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Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}

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#1Lucian V. Crimson 

Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}  Empty on Sat May 02, 2020 12:50 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
This day was always tough, no matter if it was a beautiful sunny day, free of clouds or obstructions, this day was always difficult. Today was his mother's birthday and with her passing, as he had done every time since then he has bought her a bouquet of roses to place as some makeshift ritual of love in remembrance of her.

But with all this traveling it had been extremely hard finding someone capable of providing him with an adequate amount of beautiful flowers, to do her justice. Walking through the streets, he scanned the various shop fronts, some of them offering a scarce amount of choices. He needed a true florist, someone, capable of providing him with true professional work.

Continuing with his journey, a young man carrying a single purple rose passed by him, his face flushed with possible emotion as he seemed to be thinking about his plans. Careful not to startle him, Lucian stopped him with a quick hand to the shoulder. His mother loved the color purple and those would be a beautiful and deserving tribute for her.

"Where may I acquire a flower like that one?"

"Uh sure, this is a Mari dawn, they are sold by only one florist in town, who only sells them during this time of year, you should see the stall in the center of the market place further down, you can't miss it."

Lucian thanked him and rushed down the road, his quest coming to a possible end, coming to the center of the market, he saw the giant flower stall, his breath taken away by the elaborate flora that was arranged around the storefront.

Flowers of every species and shade were lined along the top and the sides and the middle. Each section coordinated by color and type, it was a rainbow of beauty. White, blues, lavender, reds, crimsons, pinks, yellows, and especially purples seemed to make the world explode in a world of vibrant color.

People flocked to the stand and Lucian was right among them, he couldn't help but be drawn to their color. The Mari dawns were pristine and seemed to absorb the attention of the crowd, they shimmered and waved in the breeze like the movie stars of the city themselves. An elegant set of sights to behold.


#2Priscilla Ivalice 

Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}  Empty on Sat May 02, 2020 6:29 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Maybe it is from her life taking a different turn in her life, These simple pleasures in life use to annoy her after all she would use to just give whatever she bought here away to some one else in need and barely kept anything for herself. Now days Priscilla kept most things now days, Now that she was in place to with so many things being right, There was not fear of not keeping anything because she had no house to keep it in.

Only lingering upon her thoughts if it was really a go idea to leave Vali and her son when she did, Part of her felt it was too soon. For now Priscilla would stick to her mind forward and worrying about whatever she could consider important here. Maybe some clothes for her little one, Maybe a something for Vali as well, With the markets being new to Priscilla the options where only as limited to what was around her.

Priscilla would eventually Linger into the area were Lucian was shopping, But Priscilla would skip past the flowers for the most part. The only one who would have wanted them would have been her, But for some one else to give them to her, Since the one she wanted to was not around looking at flowers would only make her slightly unhappy.

But it seems the interest of how what could be here for Priscilla would be getting smaller and smaller. Guess with farmland and a small town Priscilla was expecting more than she first assumed. Even if this seemed like the case Priscilla was not judging and dismissing anything of Marigold so far, Maybe she just needed to find what would click her interest right away. The red headed werewolf would continue her casual look through the various things around.

#3Lucian V. Crimson 

Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}  Empty on Sun May 03, 2020 12:19 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
I think I'll go with...The world stopped moving, the scent assaulted his nose and he could feel things coming into view, he had only been a werewolf for a short time and even still he was getting used to the changes and advancements his body had made, but there was no denying the underlying scent that coated the werewolf in the crowd, but there was no way to tell who or even if there was someone like that. Maybe it was somebody's animal and it was just a mistake, and I'm throwing this all out of proportion. I barely understand the implications of being a werewolf at this point but yet...

Lucian couldn't shake the feeling that he had caught on to that peculiar scent, returning to the task at hand, he gazed over the flowers, picking at out a set of lavenders and a few Mari dawns, he gathered them together and paid the shop keeper, holding on to them, he had to find someone where to adequately lay them to rest.

Turning from the vendor, he headed in the direction of the small farmlands out east. Passing through the crowd, he saw a formidable-looking woman with a multitude of deep red tresses. Her hair cascaded down from the crown of her head, her black ensemble suggesting someone of a combat caliber. She walked lightly through the masses, paying no one any genuine mind, aloof or just not apart of the moment. She seemed to be another traveler on the road, though maybe not like himself who was a nomad to the world around him.

Not paying her anymore of a mind, Lucian went to walk past her, his mind focused on completing his task when he was assaulted again. This time the scent was almost pungent. There was definitely something here and it was animalistic. A beast...

