn’t going to burn down a city for a single incident, but there was absolutely nothing stopping her if she wanted to do that, and the rest of Daeva will most likely follow. Also, she wasn’t surprised about Judith’s alignment to Fairy Tail. Seeing as she is a mage living in Magnolia, it was obvious to Raquel where the short, sweet woman belonged.

Happy with the fact that her polite coaxing had worked, Raquel quietly headed down the street leading away from the busy population of the town into a more peaceful neighborhood. Her long legs easily kept a couple of paces ahead of Judith and the now quieter lady. “It’s a beautiful place, isn’t it?” She made small talk, gesturing towards the scenic beauty of the area surrounding the manor house.

“Of course, all of this belong to me,” the lady quipped in from behind which Raquel conveniently ignored.

“There, that’s the place,” she pointed towards an iron gate made to look like the interlocking of different flowers and vines. It looked sturdy and strong like it was new. She guessed it was fixed up not too long ago. Inside stood a house neither too small nor too large built with bricks and stone and tiled roofs. It was a pretty building with a small road leading to the backyard in one side. “That’s the way we have to go,” Raquel pointed down the path and told Judith.

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Judith Karlinius
Everything seemed nice and in order, As long as no one messed this up anyway, Everyone kept an even head or did not end up trying to be too egotistical. Judith quietly followed along quietly as always just the type she was. Helping other made her happy, getting planting and organizing flower beds just came along with what people could assume she could do with her magic. Or she was just a woman who really had a lot of free time and a love for all things and plant and looking nice.

Judith did not seem like her mind was super interested in the houses or how they looked here but she would be nice about it."As well of a place as the people who live there."Judith would say about it, Maybe it was just how she was they did barely know Judith and her mind seemed always focused on things what she really more cared about it.

With gazing upon of the entirety of the building, Leading up and thinking about what would work or not for the building. So far Judith would just say."I have garden half of the size of this place."Judith would mention, only because it was on her mind to mention how much of a flower collection. Judith would start going down the path as she was asked too, Even with her remark about how much of her house was covered in flower life, Judith did still have something to focus on, At least that was for sure. She seemed to be taking her time walking and taking in the area, learning how it all was and how it would work for her. kind of slowly starting a plan of action to get this task done.


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Raquel only smiled at the subtle jabs of the shorter woman. It wasn’t like she had anything to refute her with, anyway. The owner of the manor, however beautiful its appearance, was indeed foolish and impolite. And it seemed like the words flew right over her head, too, with the way she seemed as proud as a peacock. The old noble lady pulled out a fan and made a sound of approval. “Of course, I agree,” the corners of her mouth lifted in a sly smile.

When their conversation eventually steered over to the real matter at hand, the young vampire chose to completely ignore the other woman in their presence and focused on Judith. “I’m not surprised to hear you say that,” she started, nodding her head. “You seem to know quite a lot about flowers and gardening. Are you a mage with magic related to nature?” Raquel decided to ask even though the answer would be quite obvious. “It was strange, you see, to see a flower bloom above someone’s head like that. What a cute quirk,” she smiled.

Raquel was genuinely interested in the extend of someone else’s magical powers. Nature was something that complimented her own magic, too, and perhaps that had gotten her feeling closer to Judith than usual. They had similarities that could make them friends but at the same time there was this nagging feeling at the back of her head that made her feel as if she was talking to someone far older.

But she couldn’t dwell on those small details for longer as they soon arrived at the backyard. It was barren and in a bad shape, obviously from the continuous and tiresome false efforts of the owner in maintaining it. No flowers or grass bloomed in that small plot of land and it was covered in dried leaves. “Uhh,” Raquel sighed. “Is there any hope to this place?”

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Judith Karlinius
So it all seemed not to have been super noticed, One of the few times Judith seemed rather aggressive it would be strange to people to actually pick up upon it when Judith so far seemed to be the small yet fitting embodiment of friendliness, kindness and politeness. At least Judith could say that with out trying to overload an ego, Judith was rather humble about most things having to do with herself, It seemed to the time of learning about Judith seemed to come, not that she minded at all it was nice as always because it means they made a decent connection.

