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On the Next Page [Mary]

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Raquel quickly shut the glass window with a loud thud. It was cold and Raquel only wore her usual thin shirt with a pair of black pants. The whispering winds that blew daringly through the whole city was accompanied by rolling masses of dark grey clouds. It spoke of a terrible storm coming their way.

“How strange,” Raquel mused to herself, one of her palm placed wide open on the cold window glass. It was such a sudden change. She remembered waking up to the usual golden rays of warm sunshine wrapping around her that morning. But now, only a few hours later, the whole sky has taken such a drastic change. The whole city –that which she could see through the window- seemed abandoned and silent.

Now that she thought about it, things had started to turn somewhat spooky ever since she found this weird library in a small, empty alleyway. For one, it was quite an unusual place to find a library in, and two, she had never even heard of a place like this existing in Magnolia. Yet, the massive structure that laid in front of her was definitely difficult to miss. She should have listened to the warning bells in her head. Inside a library that stretched far where her eyes cannot reach, with no one inside but a very odd looking black cat; Raquel should have left as soon as she stepped in. There was no librarian, no other living soul. Only the cat sat self-importantly on top of a large ornate wooden counter and licked its paws ominously just as her eyes landed on it. It seemed as if he was waiting there just for her.

But she ignored it all because of the excitement that came from finding a new place to read. Ever since reawakening from her long slumber, she had quickly taken a liking to this hobby of reading and sometimes –when she had time- crafting. Also because she is a vampire, quiet and dark places like this became one of her favorite to pass time in. Besides, things seldom bothered her. In fact, creatures as well as people often avoided her. There was only a handful of things that could truly scare Raquel off, and an eerie looking cat was not one of them.

So instead of walking out the same door she came in from, Raquel easily ignored the cat and went upstairs, picking up several books along the way. There was some classics, some theories on magic, and quite a lot of stuff on vampires. Two weeks after waking up, she was still learning more and more things about being a vampire. There was only so much that Kaiser could teach her, Besides, the brunette crash mage had gotten quite busy again and soon after their initial encounter, left for Blue Pegasus. Raquel knew none of the details, but rumors said they might find a potential ally in them. Strange again was the fact that Raquel felt absolutely uncomfortable for the whole day after hearing about it. Something about Blue Pegasus gave her several flashbacks that faded out as soon as they appeared, leaving her unable to link any of it up with anything.


Just thinking about it gave her a head ache. Raquel went back to her seat behind a dark wooden table, running her fingers over the worn out page that spoke of vampires’ wings.

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#2Mary Wraith 

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Mary Wraith
Frigid winds blew through the streets. Grim clouds crept across the sky. Ominous silence loomed over the city. Such lovely weather for a walk. At least one ghastly figure thought so. She shuffled along calmly, enjoying the peace and quiet. It wasn’t too hot or crowded like usual. If only the city could’ve been like this always... By pure chance her stroll brought her to a mysterious, massive structure hidden in a lonely alleyway. Seeing the sign sparked her curiosity. A library...? Had this always been here? She couldn’t recall... But then again her sense of direction wasn’t the best and these alleys all looked the same.

The dry hinges whined as the door slowly slid open. Carefully the grim shadow peeked inside. Considering how her previous visit to a library had begun, she was going to be extra considerate this time. “E-excuse me...?” The quiet whisper crept deep into the uncaring silence. A sigh of relief escaped her lips when she saw no one else. Such a wonderful coincidence. Oh, but the place wasn’t all abandoned after all. It seemed there was a furry librarian at the counter. “Ah, hello kitty...” Unsurprisingly, the cat said nothing back. It just kept licking its paw with clear disinterest. Animals were so much easier to meet and greet than people.

In utter the silence of the library, every tiny sound felt loud. The floorboards creaked beneath slow, unsteady steps. A raspy groan crawled between the shelves. It crept closer and closer to a certain table...  Suddenly a grim creature appeared from around the corner. Messy hair framed a deathly pale visage. Thick, dark circles surrounded the hollow, unfocused eyes. Arms held awkwardly in front of her, she stiffly lumbered onwards. Her long, dark dress resembled a funeral gown, nearly dragging the ground with each motion. Absurdly sharp teeth shined as her lips parted for another ghoulish moan.