Turning towards the young woman, he couldn't help but feel that this was something he couldn't pass up... but how does one start a conversation with someone about their beginnings. Let alone accusing them of being a creature of the dark unless...

Lucian approached quietly and tapped her lightly on the shoulder, giving a sheepish look, he seemed to be jittery and anxious. Giving off the aura of someone with a bunch of butterflies in their stomach.

"Ma'am...I..I.. don't mean to intrude on your afternoon, just a moment of your time please but you look like you're a knowledgable person, I'm trying to give these to a young lady and I wanted to know if these were a suitable set of flowers or should I have gone with regular roses."

Lucian waited for a response on bated breath, maybe the ruse would be enough.


#4Priscilla Ivalice 

Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}  Empty on Mon May 04, 2020 7:45 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
It was entering to Priscilla to watch Lucian seemingly stumble his words. However Priscilla was also trying not to react to he realization that she was picking up something with her own nose, This man was a different in his own interesting way. With the sheepish like behavior Priscilla would realize she was clueless about flowers.

It was a break from her casual walk around the market, It was an interesting break from the normal quiet walk around. Priscilla however was not really best for dating advise, heck was not a shining example of knowing about dating or what to either.

So finally she would give some kind of advise."Either would work if you work onyou confidence and not super nervous." She would reply in return. Which was rather sound advise from the red headed werewolf to her, some one had to be more bold and confident rather then worry about what kind of flowers to give some one."Rose's are always safe by default, After all so many years the rose has been a wonderful symbol of romance and love."Which was also true, Priscilla did know some things, Mainly her just stating an opinion if anything else.

"Other kinds, Like the one you hold, Shows you have given it thought. Stuck to your thought and showing that you stand out in some manner, confident enough in yourself to stick your ground to give some one something you find fitting."What now? well She wanted to see what he would say. For now leaving opinion such as that either showed Priscilla was a vastly different kind of woman, Or she had no idea what she was talking about at all.

Then again she did not look a type to know really much about dating up front, Just more of her own flare of being her self. Priscilla knew she stood out with how she look.

#5Lucian V. Crimson 

Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}  Empty on Mon May 04, 2020 10:18 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
Mmm, she seemed to have bought into the lack of confidence thing, that was refreshing, to say the least, maybe all those countless hours spent around that disgusting woman from the theater was rubbing off on his acting skills, or... maybe she was just playing along and she knew that this was a ploy all along. She didn't seem to be naive, nor foolish in any regard, so it was quite possible she could lure him into a trap...

She stares at me like some sort of curious toy of sorts, like she just does not have a clue what to say or do with me...Is she playing a game with me? Am I the fool?

Ah...This isn't how this is supposed to go, but I can not drop the act the now, I have committed to the role and unfortunately, I have to play the part. Though whether or not that will prove to be wise, remains to be seen.

Lucian continued to keep his head slightly tilted down, he could feel her eyes fall upon him, and then came her advice. It was sound and seemed to have merit, the matters of love were really not his forte but she seemed to be at least aware of how women worked. But there has gotta be a way to get her to talk some more or something. Maybe...

"Yeah, it has been a little tough feeling adequate enough."

Lucian slid his feet against the ground as if he would rather play with the dirt than meet her eyes. He had to maintain the image.

"I mean, I am confident, I guess. I don't really know... I just don't wanna let her down you know. But like you said confidence is key right?"

Let's pry just a little deeper.

"And I don't me..me...mean to intrude but is confidence what drew you to your possible past lovers? Forgive me please if I'm being too frank! Maybe, I should go.."


#6Priscilla Ivalice 

Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}  Empty on Wed May 06, 2020 4:55 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Was this really the day Priscilla tried to tell some one to stop thinking on something and try and just dlea with their situation head long."You need to be a wolf rather then a pup so to say."It was more to this game of hidden parts of a person. "Women are people just as like, Realizing some are interested and some are not it is merely what life brings you, To linger on doubt is pointless."At least for her harshness Priscilla was at least giving some kind of decent advise.

She would continue upon it as well."Doubt is not confidence either Dear, You set the mood just as much as the women your about to go on a date with." More of this seemed to show Priscilla had some kind of faith in him and with him having a date go well.

