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I Pledge Myself To the Night (Guild Joining Request)(Aegis)

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#1Lucian V. Crimson 

I Pledge Myself To the Night (Guild Joining Request)(Aegis) Empty on Tue 5 May - 8:17

Lucian V. Crimson
A guild was a family of people that may or may not share blood, but they share a common thought, they lived for one another and loved one another. Fighting against the tides of adversity and standing against the enemies of their ideals. Whether born of darkness or citizens of the light, they all sought to do the same, fight, and win for another. Grow and evolve to new heights. That was a beautiful thing, and for some, it was a far fleeted dream that never seemed to be obtainable. Always at the very ends of an outstretched hand that was ripped away. Or so that's how Lucian felt.

I do not even know why I came here. Drawn by a mysterious will or unbridled curiosity, it is hard to tell. But I'm here, standing at the precipice of a new era. Or I could walk away now. Maintain my peaceful solitude and just disappear back into the darkness. Solitary and alone, as I have always been. Maybe, this was a mistake, a guard was someone who protected those they were tasked with. I have just served myself and myself alone. No one's agenda mattered, save for my own. But I am drawn here, like flash bugs to burning lacrima crystals, this place calls to me. The etched stronghold in the mountains, away from the hustle and bustle.

It was tucked away, hidden from plain sight, yet it seemed to radiate with a solid strength of might like an ever-present protector. The mountain's soul seemed to give life to the structure itself. The perfect home for the guardians of Marigold and justice, but do I truly fit in their ranks? Am I worthy of being called a protector?

Lucian turned his back to the doors and stared out into the open space on the mountain, he could turn back now. Runaway and never come back, just like before, disappear into the night and pop up somewhere else again.

Or, he could finally face the truth...Actually dance to the music for once and stop sitting with his back to the wall, he had to conquer his fears. And if they so chose to reject him, then so be it. Then he would at least know he can move on again with no regrets. Turning to face the doors once again, Lucian knocked on the giant ornate doors with his fist, the hollow sound echoing with a soft thunder crack throughout the hollow space, he sat in silence and awaited the unknown.



I Pledge Myself To the Night (Guild Joining Request)(Aegis) Empty on Thu 7 May - 3:26



-Do not fret the Night-


"Together, we will arise with the morning light."


Aegis was in his normal gear set that he was often found in, armour and cloak. This day was proving to proceed like any other. Most of Penumbral Guards guild activities were running smoothly, and they were lucky enough to not have to deal with many ill becoming people as of late. However, with the spike in activity in Marigold and the surrounding regions, they were getting prepared for an increase in activity. Unsure what exactly had caused the surge of people coming in and out of the city, they wanted to make sure that everything ran smoothly, and no, or as few as possible, incidents occurred.

As one would enter from the front entrance way, there are lines of books and desks on the left hand side of the buildings internals, and the desk, where Aegis stood, was on the right. Further on into the guildhall, there were two mass of staircases on either side of the lobby, both turning into each other as they raised and led to the second floor of the building. Currently he was dealing with some business with the front desk in the large and open lobby way of the guild. There were not a ton of people around at this time, most were out and about or on quests or tasks.

There were two attendants currently working with him, seemingly going through paperwork in vast quantities. While he didn't partake himself, he was listening as they were chatting amongst themselves about the new book shipments that had just come in for the library.    

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#3Lucian V. Crimson 

I Pledge Myself To the Night (Guild Joining Request)(Aegis) Empty on Fri 8 May - 6:56

Lucian V. Crimson
The echo from the knock continued throughout the small valley until it died out in a soft whimper, there was no action for the next few minutes as Lucian remained still, no sign of activity from the inside welcomed him as he stared at the ornate doors. Maybe this had truly been a mistake, he had come when no one was home and this journey had been for nothing more than just a walk through the mountains to sightsee.

Sigh, this was such a waste of time, maybe this was the way that fate had decreed things to go. Maybe, I'll go to Oak again, might visit Haregon port and see what they have available or...

The doors creaked slightly knocking it ajar as if the force of the wind and his knock had caused it to come open slightly. Well then, this clearly was a sign but was it smart to just up and walk into a guild building without even being acknowledged or welcomed in.

This could be a dumb idea, but then again it isn't everyday one gets the chance to test the true hand of fate. Turning around, he walked through the doors, the hollow air following him as he strolled into the entrance.