Mary couldn’t fully suppress the yawn no matter how she tried. A recurring nightmare had kept her awake all night. The one where she was supposed to present her thesis before the whole school, only to realize she had forgotten it at home... She had hoped that going out for a walk would wake her up, but it didn’t seem to help. Maybe she could find some quiet corner with a comfy chair and... take... a nap... She froze on her tracks when she noticed someone already sitting at the table. Too surprised to even breathe or blink. All the thoughts abandoned her already muddled head. Like a deer in headlights, she simply stared at the stranger.


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All sorts of disturbing noises reached her before the girl. As soon as the very first squeak of the floorboard was heard, Raquel’s attention jolted towards the stairs where nothing but rows of bookshelves and clouding darkness extending to god knows where stared back within the bosom of an eerie stillness. She quickly understood that someone was in the library with her, but only sensed them when they took their first step up the dusty and aged carpeted staircase.

Perhaps it was the librarian, she surmised, settling herself back on the rickety chair and willing her unchained thoughts from flying to all sorts of grim places. No one told her this, but Raquel really had an uncanny talent in imagining the worst, a trait she believed came from her original self.

Anyhow, she felt particularly curious about the climbing shadow that threw its blurry ink onto the books. Her eyes stood fixed to the spot between the wooden handrails, between the two carved head of eagles. How odd... They didn’t look like a librarian. It was a short girl with features looking so pale and ghostly that, for a startling moment, Raquel thought she was haunted by some evil spirits or curse. It also passed through her mind that the girl herself could be a spirit. Yet, that was unlikely since Raquel could effortlessly feel the flow of blood pounding in her veins.

She swooned at the thought of blood; she hadn’t fed on anything for a month. Not since that unappetizing encounter with that group of bandits. Feeling the familiar sensation of fangs growing between her teeth, the water mage quickly clasped a hand to her mouth and forced her thoughts to go away.

“Who are you?” She finally asked, her voice purposefully made louder to be heard over the sound of grumbling thunder and rain outside. She stood up from her seat and taking a couple of steps towards the listless girl. “Are you someone working in this library? It’s beautiful but I can’t tell if something like this had existed here before,” She carelessly spoke of the question that had been haunting her, letting it out after turning it in her head for hours. It didn’t occur to her that she may have asked the question to someone who stumbled into the building just like her.

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Mary Wraith
When called out, the eerie apparition flinched. Her visage turned even paler, from sickly to death warmed over. Eyes widening, she took a shaky step back. Another. Thirdfourthfifthsixth-! She dashed behind the nearest bookshelf so quickly that a cloud of stirred dust was left dancing in her wake. Yet she didn’t flee far, only around the corner. Running had never been her strong suit. Her chest heaved with shallow gasps, her heart hammered with utter panic. T-t-t-there was someone else here!!! Cue the internal screaming.

After several seconds of painfully awkward silence, the pale woman finally dared to peek out. Only enough to show a single eye. “M-mary...” A weak voice drifted in the air like a haunting whisper. “I... I’m Mary Wraith...” At last, an answer to the first simple question. She needed a moment to gather her courage before answering the second one. “S-sorry... I’m just wandering these halls... I know nothing... Sorry...” Solemn disappointment painted her tone blue. She would’ve loved to help, to be of use, but... This place was just as much of a mystery to her. In the end, she could only agree that the place was beautiful.

Beneath the cold, cautious exterior, Mary was desperately trying to cling to the last shreds of her composure. She had gotten so startled by the sudden encounter. For a moment there, she had thought she had stepped somewhere forbidden. Again. A-and it felt like those piercing crimson eyes were staring right into her soul. Judging her... Dark doubts dripped like ink inside her mind. The stranger radiated daring beauty and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. Of course she would judge someone like... Well... Her gaze shied away, dropping back onto the safety of the carpeted floor. She didn’t really want to invade the intimidating woman’s space.

