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The Beached Monster [Manzo]

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#1Raquin Storvarg 

The Beached Monster [Manzo] Empty Tue May 05, 2020 9:04 pm

Raquin Storvarg
Concord sniffed the air as he caught a whiff of the scent. The creature was near or had been here telling by how stale the scent was. Raquin was quietly scanned any disturbance in the waters. The beaches were barren, thankfully. She sighed as she dropped to her knees in the sand. Some small crabs skittered across the from under some rocks. Concord looked at his master with concern in his face. "Raquin, we'll find her. She is around here somewhere. You know she can shapeshift" spoke Concord telepathically.

Raquin sighed and moved her hair out of her face. She nodded. It was frustrating trying to find someone in a haystack. This world was so big. How could see be sure Nessie would be here in the first place? She couldn't, but she was a cryptid hunter. She knew the patterns and signs that could lead her to Nessie. An echo could be heard in her head calling to her. Was it the water? Concord then started to dash ahead at full speed with Raquin following him in two. They ran a few hundred yards with Raquin trailing behind. "Concord! Where are you going" she yelled. The creature ran hopped on a rocky outcrop leading to the other side of the beach. Raquin followed him in tow. There on the other side was Nessie. A large creature lying almost giving up on life like when they first met. In front of her, was a man looking like to kill her.

Without any sort of command, Concord acted on his own accord. He leaped by turning half-way invisible and dash into the bushes nearby, leaving Raquin on her own. She was used to this. Quickly, she slide down to the other side and dash in front of Nessie before the opposing person could do anything to her. Her sharp, orange reptillian eyes stared at him. "Don't you dare touch her" she hissed.


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It was a beautiful day on azure beach, it had been sometime since Manzo had gone to a beach. A full year at least. So this was a nice change of pace from the usual days within the guild. He had a day of peace where he wouldn't have to deal with the younglings of the guild. Not that he minded helping out the newer members of the family, it could just be taxing at times. Which was something he felt truly anyone could understand, if they'd been a teacher at some point in their lives.

Under his arm was a beach towel, the other arm a watermelon. For it wasn't truly a beach day without a watermelon. As he found his spot he noticed a gathering of people over by what looked like a beached whale. Which was odd considering it hadn't been here yesterday when he passed by. It had to have been rather recent. Though he wouldn't be going anywhere near said creature. When methane builds up, something like that would pop like a balloon and he wasn't in the mood to spend all day in bath.

While he did enjoy a good bath, being covered in entrails was not something he found particularly attractive to need a bath for.

#3Raquin Storvarg 

The Beached Monster [Manzo] Empty Wed May 06, 2020 7:00 pm

Raquin Storvarg
What she thought was empty, people were now starting to gather around here. Nessie was no shape to answer her at the moment. Whoever or whatever had done this to her would pay, but that was for another time. The man in front of her was going to kill her and Concord had other plans. The redhead was starting to get nervous seeing a crowd for around her, but right now she didn't care. Quickly, she grabbed the sword out of the man's hands and pined him to the ground quickly with the sword against his throat.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you. Its illegal by international law to kill a rare, magical creature. Answer or else I will make your death painful" she growled. Raquin could careless who was watching. What was more important was saving her mentor. "Raquin, stop! Stop before you regret something" called Concord into her mind. Concord came out of the bushes revealing himself to the public as bystanders were making their way towards him. "Concord you know he was going to kill her. He has the markings and scent of a hunter. I know these kinds" she hissed in Icebergian.

Concord shook his head and forced Raquin off of the man. "A Warin? Never thought I would see one of those and would make some great extra cash" he smiled, seeming clever. Concord growled. "Destroy him" she commanded coldly in her native language. Concord immediately pinned him to the floor with his throat in his jaws. "Good, now we're level. You play nice and I wont command Concord to kill your or you find yourself fresh food for the fishes. Leave and never come back, hunting rare creatures for sport is illegal and considered a felony here in Fiore" she smiled. Her eyes reflected her love for playing with her prey. The utter fear in everyone's eyes made her smile. It was an addiction of hers.

