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Caught in the Wind [Priscilla]

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#1Jin Tatsumi 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] Empty Sun May 03, 2020 2:05 am

Jin Tatsumi
Jin ran out of the top of the windmill with smoke trailing behind him. The fumes plummed into the air and billowed like a chimney stack. The giant blades were spinning slowly still generating power.

The light mage coughed and staggered out onto the metal centerpiece. Fires burst behind him and licked the air like a tongue from the pits of hell. "WHOA!" he yelled as he ducked beneath the fire. There was only one way to go from here. He crouched down and climbed onto one fo the windmill blades that was headed down

He grabbed both sides of it and walked slowly onto it. His body slid as it dipped further and further downward and become more vertical. Eventually, he clung to the side of it and hung from it, just waiting for it to get low enough.

meanwhile, the fire still burned out of the building and smoked filled the air, and made that pathway impossible to go back to. Few people were around to see the event and the houses were pretty far out. The windmill was almost like a landmark for the region.

Once his feet touched the ground, he took a deep breath, "Alright. Well, that could have gone better," He said and dusted off his clothes and knocked the ash from his shoulder.

He looked around the area for anything he could use, "Water, water water," he repeated each one more silent than the last.

The fire from the top died down and the faint image od a red tail flashed in the opening and all that remained was smoke.

Finally, he rushed over to a small shed, and to the side of it was a water pump. Now, armed with buckets of water he stood at the doorway.

"Alright, salamander. Time for round two," he said and immediately ducked a burst of flame that sprung from the door. He heaved one of the buckets of water and there was a plume of smoke and the sound of a frantic and scurrying animal running back to the top.

#2Priscilla Ivalice 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] Empty Sun May 03, 2020 1:38 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Was it now time for things to heat up for Priscilla so to say, It was such a different situation for the more settled and quiet area of Marigold. Until she ended up near the windmill at this current time of day to seeing fire and smoke everywhere.

Whatever exact was going on was an easy guess, So Priscilla would who better then to go look into this situation then her, clearly there were better people but none seem really around or active right now.

That she could see anyway, So she would continue looking for buckets or way to get more water. So Looking for it Priscilla realize she could not exactly fine any other buckets. Wondering why there weren't any other buckets around? But Priscilla wouldn't be her if she did not have any back up plan for such a situation that could pan out.

Going over to the windmill Priscilla would shout."Any buckets over there? I can not find any."Priscilla would trying to help, Normally she would just let things burn because it was not her problem, But maybe for once she wanted to see what she could do if she changed things around differently.

She was Valerie rather then Priscilla so to say, The woman she wanted to be inside and generally hide her more positive actions. While she would go towards Windmill she was listening to hear if anything or anyone would give her and answer to her question or anything else she could do to help.

Hopefully this windmill can be saved from this fire since, this was the only one she had seen and for that to fail means something fails among this farm land, It would set back a fair amount of things with the wind mill being damaged or gone. This situation was now just starting.

#3Jin Tatsumi 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] Empty Mon May 04, 2020 9:56 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin had dipped back out of the building and took a breath of air that wasn't poisoned by all the smoke from inside. He breathed heavy and readied himself to head back in. His left hand gripped the handle of the bucket still full of water while the empty one was laying at his feet.

The sneaky beast inside had charged upstairs and he peeked around the corner of the door. The smoke was clearing on the bottom floor but still hung in the rafters making it hard to see upstairs. He began to look at the spinning blades of the windmill and contemplate heading back up that way. He stepped out from the building and watched them spin around slowly. He thought about the timing and holding the bucket on the way up.

He reached out to grab one when a woman's voice called out. He leaned around the windmill to see a beautiful red-headed woman approaching. She seemed like a capable woman at that with two daggers at her side. She asked about a bucket and he glanced back at the empty one that was on the ground.

"Hey, yeah there is an empty one," he said as he met her on the way over, right in front of the windmill. The buckets had only sent the beast further up and that creature was the source of the fire. If they could deal with it first they could stop this whole problem where it began.

He put a hand on her shoulder and breath a sigh of relief. " Or...Today is our lucky day," he said holding the bucket of water to his side. "Let's make a deal. There is a dangerous creature in there. You help me kill it, and we'll split the reward." he hoped she would accept the offer. It was dangerous but something told him she could hold her own, given how she carried herself.

If she agreed he would move back toward the windmill," I was thinking we charge in from the bottom, ride the blades to the top or each take a path. What do you think?" he looked over his shoulder at her and asked.