However, some curiosity still lingered. She had noticed the mystery person had gathered several books on the table. Most of the titles didn’t seem familiar, but one word stuck out to her. Vampire. Many of the books were on the topic. She preferred ghost stories herself, for... certain reasons... But it was still a conversation starter, yes? A shaky finger rose to point towards the books. She just had to ask this clearly, concisely... “Do you believe in ghost stories?” ...and not like that!


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“Oh?” Raquel threw her head to the side, eyes following the fleeing petite figure pushing herself between a couple of bookshelves. ‘Oh my…this is quite funny. Do I look that scary?’, a corner of her lips lifted up in a smirk, watching the shivering, pale girl. That was quite an attempt at hiding herself. Too bad it didn’t work and Raquel wanted to say she wasn’t doing a good job at it. Even as the swirling darkness wrapped its veil around the girl and turned her invisible to mortal eyes, Raquel was too special for it to have any effect on her. In fact, she saw the girl’s ghostly visage as clear as the day. She looked scared.

Raquel realized that she should approach her new companion as she would to a frightened cat. So she stood rooted to her spot next to the wooden desk, both her hands placed on it in a way that she leaned back towards it. “Mary,” The young vampire tested the name in her lips. It was quite a common name but the person it belonged to in this particular case looked really interesting. Raquel didn’t know why the young girl looked so afraid of her. She had done nothing but stand up and ask her a few questions. Perhaps she is the sort that gets scared too easily. Or maybe she had mistaken Raquel to someone or something else. At least she now knew this girl wasn’t the librarian –although that realization didn’t sit right with her for some reason. There was this bad feeling clawing at the back of her mind.

But pushing the uncertainty aside, Raquel decided to put the young one at ease. She pushed herself away from the desk and walked back towards the window, putting some more distance between the two of them. She could see the shorter girl getting hold of her nerves and growing bolder by the minute. So the skillful mage drew a disarming smile on to her red lips and –surprisingly- displaying a strong quality of patience that even Raquel never knew she had.

But as Mary lifted a shaky finger towards her small tower of books and asked if she believed in ghost stories, Raquel almost threw her head back and laughed as if the world was burning around her. She swallowed it down with a small chuckle for the sake of her company and placed a hand on the open pages of the book. “Well, these days, I have come to believe in many things. Why? Do you like ghost stories?” She asked, still keeping her place next to the window so that the frightened girl could approach her instead. “Why don’t you come closer and take a seat? I doubt you’re comfortable between all the dust on those old shelves. This place could really use some maintenance. Such a beautiful place but so poorly managed”

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Mary Wraith
The answer to the wordless question was yes... Buuuut the careful approach was working. Little by little the scaredy-cat inched further out of hiding. As much as she preferred the dark, she couldn’t see all that well in the murky shadows. So when the mysterious woman took some distance, the skittish specter was compelled to creep a little closer. Curiosity was a strange thing... Sometimes even lethal.

Mary flinched when the scary stranger chuckled at her question. Worry flashed through her mind. It was a strange thing to ask, wasn’t it? Shouldn’t have asked that... The anxiety immediately chided between her ears. Much to her surprise, however, the answer wasn’t skeptical or mocking like usual. Carefully she nodded. “Um, y-yes...” Well, putting it mildly. “I find them... so romantic.” A soft sigh escaped her lips along with the words. Her usually gloomy expression was briefly painted with blissful joy. It didn’t last long. The sudden invitation was met with much fidgeting and hesitation. Could she...?

Eventually the ghastly woman dared to accept the invitation. She shuffled silently over to the table and took a seat opposite of the tall woman. Poking her index fingers together idly, she tried her best to keep her thoughts coherent. She wanted to get better at this... small... talk... thing. “I-indeed... It’s a pity... To be abandoned and forgotten, such a sad way to die...” Since she simply couldn’t look right into those intimidating eyes again, she instead let her gaze wander aimlessly on the bookshelves. “I didn’t even know this place existed until now...” She was blissfully oblivious to the lingering dread in the air. In fact, the atmosphere here reminded her of the family crypts back home. And she had been feeling a little homesick lately...

