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Marigold Poetry Contest

Best poem

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Marigold Poetry Contest Empty Wed May 06, 2020 11:21 am



In lieu of the artistic integrity of those who created these, I request you to vote on your favorite one not including your own of course :)

A wrote:"I foremost seek,
a place between the clouds and land,
a place between my soul and hights.

I beg the deers to teach me,
how to climb the hills,
how to live from grass.

They tell me to follow the lights,
until I reach a place where I'll find the courage to fly.

A destination,
not a place.
It resides inside".

B wrote:"Upon the Lowly Earth
Roams those that guide to the light of great sovereignty
Towards the height of the heavens comes unity
Giving the feeling of Worth

Unknown road to embrace such fate
As one walks alongside the grasslands
Feeling peace with a breeze, not berate
Like after a long journey, returning to one's homelands.
Upon the guiders on the lowly earth
that will make the long live worth."

C wrote:"I seek for an inspiration,
so I climb up a beautiful mountain,
I observe the way of mother nature,
the way it set things into motion;

I wish for a wonderful life,
and not for damnation,
so i keep on seeking,
for my beautiful destination."

D wrote:“Three deer stood atop a mount.
Free the wind carried through a sea of grass.
Three deer stood atop a mount.

A hunter hiding in plain sight.
Killed three deer atop a mount.

A hunter stood atop a mount.
Free the wind carried through a sea of grass.”


Marigold Poetry Contest Empty Tue May 12, 2020 2:12 pm


Please cast your votes within 48 hours via the poll

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