The hall was lined with solid stone much like the outside and like their fellow stone, they radiated with the same power if not more. Strolling through, Lucian began to see a collection of books come into view, on his left, the volumes rising high into the roof.

The large lobby that served as the base of the guild was a large room decorated modestly and relatively empty. It would be a lie to say he didn't expect to hear more signs of life and liveliness but then again this place probably wasn't used to that type of energy. Meaning things were gonna be nice and quiet around here.

A soft gasp, made Lucian turn to face the source of the noise, turning around he caught the sight of the attendants, their faces flushed with surprise. Then he felt the bracer pulse, but he didn't need it's magic to tell him what he already knew... Another damn Lich...

The skeleton was much more heavyset than the previous man he had worked with, but this one didn't seem to be as arrogant, he didn't radiate the same aura of evil or even darkness, it was as if this was his normal form and this was just the way it is.

"Forgive me. But the door was open. I am here to make a request."

Lucian focused his gaze on the skeleton giant.

"I am here to take up your cause."


I Pledge Myself To the Night (Guild Joining Request)(Aegis) Empty on Sun 10 May - 8:59



-Do not fret the Night-


"Together, we will arise with the morning light."


As the working attendants did a slight exclamation from the behind the desk towards the entrance, you turned around to figure out what was going on. Before him was a man with a arm that seem to be glowing quite brightly. It seemed to be some sort of magical instrument, but its purpose wasn't exactly clear

"Forgive me. But the door was open. I am here to make a request."

The man's gaze was fixed on him, he waved him to come closer. "Of course. Feel free to enter at your leisure unless for some reason you have ill intent. Many people come and go for various reasons, so feel at ease."

"I am here to take up your cause." The man said, still being extremely cautious and not letting Aegis out of his sight. "Oh? Well new guildmates are always welcome, as I had said before, the only issue is someone's state. If you're coming here asking to join, am I safe to assume you know at least a small portion of information about us? And may I ask why your arm is shining brighter than an aurora?"

As they continue talking, Aegis would motion towards the table off to the left side of the room where they could sit and talk amongst themselves without bothering the others completing their work.    

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#5Lucian V. Crimson 

I Pledge Myself To the Night (Guild Joining Request)(Aegis) Empty on Mon 11 May - 5:02

Lucian V. Crimson
I can't trust this. I am a fool, this is a lich, the undeath itself, and clearly he can't be a good person. And this is no illusion clearly the bracer's glow assures that, but yet he seems to be just that good of a person.

The attendants don't seem to be afraid of this being but more so of me, but maybe they have been brainwashed...But that doesn't make sense, he would have to be a true mastermind to be able to manipulate an entire city and possible region into this image.

But then again, by the way he spoke, I don't sense any ill intent. Well, he is still technically moving and alive, therefore a being of life and he deserves the honor to at least see how this evolves.

Lucian noticed the motion to the other side of the table, He knew that this meant he wanted to have a much more in-depth conversation.

As Lucian took his seat opposite of Aegis, he looked around the castle, studying the various pieces of architecture, and designs from the inside. It was as simple as a design for a castle, as simple as it could get.

"One. My bracer detects creatures of the night. Two, I know nothing about your guild other than the fact yall are known as protectors."

He watched him with wary eyes, he was paying attention to any possible movement or possible attack. He was in an unfamiliar environment and this could easily turn into a life-threatening experience but he needed to see where this could go. No more regret.


I Pledge Myself To the Night (Guild Joining Request)(Aegis) Empty on Tue 12 May - 8:15



-Do not fret the Night-


"Together, we will arise with the morning light."


Upon looking and observing the man's concern, he sighs slightly. "I know my vistage comes off as disconcerting to most people, but rest assured no harm will come to you here. And if that's truthful, a very handy item to have indeed." as they got situated at the table, a young man would come buy at a swift but leisurely pace and stop in front of the table. "May I get something for you during your visit?" upon getting a request, or if none were asked, he would then head over to the receptionist's and ask the same of them before heading off to the door underneath the right staircase.

"Well, if you come needing information, I can provide as much as I can. Only knowing that much however and still seeking us out, is a pleasant start to be sure. For some basic information, we are currently the overwatchers of the current region around Marigold and its surrounding villages."