#4Priscilla Ivalice 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] Empty Tue May 05, 2020 1:51 am

Priscilla Ivalice
This isn't exactly what Priscilla had in mind being here in Marigold, It was more of working in other ways she did not expect. If she wanted to go back to work she would have already started long a go. that was for later, For now it seems something else came up. Before she even spoke a work to him she would get another bucket of water and throw it's contents on some outside fire to try and continue to contain it.

Priscilla was unsure why he would touch her right away Priscilla then would just raise an eyebrow."What creature are we dealing with here?"Priscilla would play along so to say with this man. She was not even worried about the reward anyway, Just kind of wanting to stop the fire and the risk of burning more things in this oddly endearing and beautiful city.

She would take a moment and sniff, not trying to reveal herself as a werewolf she was trying to pick up the smell of whatever she had to deal with, along with this stranger. It was an interesting smell that in fact was new to her, Mix between the fire and the man as well.

At least he had a plan and she did not need to think up of one."Works for me."She was not going to be a super picky about it, The risk and rush was a fun turn of evens from casual relaxing she intended.

Priscilla would then take off her red cape, It would only get in the way of her trying to do what she needed too,Taking her time to fold up her cape. She could easily adjust to whatever path The man took and Priscilla would take the other, So far a pretty good and easy plan to follow.

#5Jin Tatsumi 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] Empty Wed May 06, 2020 6:22 am

Jin Tatsumi
Seeing her raise an eyebrow at his touch he took his hand away more quickly. She had agreed a lot easier than he expected. Most people had some kind of reservation or at least why he was there. But He guessed it was pretty clear. Just gotta stop the fire after all. "Well, that was easy. We are dealing with a salamander. Small little fire breathing lizard," he said and looked back at the building.

The woman began to subtlely sniff the air. Jin raised his own eyebrow at what she could be trying to pick up but shrugged and cast aside the thought. Whoever she was, he was just glad to have some help here. Just as easily as she agreed to help him in the first place, she went along with the plan.

"just like that. You're good to go? No questions. Just a guy chasing a flaming lizard up a windmill,"
he asked and searched her eyes for something. "Not that I'm complaining. Just surprised." he had already started to head to the windmill blade as he spoke. Looking back he noticed her carefully fold her cape up and set it down. "What an interesting lady," he said to himself and set the bucket down.

"I'll take this way. Can you get the bucket and sneak up behind it on the inside?"
he asked as he lifted his hand and the as the big blade of the windmill bumped it, he would grip it and let it carry him upward.

The blade became as horizontal as he needed, to make his way down it and slink back into the top floor doorway. Inside the top floor was a stairwell on the other side and the salamander in the center of the room. It whipped around and glared at him.

Jin put his hands out in front of him, "Okay...easy it does."

#6Priscilla Ivalice 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] Empty Thu May 07, 2020 12:43 am

Priscilla Ivalice
Less problems for people here met the peaceful feeling she got here was staying, That and the longer she could hold a spot light off of her the better, It would allow her to do the things she wanted to do quicker an with out problem.

Now that Priscilla knew exactly what she was dealing with she would most likely finely tune her nose a bit better. Lizards did have their own smell so it would easier for her to seek this one out, With Jin reaction Priscilla still seem rather plain faced about it, She was all about sometimes doing the unexpected.

"Rather then being shocked, We could have solved a problem by now." The bluntness in her was just her normal."Not all people are are plain as they seem upfront."She would mentioning pulling out her daggers and looking them over. these were the tools she needed more then anything else. Since they were okay. Priscilla would then put them away and start stretching for all of the quick and twisting moments she would have to do.

Then Priscilla realized, He wanted her to use a bucket and a person of felt displeased. Nonetheless a woman to follow along with a plan she would kick the bucket up and catch it."So we're going to catch it? Very well then."She figured that was the plan.

She would give Jin a few moments to get ahead, Priscilla would most likely a bit or a lot more faster then Jin. So Priscilla would take off to her position, Like she said she would it seemed so simple. Priscilla being quiet on her feet slow crept in her position and seemed to take each step ever so quietly, Slowly raising the bucket waiting for some kind of sign of go to scoop the salamander into this bucket.

#7Jin Tatsumi 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] Empty Sat May 09, 2020 7:48 am

Jin Tatsumi
He cocked a brow at her blunt response and just nodded with a smile. She was as fiery as the red hair that fell around her shoulders. "You're right. And you are certainly different than the rest," he replied while she whipped out her daggers with a flourish. She held them like someone with years of experience.

Jin was already turning around when out of the corner of his eye he saw the woman stretching. "You know. It seems I've had plenty of time to be surprised," he gave a cheeky response as she hurried him but the fact that she stopped to stretch gave him plenty of time to say a few words to her and take in how different of a person she was. He waited and just rocked on the heels of his feet until she was done with her routine. It wasn't something that bothered him. Better safe than sorry after all.