Talking about past lover, Priscilla would just have to shoot this down."My my a nosy one are we? That level of nervousness won't get you an answer of that."She would start off of that only just mentioning to him one thing."I don't have any past lovers, only have one and stuck with him."Priscilla would cross her arms and stare at whom she was talking too."I am here for dating advise not to talk about my personal life." Priscilla was wondering what kind of reason that he would need to know about her life, It was not really something she tried not to talk about it openly, Priscilla also hated strangers trying to know about it.

Priscilla then would ask."Well, hold your head up higher, Believe in your self, Get that woman and prove how to be a leader of a pack so to say."more and more Priscilla was hinting things as she always knew how to, The rogue just worked that way always wording around things like she normally knew how to do.

#7Lucian V. Crimson 

Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}  Empty on Thu May 07, 2020 11:06 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
I should have known that it wasn't going to be that easy, but granted this was definitely telling of the kind of person she was. The harsh advice was nothing, to say the least, he had been used to this kind of talking before but it was refreshing to hear it, maybe this would prove to be more than just a try at finding others like myself. Maybe this could be information to put to use later on in my life, but for now, this is going to get me nowhere.

And judging by her word choice it would be considered unique that she sure does choose to use quite a bit of reference to wolfpack life, alpha, pup, stuck with one lover. Almost like the qualities of a wolf! But that merely could be a call to something else.

This isn't getting me anywhere, this is gonna be a bunch of running around in circles eventually and this isn't going to lead us anywhere. I know that I probably should speed this along, or else she was bound to just walk away without me truly finding out anything that mattered.

I guess it's time to hit her with something a little bit heavier...and stop playing this fool's game. Lucian wrapped the bouquet around his back with a sash, as he steeled himself. Letting the soft persona go and finally returning to his true self, he quickly let his natural aura loose.

"Ma'am. I know that you and I have just met. But I need to know, where do I find more like me and yourself? And don't lie to me, I smell it on you. The stench of the apex predator, the werewolf. Please."

Lucian couldn't let this moment pass him by and even if he was denied access to such information, then truly that was the will of fate, but he had to try.

#8Priscilla Ivalice 

Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}  Empty on Sat May 09, 2020 9:57 am

Priscilla Ivalice
So it seemed it was time for such things to fade."What an interesting moment, You finally broke the code."Priscilla knew she made it too easy, Priscilla knew how to lie to people generally about other things. She knew it was too easy, Priscilla seemed still far too uninterested in this situation still.

Such a wonderful thing that Priscilla really did not care to try to do much about to help him."It is nice to meet another, Even if I don't personally care for meeting another."The casual moment turned Priscilla to rather uncaring and cold about it."Nor do I know of any others aside from me."The problem with this moment is where it was Priscilla always did things just by herself willingly.

Then the other person would arise a problem for him."Nor do I really give information to strangers no matter if I actually know or not."Opposite of her look, Priscilla was use to people trying to get information from her and being aggressive about it"Information is a deadly tool dear, Just thinking your going to get it from me is foolish, As well as a risk i am not willing to take either."So that is what Priscilla would lay out to him.

Then Priscilla would turn away from him and say."Good day Dear, don't dig into thing that will get people in trouble."There was a still chance to talk to her because she was not in a rush to leave either. Priscilla seemed to be taking her time walking away from him, Priscilla showed her values in life information and keeping to herself. It seemed to show also that Priscilla did not like nor did she nosey strangers, Sure it made it hard for her to make friends, But Priscilla did not generally make friends or try to start with.

#9Lucian V. Crimson 

Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}  Empty on Mon May 11, 2020 11:27 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
Lucian watched in bewilderment as the woman shut down the whole conversation with a simple disregard, she simply just was. And yet, it was respected, I was not one to just share information or get to know people, and maybe at this moment, I have grown to be insane because of how far I have fallen to just lay there and leave myself to be bare. Why in the world would I break my code to just try and get some information, I haven't had a family for a while now and so why would I be so pressed to get one now?

Maybe the idea to finally change my setting had come or maybe the idea of finding out how to control this bestial side of me was too tantalizing to pass up.

But all hope of that has clearly been put to the ax for now. She speaks to candid about it like it was just another fact and she seems to be content with the idea of just not knowing about anymore like her. I guess I was just a fool for trying... but yet.

"Listen, I do not want to know your personal life. And there's no need to lecture me on the dangers of this world, I have been alive and through enough to know. I just wanted to know. Must be easy to live with having someone to guide you home."

