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Off to the Sea [Travel/Solo/Oak to Hargeon]

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#1Raquin Storvarg 

Off to the Sea [Travel/Solo/Oak to Hargeon] Empty Tue May 05, 2020 8:43 pm

Raquin Storvarg
Raquin was finally had some sort of answer due to having a omen from Nessie. She had a weird dream regarding her ill-born mother and the creature whom she would think of as her mother. The sea creature was the closest thing to show her love. Yes, she did love her parents but it was more out of respect rather than. Concord walked beside her not speaking a word to her. She was more concentrated at getting to their destination.

"So what was the omen?" Concord asked telepathically with concern i his tone. "Nessie's in trouble. Big trouble, otherwise she would of never called out to me. You know just as well as I do that she's extremely talented and wise" she replied, with a ting of worry in her voice. She was worried for her mentor and mother. No matter what anybody says, Nessie was more of a mother to her than her blood one. She taught her how to be human and the meaning of life. Concord was there to vision it as well. They finally were starting to reach Hargeon. Suddenly, Raquin stopped. She stared at the ocean trying to find her friend. "Lets hope she's around" she told Concord.

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