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Caught in the Wind [Priscilla]

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#26Priscilla Ivalice 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] - Page 2 Empty Tue Jun 09, 2020 12:24 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Was it really a complex life? maybe but now was not time to linger on it. it would only depress her to think about it Priscilla in reality has only been able to handle being away from her son for so long for the most part, getting her mind on did not help her at all continue forward, Maybe she would need to take her son herself and figure out how to balance work while being around him one day.

One of the wonderful part of it Priscilla just said."If you are trying to get better beyond the basics, You do not improve if you do not try too."It was one point she did not see him use it all."The key is to use something or lose, Or change it over to something you will use."Maybe Priscilla should have been a teacher at this point. or something far different then she was now. Nonetheless the conversation would most likely be stirred away.

Priscilla would settle sitting down in front of the site on the other side of it from Jin, Should she really talk about it? he seemed to not want to talk about anything too horrible.

what better way to be sure then to ask."For some one uncomfortable with the idea of something of the things I mentioned."It was a lead in to the question, she would ask."It is easy to wonder why you would ask about my past."It was a fair point to bring up, Priscilla was actually curious of that point. Staring at him with her only single eyes left  waiting to her what exactly would be the logic behind asking to know of her past. Not trying to seem so cold about it, It was just now time to wait for the answer.

#27Jin Tatsumi 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] - Page 2 Empty Wed Jun 10, 2020 12:32 pm

Jin Tatsumi
He shrugged his shoulder at her comment, "Yeah. I'll get to it one of these days," he replied with a nonchalant tone about the whole ordeal. It was something he knew needed to get done but was a bit of a procrastinator. "Once I'm done traveling around and having a good time I'll deal with that." It wasn't that he didn't want to learn, but he was still catching up on a childhood of adventure he missed out on. His mind was much too preoccupied with adventure and leisure than anything that required grueling hours of commitment.

"I'll hold onto it. It was my father's weapon,"
he added with a quick glance back to the heirloom passed down to him. "For now, though I still have a long way to go with my magic." It was something else entirely. balancing his magical practice with his side work took up most of his time and unfortunately, it was his weapon practice that suffered because of it.

She posed a thoughtful question to him. One that made him sit back and press his hands on his legs in contemplation. "hmmm." Her impromptu warning suggested her tale was that of sorrow and bloodshed. An idea that she had already eluded to with her line of work.

He then leaned forward towards her with a smile, "well, your warning just makes me even more interested." Having served in the military and seen the savagery of demons first hand he didn't think she would have anything so upsetting that he had not seen before.

"Fire away," he encouraged her to tell him the mystery of her past and how she came to be the red-headed wandering assassin. He had no idea where the topic would lead, but had to know if it was as bleak as she made it seem.

#28Priscilla Ivalice 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] - Page 2 Empty Thu Jun 11, 2020 4:53 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Maybe it was the way she answered to the comment about his father's weapon."Good holding value to family possessions is a wonderful thing, Can't say the same thing for myself."One hint of most likely things to soon follow."You have a back up plan just as I do." If she disclosed that to him was something he would have to guess, Priscilla herself might not want to reveal that final part of any back up plan,Keep in mind she showed she was good with knives, what else did this woman have up her sleeve was interesting.

Was it really interesting."It ranges vastly from suffering from youth to an eye being torn out."Well Jin had a short insight into what was come if she really did talk about it. But if some parts were not mention it maybe be the better. Did Priscilla want to cover ground and make sure Jin did not spill much of this information, Well a few people did already know so it was not that big of a deal,Anyone looking for Priscilla legally would come to the realization that apparently she was dead, Kazimir's deal was wonderful for that.

"But you are interesting so our tale begins."
Priscilla was yet again about herself and her not so humble starting in life and how it shape downward."What do you think life for me was like when I was born? low and poor? rich with clouds high in the sky?"At this point Priscilla was just stringing it along because at this point talking about herself seemed to not really be her thing commonly.

"The family I came from where wonderfully humble. My parents had what was good for myself and my sister, My father wanted to move into a poorer village to help it improve for the better."
So far it seemed pretty nice to hear of her starting."Young Mallory and her sister playing and keeping to themselves living the lives of peaceful young ladies."Priscilla now was playing this up largely and it was simple to pick up upon that, Telling stories by a camp fire most likely helped with that."Then in the middle of the night, Mallory and the rest of her family were drag out of their house, All but one of them beaten to death robbed of all of their money and belongings and left to rot."It took a dark turn quick which was it really a shock?