#10Priscilla Ivalice 

Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}  Empty on Thu May 14, 2020 7:25 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
It almost seemed as Priscilla was just about to leave she stopped and turned around, It would be almost seemed like there was something else to this walk, Priscilla would stare at this man in the face and just said."All of my immediate family is dead, They died long before I became a werewolf."Priscilla mentioned right away to kind of just get that point out."My life isn't easy since at all, No one prepares a 9 year old to have her twin sister mother and father beaten to death in front them."There was a reason for then part of the conversation.

Priscilla sounded bitter when speaking about it, She had her reasons why."You can upset that some one wants to save you trouble in life, only mentioning something helpful while minding my own matters."But Priscilla would change the manner of how this would be.

She would then lift the hair that covered her missing eye, That scar over it like it was been dug out by knife."I don't want you to deal with what I did, understand now?"Priscilla might have taken her point to the extreme, But out loud werewolf take was not to be taken lightly around people.

But this was not just Priscilla come to prove a point, She would try to be helpful."You want to know something from me? Very well."So now she would pose it with this."I will tell you what I know that you seek, But in return you owe me a favor."The redhead would say."I will not be asking for this favor until another unknown day, We will talk about what you want to know away from people so we do not leave them scared."So he could have whatever answers she had but owed something in return

#11Lucian V. Crimson 

Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}  Empty on Sun May 17, 2020 5:02 am

Lucian V. Crimson
"And I lost everything I had a sixteen, I looked at my mother's bloody mutilated corpse and watched my father die a coward's death in my face."

The flashbacks ran through his mind, the memories just as fresh as the moment they became reality.

"I am not angry. But like I said, my peoples died years ago, I am not in need of a lecture about the cruel world."

Lucian watched as Priscilla turned to address him, no longer caring about any possible public spectacle. This was a matter of truth and possible enlightenment. Her right eye socket was devoid of an eye. The savage scar running right down the middle of it. Lucian placed his hands over his own scar, lucky to have kept the vision in his eye despite the blow.

"I too have been harmed by those closest to me. Same scar over the same eye. "

Lucian watched as the woman seemed to grow increasingly agitated but he could care less. He didn't want or need someone to hold his hand and tell him there were monsters out there. That some things went bump in the night and the darkness was home to the bad and scary things. He was now one of those things and that was the truth.

Lucian eyed the woman, her proposition was strange but it made sense. Just like someone to desire a favor for information. It very well could be information that I don't need or could make use of it. Besides, why would I put myself in the position to be indebted to someone. Especially a person, that I just met on a side street.

"I can't afford to do that...Unless. Promise me it will not involve the death of any human or animal and I will agree."  

I am on the cusp of possible enlightenment, throwing this away could throw away a lot more than my pride.

#12Priscilla Ivalice 

Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}  Empty on Mon May 18, 2020 6:33 am

Priscilla Ivalice
It was interesting they were both different monsters so to say, Even if crafted in almost the same way."Good we have a bit of an understanding then."The situation shifted vastly because where Priscilla had been super annoyed, She was completely normal now with in a few moments and kind of settled down, Maybe the understanding of how one another worked just kind of even it out enough they it just seemed like they where on the same page.

She could even laugh about it slightly."Yes, slightly different."But they were getting into what mattered most between them, The wonderful thing about both being themselves the shift is personality would either be worrying, Or helpful emotions and reading this was a dangerous tool."Empathy can be a hollow gesture sometime."Why she said that was most likely something she would not explain at all.

The dangers of a gamble was a wonderful thing depending on a person, Was Priscilla worth the risk? There was signs it could not be worth, But the unknown part of it could be worth it, A wonderful part of not knowing.

And Judith like that, it was now who would yield first. The wonderful thing is no terms where would set, Priscilla could easily be set with how it currently stand."I can not promise that at all, I am only asking for a favor that I redeem later. No strings attached or terms set."she was not agreeing or disagreeing with him, Priscilla wanted the freedom of this favor not being restricted. Keeping in mind she was actually willing to be set with his restrictions if he really insisted, She just wanted to try one last time to see if he would agree, If he still stood with what he wanted Priscilla could consider yielding.

#13Lucian V. Crimson 

Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}  Empty on Tue May 19, 2020 1:29 am

Lucian V. Crimson
"I believe sympathy is truly the more hollow of the two."

I can't believe that she is willing to talk...but of course, I expected her to be greedy. I was willing to go with her proposition, but the fact that she wanted to deny the deal unless it was on her terms, proved that this was not going to be a lucrative deal.

I have been around this country and world enough to know that being indebted to someone was to always have something hanging over your head. To be at the mercy of someone.

I truly can't afford that. Maybe I should walk away, go ahead, and put this conversation to the end. This woman didn't seem to be the one to owe something to or be at the mercy of.