"Concord, release. Now run like the ass you are" she hissed. She let him run with people still watch her. Quickly, she kneeled down getting out herbs and medicine she had gotten from her sources. She started to heal her wounds and ignoring those watching.


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After having witnessed the display of the woman with red hair, he knew he couldn't just eat his water melon in peace. She was causing a scene and was honestly at this juncture a hostile presence within the city and port of Hargeon. He walked over to her, silently due to his hunter armor, and pulled his revolver from it's holster. He placed it at the back of her head, making sure she could feel the weight, as well as knowing there was nowhere to run. A surge of magic rushed to his eyes awakening them. His usual red eyes went to that of a cats. Yellow and piercing.

"Quite a display." He said as his eyes began to stidy her body. Piercing through her clothes down to the skin level, gathering all the knowledge he could about this woman. "Your name is Raquin Storvarg, age 20, nationality Icebergian with a bit of minstrel." He said with a cold and monotone like.
"Nessie, sea creature, sentient." He said with a grunt. "While you are correct that the pouching of magical sentient creatures is prohibited, that is the laws job to inforce. We are the law in this city and region. Not you."

#5Raquin Storvarg 

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Raquin Storvarg
She felt something cold and hard press the back of her head. Coldly, she froze. "Concord, continue with the herbal heal" she ordered. The creature did as he was told. She felt no fear at all, but could tell whoever was holding the gun was much stronger than she was. Feeling no fear of death, only the fear of loosing Concord or Nessie was apperant. Concord paused staring at the man behind her and back at her, obviously worried. "I'll be fine, Concord" she mouthed with no sound to him.

The man recited who she was and Nessie, ignoring Concord. She stayed still remaining cold and worried for Nessie. "I know. It's my job to protect those laws. Shoot me, go ahead. Just let me make sure, Nessie and Concord will be alright. That's all I care about" she said. She spoke with no fear at all about being held at gunpoint, it was the thought of loosing someone dear that set in. "I am a cryptid hunter and protector of rare magical creatures. I'm doing my job, was I a bit harsh, maybe, but to protect the only thing that I care about besides my family and Concord. Go ahead and shoot, if you wish" she replied, this time with a hint of fear for Nessie.


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"You're in fiore now outlander. You have no jurisdiction here. Not only that, but you're in Blue Pegasus territory, you claim no guild and as I can see there is no mark on your body, anywhere. That's two strikes." He said as he cocked his revolver. As the guilds second in the command it was his job to root out those who would cause trouble in the city, this woman and the man she threatened were also not documented with the transit department within the cities government. "Don't move an inch raptenoid." He said as black lightening sparked from his hands.

He had choice to make, while he had no intention of executing anyone. He had to make it clear that there was to be no foreign power working within the city without the knowledge of the empress. Keeping strangers under a tight thumb was the only way to keep the peace at this present time. "Do you plan on operating within the city and greater port in such a manner?" He asked coldly. Not in his nature, but often required of him in these moments. He had hoped to resolve this peacefully.

#7Raquin Storvarg 

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Raquin Storvarg
"I only came to find Nessie and keep her safe and leave. That's it. I came cause she called to me" she spoke, only speaking the truth. Her eyes met with Concord then at Nessie. It was a tight bind they were in. As long as Concord and Nessie were safe that's all the mattered. She already accepted her fate. She thought if Nessie could hear this. Usually, she came to her aid, but now she needed Raquin's help.

"You said you're in Blue Pegaus, correct? What would happen if you leader was shot and on their death bed. Would you do anything to save them? I bet you would. That's what I am doing, shoot if you must, but let Concord heal her, please. Its all I ask" she replied. Nessie's eyes opened slowly, meeting with Raquin's. They were starting to cloud over which scared her. Fear struck more into Raquin wanting to move, but she knew she couldn't for Concord's sake. She could feel her heart sink into the pit of her stomach. Nessie was all she had left besides her grandfather. "No...Nessie, hang in there
Concord pleaded telepathically.