"Thus young Mallory went down a path of finding and slaughtering, Every single person who was there that day, Anyone to stood in her way in her way or anyone who got too close to her as well as wronged her."
It was a her short cutting a large section but filled it in with."I learned how to make drinks and cook, To be a maid all between all of the horrible other things I know."she was highlighting that she did not learn just a bunch of horrible things but some other things as well, most likely to blend into rolls to get close to people."There was some positive between: torture, having an eye torn out and almost uncontrollable Blood lust."She was keeping it simple he knew everything else up to this point.

#29Jin Tatsumi 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] - Page 2 Empty Mon Jun 15, 2020 11:40 am

Jin Tatsumi
He tilted his head when she dismissed her own attachment to heirlooms, "Surely you have something of the past you hold onto?" He asked not knowing the severity of the question or what it could mean for her. Perhaps he was coming off rather nosey.

"Sorry that sounds rough," he said remorsefully about having her relive any painful memories. His attention drew to the side of her face covered by the bangs swept across it. "Is that why you wear your hair like that? It's a good look though," he added realizing the question may have come off rude but he was just curious, but it didn't make her any less attractive.

"Yeah, I'm interested,"
he sat back and settled in for a story and gestured for her to begin. He leaned forward as she began with a question. One that he knew was rhetorical but ponder what he would think her life was like anyway, "Hmmm, I'll say a mix. One highborn parent and one commoner. Both met on a moonlit night and fell in love. Despite protests, the highborn married the commoner but moved from their estate to a simple life in a cottage," it was a ramble of information but he guessed it may lighten the mood a bit before the story took its truly darker turn.

Once she continued he quietly listened along. He was surprised to hear that she had a sister. Something about her made him guess she was an only child. He smiled as she wove a history of delight by the flickering flame between them. And as suddenly as she had told the tale, it became grim. Jin sat back and leaned away, his eyes focused on the fire now and not Mallory.

Years of seeing injured people come into the infirmities and broken families because of death made the story pluck at the strings of his heavy heart. It was a painful story but one that shed light on the woman that she was. Born of pain and necessity. "I can understand that. You wanted justice for your family that was unfulfilled. Most of been a long trail of blood."

He smiled a bit as she mentioned the lighter side of things in learning various tasks. All focused on integrating among people. He finally looked up from the fire and made eye contact with her. A more serious looked adorned his face, forged from concern, "Was it worth it? Did you get them all," he couple of brief words to ask about the full culmination of her life's work.

"What happened to your eye?"
He asked as she had brought it up twice but avoided mentioning it in her story.

#30Priscilla Ivalice 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] - Page 2 Empty Mon Jun 15, 2020 3:06 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
It would almost seem bitter when Priscilla laughed about it."No, That was all taken from me too. I know have their names to hold on to." this was most likely gonna get depressing for him, After all Jin was just now trapped in a room, in a rain storm with a woman who has admitted she just walked a horrible path, Some how he was still a live and safe, able to learn from it too.

She would even show him. moving the hair out of the way to an closed eye and a scar."Yes, gone and torn out, at least it look fitting this way when it is covered." So far Priscilla would not really speak much else for while Jin had guessed what her life was like, If anything it humbled her."If only my life had been simple and like that."If anything Priscilla sounding depressed about it was natural.

A long trail it was."entirely? I would not recommend it to anyone else to live such a life."It was an attempt at humor and Priscilla knew it was a horrible joke. At least in her mind it was horrible."It was not entirely worth it either it, One still remains, I haven't laid a finger on him even i know where he is."It was an interesting thing to mention for Jin, Means it could dig in more if he really wanted too, showed also Priscilla was self aware.

The eye story never changed."During the younger part of my life, During my starting of vengeance, After before I was any skilled now."Priscilla still could picture this moment in her mind frame per frame."I was caught in a small group of people, hired by one of my targets. They stripped me naked, tied me down and tortured me that torture lead them tearing my eye out with a spoon, After that they left me go scared and missing an eye."It was an dark conversation.

#31Jin Tatsumi 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] - Page 2 Empty Fri Jun 19, 2020 4:26 pm

Jin Tatsumi
"Sorry to hear that. But at least you have their names and the feeling of doing them justice to hold onto." He wondered if his family had been slain if he would have walked the same path as this woman instead of being a traveling healer.

"It looks fine uncovered too." It was a shame so few people's lives were like the fairy tails and sweet fables of old. "Yeah its a dream life for a lot of people." The same was true for him, but he was here now and the past was set.

He cocked his brow at her attempt at humor and then smiled back at it between bites, "I'll keep that in mind."

"Why not? Seems like you'd want to wrap things up with the final kill. Or is the idea of it all finally coming to an end scary? The thought of not knowing what will come after the last kill?"