But could it be a favor for a favor? No, I would want to be done with this woman after the said favor and possibly never see her again. Or, I could complete this favor and get something more for myself to move forward with my life.

But I am not going to back down, the killing of anyone goes against my creed. And I won't give myself over to this world or anyone for that matter for just some possible sense of information. If she turned down this deal and went on about her way, then so be it. But there were somethings worth more than to inherit something.

"I am not backing down from that stipulation. I do not kill. So if those conditions are not acceptable, then I will go on about my business and I apologize for wasting your time."

Her next words would decide the way this conversation went, and either one way or other things were coming to their climax.

#14Priscilla Ivalice 

Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}  Empty on Thu May 21, 2020 3:30 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Neither of them would back down and Priscilla would let out a sigh not of defeat nor anything negative, just a general like she was willing to yield on that."Very well then, I will settle."Priscilla would now being oddly normal and oddly nice now this stark contrast would start throwing him off.

"Let's us talk somewhere different and less people."Priscilla would even let her normal way of being finally show."Maybe if your up for it too, some food and drinks if you want, It will be at my cost."This was most likely Priscilla see what would happen to see if she can gain the trust of another person, They got the annoying stuff and seemed to. This would also allow the conversation to be a bit more private and personal, No doubt it would be that.

Now she would not turn away and she did seem ready to leave the public to talk somewhere else. Werewolf stuff was a touchy subject for a lot of people and thus her offer seemed logical, To gain trust on one werewolf helpful, Who knows Priscilla could be be a useful ally to him if they got on good terms, Maybe they could help one another if they ended up having good terms with one another.

She wondered if she put up a good enough offer to ease the nerve of this werewolf to answer the questions he might have for her being a werewolf, There was some wonder in her mind as well and it was interesting to Priscilla."Place will be of your choosing."Figured that would also be a good thing to add into the deal as well. Leaning his way was a good thing yes, how far would this good was on her mind now as well.

#15Lucian V. Crimson 

Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}  Empty on Thu May 21, 2020 9:04 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
Inviting me out to dinner? Now that is extremely strange and definitely not normal. Go to a place that is more secluded so she could possibly kill me? Mmm there was a chance of that occurring or this could really be just a conversation that needed to happen in private.

"I already owe you a favor. So I don't think I want to allow you to pay for my food. Besides as the gentleman, it would be in my best interest to pay, I was raised well enough. But if you could give me a quick second to finish a task."

Lucian walked towards the back of the marketplace, exiting out of the plaza he came up to the hill that was situated on the outside of the plaza.

Digging into the ground, he placed the flowers into the earth and covered them up. Speaking a silent prayer to his family and fate, Lucian left from the burial ground. Returning to his companion for the evening, he nodded for Priscilla to follow him.

Walking to the nearby tavern, the patrons seemingly were already in full swing for the evening, booze and food were already flowing and folks were swinging their asses off.

Motioning towards the back of the tavern there was a table situated in the shadows of the corner. Sitting down he pointed towards the chair for Priscilla to sit. Signaling for the waitress to come he prepared his order.

"Just some water for now. And anything for her."

#16Priscilla Ivalice 

Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}  Empty on Fri May 22, 2020 5:05 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
What an interesting situation for sure, They both doubted and did not trust each other quite yet, Neither of them had reason too but they remained some how civil to one another, no doubt until the time needed. But Priscilla did not intend to harm anyone in this situation. Pointless really but not something Priscilla would mention upfront.

It was something to admire,She could admit it as well to him since credit was due."So some one did raise you with manners and politeness, Very well finish what you need too."Priscilla was not rushing him either, They still needed to be regular people for the most part, They were still partly human after all such other task always were to be expected.

Priscilla also was raised with manners and politeness, then again she had many other things she did before as well, not looking at her being a maid and bar server had it's benefits, Just being a murderer and a blackmailer was something different entirely as well.

The walk was quiet for the most part, Priscilla did not really say anything to him then again, Priscilla for the most part was use to the quiet and not making much small talk. Not unless something was brought up to her. She was oddly comfortable and settled, Expecting this evening to become interesting for the both of them

For when Priscilla would settle into her chair, She took off her cape and folded it, She would sit on it to keep it out of the way."I only need a glass of water as well for the moment."Priscilla did not want to risk business matter over anything to intoxicating her thoughts really it was kind of important to keep a clear mind and Priscilla did consider herself professional, as professional as she could be considered anyway.