Underneath the table, and the shelf attached in the area, were a small amount of books, and a larger amount of tubes. Aegis reach down and pulled one of the tubes from the underside of the table and placed it on the top. Very carefully, he popped the sealed tube cover off, and pulled out a significantly detailed map of the area, which he placed on the table facing Lucian.

"We are generally a peacekeeping force but our main focus is dealing with and securing undesirables that have bounty in the area. We are allowed to do this because Marigold in and of itself is a relatively peaceful location, thus we are able to split our focus in this regard. Well we do have members that protect the specific location, we also have individuals that take tasks in other locations around the country. Do you have any questions thus far?"    

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#7Lucian V. Crimson 

I Pledge Myself To the Night (Guild Joining Request)(Aegis) Empty on Wed 13 May - 5:43

Lucian V. Crimson
Lucian studied the map with focused eyes, he could see the various areas that accompanied Marigold and the true grandness of the region that encompassed the city. The guild was in charge of protecting this whole region and truth be told the number of individuals required to be guardians to such a vast amount of land really explains why the stronghold was so empty.

They were probably all split among the region or various cities in the country. Such a distinct undertaking, maybe these people were truly where I belonged, I could continue to travel as I see fit, and yet I know there would be a place for me to be guided home to. Though...

Could this place really be his home, a lofty castle tucked in the corners of the mountains, really serving the greater good under possible beings like this one here? What if they tried to change him, or indoctrinate him? Make him someone he will never be.

"You say bounty hunting is a part of our main duties, does this mean guild members come and go as they please to hunt?"

Lucian studied some more of the map, he had traveled some of those same routes and he knew his way around. He easily could take up the request board, but was he really ready to be the hunter.

The bracer on his wrist seemed to pulse again as if to notify him of its presence and the call to his heritage. Not only as a Crimson, the harbinger of the war god, but also as a werewolf, the apex predator of the night.

"And if I so choose to join this guild, do have to give up anything of myself? Is it some weird initiation?"

Lucian's mind was running rampant with questions but he knew that this was going to be a big step, he has never taken up a cause but something about this felt right. And yet it felt so wrong.

"I'm not used to... the idea of family. The idea of having people to rely on and them to rely on you."

Lucian knew that he had to be raw at this moment if he wasn't honest here then he might as well leave this place and continue on with his life. But maybe he could actually work through this.

"I'm not used to this. I run alone. But if we are to start off this partnership. Then may I ask what is your name, Lich."


I Pledge Myself To the Night (Guild Joining Request)(Aegis) Empty on Thu 14 May - 6:19



-Do not fret the Night-


"Together, we will arise with the morning light."


Aegis set back and studied the individual for a while well he proceeded to investigate the map and the positions of the town and surrounding areas. "Many of our members are located in the region, but they are free to come and go as they please. Marigold is our center, thus most of our members and our main objective is here. However, while this is the case people in penumbral guard occasionally undertake missions to seek out bounty holders in nearby regions as well. In this endeavour we attempt to aid our members rather than restrict them to specific regions or locations."

He paused his information expulsion to see if Lucian had any other questions before continuing on, all the while he continued to study the map and the regions.

"No, there isn't a rite of initiation or anything of the sort. We have a common goal in protecting the regions and the people that inhabit them. As long as the person is doing that in ernest and not abusing that right, they are more than welcome in the guild. Of course we get information delivered to us based on performances of the members. However, unless you do something grievous, severely negatively impacting on not just your own reputation but ours, or abuse of the power, there isn't any repercussion other than a possible verbal inquiry. Opposed to that, if someone intentionally does these things, and has been proven such, not only will they not to be in the guild any longer, they will be subject to the same rules as anyone else."

"I'm not used to... the idea of family. The idea of having people to rely on and them to rely on you."
Even without lungs, the lich somehow breathed in and let out a long breath. Not begrudgingly or with discontent mind you, but with empathy through, commonality. "Trust me when I say this, I understand. Before the guild was created, I had a few people that relied on me often, but most were occasional that I came across. Now throughout the formation of this familia, it has been much more blatant and consistent. Do not take me saying this as regret or contempt however, it still gives me joy, and I enjoy it just as much as before. I will be frank, it may not come naturally to you. But that does not mean you're not welcome, or it won't come with time."

Aegis jolted a bit as he forgot to tell the man his name.

"My apologies, people call me Aegis, you are more than free to do so as well. And regardless of your decision, welcome to the Penumbral Guard hall."  