He shifted forward once more and warmed his hands by the fire. A flash of lightning sent a glow into the room. The smell of burning oak wafted into the air from the fire.

He swallowed and sat back with a twitch in his eye from the thought of a spoon scooping it out. "That's rough," hesitation between his words.

"Sounds like one bad situation after the next. And yet you have kept on going. You're a strong woman Mal. Did you ever get back at that the one who did that to you?"
He didn't seem too bothered by the topic and more interested in her harrowing tale. It all also begged the question just how old she was, but he'd never lead with a question so crass.

"What are you going to do now then? A quiet life with your child?"
Everything she had said so far seemed as if she was ready to put things behind her and hang up the daggers she so skillfully commanded.

#32Priscilla Ivalice 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] - Page 2 Empty Sun Jun 21, 2020 3:40 am

Priscilla Ivalice
The disconnect from how most people normally seemed to be, She often missed what the ideal of a normal life was."It almost seemed like something out of novel with such an idea."Then again her life was not a shining example of anything normal."A flattering one are you? Guess I am not super use to that for the most part."It was an interesting conversation between was this a therapy session for Priscilla with out knowing? In reality it might be.

Even if her recommending that it was not really worth it Priscilla just mentioned."I strung myself far too much on that goal, Rather then just trying to be a normal lady, Sure I shaped into what i am now...Can't help but wonder if that was really right."There was not way turning back time and Priscilla knew that. Fixing that problem in life might ruin something else in another way.

But it was an interesting question to ask."It is interesting thing to ask."It was true to ask her that."I believe, It is best for me to just leave him be...allow the past to die for i can be settled for now."Maybe Priscilla did not want to risk it either, after all she was peace, So going back to that right away most likely she felt would ruin everything now."Maybe it is if i achieve said goal now, What will happen after I am unsure what will happen with me."So she had worries still buried deep with in her, questioning her ability to move on.

What a simple idea really it might have been exactly what she intended."At least one point where I can consider it quiet and peaceful with out a single worry."Priscilla gave that answer about."But that is a simple idea, merely to build off of." oddly nice and settled, Then again Jin did not need to meet that monster lingered before him.

#33Jin Tatsumi 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] - Page 2 Empty Wed Jun 24, 2020 1:46 am

Jin Tatsumi
"Really. You're not used to it," he said. She may have been an assassin but she was still quite the looker. "I'm sure many a man has fallen prey to your crimson hair," he added with a mix of humor and sincerity. He finally put down his now empty plate next to him. The woman although having a secretive profession didn't seem hesitant in sharing the darker parts of her past with him.

"No way to know now. You're alive. Can't get much more right than that," he shrugged. It had been his displeasure to have seen many people die in the war from the choices they made. They only right choices in those times were the ones that kept you alive. "The past is what it is. But you seem like you're looking ahead."

He nodded. She truly did just decide not to kill the man. perhaps it was also about keeping her child safe now. "Yeah. I'd be worried about that too. The start of a new and unknown journey. Having a kid seems to make the decision on what to do next a bit more clear." he assumed she would turn into what a person would consider a regular mom in these days and ages.

She mentioned building off of it and he leaned back with his hands propping himself up. The question of the child's father pranced in the back of his mind. Was she gonna raise the kid alone or did she have a home to go back to? Questions he let linger in his mind. "It's nice that you have a place you can find some peace. I hope you can hold onto it forever. Sounds like you could use a break after a tough life like yours" He pulled his bag toward him and pulled out a small bottle of alcohol he had tucked away for long nights. The top popped off, "Would you like some," he reached the bottle over to her.

#34Priscilla Ivalice 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] - Page 2 Empty Thu Jun 25, 2020 12:45 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
What a normal conversation that with it's casual demeanor seemed to prove interesting for Priscilla, It opened her up to more of a reality as a normal human being, Priscilla was use to far less then she normally assumed."It use to be dark purple....Then again falling pray to me is generally a horrible thing."It showed where her mind was still stuck for the most part.

Oddly enough it was rather helpful and wise words for her."Yet I still linger upon it like a ghost haunting a person."It did show it seemed to stick to her, this was really becoming more therapy for Priscilla."I have to look ahead, not for me for another..."Priscilla was hinting to sound a bit more selfless. Her mind was on what was more important to her, Or her mind was bouncing too many places in her mind, both possible cases.

It was more then just the protection of her kid, if anything else there was more to it."My son deserves to have a mother....not a monster like I had been." Self reflection was a eye opening thing. Priscilla seemed to still have things on her mind.

