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Cupcake Courier [Quest/Leah]

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#1Leah Black 

Cupcake Courier [Quest/Leah] Empty Wed May 06, 2020 11:03 pm

Leah Black
After some time, Leah finally was resolved on going out of the city. She had spent about a month in Dahlia and Daeva Eye already, that she felt it was the moment to go out and explore other cities. Even though Dahlia was fascinating for her, she was curious about what the other cities of Fiore were like. Yet, the girl's objective did not only have to do with her vast sense of adventure. As she was just starting to be a more dedicated and strong mage, she also wanted to begin earning her own money.

The first place she thought of traveling to was Magnolia City. This big and festive town was well known for its warmth and openness to travelers and tourists. From what the Stellan knew, it was a huge place with an ongoing reputation, that had mostly to do about the guild established there, Fairy Tail. However, she went there having some jobs in mind.

As Leah arrived, the differences between her guild's city and the country from where she was were evident. Magnolia was a cheerful place, filled with people strolling through the streets and merchants everywhere. The environment instantly cheered Leah’s mood, making her feel welcome. She got distracted for a moment looking at the different shops and booths full of artistry from merchants close to the train station. Beautiful green tones were spread all over the place, the girl liked the medieval style the buildings and streets had, something very different from what she had seen.

Her disperse mind was enchanted with the warmth of the air and beauty of the city she just arrived at. Nevertheless, she decided to find a request board to find something to do as she stayed here. Willing to do so, she found one and settled herself towards her first job in Magnolia. The city's most famous bakery was in need of someone that could help them out delivering a large list of orders for the day; Olly's Cake Shop was its name.

Leah's stomach growl as she read the poster with the request that had some very appealing pastries drown in it. A strong scent of delicious bread captivated her when she was close to the bakery's location, it was so clear that it could almost trace the path in the air. "There is no wonder why the cake shop is so popular", the girl said to herself. She arrived and couldn't help to crave what she was seeing.

"Hello! I'm here to help with your deliveries", the girl was a foodie at its finest. "God it smells good", she murmured when Olly the owner called her to the kitchen. "Glad you arrived. I have plenty of orders to be delivered today before I have no more space to keep them. I'm Olly by the way", he talked fast while whipping something in a bowl. "Go to that fridge, there is a list of places you have to deliver these boxes of cupcakes", he explained as he signaled the boxes. He seemed pretty busy, "My name's Leah. Count on it", the Stellan picked the boxes and hurried to each of their destinations, coming back to the shop a pair of times when her hands were empty.

When she finally was over with the deliveries, she returned to the shop and got rewarded for her hard work.


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