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#9Lucian V. Crimson 

I Pledge Myself To the Night (Guild Joining Request)(Aegis) Empty on Thu 14 May - 22:51

Lucian V. Crimson
I am welcomed...The flashbacks to a time thought to have long passed cascaded through his mind, the many nights spent sleeping an old bonded building that had been turned into a respectable hideout. Sharing his first taste of alcohol and the horrible after effects, sharing the various rooms and cots with his peers as they all tussled for a desirable position for sleep. The laughter, the comradery, and the enjoyment of being together. The fistfights, the gang fights, and the missions. Feast, Nova, Genji, and the rest of them.

Maybe he could find that again here. But would he be forced to kill them like he had to before, could he trust them. Could he trust this man before him? I can't risk that, but yet. I want to. I have to. This world has changed and being without comrades is going to kill me. I haven't found another werewolf pack or another werewolf for that matter and the world seems to grow smaller and smaller as well as my patience. I can't afford to be alone anymore, to wander without direction or guidance.

"Pleasure Aegis. I am..."

Lucian stopped, thinking of the various names, epithets, and titles he used to fake out various individuals on his travels. Never truly giving his real name as to be able to detach himself when necessary. Leaving behind whatever persona he had assumed at that moment to disappear again, but this time there would be no leaving.

No discarding this life and moving around, this time it was going to be for better or worse permanent, and there is no turning back. These people regardless of whether or not they liked him or loved him would be his family and he had to his due right to protect his family. No lies. All truth.

"I am Lucian Vincent Crimson. I carry the epithet of Cerberus."

Ironically, his epithet fits the bill, the canine protector of the underworld, of darkness and death. Lucian would become that. If he took up this cause, then so be it. He would be the one to guard the entrance, to stand at the front lines.

"I am honored to be here. So again I extend myself to the guild. How do we make this official?"

There was no longer any time to dillydally or wait, the moment was at hand.

"By the way, are you the guild master or will I be having to meet the individual at another time?"


I Pledge Myself To the Night (Guild Joining Request)(Aegis) Empty on Sat 16 May - 8:16



-Do not fret the Night-


"Together, we will arise with the morning light."


Aegis reached out with an oversized hand to shake his as he introduced himself. "Pleased to meet you."

"I enjoy your productivity in earnest already, there are some formalities and paperwork to do for joining a guild, but it can be done quite easily." as he motioned over to the desk where the two interns were running about. "Most of the paperwork is to keep track of work that our members have done, and to maintain accountability and responsibility."

"As to your second question, I am the one that officially made the guild and have had it set up, but currently Tomoe is holding guildmaster position until I build up enough repertoire to take over myself. As your uncertainty has clearly shown, you understand that having someone with my visual appearance and visit might not be the best first impression that people conclude to. He holds this position for me out of respect, and I thank him for it because this would not have been possible without him."

Aegis leans slowly back in his chair, looking up at the crystalline ceiling with eyes that seemed to see past it and through it.
"He's a bit of a character at times, but would not betray you if you're a friend. I trust him as much." He looked back down at Lucian with smokey blue eyes. "Quite simply there are two main rules we go by. We look after each other, and the people we protect. We don't stand for abuse of either of these things. Don't take my words to be an assault however, i'm merely stating that to be the case, and if you can follow through and follow our ideals, we be more than willing to have and help you."  

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#11Lucian V. Crimson 

I Pledge Myself To the Night (Guild Joining Request)(Aegis) Empty on Tue 19 May - 4:13

Lucian V. Crimson
Lucian gripped onto the bony hand of his new guildmate, the gesture felt unique and different but it was welcomed. It felt good to have someone on his side.

Listening intently, Lucian knew that were going to be some formalities and this new era of his life was going to require something. The rules were important and yet he believed in the philosophy of the guild and it was something to be respected. That was definitely going to make it easier to manage and to sign up for the cause.

So two guild masters, one to be the face and the other to have created the vision. I can't fault him, this world was fickle and not many respected the ability to perceive someone beyond the physical visage that they had.

He had seen it first hand and knew that people weren't too fond of getting to understand people beyond what they saw. I wonder when I will get the chance to meet this Tomoe, I'm sure he's a strong man that deserves the distinction of guild master. And he had to be considered honorable for someone to hand over their dreams.

"Indeed. I take your words as warnings. And I am not upset at that."

