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Eyes Wide Open- [Eustass | Quest]

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#1Eustass D. Teach 

Eyes Wide Open- [Eustass | Quest] Empty Thu May 07, 2020 1:54 pm

Eustass D. Teach
Eyes Wide Open- [Eustass | Quest] 9fc4c419b8ab8954221b0e9eaacc1143

It was another morning and Eustass had woken up next to Eric once again. On one hand he was tired of waking up to the same face every day, on the other hand, Eric was honestly an amazing person in certain areas and even though he didn’t like handouts, he was starting to like being spoiled and well, Eric spoiled him a lot. It was like Eric was his sugar daddy or something, and while he did mind to a certain extent, Eustass also did not mind at the same time. It was complicated and a little confusing the emotions that he was feeling, but that was life. Eustass was still looking for some jobs and whatnot to make a living, and to not be so dependent on Eric. Once he got the money to get his own place, Eustass was thinking about ditching Eric. Or well at least, getting his own apartment and being able to be independent from the handsome male. Though honestly, he did not know if he was going to totally ditch Eric, mostly because he was fun to be with. Hmmm, choices, choices. Eustass would figure out what to do about Eric at the moment that he has the jewels and everything else that he needs to survive by himself. Until then, he would allow Eric to spoil him, but he was going to force the handsome male to turn it down a bit. Eustass could not afford to get attach to Eric, he needed to gain more power, to find the people who murdered his family, and then to get revenge on the Empire who caste¬†him out. Being in love or falling in love was something he could not do right now, nor ever for that matter. Eustass took a quick shower, and got dress before he exited the apartment.¬†


#2Eustass D. Teach 

Eyes Wide Open- [Eustass | Quest] Empty Thu May 07, 2020 2:11 pm

Eustass D. Teach
Once more, he took to the streets of Magnolia in search of a job. He decided that he would check out that old man that owned the drug shop, to see if he had any work for him to do. Who knows, this might be a constant thing, doing work for the old man. It would provide him with some level of stability, stability that would grant him some money which he could use to get his own place. Now, that sounded nice indeed. Granted, it would only be a steppingstone to attain more power and wealth, which he plotted to use to exact his vengeance against those who have wronged him. Eustass would push open the door to the store, where the old man would great him. The magnetism mage would inform the old man that he was looking for some work to do, the magician would smile and mention that he had to go out and needed someone to watch the place. Eustass agreed and the old man would tell him not to go in the back, nodding Eustass would get at his post and watch the store. A group of teenagers had come in to bother Eustass and attempt to get behind him to the back, but after an argument and showing off his magnetic powers, the magnetism mage managed to scare the teenager’s back. Other than that, working here in the shop was actually rather boring, and only a few customers came to buy things. It was a slow day, one that he somewhat regretted taking. But the old man came back and paid him, money was good and something that he needed so he did not complain much. It was late when Eustass got back to the apartment, and he took a shower before curling back into the bed.


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