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Magnolia to Marigold [Travel]

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Magnolia to Marigold [Travel] Empty Wed May 06, 2020 6:46 pm


Steel hadn’t really visited any place other than Crocus for a while. Magnolia though an amazing city was starting to get a little bit boring. Steel wanted to go out into the world. And get around. He wanted to see some cool new sights. He stepped out onto the streets of Magnolia. Humming a tune and tapping his feet as he walked across the cobblestones. Steel was for once not wearing his super suit but instead just rocked a pair of shoes, socks, some slacks and a flannel shirt. Sure it looked a little bit like he was a hobo but he couldn’t care about style today. He had a suitcase with him that contained some classier clothes too and his super suit should the moment arrive that he would need to wear it.

He flipped down his sunglasses over his eyes and made his way out of the gates. He walked and walked until an ocean of grass surrounded him. The plains where the wind grabbed your hopes and dreams and let you float away. Step and tap. Steel walked down the road on a southbound dream.

Reaching a milestone Steel started walking eastward where the winds seemed to take him. It was almost dreamlike as if destiny guided him on his travels. He felt a weird spring in his feet and he next to near danced forward as his feet were light as a feather. Which was weird considering the distance he had travelled. He soon felt the strain he had gotten from walking for so long.

He decided to lay down on some of the nearby tufts of grass that made the grasslands even softer than they normally were. He quickly fell asleep. There was something magical about travelling the lands. Something about the feeling of the sun on your skin, grass beneath your feet.

Soon he reached the hillside town/village of Marigold. He breathed a final breath of wilderness air and then headed into the civilized world again.

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