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Orchidia to Merigold [Train Travel]

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#1Rinni Faithe 

Orchidia to Merigold [Train Travel] Empty on Fri May 08, 2020 6:58 pm

Rinni Faithe
Rinni found herself at the train station, where the train hadn't arrived yet. The train should be here in another 15 minutes, according to the train routes schedule. In the meantime, Rinni claimed a table in the dining area and ordered a small salad to eat, and a bowl of strawberries for Winter. When the food arrived, she placed the bowl on the floor where Winter could easily access it.

The Snow Vulpix cooed gleefully as she devoured the berries, her six tails swaying in delight at the tart bitter taste. Rinni smiled and ate her salad while keeping an eye on the wall clock so as not to miss her train. Right on schedule, the train stopped at the station.

Rinni was surprised to find it mostly empty as she boarded. "I guess Orchidia City isn't visited by many travelers." She observed as she took a seat in the back.

Winter followed and climbed up into her lap. Rinni gently ran her hand down the soft white furry spine of her companion as she gazed out the window. The Snow Vulpix purred contentedly as the gentle stroking lulled her into a comfortable sleep. As the train began to move, it jolted Rinni forward ever so slightly. She put her arm across Winter to prevent her from falling off her lap as she continued to stroke her soft coat.

It had been so long since she'd been in Merigold. She couldn't wait to get home and reunite with her family. She wondered if anything had changed back home, but quickly shook her head of such a notion. Merigold was as dull and peaceful as Orchidia. There's no way it could have changed in the short time she'd been gone.

Then again, it was a new year. Who knows what could have happened in that time. The train stopped at the Merigold station and Rinni gently nudged Winter awake. The fox yawned and stretched before leaping off her lap. The two departed the train together. Time to go home.

[WC 347/300]
Arrived in Merigold

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