"I also have rarer flowers then most of shops now days....most likely from me buying all of them."Which admitting that was not shocking either, Judith bought all of the rare flower as well as she had most likely everything else before it.

They would move on to the question of her magic, What happen next it seemed slowly another root was slowly growing around Judith's should and growing outward long enough to close the distance from Judith to Raquel and it would poke her, not anything horrible in fact it was just a super light poke."Oh? making such things is just the basic of my magic."Judith even would  watch was it continued on beyond and would grow enough to poke the nobleish woman she was helping."I make entire fields of flowers, various singular flowers and well..roots as well."Just as Judith mentioned that the root vanished, because Judith dismissed it.

What else it exactly did she had not mention, but it was easy to guess her magic did far more then just make plants. Looking at the garden or well serve lack of, Judith looked at it."Some one doesn't have a gardener."Judith stated the no kidding of the situation."I will have to inspect the soil to make sure it can be saved, Most likely it can."Judith had various ways to save this situation, hopefully greed did over shine the moment of kindness.


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“Ah, I see,” Raquel returned the light poking of the root with an experimental poke of her own. That was a good level of magic control that Judith displayed. She wanted to reciprocate with a show of her own magical powers but held back to watch as the thin roots reached past her over to the arrogant lady in the back. Her countenance displayed an amused grin when the woman, just as she expected, got startled and made a strained crying sound. Now that was a normal reaction towards magic.

“Interesting, I wouldn’t expect any less from someone belonging to a guild, especially fairy tail,
” She didn’t know many people from the said guild but there were many stories. Although it seemed to be in decline, the guild was holding up pretty well with just the few members it had. It probably couldn’t compare to Daeva Eye at the moment but she wouldn’t underestimate this famously tenacious guild and its members. “Well, I’m a water mage myself. We’ll probably go really well together,” she laughed.

When the topic switched back to the garden, the lady behind them went pale. “Well, it’s expensive to keep one permanently when I could just hire mages like you two for a day or two, hmph,” She scrambled to defend herself and the poor state of her garden. She didn’t want to admit it was truly due to her ignorance. Truthfully, she had only recently gotten interested in gardening herself because one of the other noble ladies she knew had a very pretty looking one. Everyone, over a tea party, was praising it endlessly and that just made her jealous.

Raquel kept in her urge to sigh. She couldn’t scold her, no matter how much she wanted to, since the lady was still paying her. “Alright,” she turned to Judith, “let’s start with the soil. What do you think about it? Perhaps your magic can help? Although it seems to be in a poor state, it’s probably still usable.”

Of Flowers and Pots [Judith] Y4RU1BP
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Judith Karlinius
Some one did not seem use to magic, Judith also seemed to be trying to enjoy poking fun at things to bring some what joy around in it, Or Judith was also an extremely strange woman who just had a wonderful personality to back up her strangeness.

When it came to her mention."I only merely take care of the guild members, I rarely use my magic when I am around."To think that she rarely used this magic must show that Judith seemed to not be much of a threat because of that."Some one needs to cook, clean and serve drinks to the members of Fairy Tail."when that job seemed to be the position she had with in her guild it did not seem overly shocking.

"I am sure being a water mage is useful too, But I am of a mind set that any magic can be useful, It is the caster that makes it work."Maybe that was still motherly behavior acting up to Judith. But what Judith seemed to highly in good spirits and kindness also came with other draw backs.

After all Judith did not answer right away, It showed that she seemed to be nice and was choosing her words carefully. Because she was inspecting the soil."You do know, Two days work. Will barely spare the the garden in the long run?"Judith mentioned, She was not being rude about it, There was a fairly good explanation behind it."A garden need upkeep like a person, Failing to take care of life, It withers away like anything else."Judith did not sound super rude about it.

In other news Judith then said."Good news is, just barely able to be saved, but we can save the soil it will take a bit of work."Judith was already coming up with a plan to fix it.

And that is exactly what she would do, Judith might have had a rocky start and situation over all between the three of them, but there was a reason behind all of it.

Judith then would go home, A prepare for a trip to Hosenska, For it was new and she was curious.


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