As if afraid of letting the silence settle in, the nervous mage soon piped up again. “D-do you like vampire stories, Miss... uh... um...?” Stammering to a stop, she stiffened like a statue. The realization ran like icy water down her spine. She... forgot to ask the person’s name! How could she forget a common courtesy like that? She had been incredibly rude. Idiotic. Worthless. Couldn’t do even the simplest thing right. Andnowthestrangerhatedherandand...! Sinking quickly into the swamp of panic, she prayed for a quick and painless death. Not that she even deserved such a luxury. Hiding under the table to wallow in shame started seeming like a wonderful idea as well. ...Which is exactly what she did, as soon as she recovered from the paralyzing shock. Quietly she slipped down from the chair and curled up into a ball beneath the table. Yes, this was fine.


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Raquel thought she made progress. The girl, although still very unsure and frightened, was starting to get closer and bit bolder. At least she was starting to speak more than just a few trembling words. But the vampire’s belief came crashing down when Mary slid down the chair under the table. “Oh dear…” Raquel sighed. She looked towards the book and blanked out. ‘How do I get her to feel comfortable? What do I do,’ Raquel pondered for a long time, letting the noise of thunder and rain and Mary’s heavy breathing settle in between them. She wasn’t used to taking care of people, didn’t know how to be delicate or sensitive but if she were to put herself in Mary’s place…

Raquel slowly pulled away from the window and walked towards the desk before sitting down on the floor in front of the shivering girl. She crossed her legs over one another and settled her hands on her lap. “My name is Raquel. You can call me Raq if you’d like to,” She spoke slowly, as if coaxing a small child. “Vampire stories are…quite fascinating, don’t you think? There are so many legends about them that you can hardly tell if any of them are real.”

Supported by her knees, Raquel grabbed onto a side of the desk with one hand and reached over with her other to pat around the surface and find an opened book, the same book she was reading just moments ago. Offering it to Mary, she sat back down and scooted a little bit closer, praying to whatever God that the little girl wouldn’t get spooked and run away from her again.

“This book is all about vampire physiology. It’s crazy, isn’t it that books like this exist when no mortal had never truly met a vampire before. They’re widely known to be nothing more than children’s tales, stories that scare the kids to bed, yet books like this suggest they exist. What do you think?”
Raquel asked with a red glint in her eyes. She wouldn’t tell Mary that she is a vampire, not unless she wanted the poor thing to faint right here and now, but it was still a fun topic to talk about. Besides, Raquel wanted to know what others thought of her kind, that if they would ever accept something like her.

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Mary Wraith
Mary had been reduced to a tearfully trembling mess. Her hyperventilating tried to compete with the rumbling storm outside. However, when the stranger sat in front of her, she suddenly stopped breathing and stiffened like a corpse. Her fearful eyes focused on the intimidating red orbs. The coaxing got no visible reaction. Buuut at the very least she didn’t immediately panic and flee. Progress...?

Luckily, the book got better results. Reminiscent of a hedgehog uncurling, the meek mage opened up a little. She took the book and turned it around to study the text. “N-nice to meet you, Raquel...” She finally managed to squeak, even if it was with an awkward delay. Her breathing slowed down to more sensible levels. The trembling slowly faded away. “Stories... are nice...” That applied to all stories, vampire ones included. She had always enjoyed reading and escaping into fantasy.

However... When Raquel voiced her question regarding vampires, Mary suddenly fell deathly silent. The light of life vanished from her eyes, leaving behind only a cold and hollow stare. It was like something died inside her. After an eerily quiet pause, she let out a heavy sigh. “I sincerely hope they do not exist, but I fear they are all too real...” The nervous fear in her tone was painted with a tinge of bitter enmity. She held a deep grudge and didn’t even try to hide it. Perhaps she, like many others, was afraid of the grim tales that surrounded vampires.