"Well...we're gonna catch it unless it tries to kill one of us. But you can toss the bucket of water at it. It hates water and may give us s few moments in battle." He Headed for the windmill and rode it upward.

Inside, he stood toe to toe with the lizard. Embers dripped from its body and left black burns on the floor. The creature's attention was all on him and he saw Priscilla approaching from behind with the bucket ready. Any movement would set the creature off, but he didn't want it to go for his temporary ally.

Jin took a deep breath and jumped at the salamander to provoke it. The creature took the bait and leaped forward with fire bristling through its teeth. Jin dropped to the floor and cast a light shield, just as the creature reached him. It landed on the shield and its fire scattered off of it. The salamander nipped at the edges of the shield trying to get around it and Jin squirmed beneath it.

He yelled out for her to spring into action.

#8Priscilla Ivalice 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] Empty Sat May 09, 2020 7:16 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Priscilla was starting to wonder, with how this man spoke if he intended anything else aside from having her help him. She could not quite place her mind on it, Were Priscilla was odd to Jin. Jin was almost just equally was odd to her. Most people who were upfront and friendly with Priscilla, in her experience turned out to be the most dangerous of all people, Internally Priscilla was suspicious of him even if they were doing something oddly nice and helpful.

Priscilla was settling comfortably into position at least she did not need to count much. Upon the word okay Priscilla did spring into action bumping the bucket of water upon this monster mere moment after the word was spoken.

Taking something into her own hand Priscilla then would leap forward and place the bucket on top of what she just bumped water on, Or attempted too this was just entirely her own doing because it seemed like it would work.

She would staying, stop and looking around."Did it slip away from me?"Holding the bucket down firmly in place while waiting for an answer, She had a plan to drag the bucket on the ground with what they are trying to get rid but quickly dragging it on the ground and out of the door.

With Priscilla being how she was just in case Jin was spacing out or taking his time she would make sure to mention again."Well is it or not?"She wanted to know now for the sake of her plan, After all she now needed to know if she needed to star dragging the bucket out of the windmill to throw the salamander out of it and deal with it more from there. Maybe her reactions is just the werewolf part of her starting to act up.

#9Jin Tatsumi 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] Empty Mon May 11, 2020 4:25 am

Jin Tatsumi
A shower of water rained down on the salamander and the liquid poured around Jin's shield and formed puddles on the ground around him. The water soaked the wooded floor and flowed against Jin's clothes as the salamander shook and rattled the light shield that separated the two of them. The woman was already acting again and slammed the bucket down around the little creature.

Jin wiggled upward a little bit to find some footing against the squirming salamander. He pressed his shield against it like a lid and scooted out and let her place the bucket firmly on the ground. "Nope. You got it. Thanks. That was a close one."

She began to drag the bucket and Jin examined their surroundings hastily. "Ah," He exclaimed and ran over to a pile of junk and pulled out something as close to a lid as he could find. It was a large broken piece of wood but it would do the trick.

"This should make it easier,"
He remarked and brought it over to slide it under the bucket as she lifted it just high enough for the wood to slip under. Once she slammed the bucket back down, they could both walk it carefully downstairs. The water had served to stop it from breathing fire and now it was just a fidgety animal trying to find a way out.

Once they were outside he would look to her to see if she was ready and then they could both let the animal loose that would scurry of into the wild. Jin fell down onto his butt and took in a deep breath, looking up at the sky.

"Thanks you're a lifesaver. I'm Jin by the way,"
he said and rose his hand up from his seated position to shake hers if she accepted it.

"I'm out her salamander hunting. But what are you doing all the way out here? The wedding?"

He asked as the reason he was out here hunting that beast was because it was in the way of a wedding ceremony set to happen later.

#10Priscilla Ivalice 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] Empty Fri May 15, 2020 1:56 am

Priscilla Ivalice
Their plan, vastly not made well worked in a wonderful way. Walking down the stairs."Indeed it will."Priscilla seemed to casually reply to him, It was a slow walk but Priscilla was more then able to keep her footing it proved she was more then able too, Which was a wonderful thing here.

So far none of this seemed to really bother Priscilla either, her many years of other kind of work outside of this made her use to dealing with strangers, she just was not super social and upfront about it.

Now with Jin on the floor, all she would do in reaction is stick one of her hands out and offer to help him up."It was more of a team effort."Priscilla would mention, Since in reality Priscilla might have gotten burnt and she would have killed the salamander and dragged the corpse away some where out of town.

