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Ko Lesalt

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#1Ko Lesalt 

Ko Lesalt  Empty Sat May 09, 2020 12:23 am

Ko Lesalt


Name: Ko Lesalt

Age: October 1st, x769

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heteroflexible

Ethnicity, Father: Gingap Lesalt (Caelese) - Deceased

Ethnicity, Mother: Fen Lesalt (Joyan) - Deceased

Class: Spellsword

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Tongue - Black

Face: Caim - Drakengard


Height: 6'2" / 1.8m

Weight: 153lbs / 69kg

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Despite his above average height, Ko's physique is deceptively lithe.  Though his body is covered in dense, corded muscles, they remain slim enough to be hidden by his clothing and armor.  His physique is unassuming enough that, were it not for his posture and general countenance, it would be easy to assume he was much younger than he is.  However, Ko's expression is abnormally severe and intense, piercing everything he observes with unsettling intensity.  Combined with wild hair that droops into his face and the subtle suggestion of dark bags under his eyes, Ko projects an aura of world weariness beyond his years.  His clothes are always cheap and simple, fashioned from darker colors.  The only bright color he wears is blue, and only ever in accents.  

Extra: Aside from small incidental scars, one enormous scar running from the top of his right shoulder across his back to his left hip.  It was clearly a deep wound, potentially fatal.


Personality: Meeting Ko for the first time is like stumbling upon a covered cauldron perched over an open flame.  It is immediately clear that something is going on inside, but it is never certain whether it is simply simmering lightly or close to boiling over.  

If one were being polite, they might call the stony visage Ko projects 'stoic', but that sort of tact is wasted on the young man.  Though he observes common manners and rules regarding politeness, he does so utterly devoid of false sincerity.  Even when putting forth the effort to appease someone of higher station, his platitudes are hollow and devoid of any ingratiating tone.  To Ko, words are less than cheap: they're worthless.  He would never place any value in the tittering of someone trying to ingratiate themselves to him, and thus has no respect for those who expect such behavior from him; especially considering he knows that he has no compunctions about lying.

Considering Ko's abrasive stoicism, it can be easy to mistake him as being cold-hearted.  In reality, Ko is incredibly hot headed.  From a young age he expressed great recklessness and passion, running headlong into situations without consideration.  Harsh, rigid discipline was ingrained into him in order to raise his self-control, reign in his temper, and teach him to act honorably.  That discipline is the only thing keeping Ko moving forward and striving to live.

At his core, deep down, Ko once could have been called a good man.  For all his faults, he loved those close to him fiercely and longed to become someone who made the world a brighter place.  The events of his life have since scalded his heart, leaving him dour, cynical, and struggling to find meaning.  Perhaps the only time he can be seen to let loose his emotions is in the throes of battle.  All his myriad doubts, worries, regrets, and sorrows melt away in rush of bloodlust that flows through him like a cleansing flame.

For now, he still retains a semblance of that once good man who could show compassion or mercy if necessary.  Yet there's no telling when he'll come to desire that numb bliss of combat so much that everything else seems pointless.


  • Fighting: Ko has always been a battle fanatic, even before travelling to Fiore to work as a mercenary.  Crossing blades or spells with a worthy opponent gets his blood flowing like nothing else, and provides a refuge from his otherwise intrusive thoughts.
  • Wyverns: As a child, his Mother was a rearer of beasts, selling them as luxury mounts or companions for jewels.  Among them, his favorites were always the Wyverns.
  • Alcohol: The only thing that let's him forget his life aside from being in a fight is being drunk.  Sometimes, being drunk even gets him into a fight, so even better!
  • Arrogance: While it may be an undesirable trait in someone you must deal with, Ko finds arrogant people especially easy to cut down, and therefor a delight to encounter.


  • Zealots: Even as opponents in combat, Ko finds the delirious ramblings of religious zealots distasteful in the extreme.
  • Humid Weather: While Ko is accustomed to most weather, he finds humid heat to be dreary and exhausting.  Also sticky, uncomfortable, and bad for his equipment.
  • Travelling: Making long trips means a lot of waiting and not working.  That means a lot of time lost in his own thoughts, getting restless, and losing sleep.


  • Challenge: Ko is driven by a need to push himself to great limits.  Not only because he needs to become stronger, but also because combat is the only thing that still feels pure in his heart.  Everything else is tainted at worst, and bittersweet at best.  The prospect of testing himself against an evenly matched opponent will get Ko to move mountains.    


  • Sewing Needles: Related to his current circumstances, Ko has a violent aversion to the sight of sewing needles. Simply being in the same room as one in plain view makes him nauseous.
  • Powerlessness: Of all the sad fates that Ko has imagined himself one day finding, losing his ability to fight and struggle onwards frightens him to his core.  He would sooner embrace death with open arms than live with his own agency.


Magic Name: Grudge Magic

Magic Element: Darkness 

Magic Description: As its name suggests, this nefarious magic feeds off of its wielder's negative emotions and desire to harm others.  It is a particularly aggressive form of Darkness Magic, lending itself to more direct approaches in the form of energy blasts and solid constructs, as well as bolstering the user's physical ability.  Of course, like nearly all Darkness Magic it is still capable of crippling foes indirectly through curses, but this isn't its strength.  While it lacks a true specialty, it is otherwise extremely versatile. Because it is fueled by negative emotions, it requires strict self-control to use responsibly.