...Ooor maybe her reasons were something weirder.

The ghastly mage’s gaze scanned the pages, stopping onto the part that mentioned vampiric immortality. Her stare narrowed and lips curled into a disapproving frown. “Defying death by draining the vitality of others... It is rather rude. Vampires completely disrespect the Grim Reaper’s hard work.” She lifted her eyes from the page and gave the intimidating stranger a sad look. Her tone sounded a little too... wistful for the topic. “Every death is a gift. When the time comes, it should be accepted with grace and gratitude.” Her shoulders slumped and head drooped with another solemn sigh. “Immortality makes mockery of both life and death... I simply can’t understand it...” Finally her rambling came to a quiet end. That... may have been a lot to digest...


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A sudden chill caught Raquel by surprise when the light in Mary’s eyes went out. It wasn’t from fright or fear, but purely from the blank look on an otherwise meek and timid girl. She didn’t think the topic on vampires’ existence would garner such a reaction from Mary. It made her wonder why. That was such an unusual expression on her pale face. But Raquel quickly caught herself before she gave anything away. She schooled her face into a natural smile and nodded. Her initial guess was that Mary was simply scared of vampires but the more she explained, the more confused Raquel became.

Grim Reapers? Were those even a thing? Of course, ever since her run in with Kaiser after that bloodsucking bastard that turned her, Raquel has started believing in the existence of races or monsters that humans otherwise thought to be nothing but horrible stories. She now knew not to underestimate what this vast universe was capable of nurturing. However, grim reapers were a different story altogether. She was quite sure they didn’t exist. A body of power that chained dead souls into afterlife, she would hate to meet one.

But by the end of Mary’s explanation, Raquel was sitting cross legged with a hand propped over one knee to support her head. “Immortality, huh,” She hadn’t thought of that yet. The fact that she was also something that no death could claim had never rested as heavily upon her shoulders as it did now. “I don’t think of death as a gift, it claims so many that are undeserving. But…immortality isn’t one either,” her voice sounded almost sad at the end. “I would feel quite sorry for the vampires that has to live forever, don’t you think?” she smiled mysteriously but said nothing more. It was suddenly important for her to change the subject. But before she could say anything, there was a violent sound coming from downstairs of something crashing and falling.

“What’s that…” Her head whipped to the side, once again fixed between the eagle heads. There was a light that which looked like it came from a lamp being thrown onto the dark bookshelves. As rain and thunder hardened outside, Raquel felt something grim crawling up her spine. Why…why couldn’t she sense the existence of whoever that is…?

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#10Mary Wraith 

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Mary Wraith
Soon the ghastly woman’s icy expression grew... well, not really warmer, but less cold at least. It was nice to share her beliefs without being ridiculed. ...Or being given that strange, pitying look she had seen all too often. Why couldn’t people understand the simple beauty of death? She cocked her head curiously when the intimidating lady presented a counter-argument. “Undeserving...?” She repeated the word with a puzzled mutter. Honestly, she couldn’t imagine anyone who didn’t deserve to die. What kind of monstrous criminal could be denied eternal peace?

However, when presented with a different take on immortality, the eerie mage lowered her gaze. Pondering... Wondering... Eventually she nodded slowly. “Hm... Yes, I suppose so...” She found the opinion very strange, but she could see the reasoning behind it. “Perhaps... Some vampires don’t have a choice.” From what she knew of the old legends, turning into a monster of night wasn’t always voluntary. Still, she joined her hands as if in quiet prayer. “I would gladly offer them an honest death... Liberate them from their horrid curse...” While she couldn’t stand any undead creatures, she was always willing to show them such kindness.

Mary’s thoughts were shattered by the sudden racket downstairs. Her eyes widened and breath hitched. “...!” Startled, she sprung upright and- Bonk! ...Struck her head against the bottom of the table. Wincing from the pain, she doubled over. Weak whining escaped with every breath as she gingerly grasped her head. “Owowowow...” Oh how she wished she could’ve simply passed through objects like a spirit. It would’ve spared her from so many headaches.