Nonetheless Priscilla felt still rather bitter."Now drinking huh? What else do you want from this dear?"Priscilla could not help but ask him."Some one to to just settle in the storm with? A snuggle buddy?" Priscilla even laugh about it and mentioned it out right."Or even sex?"Priscilla could not help but start laughing as she tried to see how Jin would react to it. No doubt she was expecting him to refuse or get nervous. Nonetheless she took the bottle and sniffed it, Wondering what her nose would pick up sniffing the bottle he offered, she was still being safe.

#35Jin Tatsumi 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] - Page 2 Empty Sun Jun 28, 2020 5:24 pm

Jin Tatsumi
He tried to imagine her with purple hair, but the red that she had now was too pronoucned to give another color any thought. "Purple huh? Just time for a change I guess? But what's so horrible about falling for you." It seemed she was still somewhat haunted by the past she had led.

"Yeah, a little one in your life will do that too you. Me I don't plan on having any.The road is gonna be my home. At least for awhile," he said with shrug. "can't help the call of adventure you know." Her child seemed to be a constant in what drove her recent decisions. An assassin turned mother seemed like such a novel idea.

She spoke as if they were already close friends, but maybe that was all a part of being stuck together. There were many nights in the trenches when Jin had gotten close to the soliders in a single night. "I'm sure monster is a harsh word to use."

He cocked a brow when his offer of alcohol was met with something that felt like suspiscion. "Only if you want some. I've no problem drinking alone," he joked back. He tilted his head as she continued and mentioned the phrase snuggle buddy. A vute way to put it. something he didn't expect from her or the laughter that followed. He blinked when she effortlessly joked about sex and moved from it to take the bottle from him. Jin didn't respond as she sniffed the bottle, that was pretty general as far as alcohol was concerned. A hard smell with a hint of oak.

The light mage grinned and leaned forward toward her, "Well well, Mallory. Are you trying to proposition me? Because you should know that I'm a weak willed man prone to giving into the luxuries of life." He waited for her response now. He was not so easily shaken and he had to admit now that it was brought to light, she was a very attractive woman. "It'll probably be pretty cold at night," he added

#36Priscilla Ivalice 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] - Page 2 Empty Mon Jun 29, 2020 3:52 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Well he was already use to it, So when it came to that point."Considering I have slaughtered various people. I use to kill people who got attached to me or became to close to me."Casually anyway, Since they where friendly enough to one another there was not much being hidden by now, Which could be useful if Jin did dig a bit more into her but also risky."Unless you have a thing for red haired murders then, that is entirely on you."

That mention just made her miss her son but even then."He is a blessing and a curse in that manner..."Priscilla could say that about her own son. Which she was hopefully not down playing her love for him. After all that was not her intention but had a feeling that might be implied as well.

She did not seemed too annoyed or again it taking the bottle."No, I call myself a monster for a good reason...It isn't just for what things I have done in the past."Even already taking a drink from it like it was normal form her."So it has more then one meaning."What that second one could mean Priscilla seemed to be keeping to herself at the moment.

Jin was weak willed. Priscilla seemed not shocked at all by that admission."Well, I promise you it will not go that far."Priscilla could admit she would rather keep what clothing she had on right now, Only one who could talk her out of them was not around, Her mind still devoted to him for the most part."But maybe a part of it could be arranged solve the cold problem."Priscilla would sneak that in because it was on her mind. Opening up to a person made her feel oddly a bit more normal of a person.

#37Jin Tatsumi 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] - Page 2 Empty Mon Jul 06, 2020 9:02 am

Jin Tatsumi
Jin swallowed silently at the thought and replaced his sudden trepidation with superficial calm, "Well it's a good thing you used to do that and you don't anymore. I was just starting to feel safe around you," he layered a bit of humor into his words but he truly didn't feel as though he was in any danger.

He shrugged at her next remark, "Who knows. I've never had the pleasure of meeting one before." He put on a grin that tugged barely at the corners of his mouth. "everyone has a past after all," He remarked thinking about his own failings as a doctor during the incursions.

He didn't expect her to refer to the little one as a curse as well, but her candor was always straight forward. "Definitely changes things a bit. But I'm sure you're doing a great job dealing with it. Better than I would."

Cryptic words from the red-head followed. Jin tilted his head with a squint in his eye. If it wasn't her past that made her a monster what was it? He held back the question thinking it to hard to answer, leaving a pause in the conversation. Jin snapped his finger in defeat at her admission of hesitance. Although he was in part glad it would not go very far. He was a man on the search for love but feared falling into its embrace nonetheless. Leaving him with little more than fleeting engagements.

"Then solving the cold problem it is then,"
he said and crossed around the fire to sit beside her, throwing the blanket that was around his shoulders around hers as well. His side pressed up against hers now. The thunderous patter of raindrops still splashing against the roof and the ground.