"I am Mallory."Priscilla would in term just lie to this man out right about her name, Since she doubt he would ever meet her again beyond this moment so knowing names might not be super important."Surely the windmill being save, also saves a lot more effort for the people here as well."Which was a fair point she would state.

It was an interesting question, What was she doing here."I just need away from where i lived for a bit."Which was a cover that was slightly true, She was away from home to spy on people to learn what she could about what people where around and what she could do."I had never been to Marigold, So I came here to see what it is like."That part was true she did come here for that too.

#11Jin Tatsumi 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] Empty Sat May 16, 2020 5:27 am

Jin Tatsumi
He smiled and took the hand that was offered to him. With her help, he pushed himself up and stood beside her. "Thanks." She was still a very interesting person, to just dive in and help someone and modest at that. "Well then we make a darn good one." Without the assistance it would have taken him a lot of dancing around to get the slippery beast out of there. And who knows how its fire breath would have left him.

"Mallory...A lovely name. The pleasure's mine. You aren't hurt anywhere are you?" He asked and gave her a quick look over. After her help, it was the least he could do to heal any wounds she may have sustained.

"Oh yeah. I suppose it does save more than just the wedding. The people will be happy in general. And I won't get accused of any arson,"
he gave a small chuckle.

Her situation was something he understood. After all, he was there for the same reason. "Me too. Just needed a change of pace. It's nice here." He looked over the landscape that was a beacon of peace and tranquility.

"What do you think of it so far," he asked and began walking back into the windmill. He glanced back seeing if she was coming too.

Now that the smoke had cleared out, it revealed tables of decorations and food that was wrapped up. The smoke didn't seem to damage anything. Jin strolled over to one of the smaller tables and took the plastic wrap off some of the appetizers and desserts.

"I told you right,"
he said and took a bite out of one of the cupcakes.

"I was gonna split the reward with you"
he gestured his hand over the sweets and some finger foods. The bridal cake remained untouched in the corner with two figurines placed on top of it.

#12Priscilla Ivalice 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] Empty Mon May 18, 2020 12:52 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Priscilla would take a moment and inspect herself, she wanted to be sure. If anything Priscilla seemed to not have any thing wrong."I am fine nothing seems wrong."Priscilla mentioned getting her cape unfolding it slowly and neatly, Even putting it back on.

This situation was Priscilla doing good, while her old habits where dying pretty hard. lying about who she was to a stranger, well that was nothing new considering her if she was actually known by anyone, Was it because Priscilla knew how to be safe dealing with these things? was it effective team work?"Less work for the people was my worry."Priscilla was not worried about anything else, internally trying to be a good girl so to say proved to be a bit odd and strange.

To solve a problem with out murder or blood was still something to get adjust too. But thinking about what Jin said."Why would you be worried about being accused of arson to start with?"Priscilla asked no one gets accused unless there was a reason for it."Did they have a reason to think you would commit arson?"Priscilla did not know this man, She was fine asking such things right away.

She expected to hear no, Also would pay attention to figure out weather or not he might be lying or not, Would not matter if he lied to Priscilla she had no reason to care about if he did or not, The small chuckle about she was unsure if it was a joke or a thin vile cover for something else.

The wedding was not something she cared about, It was nice that it was not ruined, However the happiest moments in life was not something she was going out of her way to care about."Vastly different and more peaceful then last city i was in,Not too bad of a place."Which just being around here for not too long it was still her figuring out."I am good, I ate before i came here."She was not really that hungry either too for now she would not touch anything.

#13Jin Tatsumi 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] Empty Tue May 19, 2020 6:30 am

Jin Tatsumi
He nodded when she said she was okay. A bit of a relief as he was still a fledgling mage and his abilities to heal were still lacking in longevity. The woman through her cape on once more and was as if nothing had just happened, with her steel composure.

All the responses she gave were to the point. Her worry was focused on making sure the area wasn't a hindrance to the people around. Jin was already heading for the windmill again when she questioned why he would be accused. A question that made his foot hesitate mid-air before it found its ways to the dirt ground beneath.

"Oh, haha," he gave a nervous laugh and opened the door to the entrance. "No. Me? Of course not. It's just that things have a way of falling apart around me. Worst-case scenarios and all that. You get used to it though." It was the truth or at least he believed so. No matter what he did, he always found himself in hot water. Partly the reason he got into the charm business. An attempt to mitigate some of the craziness that followed him.

"What city did you come from," he asked and sunk his teeth into some of the finger foods. He leaned against the wall and munched while The woman answered.

"Come on Mal," he replied, shortening her name and tossing her a cupcake.
"Catch...It's rude to have someone eat alone even if you already ate. At least dessert." He figured if she could toss around daggers, her reflexes would be good enough to deal with a flying pastry.