History: From an early age, Ko's was a struggle to raise.  His parents had been enthusiastic travelers.  More accurately, his Father Gingap was the traveler at heart.  It was how he met his wife Fen in Joya, wooing her strict and honorable heart with an artist's soul.  They traveled until Ko was on the way, at which point they settled down in Gingap's home country Caelum.

From the moment he could walk Ko was a terror, wandering from his Mother's side at any opportunity to indulge in whatever passing curiosity engaged him.  Fighting with neighbor children, terrorizing the beasts his Mother raised, even simply getting lost in town; any troublesome antic a child might engage in, Ko had done it.  By the time he was 4 it became clear that he would need a strict guiding hand, lest he grow in a twisted way.

Having been raised in a very strict environment herself, Fen took to correcting Ko's behavior with determination.  Even after becoming pregnant with Ko's twin sisters she did not relent, firmly redirecting Ko's passionate energy towards positive pursuits.  Gingap would occasionally try to get him to branch out into intellectual pursuits, but even with the self-discipline his Mother hammered into him Ko had no patience for it.  Ko's twin sisters, Natsuki and Tsukiko, named for the crescent-shaped birthmarks on their shoulders, turned out much more even tempered and intellectual, giving Gingap someone to instill his love of art and alchemy into.  Certainly, his modest business flourished with two new hands assisting him.

When Ko was 13 he discovered his latent talent for magic, a hereditary trait passed down on his Mother's side.  Immediately Fen recognized the danger this magic posed, as well as her son's willingness to use it.  Painstakingly, Fen took her child's training further, committing to teaching him to wield a sword to help him control his emotions.  Ko took to the sword with great eagerness, delighting to finally have an outlet his Mother approved of.

At 16 Ko decided it was time to do more to support his family, and left home to join one of the mage Guilds in the nearby city.  Though Gingap was uncertain, Fen approved, believing that it was high time he experience life away from her watchful eyes.  Tearful goodbyes and tight hugs were his parting gifts, along with the longsword his Father had bought for his 16th birthday.

For a long year Ko worked away from home, taking and completing simple requests that were suitable for a largely inexperienced spellsword.  During that time, Ko saw many different things.  In many ways, his simple life had hidden him from the uglier parts of the world, and the first time he'd been forced to kill a man in self-defense had shocked him to his core.  His Mother's teachings bolstered him, however, and though his heart was hardened it remained compassionate.

Things changed in the winter after his 18th birthday.  He received a letter from home: Mother was ill, and it seemed she may not survive.  Ko returned home immediately, travelling the distance in a frenzy.  When he finally arrived, his hopes failed him.  Fen still lived, but her strength was all but spent.  Surrounded by his family and their close neighbors, Ko knelt by her bedside, his emotion broiling but kept under lock for her sake. She spoke one last time, just for him.  "Live, and be happy."

The weeks that followed after Fen's passing were harsh.  Gingap, being the man of intense passions that he was, was swept up in his grief like a ship in a storm.  His behavior was utterly unpredictable, swinging between deep depression and irrational outbursts.  Ko was forced to stay, ensuring that his sisters were safe and taken care of.  After a month passed with no change in their Father, the sisters reopened his business in his stead.  

Though work was scarce in town for Ko, he remained all the same, worried for his Father's mental health and his sisters' safety.  As the months wore on his Father's behavior became more reclusive and unusual.  He began to mutter to himself, dedicating time to alchemical calculations more complex than Ko had ever seen him dabble in.  Yet, though Ko's worries increased, he trusted in his Family's resilience.  

It was the anniversary of Fen's passing when the brewing tragedy finally struck.  Ko returned home late that night, having distracted himself with work.  He found their modest home seemingly empty, his Father and Sisters nowhere to be found.  Suddenly, the sound of hysterical cries caught his ear, leading him towards the basement where his Father did his more dangerous projects.  What Ko found there shook his soul to its core.

In the center of the room, standing in the middle of an unfamiliar magic circle, was a feminine figure covered in a white shroud.  On his knees before the figure was Ko's Father, his face manic and emaciated from months of self-neglect, reaching up at the figure's face with eyes wide and brimming with feverish devotion.  As if mimicking the man, the figure raised its own hands towards him, revealing slender limbs covered in coarse stitch-work, as if she had been assembled piecemeal.  Then, as if drawn there against his will, Ko's eyes wandered to the far wall of the room, where a small discarded pile of soiled clothing lay.  Even through the dim light, he recognized the sun dresses his sisters had been wearing when he'd left that morning.

Heat coursed through his body like lightning, and Ko stormed down the stairs towards the shrouded figure.  He threw his Father aside, limbs heavy with dread, and tore the shroud away from the figure in one motion, only to reveal the blank and staring face of his Mother.  The thing's body was covered in stitch-work, and stank of alchemical balms.  Behind him, he could hear his Father's hysterical ranting, babbling about 'hexes' and 'all-beholding eyes'.  Ko's gaze drifted to the things left shoulder, at the point where it had been stitched in place, fixating on the crescent-shaped birthmark.

It was the first time Ko had ever killed a man in rage.  The thing in the shroud he couldn't call living in the first place.  Though he knew he should report what had happened to the authorities he was filled with shame and disgust at the actions of his own family.  He set the house aflame, leaving it to burn to the ground while he left without a word.  Haunted by memories of his Father's actions, he fled, and fled, until the country of Caelum was left behind and he arrived in Fiore.  

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Venus Rosé

This character application has been approved.

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