"No funny business now,"
he joked as if it was her that was the one bringing them into this position. Even though it was her jest about the alcohol that led to it. He eased the bottle from her hand and took a drink. He handed it back to her with a refreshed sigh and brought his gaze to the fire.

"So why is it you think you are a monster?"

#38Priscilla Ivalice 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] - Page 2 Empty Wed Jul 08, 2020 12:03 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
For a moment she seriously considered just scaring him some how, pull a knife on him and just let him deal with the shock of the twist of the situation. But she kind of just withdrawn the thought of that, she needed to be nice to some people for once in her life.

Jin seemed numb enough to the horrors Priscilla's mentioned in general to him weather that was a good thing or not she was unsure but nonetheless she could deal with it."No one prepared me for motherhood, Surely you could deal with fatherhood well."Priscilla did not laugh she just blankly mentioned it not really to toy with him. If anything to mess with him.

For once when Priscilla never wanted to be touched by anyone she did not mind, Even if a werewolf human desires existed in her mind and will, She still had them often like her werewolf desires.

The blanket and embrace from another person so to say, Made her feel normal and Priscilla would almost not want to admit it. If anything it would be forced out of her most likely."funny business, like what?"Priscilla asked while sounding like a teasing innocent woman."Fine, I can promise that."Priscilla was not really trying to set boundaries but she was also not use to normal people contact.

Did Priscilla talk about that one final thing. It was on her mind to mention it, After all if he shrugged it off, Priscilla had some one she could try to trust outside of her guild. So with that soul remaining eye of her's she would slowly turn to have it face look at Jin,Then with a grin to show slightly fang like teeth, just as soon as she showed that they seemed to be be gone because her smile faded away."I am a monster because of all what I have done, I became a werewolf to boot."So she would not really hide it, Just be oddly casual about it as well. If this did not really do much to make Jin nervous then well...Maybe Jin made a new friend or something a bit more.

#39Jin Tatsumi 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] - Page 2 Empty Wed Jul 15, 2020 8:08 am

Jin Tatsumi
Jin coughed at hearing her comment about fatherhood. "Not for me. But thanks for the compliment," he dismissed the notion. He never saw himself as a father and beyond that. "The price of having a cursed family and whatnot," he snuck in and quickly followed the conversation away from himself.

She was more welcoming to the mild embrace of the blanket than he thought. the warmth of the wool surrounded them. Itchy to the exposed parts of their skin. He cocked a brow at her and saw the tables turning to her being the one to tease. "Playing the innocent one now?" he teased back. "Well I don't want you to make promises you wouldn't wanna keep," he implied with devious intent. Although when it came down to it, he was rarely the type to make the first move or become romantically entangled with someone on a whim, as much as he toyed with the idea in his mind.

His question was answered but it brought about even more concern. She faced him with a grin and for a moment he thought she was going to make a move on him. instead, she flashed a smile showing a sharp fang. He just chuckled at the thought, "Werewolf right," he held on to a bit of disbelief. What were the odds that he'd run into a werewolf ex-assassin in such a situation?

"If you are a werewolf," he said and slid the blanket off his shoulders and snugged it around hers. He laid back on the ground beside her. The fire still near and warming his legs up through his chest. His hands interlocked behind his head like a pillow with his eyes still on her.

"and an ex-assassin. Then perhaps you have lored me here as your next prey," he said but with a hint of whimsy. He wasn't afraid or being too serious about it, regardless of if she was or wasn't. She hadn't tried to kill him, so even if she was one, he didn't worry about it. He'd be more frightened by a gang of thugs chasing after him.

#40Priscilla Ivalice 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] - Page 2 Empty Wed Jul 15, 2020 12:33 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
It would be easy to what Priscilla would say next."Better a living cursed family, Then an innocent dead one."It might ruin that moment but it was a reality for the situation for either of them."With what I have done with my life, I do not think I have commitment problems."That is what she assumed anyway, Priscilla did not seem to have enough relationships for her to really assure it either, she would not admit that up front to Jin but it could be easily guessed.

But since neither of them were in control of the way things went it would just flow as it has so far."Keep in mind being a target doesn't really means for murder, you can be a target for many other things, Harmful or harmless."Which was a fair point.

Maybe being the ways they were, life would just lead them to the more settle moments."However, I have no reason or situation with you."Priscilla would make it clear, Even if it was a joke just in case sometimes people are paranoid.