#14Priscilla Ivalice 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] Empty Wed May 20, 2020 11:01 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
It made Priscilla raise her eyebrow with the nervous laughter. It was now time for her to try an figure out in reality if he was telling her the truth or not, learning to lie and say the truth on a dime was an art she knew well. So far Priscilla would be nice, She had no reason to doubt this man."Very well then, I have no reason to think wrong of you."That and Priscilla was trying not to be horribly negative minded about people now days, Since when she stopped doing that she realized how decent and lively and lovely people where.

Maybe just maybe Jin could be that rare case of her not being able to tell unless she picked up on the signs."The mountains of Seigheart is were i live currently."Which she was trying to stay away from topics around her personal life or well lack of one.

The casual sense of friendliness was still odd for her. But she did catch the cupcake when it was tossed to her."I don't unless I am generally  invited by who is running this event."If they where talking about manners, It might show that she was not the best strangers or did not like them for the most part."After all everyone works differently, Rudeness is sometimes not intended."Priscilla was just trying to also do her best to keep it in her own control. But she would at least take a small bite into her cupcake and kind of try and not seem so up tight about everything, She was a bit strange of a person to know, A woman of many secrets so to say just trying to not seem so rough around the edges when she was kind of failing at it.

#15Jin Tatsumi 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] Empty Fri May 22, 2020 1:07 am

Jin Tatsumi
He tilted his head to the side and then turned to face her with a smile. It wasn't often someone didn't think there was something sneaky about him. And most of the time he couldn't argue with them about it. He had a tendency to be a tad crafty. "Well, thank you. Same to you. As far as I'm concerned, any lady that'll literally pull me out of the fire is worth a little trust." He tried to think the best of people while being skeptical most of the time. But she did indeed come in his time of need with no want of a reward after, and actions did speak louder than words.

"Sieghart mountains? That's a tough place to live,"
he shrugged, "Well that's what I hear anyway." She had come a long way down here and despite what she said he couldn't shake the feeling that it was more than just a casual trip to such mundane seeming place. But regardless of her reason even if there was more to it, it didn't much matter to him. An ally was an ally and he had his own secrets.

The woman had a high sense of politeness and a grace about herself, with her stance on proper times to accept a reward. But when she mentioned the person running the event would need to invite her Jin simply turned around with a grin and gathered up a couple of small plates worth.

"You're right. I was just messing with you. No rudeness taken,"
he said to reassure her that he didn't take it as rude and he was just joking. He then turned back around and gave a bow, "In that case let me introduce myself as the wedding officiant for this little event. I seek charms and also officiate weddings." he stood straight and put a hand to his chin, "Is that close enough to someone running the event?" it was a genuine question for her and wasn't snarky.

Once she gave her answer a loud crack of thunder boomed in the sky as it darkened and a bolt of lightning flashed. Heavy rain began to pour down saturate the ground. The drops thudded on the rooftop and poured into pools in the grass.

Jin sighed and crossed to the doorway, his arm leaning against it to look outside, "Well...Looks like we're rained in doesn't it." he turned back around "Should be something here," he began speaking as he looked ironically for something to make a fire with.

#16Priscilla Ivalice 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] Empty Fri May 22, 2020 9:25 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
It was a risk but blind faith did always yield in something in return in some ways, At least Priscilla would really like to think it did."It does need to start somewhere as well."Which was a fair point for Priscilla to mention. Trust as built over time but it did need a starting point maybe this was exactly the starting point needed for Jin and Priscilla. Fire and lizards were not really that worrying the experience was far worth it so far.

The talk of the living in the mountains it was not so bad, The guild did help with that as well traveling so often kind of made living in the mountains just something she was use to."I often explore far too much it is not that much of a worry."Which was true, So living in taverns and inn was her normal. So maybe she was not the best judge.

So it was humor, Maybe Priscilla's humor was just far too different then Jin's. So wedding officant? interesting and oddly convenient for the situation, not that she minded either it settled the situation quickly, So Priscilla would mention it."I can settle on that yes."Priscilla would actually be fine with that it means less of a problem later.

When it came to rain."Scared of getting wet are you?"Priscilla mentioned because she was not worried about the rain at all."I understand Rain is annoying, But you are not made from sugar."Priscilla would mention, Beside staying in a windmill seemed a bit of annoying thing, Not that comfortable either. So far the last thing Priscilla wanted to do is stay in a Windmill for an entire evening.