#17Lucian V. Crimson 

Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}  Empty on Sat May 23, 2020 4:44 am

Lucian V. Crimson
Lucian watched the various patrons of the tavern eye them with watchful sight. He didn't blame them, two strangers, in their city and we just came inside and ducked off into a table away from anyone, who would not blame us for looking shady.
But this was not an important matter for them, besides the smell of booze was so damn rich that it was quite frankly going to be a forgotten detail within a few moments for quite a few folks in the place. Their memories, care, and worries all drowned in a sea of hops and liquor stupor.

Returning to the table, he kept his eyes on his partner for the evening, he saw the poise in her form, this woman was not your average person, though granted she could easily play the part to a degree. But her cold nature would be off-putting to most and thus probably helped out with her masking into the background.

As the waitress returned to the table with the waters. Thanking her, he leaned forward eager to get this meeting out of the way. There was no room for emotions or other factors. He had to get a favor's worth of information out of this woman or else he would be left with nothing at all.

"Alright. Let's get down to business. So number one do you have any idea about the rumor of a werewolf pack in the Seighart mountains?"

Looking around, no one seemed to pay any mind to their conversation continuing onward with his questioning he prepared another one.

"And if there are any werewolf packs do they interact with the humans around them or any of the guilds for that matter."

Sitting back into his seat, Lucian made sure to stifle the rest of his questions for later on in the conversation, he didn't want to overload her with questions. He needed this to go as smoothly as possible and without a hiccup, though granted that may be tough considering the number of booze people was ingesting clearly was going to be high.

#18Priscilla Ivalice 

Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}  Empty on Sat May 23, 2020 10:46 am

Priscilla Ivalice
What Priscilla could admit, She liked the fact he was right to the matters that were important. Both of them kind of just keep their minds leveled, Did she actually have a clue about this? Not really this would have been new to her."Part would be news to me, I do not personally know of that."Simple answer really She could not recall so the answer was no, Sure it was not helpful Priscilla was at least honest.

Taking her her glass of water and take a sip, The second question seemed rather simple and would be a bit more helpful."I do not know of any other packs, only just one other werewolf aside from us who interact with people and guilds."Some kind of most positive answer that could lead to something else, So far Priscilla did not find it too much of an overload.

A small sniff in the air, Priscilla seemed to generally checking and gauging what the people around her could be doing aside from him. Priscilla seemed not worried about talking to Lucian at all.  If anything Priscilla seemed to be more unsure about the other people around them.

With booze and any places like that. Priscilla was keeping in mind how easy it was people pulled the trigger and fought one another. where these the answers he wanted? Maybe not but that was not a worry to her. She would rest her arms on the table, being more casual about it because of her ease in feeling and like she did not feel much tension around her. Then after a few moments of a casual relaxing she would then just start taking off her black gloves, the stark contrast of her black outfit when not shockingly it was pale white skin, she would also roll up her long sleeves as well at least to her elbows.

#19Lucian V. Crimson 

Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}  Empty on Sun May 24, 2020 4:51 am

Lucian V. Crimson
Lucian couldn't hide his discontent with the concept that the rumors about the werewolf packs in Seighart could be a false rumor or lead but at least the woman seemed to be honest about it.

She seems relaxed, not so much on edge almost makes me feel bad for feeling so wound up. But I was never comfortable with people and drinking. Matter of fact reveling for that matter always felt strange since that day...

But even despite her cold outward appearance and words this woman seemed to be quite comfortable... Leaning back into his seat, he listened as she spoke of another werewolf. Now they were getting somewhere. This individual could prove important.

"Who is this mage and how do I go about finding him?"

Another werewolf and possibly a guild mage, how many of them were there hiding out in the world among the humans. This was crazy but needed. Lucian could see that she had taken a whiff of the air as well. He couldn't blame her, they were not in the safest of places nor talking about the most conventional of conversations anyone could hear them and turn this into a much bigger problem than necessary.

"And then, I gotta ask were you born into this, or did you get turned?"

Lucian thought back to the evening, coming upon the dying great white and black werewolf as he accepted his journey into the afterlife, Lucian had taken up the curse as a sign of respect to the life of the great beast. As the charge of the beast god, it was his duty to give all creatures in their final moments the due duty of restful slumber.

Shuddering slightly, Lucian removed his hoodie, letting his countenance show to bit more exposed degree. Looking down at her pale skin, he couldn't help but notice the drastic differences between their pigments. Which made it all the more wild considering that both of them were mythical creatures of the night and there was no tell-all sign to rat them out. He could very have strolled past others like him in his youth without so much as a glance. It made him think about what other creatures lurk in the world with the human race unsuspecting to their existence.