Would lead Priscilla to bring up however."Me telling you I am a werewolf however, should not be spread around. It is a lot more trouble then it is worth."Covering up the that, If this spread she more then likely had reason to kill people. After all that getting out could get people who fear werewolves after them, It could be a game to Priscilla as well if it got worst enough."But I don't take you for a loud mouth really."So she seemed to put it to rest there, for now she enjoyed just kind of sitting here and basking in being a normal person with some one else, It was strange to have happen.

#41Jin Tatsumi 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] - Page 2 Empty Thu Jul 23, 2020 8:59 am

Jin Tatsumi
Jin gave a small shrug and looked up at the ceiling of the open room in the windmill. The ground was cold on his back. "Unfortunately it was that curse that killed her." he quickly smiled through the moment and shifted on to the next. "Are you sure? An assassin werewolf doesn't seem like the kind of life that affords many long term connections?" He asked curiously and not to be offensive.

"A target for something harmless huh? And what would that look like?" He asked with a sly grin. His hands still folded behind his head as a pillow. The woman then turned to say she had nothing to do with coming for him. A relief for sure, and one that only made her appearance here all the more interesting.

"Well it's good to know I haven't rattled enough cages for you to come after me then. What about you? Do people hunt for assassins?" he asked but he already knew the answer. At least felt he knew enough to assume her life had gathered a few enemies along the way.

"You've been pretty open about a dangerous secret with a stranger you've only just met. That's pretty bold of you? For a woman seeking secrecy,"
he teased back with a cocked brow and propping his head up.

"But don't worry. Your secret is safe with me. I have no reason to tell it. And yeah, spreading that around would probably put me in hot water. and speaking of warmth, why haven't you joined me down her yet with that blanket. A man will freeze to death you know,"
he tried to stir the conversation into something more casual yet again. A bit of seriousness always laced with a touch of humor. He gestured for her to lay next to him.

"So Mal...tell me...How does someone become a werewolf?"

#42Priscilla Ivalice 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] - Page 2 Empty Thu Jul 23, 2020 4:22 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
It was an interesting question."That really can depend on whom your love life is with."Which was one thing was true with long term connections."Trust and being able stand on your own, Having ways to deal with what exactly your partner is up too."It was also a good point, Then she would then also say." As well as flow of information and trust."It was that point she would end it with."All the small things can lead to part of it working."Priscilla was now trying not to linger on her relationship with Vali and how it had worked for the both of them, It was a bit of an uneasy one even if she felt in some way complete.

Yet again it was also most likely something well, illegal."warnings, reminders of debt, information trading, Black mailing."Well that was less harmful then murder which was something to keep in mind, but not anything less well horrible.

must be nice to have some one not be so risky to kill some one for asking questions. Do people not hunt for assassins."Killing people for a living, beloved or hated, Some one will always come after you eventually."Priscilla mentioned so casually like it was to be expected, Then again she would also point out."Considering i do more then just assassinating people, I have had people after me before."It might show why she maybe avoided seeming so settled right away, Nonetheless she would to realize that Jin was settling in to lay down, Which she would not blame him.

Might help that being wet from the rain and cold could help this situation for her to be less wet and  cold. While settling in much like Jin was the answer the question of trust was simple."Trusting? maybe, But who would believe there is a werewolf assassin bold enough to admit it?"She posed that question to him as an answer because it seemed like something unlikely for some one to believe right away.

So she would laugh, at that final part."You are bitten by one willingly or not and you deal with the effects of it getting a hold of you."She was not mentioning what that feeling was and what the effects were to a person, it could be painful for all Jin knew or it could be painless, one of the two.

#43Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
He thought about all the small things that she mentioned about love and a partner. All the things that his parents had had with each other. Something that he thought he wanted but was ever caught up in the thrills of adventure and the pursuit of love rather than ever settling down into it.

"Sounds like you have someone special in your life. my mystery assassin," he said with a joking grin. Perhaps there was more intimacy to the woman than her lifestyle led on. "And with all those other aspects of your criminal life, you sure sound busy. Is there a preferred method you have or just do what comes across your path?"

"You think those people will ever track you and your child down? You ever think you'll have to live a life of endless hiding?" It was as curt as a question could be but he was curious. Wondering what sort of life she could carve out for herself.

He couldn't help but chuckle at the question shot back at him. He slid his boots off to set them closer to the fire. He breathed a sigh of relief at taken off the sodden footwear. "I suppose that would be a hard thing to believe. And I assume you have a great many ways to hide your identity."

He snuck his arm beneath her head to have her rest against him. The warmth of their bodies already making the cold night more bearable for him. "It gets cold being a light mage in the dark," he said which was more of a line than anything actually true.

"Bitten by one huh. What are those effects? After all, I'm putting a lot of trust in you right now," he teased about the prospect of her bitting him but he was fascinated by the mutation that could happen to a person, even though he had no intention of walking that path himself. Nor wanting to see first hand what a transformation looked like.