#17Jin Tatsumi 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] Empty Mon May 25, 2020 8:25 pm

Jin Tatsumi
"That it does," he nodded back and thought it unfortunate that there was no wine or ale to toast over. It was a starting point, and so far she was one of a handful of people he had met outside of magnolia. It made him chuckle to himself that since coming to marigold he had met more people outside of his guild than within. But Mallory was proving to be pleasant company.

"Oh," he replied thinking of all the dangers that could present itself. "So more of a nomad then. I'm a bit of a wanderer myself." He gave a small shrug and set down the plate of food. "Well, wherever jewels and adventure take me anyway. And you? What's your reason for travel?"

She seemed more at ease knowing Jin's position with the wedding, and he made her more of a plate than before. One of the perks to falling into so many odd jobs was being ale to shift around from role to role. "It pays the bills," he said with a bit of a chuckle. "You know...I don't think you mentioned what it is you do for a living?" he inquired about the red-haired beauty.

As the rain rolled in, she made a quick comment about it. He stopped his search and held his hand out of the doorway to let the large drops splash onto his palm. "Just no use in getting cold and wet if you can avoid it."

"There should be provisions here until the rain lets up. That is..."
He let the sentence trail off and leaned his back against the frame of the door with his arms crossed. It wasn't out of annoyance, his expression was playful curiosity.

"Unless you have a better idea or would rather march into the monsoon,"
he nodded his head towards the falling water and waited anxiously for what her response would be. Mentally he was preparing himself in case she really did want to dash forth into the downpour.

#18Priscilla Ivalice 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] Empty Tue May 26, 2020 11:55 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
So he wanted to know more? Interesting what would this lead into, did he want a date and a drink while at it that or anything beyond, But Priscilla would spare him the embarrassment of her blunt assumptions."Maybe just be glad it was some one unexpected and helpful at the same time."Priscilla could not help but laugh slightly about it.

She would just be lazy of any explaining."I needed to see what other place were right, I can only stay in one spot before i get too curious."which was the actual truth oddly enough."Sometimes even if I can roam free. One place is not nearly enough."Maybe avoiding saying she was exploring to see what the area was like to consider what to do beyond there.

What she did for a living, What a wonderful question. Such a question always asked of her, Jeez it seemed to continue in her mind what else he would ask if she was single?"Free lancer that does odd jobs, Just not the type you may take up."A nice cover in her mind better then werewolf guild master who blackmails people under the command of her guild master, who just may kill if she needed too or sabotage as well, Just better not to mention it.

Was it really a monsoon? Priscilla before really said anything would walk out and stand in what was a horrible rain storm for about a total time of about 30 seconds before Priscilla would quietly walk back in."Alright, I won't risk it."the now wet and rained on werewolf woman would try to deal with being with a stranger and in a building them him, He was harmless so it was not a worry. At least Priscilla would not be so miserable.

#19Jin Tatsumi 

Caught in the Wind [Priscilla] Empty Wed May 27, 2020 11:04 pm

Jin Tatsumi
He cocked a brow at her at first, as she evaded answering the question, "I certainly am...But that doesn't mean I can't know about the person that so valiantly showed up," he added with a smirk. The woman was as mysterious as ever, and always careful not to reveal much about who she was. Although he couldn't blame her, after all, he was just some random man in a windmill.

"I can understand that a bit. I didn't come here for any grand reason myself. Sounds like you have been all over the place? He remarked as he kept searching for something to start a small fire with and pulled up some old boards and hay that had been stashed in the place. He piled them in the center of the stone floor and surrounded it with whatever non-flammables he could find.

"Freelancer huh? Interesting. And I don't know...you may be surprised by the kinds of jobs I take up."
He was still focused on making the fire and took out the flint and steel from his back, striking them together to create a spark. After a few breaths, the flame took as Mallory crossed to the door to check the rain for herself. Jin knelt down and blew on the embers until the flames took and a small flame bounced atop the wood and hay. "There we go," he said mostly to himself and stood up to snag a large cloth from the stack of unused supplies in the corner.

He handed her the large cloth, "But your welcome to make a run for different shelter." The large cloth could serve as a temporary barrier to the rain. The light mage then plopped down by the fire and warmed his hands.

"Oh," he rose his hand above his head and created a small shield of light. "But if you're in a hurry I could walk you," he said and rocked back to look out the door. He made the offer but the thought of stepping out into it was unappealing.

#20Priscilla Ivalice 

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Priscilla Ivalice
Was it not wonderful that Priscilla just felt like dismissing questions just because she felt like it. He was a nosey one, Guess she was going stick around this stranger she would try to get comfortable at opening up. For now she would just seem to refuse to answer, Mind you she forget what exactly that question was.