"Ya know. Do you ever think about how strange it is, that if the hands of fate had move differently we could be the humans sitting in the room with werewolves."

#20Priscilla Ivalice 

Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}  Empty on Sun May 24, 2020 11:57 am

Priscilla Ivalice
Oh what a wonderful question that now she would have to ruin his hopes of answering."I can't tell you his name. I had a promise to him I wouldn't spread his name around or spread around my connection to him either."It was a dead end unless he had a way to get it out of her, Priscilla would not lean on that part of information easily. A promise is made from her is a promise kept from her.

"Willingly turned."Priscilla would clear that out of the way. It would dig into personal stuff that he might not care about."To see if it would solve a problem of mine I was having, as well of a pledge of loyalty to some one."Which is would be an interesting thing, Priscilla became one for more personal reasons then anything else, Must have been interesting to learn some one became a werewolf willingly, Priscilla assumed it might spark some interest for him.

When that small mention was posed for her Priscilla really did not seem like it anything outstanding."Fate works in strange ways, Who know had things been different like that, I would most likely be a happy drinker server rather then what I am now."Priscilla knew if her life was how she wished it, Her sister and parents would still be alive and she would not be a werewolf either, Just a happy drink server living a some what normal life."No matter the fate I would not have been scared of anyone really, Just a more settled person."It was most likely useless for anything this man would want to know unless he was trying to figure out something about Priscilla with out asking or breaking tension in his mind because he was nervous.

#21Lucian V. Crimson 

Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}  Empty on Mon May 25, 2020 3:36 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
So turning to solve a problem...I wonder what that problem was that would make someone go so far as to forsake their humanity as a whole and become a beast of such magnitude. It must have been a grave thing for someone to do such a thing, especially considering that this was something that she must have held deeply to herself.

But damn it, another wall, but a promise is a promise and one should hold on to those always, so I can't fault her for that, luckily it helps out that there is evidence of another and so hopefully some sort of location or anything for that matter would at least prove useful. I am willing to find them on my own, I can't stop here. I have to figure this out...

"So where have your travels brought you from? "

Lucian eyed the room, the crowd was beginning to grow more and more belligerent as time wore on. Clearly the night was going to be a rowdy one, hopefully, though it stay with them instead of moving to their table.

Drinking from his glass, Lucian listened as the woman gave her view of his question, she was easy going to say the least, a real wall of sorts but more so matter of fact about life. I could respect that, fear does not have a place in one's heart and to live in fear was to live wrong.

"A server? No offense but I don't see that." Lucian continued to sip on his glass.

"You don't strike me as the server kind. More of the bouncer or bartender but the waitress? I don't see it."

Leaning back in his chair, Lucian thought of himself and where he would be if things were different.

"But truth be told I'd probably be a musician. Traveling the world just like now, but to play music and meet people."

#22Priscilla Ivalice 

Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}  Empty on Tue May 26, 2020 5:37 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
If she answered that it might lead him to Vali and her son, But it also lead him towards Kazimir's guild as well."I was in Astrea before coming here, I was visiting to two very important people to me, As well as taking care some personal matters."It was fun playing the honest game for one in her life but she also know what a dangerous balance it had.

Where Lucian seemed uneasy, Priscilla seemed still not even worried about it. Even his reply she could laugh about."When I was younger, I fancied dressed and looking nice."She would lead it off with that."I also have trained to be a maid, bartender and generally server."She learned said things as covers and ways to blend in to kill people in the past but they where helpful in life in general."Alas that was when i was younger, Life had different ideas."It would still be odd to think, A woman like Priscilla wearing dresses or a maid outfit must be an odd thought right away.

And unlike what he thought, she in return."I could see that befitting of you."Priscilla was not the type to judge what another person did with their lives either."You could always attempt now dear, Life's new beginnings happen when the person chooses too after all."Priscilla might be an odd woman to hear such words from, She then again was a person to believe that anyone could really do what they wished with out problems."But at least your achieving part of your wishes currently."Priscilla mentioned that because it was true even if it just her praising someone for doing what he wanted, It was her reinforcing and standing behind her own personal beliefs,Or it could still be strange.