After recovering from the shock, the eerie specter caaarefully crawled from beneath the table. She made sure to glance above her before standing up again. Fiddling her hands together nervously, she peeked towards the source of the sound. Limited by her human senses, she saw and felt nothing from the shadows. “Do you think... it might be a ghost~?” Her hopeful tone didn’t match the grim question at all. She sounded far too eager to meet something out of a horror story. Hm, then again, birds of a feather...


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“Ouch,” Raquel winced a bit when she heard the clear sound of Mary’s head hitting the desk. She reflexively moved to help the poor woman out but instead noticed that she was already starting to crawl out and stand up. Raquel followed, a hand placed on top of Mary’s head in an attempt to comfort the girl. ‘Is she ok…’ Raquel wanted to voice her concern out and ask but the sound of footsteps was getting louder and louder by the minute. The light that was steadily climbing the shelves got eclipsed by a shadow of something long and the meow of a cat could be heard in the background.

The Daeva frowned, putting herself in front of Mary as if she was trying to protect her. It wasn’t that Raquel was always this kind, but that Mary had, at some point between their conversation, grown on her and whatever that was climbing towards them did not seem normal. She was a hundred percent sure that it wasn’t human. She could sense and feel nothing. But as if the situation was not spooky enough, the thunderstorm behind them suddenly threw a flash of lightning towards the library and despite the windows being shut, it blew out the fire burning inside a small lamp Raquel took with her earlier to read. Now aside from the ominous ball of light coming up the stairs and the occasionally flickering lightning, the whole room was completely dark.

“Welcome, young ladies, to my library,” A masculine voice was heard and Raquel turned back to see the poised figure of a man. He had a head full of gray hair falling straight behind his shoulders and wore robes of white layered on top of more white. There was a thin, ornate sash going around his waist in the color of navy blue with patterns of sun and moon on it. He held a book in one hand and a lamp in the other. “You must forgive me for not greeting you earlier,” He continued with a hollow look in his eyes but a harmless smile on his lips. “I was…quite busy, you see. But I bet you have already met my dear companion?” His head coked towards a tiny mass of black perched on top of his shoulder. It was the cat that she saw earlier. “Again, let me welcome you two to savor my humble collection of books,” He dropped his head in a bow as he said so. But something cold was climbing up Raquel’s spine. As harmless and amicable as he seemed, she clearly felt put off by his aura. She cautiously returned his bow but said nothing, choosing to remain silent and see what his motive is.

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#12Mary Wraith 

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Mary Wraith
When the brave soul took a protective stance, the meek ghoul instinctively hid behind her back. Caaarefully she peeked over the shoulder that acted as her social shield. Her breathing slowed, until she was just holding it in fearful anticipation. Already her imagination was painting the worst possible creatures that could be approaching... Like one of those pushy salesmen who wouldn’t take a no for an answer. Those people terrified her. She would gladly let her intimidating acquaintance handle the talking.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, Raquel’s ears especially, the sudden darkness caught Mary by complete surprise. “HieeeEEEEEE!” An ear-splitting screech split the silence, shrill and haunting like a banshee’s cry. The startled specter was left trembling intensely. Her weak whisper was barely audible by comparison. “S-sorry...” Her quivering fingers reached out, wanting to clutch the brave soul’s clothing for safety. She was practically blind until her eyes adjusted to the approaching light.

Much to the nervous wreck’s surprise, the stranger who appeared turned out to be... the librarian? Well, um, in hindsight that was the most sensible explanation, wasn’t it? Yet she couldn’t quite shake the disappointment that dripped from her spirit. He didn’t seem like a ghost... Only a wise man with a wonderful taste in attire and a cute pet. Kind of a pity, really. She had gotten her hopes up earlier. Still, she followed the example and also offered a polite bow. ...Or maybe it was more accurate to say that when Raquel bowed, she automatically followed the motion just by staying latched onto the shoulder. Whatever worked.