"Most places in Fiore, I have been too."Some way or another she had been everywhere, If she remembers it clearly was an interesting question."Why I most likely remember do not remember."Would take fair to recall as well, Too much to think too little to care about it.

Guess she would blurt it out."My freelancer work was: Assassination,Black Mail, Sabotage and a few kidnappings."Priscilla would say it so casually, She at least recalled it easily. She could chuckle about it. Closing the door since she had changed her mind and would stay here with him.

This part of the conversation would most likely the part she was thinking."I don't take you for that kind of freelancer, You don't have the eyes of some one who could drop a person."After her chuckle. With how much rain had landed on her Priscilla took off her gloves, unzipped the front part of her outfit just before her navel

Now Jin was kind of stuck with Priscilla weather or not he would be worried about it was entirely on him. He had a fire, Which was nice there was also food. If this was Priscilla alone with Vali and her son it would be Priscilla own reality of an evening of bliss she always would want, she would kill countless people and risk going insane again for her to have such a time like that."Or dig up any in formation on them that they wouldn't want you to know."Priscilla would mention what she thought he was like.

#21Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
He poked at the fire and waited for her to answer but nothing came. His attention shifted more towards the embers that gave more response than the secretive red-head. "No rush. I can wait," he said with a cheeky smile still aimed at the fire.

The woman broke the silence with a bit of information although it was more vague references than anything direct. "Some things are harder to remember than others," he said and set her plate of food down beside the fire.

He tossed a small wrapped piece of finger food into the air and caught it in his mouth, just as she mumbled the word 'assassination.' He choked on the piece and patted his chest one hard time. The listed a slew of crimes that made him choke once more and finally force the food down. he let out a heavy sigh now able to breathe again.

There was a pause between them or at least there was for him, as he stared at her, trying to imagine her slicing throats and taking damsels. He waved his hand, rocked back on his butt, and laughed. "Right...and I just happened to come across an extra dangerous murderer in a meadow by a windmill. You had me going."

He looked back into her eyes, trying to see if what she said was true, and the cold precision in her voice as she carried on with the conversation rang with proof. He arched one leg as he sat and rested his left arm on it. The other hand he used to prop himself up. "You're serious." It would at least explain the daggers. "And no...that's not my kind of work. I'm mostly a traveling doctor, sometimes a thief," he added with a shrug. He then pointed his finger at her with a sly smile, "but all the time a gentleman."

"Alright then, miss assassin," Jin said as he stood up and looked around the room once more until his eyes settled on a thick yet slender wood beam. "IF you are who you say you are. Can you hit dead center on that beam with those two daggers?"

#22Priscilla Ivalice 

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Priscilla Ivalice
So was Jin trapped in a room with a monster? Or a woman who was just dangerous but friendly? surely the many wonders left to hold upon to. Priscilla seemed to smile about Jin's reaction to what she admitted."Careful not to spread that around, It does you no good."She was teasing him about it.

Priscilla was not the woman to shy away from what she was."I am also a mother as well, I know how to keep said parts of life in control."the wonderful part was Priscilla was not lying about that either if Jin were trying to figure out if she was or not it was the exact same feeling to start with.

Going back to their conversation Priscilla would just mention."You don't give off the life taker kind of feeling,Your far to innocent for that."Priscilla even laughed about it, Were she would be even slightly mean now."But you know, Whenever i had to deal with thieves caught by whomever I was working for, I took off two finger as a mark of being guilty of being a thief."Priscilla went super blunt, dead and straightforward about that, She was messing with Jin, She would let the seriousness linger for a ling time until she with her only remaining eye winked at him.

And he just asked her to do one thing,So already slowly taking parts of her already wet outfit Priscilla took off her cape. She pulled out both knives,threw them right in place of where Jin asked her to throw them, She then would jump after them,After they stuck into the wood Priscilla would grab them, Hang above Jin for a moment and pull them out of the wood and allow herself to fall and land on her feet."Leaving my weapons open to a thief isn't exactly wise."Priscilla was more then capable of taking Jin out with out her daggers, being a werewolf was wonderful for back up plans.

#23Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin rose his hands up as if to surrender to a person that held a weapon on him. Although he did so with a playful smile, "I would never dream of it," he said after gulping down the food in his mouth. He didn't know exactly what kind of woman he had ended up here with, but she was at least honest about her dealings and somehow he didn't feel like he was in any danger.

When she said she was a mother, despite being an assassin, the red-head seemed more gentle now. "It must be hard to be a mother and still do all of that. With finding the time I mean." He didn't want to ask about where the kid was now. Maybe she was on an assignment after all. "How old is the kid?"