#23Lucian V. Crimson 

Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}  Empty on Wed May 27, 2020 6:36 am

Lucian V. Crimson
Lucian tried to imagine the battle-hardened woman before him as a young woman clad in a pretty dress sashaying through a bar much like this one delivering drinks with a smile on her face as she helped to up the revel. It was almost funny, but then again he could only imagine himself, probably stowing away on some ship out in the open sea, whistling to the night air as he played his instruments. Listening to the stories of people from far and wide and turning them into wistful ballads of legend. Granted, it would have made mother and father worry but at least it was true to life.

Leaning back in the seat, he thought about the life free from magic, guilds, or any of this for the matter. He could disappear sail off to another country and live out his life free from the world and its rules. But then again, as long as he was a werewolf and the ability to use mana flowed through his veins and he was indebted to a god of beast and war, he would never be free of the fight. He was bound to battle for as long as he drew breath.

"Yeah, fate has other plans. The instrument I play now is war."

Astera huh? Never been there but two people important to her, unless some sort of adopted kin or friends, had to be really close to her. Especially to give that up. But granted, he could respect her privacy in that regard, he didn't want to gain access to the woman's personal life and for that matter he really didn't see himself probably meeting this woman again after the night was over.

"I just came from Oak. I felt rude to ask without returning the favor. Had some run-in with Phantom Lord way back when they were around. I got caught up in protecting their city. After a while I realized it was time to go."

Thinking back to his travels, an old crone from Crocus had let him here to Marigold. Her fortune had given him some clarity and a sense of direction and purpose. A purpose he was desperately trying to fulfill.

"So are you a guild mage, bounty hunter, or some sort of pirate? Because in my opinion this werewolf physiology was made for those things."

Lucian sipped from his glass, continuing to watch the room.

#24Priscilla Ivalice 

Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}  Empty on Wed May 27, 2020 7:05 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
It was a nice lead in."Much like,The only person I serve is myself."Which was a hard to detect lie, Priscilla did not want it to get around right away she was the member of Kon's Sentinel Syndicate. It would ruin any plans she may come up with down the road."Fate is a cruel but honest thing much to anyone's dismay."was it as equally cruel and kind? an interesting thing to think about, But Priscilla would not ponder it too aloud since it was not a casual side point of conversation.

Priscilla had heard of that guild. Long before she was was more in the public, She was more behind the scenes and taking people out."I remember such a guild name, I avoided going anywhere near their members for the longest time."Most likely because during said time it was when she was most dangerous and only because she barely remember such days, Knowing her back then she was most likely just mindless slaughtering people.

Well crap the one question she wanted to avoid, Guess no matter the person who was knew everyone wanted to know that."I am a part of a guild."She wanted to avoid saying the name aloud for now."But I was even before guild work, I was an freelancer for assassinations,black mail, spying and sabotage ."She would leave that part in even if she normally avoided it a loud but maybe it would just be the information he wanted to get him to maybe avoid knowing what guild she was a part of."But guess that isn't shocking to know based off of looks, I wonder what else in this guess game you could piece together."So guess she really wasn't a maid or a drink server, at least it was not dissapointing.

#25Lucian V. Crimson 

Lilac Streets and Purple Meadows {Priscilla}  Empty on Thu May 28, 2020 3:46 am

Lucian V. Crimson
Truthfully the nature of her occupation as she had stated was not a surprise in the least, a waitress girl turned contract killer and violent woman who participated in the dark and shadowy underworld. Granted you usually don't have a scar like that, talk in such a coded language or move in such a way if you were just your average run of the mill criminal.

"I won't pry, chances are the guild you are in isn't one of the favorable ones per se."

Lucian knew he had no room to judge and quite frankly he wasn't in the mood to get into the thick of things especially with the political undermining this woman was apart of. That was not the world for me, regardless of what I wanted to know. Her world was something I didn't want to deal with. Even if I didn't have a bounty on my own head.

"Yeah, those Phantom Lord folks were a unique bunch, to say the least, didn't have to deal with them too much. We had an understanding."

It felt weird to reminisce on such a time of his life, but it was his past, and that past has brought him to his future. Though granted being on the other side of the table from a possible wanted criminal and spy was not something he was essentially prepared for.

"Honestly, I am almost surprised you are not the one with questions. Considering that with this favor of yours, we will be in business one day."

Lucian couldn't help but feel that the felt strange she was just comfortable with whoever he might be. Maybe it came with the territory, she was even more used to moving around and disappearing than he was. But goodness Lucian, to get roped into this, I pray she doesn't have me end up in some political ploy to undermine someone. Then he would have to get involved. And quite frankly anything thing else than that would be greatly appreciated.

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