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Bandit Attacks [MASAMI]

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Bandit Attacks [MASAMI] Empty on Sat May 09, 2020 12:08 pm

What he wore for tonight's request was a black hood that covers his head down to his lower legs, and a pack of bad memories. The atmosphere was awfully familiar for Masami to concentrate upon, even under the peaceful night and the glimmering stars that seem to show the pathways to guide every town man. What happened a few moments before Masami left his hometown in Joya? He remembers the fire, all too well, and the success in his first assassination. His hands were clean, however, all he did was to sign contracts with other shinobis, contributing to burning the officials' court. Masami's beliefs and ideals lead him this far astray, for the sake of justice. How and why he thought so were kept personal and hidden, and he has no intention telling anybody about these bad memories.

He wasn't so sure if people are aware of the reason why Masami left, but considering the timing of everything, a smart man should suspect Masami. The performer thought this way, running away and coming back once every full moon due to a promise. He believed that if he completely left, his mother's illness would worsen... it was inevitable and quite obvious, too. A mother will not handle the lost of a child, even if they have not yet separated their soul from the body. He hid in the trees just like a month ago... a month? Has it been a month? Regardless, this is a request given to him. This time, he will become a true hero.

Masami was told to roam the streets to search for bandits, however, he believed that this would be ineffective. Instead, he quietly leaped from tree to tree, getting a closer view each time. 'No sign yet.' he thought to himself when he observed that it was still too quiet. Either those bandits were good at shutting every sound up, or they just aren't here yet. Masami's not so sure what time it was, but he was sure that the sky was dark enough for almost every star to appeal to the naked eye. At this time, everybody would be asleep except the evil that roams at nighttime. Then, Masami quietly dropped down and hid himself around the buildings, looking at every shop he could locate from his standpoint. 'Still nothing?' Right after he relaxed after thinking that, he had goosebumps. There were noises from a nearby shop, and they were obviously caused by the bandits. Masami tried to make himself at ease, but how could he keep such calm if those bandits were bulkier and obviously stronger than Masami? Swiftly using his instincts, he leaped at the roof of the building he was using to hide himself, getting a better view at the bandits and he raised his left pinky finger.

With a quick inhale, he blew through the finger and a magic seal appeared upon it, resolving to a fire ball. When this hit one of the bandits, everyone panicked and raised their swords in front of them, looking around for anyone who tries to hurt them. They were five... six, to seven meters away, perhaps. Masami wasn't so sure, being lacking in mathematical skill. Though there were two of the bandits outside to keep check, there were definitely two more inside. Once again, he blew through the pinky finger when he targeted a bandit, the one outside to the left, grazing his shirt's sleeve. "Some mage's on us!" the other bandit shouted quietly, alerting the rest of the bandits. Right after, lights from a house lit up, followed by a few more. Perhaps they awoken due to the worrisome sounds that came from the outside, they were paranoid due to the previous issues, after all. They would definitely not calm down until the bandit attacks have stopped. And immediately, Masami jumped from the roof and revealed himself, blowing through his pinky finger once more, shooting a burst of flame upon the same bandit. "Let's call you Bandit letter A!" he shouted right after the flame struck his target, grazing aflame his shirt.

Bandit A violently brushed his shirt to keep the flames away – he ended up completely removing the shirt and stomping on it, just like a comic character. Masami could watch this forever, if only another bandit didn't have to charge at him with a sword. Right before his sword would cut down, Masami had already completed a short series of consecutive dance steps, creating a Koomote mask in front of him through his fire magic. It acted as a shield... success! Masami once again blew through his finger, shooting a burst of flame right at this bandit's face. Now both of them look dusty, just great. When he was about to blow another, a bandit stepped up unarmed. "B for Barlan." this time, he had swung his fist, in which Masami evaded by hopping backward. Bandit Barlan seemed to alert the others, looking at them and communicating through signs; everyone else but him ran away. "Hey!" Masami shouted, having to dash away once more when Bandit Barlan swung his fist. He was fast, but Masami's lighter for a reason. Right after he jumped backward, he lunged himself forward, attempting a kick right at the face.

The kick was successful, but the bandit didn't seem to be affected by it, neither did he look like he enjoyed that. Before the bandit could attack again, Masami had already fired a burst of flame at him. He wasn't really sure how the bandit would attack next, which was why he'd effortlessly and impulsively create consecutive attacks... possibly out of fear and uncertainty. "Dang, that does it!" he exclaimed, halting when the bandit slowly fell down to his knees, until he could no longer attack. Masami stared at this at surprise, he didn't expect this happening at all. "W-well... I'm supposed to chase the others, but—"

"What's going on here?!" one of the knights ran with a shout. Way too late! Masami rolled his eyes upon them, "No way, I'm not carrying that." he slowly replied, pointing at the fallen bandit. The knights nodded, effortlessly picking the fallen up and carrying them away. One of them stayed, giving Masami a pouch that contained his reward. "Good job, soldier." the knight followed the rest of his crew, leaving Masami alone in that spot. He realized that a crowd has also gathered, but it was all too late. "But... the others...?" Masami was left dumbfounded, looking back and forth from the reward then back at the shop, which was robbed just a few seconds ago.


Mana: 550/600:

Name: Yubikiri (lit. Pinky Promise)
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Omote Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Fire
Range: 05 Meters
Cooldown: 01 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The spell starts by having the user make a fist upon their left hand then raising their pinky, choosing a target by using the tip of the finger as scope; a magic circle forms at the tip. After blowing unto the finger, the magic circle immediately subdues -- releasing a burst of flame with a 0.25-meter of length that deals D-Rank damage over the target's inflicted area.

Name: Saigo no Ishi (lit. Last Will)
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Omote Magic
Type: Defensive
Element: Fire
Range: 05 Meters
Cooldown: 01 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: A magic circle appears on upon the user's footsteps as they perform a sequence of short dance steps consecutively with only the use of their arms. After it is finished, the user is able to create a shield right in front of their left palm, 0.25-meter of height and 0.05-meter of width. The shield takes form of a Koomote mask made out of flames, defending the user from a C-Rank (2x D-Rank) damage. The mask bears some heat, but deals no damage whatsoever.

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