Lucian watched as the guild attendants seemed to start moving around preparing the pre-mentioned paperwork.

"So when do we get a tour, and if I guess I can ask this now. Do I get a room?"

An actual place of my own, crazy.


I Pledge Myself To the Night (Guild Joining Request)(Aegis) Empty on Tue 19 May - 7:55


"Oh, of course." Aegis says as he gets up from the chair, and weights for Lucian to do so as well. He points to the general area where the two staircases were at the back of the room, each taking a side of the building and wrapping around and upward. "If you wish to come with me, I can show you where the rooms are and where you'll be staying. The attendants can bring the paperwork up to you if you wish later, or you can come down after I show you."

Aegis would wait for Lucian to get up, and walk with him towards the staircase. As with the rest of the Guild Hall itself, stone staircase was solid rock, the befuddling some people as to how they made it without using separate pieces. The actual handrail itself was some sort of green Crystal, and well not any type of precious gem, was cut by a craftsman that surely viewed and interpreted it as such. "If there is anything you require, you're more than willing to ask me or anyone else here. There have been an influx of newcomers, considering the town's been so busy lately, but most of the people that have been here for a while can under most circumstances answer your questions. If you have any in particular that you require subtlety, or that they can't answer, feel free to ask for myself or Tomoe."

As they would get into the second floor at the top of the staircase, you could see a central staircase in the middle between the two continue up further. On the left and right were two branching paths, each lit and had a cyan glow through the lighting of the walls. "This way." he said pointing to the left. "Most members are on the second floor for ease of access and efficiency. The library is on the 3rd floor if you so desire or need to use its contents." as they continue down the hallway, about four or five doors down, Aegis stops in front of the door, unlocking it's before handing Lucien the key. He slowly pushes open the door with one hand and pondering him forward with the other. "Here you are, let us know if you have any preferences that we might be able to change for your room. Is there anything else?" 

[WC - 1924]

#13Lucian V. Crimson 

I Pledge Myself To the Night (Guild Joining Request)(Aegis) Empty on Tue 19 May - 9:21

Lucian V. Crimson
Lucian watched intently as they walked up the stairs, the cobblestone staircase gave off an impressive aura, as they move forward into the stronghold of the guard. The empty castle was hollow as they maneuvered through the various hallways. As they went through the twist and turns, Lucian paid attention, making sure not to get lost on his way back out.

Lucian listened as Aegis ran through the tour, he definitely was going to spend quite a few days in the library or outside on the roof. As they walked down the hallway, the rooms were spread out, the doors were closed. As they reached the corner of the hallway, Lucian watched as Aegis turned the key and opened the door.

Looking with longing eyes, it felt right and wrong to have a room again, the key felt heavy in his hands as he held on to it in his palm. It was his own room, of course, he was going to have to add his own items to it soon to give it his own personal touch, but for now, this would be just fine. No longer having to pay for a bed, he could just rest here. No more having to leave or go away, this was his room. Truly his own room.

As Aegis left, Lucian closed the door behind him and laid down on his back. Looking up into the ceiling, he could feel the emotions threaten to choke him up. He had made it to a possible family, he had a home again. Granted, it was with a skeleton monster and a set of people he never knew, but at least it was a start. A much better start then one he had begun with.

Sitting up, he opened up the door, but not before placing the key on his necklace. Walking out from the hallway, he returned to the attendants below. Greeting them, he was given a set of papers and a pen. Setting to work, he and the attendants went through the various items on the papers, making sure Lucian was aware of what he was signing up for.

After a few minutes of formalities and writing, Lucian signed off on the last piece of paper, the attendants sending it off on in a magical portal of sorts to somewhere he did not know. When the portal had reopened, the attendants took the notarized pieces of parchment to their back offices. Returning back to the lobby, they placed their palms out.

"We will now be bestowing you with your guild tattoo, where would you like it to be."

Thinking for the moment, he thought of the various places, but then he thought about it. At one point in his life, he wanted to get a set of matching tattoos with the rest of the crew from back home. One of them being the gang's symbol on their necks. Pulling the collar of his shirt down and leaning to his left shoulder, Lucian exposed the right side of his neck and pointed to underneath the ear.

"As you wish."

The magic energy hummed from the attendant as the Penumbral Guard tattoo came to life on his skin. The white color of the guild's color seemed to glow with a simple luster.

Lucian was now a member of the night like he was always meant to be.


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