While her friend remained oddly silent, she wanted to politely inquire if the man, despite his appearance, still happened to be a ghost. Unfortunately, another question also lingered in her mind. Before she realized it, her mouth had already picked that one. “A-are you single?” In the awkward silence that followed one could’ve heard a pin drop. Slooowly a bright pink blush crept up the pale woman’s features. She found herself praying for a swift and unceremonious death. Any time now. ...Please?


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“Fuck,” Raquel barely held inside a string of curse words. The shill voice of her strange companion rang like a loud gong insider her ears. ‘Ah ah I should have expected that,’ the tired vampire sighed. Even though she stood right in front of her as a shield, Mary was still scared. It made her wonder, what got her to become like that? Some sort of past trauma? She would have to find some time later in order to ask. Looking at the cowering and trembling figure, the young mage sighed again and patted the hand that held onto her shirt. As a sign of reassurance she even stepped closer to Mary before facing the other with a cold gaze.

Towards a presence that read as neither human nor ghost, Raquel was incredibly puzzled. She couldn’t shake off this feeling of suspicion whenever her eyes laid on him. Their confrontation was starting to look more and more like an overused scene out of some crappy fantasy novel. Under the flash of lightning and thundering noises outside, their little stare down settled into a stalemate with both sides holding their tongue in silence. Their eyes captured every single movement of each other. His seemingly harmless smile seemed to indicate he was waiting for a response, but Raquel felt very cautious. Even so, she knew it was silly to waste time like this.

‘I have to find out his intentions,’ the water mage thought. But she had barely opened her mouth to ask of this man’s true identity when a small voice stunned the two immortal beings into silence. ‘Are you single’…Raquel whipped her head back to look at Mary.

“Pf-pfft!” If her good manners held back the laughter before, nothing stopped Raquel once she confirmed the source of that voice. "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH" Small beads of tears appeared at either corner of her eyes as Raquel laughed hysterically with her head thrown back in a way that it shook her whole body. Even the well-dressed librarian was visibly struggling with a look of absolute bewilderment on his face. With a finger curling gracefully in front of his lips, he too, after a moment, began to chuckle silently to himself while the cat paused mid-scratch to stare at the hunched woman as if it had seen some weird creature.

She wasn’t laughing at Mary. No, it was the entire situation that appeared funnier to her rather than the bold question of the usually timid woman.

“Haha, how cute,”
the man broke the silence first. “What an interesting combination of visitors I have, indeed,” his voice carried a faint sense of ambiguity as his eyes shined mirthfully. Raquel, too, was speechless for a long time. With a crooked smile that looked almost bewitching, she brought her lips closer to Mary’s ears and whispered, “You know that thing despite his appearance is most likely older than the both of us combined, right?”

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#14Mary Wraith 

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Mary Wraith
Shame burned hotter by the minute. Mary’s face was quickly going from bright pink to tomato red. One could almost imagine steam rising from her head as it drooped. Her stare turned hollow as it dropped towards the floor. The laughter echoed in her ears. She twiddled her fingers together, unable to utter another word. Well, then again... She had already learned that in these situations it was better to not say anything at all. Quietly she redoubled her prayers, beseeching whichever merciful deity might be listening to let the nearest bookshelf topple over and crush her dead. Unfortunately no deity was that kind.

The ghastly mage snapped out of her self-destructive thoughts when the bewitching woman whispered in her ear. Slowly her redness faded away. The comment was met with a careful nod. “Yes... He must be very old... And thus close to death.” As she lifted her gaze back onto him, her spiral eyes shined with peculiar madness. “If only I could have him die in my arms... Then pierce my heart and follow right after him...” She brought her hands to her cheeks, which were beginning to lit up with a tender blush again. “Ah, it would be so romantic~” A long, dreamy sigh wrapped up the disturbing look.