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Priscilla Ivalice
In reality Priscilla was a some what busy woman."Most of the time it is travel."Priscilla to mention it like it was normal and oddly boring to her, Maybe she was just use to it and the thought of traveling did not seem to excite her anymore."Other work become instinct after a while."it even sounds like Priscilla numb herself to it feeling like a boring and blank feeling.

Priscilla would sound a bit depressed in this moment. Jin most likely had more honest and positive intention with that comment."You may think so, But even then the life I wish for with him will not work out..."It was a strange twist the normal kind of up front and brash nature was just now gone, with in a super depressing and almost unhappy sounding about mentioning it.

"I tend to mix both, some things are done in the moment, Others are assigned, But i tend to be picky about what i pick up for a job if i don't know the person."
It was a nice insight for Jin, Then again Jin was safe are far as he knows, Priscilla had no single thought of needing to do anything.

That risk was a wonderful question."My son is protected by his father no matter what, if he where to fail, I would be more then likely to give myself up to spare him....He is innocent and should have a life that he chooses with out anyone trying to guide his path."In a sense Priscilla just wanted her son to be free to choose the life he wanted. It was most Priscilla's way of being a mother. She wanted him to be free and happy.

"If it become too much of a worry. I could make a new life for myself and no one would know who i am and be able to live a peaceful life, If i ever know what that is."That line could be picked a part and show Priscilla might not understand what exactly a normal peaceful life is.

"Some of us only know the cold of the dark, some time warmth can exist in other ways."
She would answer the werewolf question after she seemed to finally get comfortable and settled in, the need to sleep was starting to get to her."Physical and Mental pain, you feeling like something pains you with in your bones, Your mind feels a need strong need to rip and tear people around you into pieces, leaving them pieces of just bloody flesh and bone on the ground, A hunger almost never ending."It did not sound wonderful to deal with but Jin now knew the signs of what he want to know.

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Jin Tatsumi
He regretted his statement once the depressed sound of her voice came through. "What life do you wish for him to have?" As they laid there he reached his hand closer to her shoulder, to add some sense of comfort to the tragedy that she was explaining. "I'm sure with all you have been able to do, you can accomplish that too."

"Assigned? So there is a whole network huh? Spooky."
The idea of an entire sprawling organization of assassins wasn't something unheard of, but that they gave each other assignments and seemed to be more organized than just a gathering of killers was frightening.

"Your son is lucky to have a mother like you."
his only response to it. One that attempted to dismiss whatever feelings she had about also being a werewolf and an ex-assassin. He wanted her to know he saw her as a warrior and a mother first, with what brief moment that had known each other for.

"Oh, if you can create a new life for yourself...why haven't you yet. Just disappear from all of that and worry less about it,"
He asked, not knowing that that is exactly what she had already done with herself. To the young paladin he still only knew her as Mal. "I'm sorry you haven't had much peace in your life. But it sounds like you're on your way to making up for that lost time. What's the first thing you'd want to do with a peaceful life? Other than travel to farmlands and windmills," he added with a chuckle.

He never knew exactly how to take her words. If they were joking or serious, but he felt a small innuendo in what she was saying about finding warmth. It was always bittersweet with her it seemed, both cold and hot fluctuating between each other. "Well then it's a good thing you're beside a light mage." he replied and slid his arm beneath her red hair so that her head could rest on his arm, bringing them closer together.

He swallowed at hearing her describe what it meant to be a werewolf. "So just out of..curiosity. How often are those strong needs to tear people apart? Is that like a loose control type of scenario?" he asked and while he didn't move away from her, he reactively eyed the doorway. Regardless if she decided to become a werewolf or was overtaken by the need to hunt, he wouldn't have nearly enough time to react.

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Priscilla Ivalice
Priscilla was reaching the stage of being unsure if she wanted to answer. It in almost seemed like she was not going to answer it at all with how still it left the conversation."There are some things, He and I are different on, As much as I wish to change it against how I am, It is one of the few things that might be a deal breaker for me."She left it open like that, it would give him something while leaving it vague enough to make Priscilla comfortable with answering.

Was her son that lucky? she would just simply mention."if your mother is never around, A werewolf and a monster, I am unsure if his luck is if I am gone and never around or not.."It felt like it had a strong amount of despair expressed from Priscilla."If anything, I am merely protecting my son from me..."Yes it just seemed even more depressing for Priscilla to mention that, But it showed her mind set that in reality, She knew in control she was still a monster.