He looked away when she said he seemed innocent. It was nice that she felt that way, but there were things that didn't make him feel the same. He put back on a smile though, "well thank you," he said leaning back. "I try to be a healer not a fighter. I carry around that glaive," he nodded toward the weapon in the corner. "But really don't even know how to use it well."

He couldn't help but let out a laugh, "So thief is where you draw the line huh?" he teased a bit. He then put both hands behind his head to hid his fingers with a grin. A brief sense of worry crept up at how long Mallory waited to respond but her wink got a chuckle from him and he returned to normal. So she did have a playful side after all. "You almost had me there."

Without hesitation, she heaved the daggers into the wooden beam with precision. Jin whistled lightly at the impressive feat and was glad they weren't aimed at his fingers. "You are the real deal." In the next instant she was leaping through the hair, her red hair trailing behind her until she grasped the daggers and hung over the light mage. He looked up at her and was glad she wasn't wearing a skirt, nonetheless, there was something alluring about the precise movements of the woman.

Jin gave a small shrug and closed the distance to the woman. She still held her daggers and he cupped her hand with one of his. "I only steal from people who are actively trying to kill me," he remarked with a tilted head nod, looking into her eye, then let go and walked back over to the fire.

"So how did you learn all of those skills of yours?"
Although he felt safe around her, there was still a small lingering feeling that it was no coincidence she was the one that found him out here. That she may have been sent by someone to kill him. He wasn't ready to ask just yet, the time had been enjoyable so far and if she was here to kill him, he wanted to drag this part out a bit longer.

#24Priscilla Ivalice 

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Priscilla Ivalice
It might be a touchy subject but Priscilla was not really shy about it either."I've learned to control various things over the years, Sometimes I worry I spend far too much time away from him, Even with his father around and still looking after him."It did take it's toll on her she seemed sometimes rather unhappy just not upfront about it, Priscilla would like to think he was a responsible mother even if she was not exactly around currently."6 months, I am hoping this time away doesn't effect the outcome of his life and feeling towards me."Priscilla had actual worry that seemed to have nothing to do with her work.

He did not know how to use his weapon and Priscilla kind of laughed about it."Take by handle, slash or stab target with sharp end, it is basic in mind, just anything beyond is the harder part."It was pretty sarcastic but that was just Priscilla point out it was simple, maybe he just needed to practice.

What an idea to mention, he thought that was what she drew the line at."No, I did what only I ordered too."past work was nothing that might not be super proud of, it shaped her exactly how she was now."I am sure you don't really want to know where I draw the line."Priscilla might not want talk about that part, more of Jin's sake then her own, That list had expanded the past while.

So that is how Jin worked."Good then I leave you no reason to try and steal from me, I doubt I have anything of interest for you."Priscilla did have her doubt, Then again Jin could easily change her mind since they barely knew one another.

Did he really want to learn that? Did Jin really need to know."Years of practice and a desire to ruin lives of people who wronged me, it lead me to learn so many things."So that was out of the bag, rather then just trying to skirt around it.

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Jin Tatsumi
"How long ago was your last visit," Jin asked, not worried if it would come off too personal. he could understand her worry though, especially if she continued to lead the life she had claimed to be a part of.

"Six months is still young. Plenty of time left to form a strong connection,"
he replied, trying to be reassuring. He didn't want to seem too nosey, but it seemed like appropriate chatter for two people stuck together for a while. Especially about someone that balanced both being an assassin and a mother. "Sounds like you live a pretty complicated lifestyle."

He looked back at the weapon and laughed at how blunt her response had been, albeit an accurate one. "True, that does about sum it up. It's the beyond part that I wanna get better at." He nodded to her daggers once more, "After all it seems you do a bit more than just slash and stab with those." it was more of an off-hand compliment about her skills with the blade. It was his own lack of practice that hindered his ability with the weapon. He preferred magic and kept delaying anything else.

There was something chilling in her voice when she spoke about her lines. A glimmer of her past that was cold and covered in carnage. "Maybe it's best not to tell too many ghost stories around a campfire," he joked as a way for them both to steer away from the topic of a potentially gruesome past she may have lived through. He wouldn't mind hearing but wouldn't want her to relive anything she didn't want to.

"Although I have been known to take confession," he added with more of a laugh and was clearly joking about the matter.

He breathed a sigh of relief when she said there was no reason for anything like that to happen. It answered the question as to whether she was here to kill him or not. "Good, for a moment I was worried someone wanted me killed and sent you to do it." He spoke nonchalantly and made his way back to the fire to warm his hands against it.

"So revenge then...What happened to you?"
He asked the question from the other side of the fire. The flickering flames danced between the two of them and the embers reflected in his eyes as he awaited her answer.

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