Fortunately for everyone involved, the strange woman didn’t voice her thoughts further. As the silence threatened to settle in again, she withdrew her hands and started twiddling them together again. Constant, nervous motion. It helped her focus. With deep, calming breaths, she slowly regained her fragile composure. She tried to smile... But what came out was a row of absurdly sharp teeth twisted into a disturbing grin. “It’s nice to meet you, Mister... uh... um...” She stammered and trailed off, now beginning to turn a little pale...er. Paler. If that was even possible. The realization came creeping. Oh dear. In her panic, she had completely missed his name! ...And failed to realize he had never given one in the first place.


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Raquel’s expressions went from amusement to horror and disgust in the span of a very few seconds as she listened to Mary. Really, this one was a strange one indeed. So unexpected, too. The young vampire found herself overwriting quite a lot of previous notions about her. This one was just as crazy as any of them. She should have sensed it from the time they discussed about vampires and the undead, Mary has a weird fetish with death and anything related. What a freaky realization. It felt creepy the more and more she dwelled on it. Besides, when Raquel took a clearer look at the cowering woman as they stood side by side, she discovered how much of a height difference they had. She initially thought her to be both the tallest and oldest but that seemed like not the case. It was just difficult to tell in the beginning.

“Uh, not to dampen your moment or anything, Mary, but that guy is probably already dead,” her lips twisted in a weird smile as she said so, as if she didn’t know whether that piece of information would do good or not. Her feet voluntarily moved away and she took a couple of steps away from her. The librarian looked equally confused and disturbed as his golden hollow eyes visibly twitched. He tried to hide his shock with a cough and went back to donning the previous dignified look he had.

“It’s Bethron, my lady. If my guests do not mind, may I ask the two of you for a favor?” His voice mellowed out once more. With a wave of his hands he gestured down the stairs. “But would you like to have some tea with me first?” With a tilt of his head and as if he was confident they wouldn’t say no, he began to head downstairs first, leaving the two women alone once again. Raquel, however, didn’t miss the look on his cat’s eyes.

“Hmm,” She contemplated the situation at hand. It was strange and the storm outside was picking up unnaturally fast as if to say the choice to leave was not an option. “Let’s go down and see what he wants. Maybe you two can hit it off really close over some tea,” She teased, chuckling as her feet moved towards the stairs.

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Mary Wraith
Contrary to Raquel’s expectation, her comment failed to dampen Mary’s spirits. If anything, it was more fuel to the fire. The creepy woman’s eyes lit up, twinkling like tiny stars. Or was it just a trick of the light? “Truly? Oh, I’ve missed encounters like this ever since I left the family estate.” Her eagerness was all too real, however. Back home, spirits and those like them were far more numerous thanks to the magic her family practiced. In all honesty, she had been feeling a little homesick lately... No wonder this library felt so comforting. Even as the storm raged outside, she felt almost... safe. Almost.

Luckily, the old gentleman picked up the cue smoothly. His introduction was met with a nod and a mutter. “M-mary... Mary Wraith... N-nice to meet you...” She made sure to jot down the man’s name in imaginary notebook of her mind. B... e... t... Uh... Beter? Betty? No, no... Um... Oh dear. Well, hopefully it wouldn’t come up anymore. A-and if things looked dire, she could always call him sir, just like back home.

While the eerie librarian headed downstairs, the ghastly woman turned to her intimidating friend. Despite the height difference, she still felt so very small before those eyes, like two rubies piercing the shadows. Hunching ever so slightly all the time certainly didn’t help. The suggestion was met with a hesitant nod. However, the thing that really caught her attention was the teasing. Her eyes widened in shock. “Y-you think so?” So there was a chance...? She hurried after the confident friend.

Looming like a shadow of death over Raquel’s shoulder, Mary leaned close for a nervous whisper. “B-but what should I say? Whenever I try to date people, they... um... run away...” Hm. Go figure. She reached out, wanting to gently cling to her social shield. “P-please, I beg of you... Help me... uh... hit it off with him...” She hoped that meant what she thought it meant. However, she also knew nothing in life was free. Her honor as a proud Wraith demanded that debts be repaid. “I-in return, I will repay you anyway I can... A-anything at all...” Not even a hint of exaggeration in her wavering voice. Yes, she was that desperate.

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