Why has Priscilla not just started a new?"Because even if I wish to move on from one thing, I can not let go, I have changed myself so many times yet I can not let go."Priscilla was rooted in being human even if she could let go, a part of her could not.

What did Priscilla want from life, It was an interesting question."The only thing I could want in life is still the thing that was taken away from me."There was starting to be a disconnect there and could see Priscilla problem. She wanted a family and feel normal, But the family she wanted as long gone and could never return. She was running from that fact internally, Even if she knew logically she could never that family that was already gone ever again.

"It depends on how long one's been a werewolf or last has eaten."She would start off by mentioning. Priscilla knew she was an odd case."Mind you I became one willing, To already deal with another problem I was having."Oh boy would Jin really enjoy this situation, Because Priscilla assumed Jin would just wonder what part of hell he rolled into."I already had problem controlling a feral need for kill people to start with."Here we go down the road of worry for Jin, the path he chose."It isn't easily control, It is as strong as the will of the person, You easily can lose control and turn into a feral, blood lusting animal only wanting to eat."Priscilla had to wonder, If Jin was comfortable knowing that now, But it was the explanation.

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Jin Tatsumi
With his back still on the ground, he gave a small shrug at the vague response, "Guess some things are better left without too much detail huh. Lady of mystery." he teased her a bit again but he was asking some hard questions and couldn't blame her for being elusive. He would have been too.

"I'm sure he'd rather have a cool werewolf mom than not know who you are," he replied without worry about how it would be taken. But it didn't seem as though she was the type to be taken over by the beast and become a ravenous machine. He could see her keeping it well under control.

"Oh really," he inquired with a narrowed gaze. "So who is it that's with me. You or an Alias. How many lives have you gone through." he wasn't bothered, more so just curious.

"But now you have a son. you're on your way to having a family."
it made the young mage think on his own life and the pursuit of love or something more permanent. But his heart was still more taken by the winding roads than a damsel.

"uh...oh. That easily huh,"
He replied and inched his body a little away from hers. Unaware of what could trigger a change. "So what exactly causes you to lose control? And for that matter, how has your feral need to kill people been holding up?" He took a small gulp. Was she really liable to change and tear into him at a moment's notice?

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Priscilla Ivalice
In this situation, Jin words felt oddly comforting to Priscilla, Keeping his words in regard, maybe the advise of other people were truly more helpful and actually filled with honest intentions, something she really did not expect since she was far too use to not actually trusting people."An honest man advise seems a lot more helpful these, Then my trouble mind assumes."She just would remark casually,Maybe Jin in some way have a point.Would she really keep that into account for long. Maybe but Priscilla's mind tended to wonder a lot.

So now he was asking questions about that interesting, But what does Priscilla answer to him."It depends if i need to hide myself well or not, sometimes it is more then an alias."It would not be too shocking of a thing for her to mention."I can admit, I don't tell people my actual name right away."It might be just up to Jin to consider if Mallory is her name, simple enough guess it is not.

"I have gone through a few, not many I try to stick to one as long as I can."eventually Priscilla would lean into a situation of admitting of."But I have been the same person the entire time of conversation."It would not help Jin too much, But it game some kind of answers for him.

Jin was safe, because all she would say was."Because it has been a long period of time since my last need to eat to say."It would not be super relaxing to Jin. But Priscilla would just kind of not say much else, She would if anyway she would just end up snuggling into Jin and started to sleep, Leaving Jin to wonder if he would be a victim of not, even if he would be perfectly fine.

Priscilla would be gone before Jin would have woken up and left, Slipping out some like the type of woman she was and quietly getting her things and leaving. She would normally leave some kind of parting gift but Priscilla had nothing but her normal gear, Nonetheless she just seemed to have left quiet.


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Jin Tatsumi
She snuggled in and Jin felt a race of his heart. As often as he pursued an interest in woman and romance it did not often come back to him. Perhaps it was a matter of enjoying the chase more than anything else. Regardless he wrapped his arm around the woman and settled in for the night. Even with the threat of her possible attack, he felt a little at ease with her there. Sleep took hold of him and he drifted away into its embrace.

The sun shined through the hole in the top of the windmill. He stirred and rolled to his side to avoid it. Then realizing that there was no presence next to him. He rolled back over to see an empty impression were the woman had been.

"How fleeting matters of the heart can be," he smiled and sat up, thinking about the strange meeting and hoping they would run into each other once again in the future. "Oh well. Time to get out of here." He stood up and dusted himself off when cries came from outside. People began to yell out 'thief.'

Jin peaked his head out to see a group marching towards him and now pointing. They accused him of eating the food and ruining the wedding. grabbing his gear and fixing hsi robe, the mage hastily dashed out of the windmill and away towards the next town.


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