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Manzo smirked at her words, speaking of the weakness of someone she had never met. The mistress of blue pegasus, the empress of Hargeon was not someone who could be felled as easily as a defenseless sea creature as this one. "You speak of things you know nothing about. Common among the young and unproven." He said as he surged lightening through the body of the creature. His aim as precise as a surgical scalpel. His purpose for doing so was to stabilize the beast. The creature could not be left here, but the procedure would put her in a coma in order for her body to properly heal.

"This creature will be retrieved by the the marine biologists in the city and given proper care for people who specialize in it's anatomy. Once healed she will be released back into the wild. For now, I'm placing you under arrest. You will come with me." He said as he snapped his fingers making lightening bind around her wrists keeping her hands from being a threat as well as keeping her docile while they sorted this whole thing out. Keeping the peace was a hard job, especially in a city they just took control of. The guild's strength couldn't be question now, because the security of the people of the free port of hargeon was something they couldn't take lightly.

#9Raquin Storvarg 

The Beached Monster [Manzo] Empty Sat May 09, 2020 10:30 pm

Raquin Storvarg
Concord was really trying hard to not save her. "Concord, you know what to do" she commanded. She was used to this kind of treatment. It was the reason why she did her work in solitude. "No, they're gonna kill her. Don't believe everything you hear. No one else knows how she works besides me. She's not a regualr sea creature, she's senitient" she hissed. Raquin growled more animalistically.

Concord quickly gave Nessie her remedy she managed to create for her. Concord tried to communicate with her telepathically. Concord noticed she was unconscious. Luckily, she did have connections everywhere. She had lived in Fiore for a few years, but the proof of residence was not on her. "Nessie is a Icebergian spirit that's from my homeland. Under the Storvarg family, she is under my protection, no one else or no government is able to understand how her biological functions work. Dont believe me, in my bag is a journal fill with information and my license given to me by the international organization of Hunters, LEGAL hunters" she ordered.


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"They can never just agree with you will they." He said to himself. It was clear this woman was not one to cooperate. Which was fine, he had his ways of making people understand. Though what he was about to show her would be more painful than any bullet in the back of the head. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, this was going to be quite draining for him. He placed his hand on the back of her head and began to pour into her mind the several outcomes of this exchange if she did not cooperate.

The first was a vision if the creature did not receive the proper care from the experts within the city. A decaying carcass, being picked clean by the birds. The second one was a vision if she did not cooperate with him, vision of being in shackles, rotting in the prison of this port, forever separated from the creature she claimed to be here for. He couldn't tell which one was worse for her. It mattered not. He removed his hand from her head and took another deep breath as he ended their connection. "You do not know what I know, you do not see as I see. Maybe now you will the importance of listening to someone before you try to do something on your own."

Was this cruel, perhaps, did it matter to him, no. The fact of the matter is, his all seeing eyes could not be doubted, they dealt only in fact and nothing more. Nothing could be fabricated, because absolute knowledge is absolute.


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#11Raquin Storvarg 

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Raquin Storvarg
At this point, it hurt more she would be away from Nessie. Being helpless was her only fear. This man somehow had the power to invoke visions into her head. Ones that made her shiver. The one that made her want to really make her made. Concord continued to heal her, ignoring what the man was saying. "Nessie, come on, she needs you. Don't loose me now! Please, you have to wake up. Nessie...NESSIE" Concord continued to plead telepathically. The harsh reality was starting to hit her.

"Fine. Just leave Concord out of this" she finally agreed. Concord perked his head up and looked her in the eye. She gave him one final command. "Stay with Nessie and stay out of trouble. The remedy I created should do something to her" she smiled. Concord whined, but she sighed. "Concord, stay! Kahu will find you and Nessie, she's nearby" she said. She sighed. She had given up for the sake of Nessie and Concord. Their lives mattered more than hers. Concord could easily outlive her. "Alright, you've got me. I dont care what happens to me as long as their alright. You may know all and see all, but you dont feel all" she retorted.


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