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Eric Eldarion Ervine

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#1Eric Ervine 

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Eric Ervine


Name: Eric Eldarion Ervine

Age: November 4th, X768

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Caelese

Ethnicity, Mother: Caelese

Class: Warrior

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Left Shoulder, Soft Yellow.

Face: Vane - Granblue Fantasy


Height: 6'3"

Weight: 176 lbs

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Eric is quite tall and has well defined features. His shoulders are board and his body is muscular. In fact, most of his weight is contributed by his muscle mass. Due to all the muscle, his arms and legs are larger and wider than most people. It is hard for him to get into smaller spaces due to this. Going to the top of his body, his face charms all that lays their eyes upon it. His sandy blonde hair goes perfectly well with his ocean blue eyes and fair skin tone, he's like something straight from a magical dream! Not to mention that Eric has a very vibrant personality and likes to smile with his dazzling teeth. As a warrior, Eric usually wears bright colored armors. But if he is not in his armor, he would usually be seen wearing simple clothes, most of the time bright colored ones, he isn't the type of person that really cares of what he wears.

Extra: None.


Personality: Eric is very friendly. He makes friends where ever he go. He can almost always be found hanging out with people inside a pub, drinking, sharing stories and exchanging jokes. It is easier for him to make friends due to his appealing appearance and outgoing personality. Eric is a wild spirit, nobody tells him what to do, he loves to go on to an adventure and discover new things along the journey. He also likes to battle, be it against monsters or a duel with another person, the thrill of battling is simply exhilarating and addictive to him. When he meets someone that interests him. he would always want to talk to that person and get to know them, but at times he can get really annoying.
Despite having a great personality and a great body, he himself is not that bright of a person. He has a hard time understanding things and figuring things out, he would almost always get confused. It is also easier for someone to trick or lie to him, he simply doesn't see it! At times, when he is in trouble it is almost always due to his lack of thinking capability. Due to having a rather, small brain, he always depends on his instinct on things that would normally require some thinking, and sometimes this would lead him to do rather odd things.
Secretly, he feels very empty inside, he doesn't know why. Due to this, he decides to start a new journey, a journey to discover his true self and finding that something that can feel the void inside him, even though he doesn't really know what that something is.


  • Food!: Eric loves to eat and he eats A LOT. He can almost always be found having something in his mouth.
  • Battles: Eric enjoy battling and sparring weapons with others. Its one of the things he really enjoy doing.
  • Socializing: Eric really enjoy meeting new people and hanging out with others simply having a good time and living their best lives.


  • Thinking Hard: If something requires him to think real hard it would make him go hay wire and he would drop the thing immediately, he simply can't do it.
  • Rude People: Eric simply can't take it when someone is rude to another person, if the situation calls for it he might even intervene and get himself in trouble.


  • Finding Home: After both his parents passed away, he had no one else to call a family. No one to hug and no shoulder to cry on. He is practically all by himself with no place to call home. Yes he does have a house inherited by his parents but home is the place where the people you love is at, and for now Eric doesn't have a home, but he will find one.


  • Getting Old All By Himself: He fears that one day he will never find the 'home' he is looking for and ends up all by himself, sitting by the fireplace all by himself and as he dies his body rots inside the house for years to come before someone finds his body.
  • Rejection: Secretly he is afraid that he is not good enough for some people and he would be rejected by them. Which would make him feel bad for the rest of the week, or even month, or years.


Magic Name: -

Magic Element: -

Magic Description: -


History: Eric was born in Caelum from a wealthy family. His parents share a trading company that was doing very well. For most of his childhood, Eric lived a happy childhood with both his parents by his side, only rarely were they away to attend a business meeting. Ever since he was born, he didn't have any other family members or relatives aside from his mother and father, and they would always avoid this topic when Eric was little. When he reached 12 years old, they finally told him the truth. Both of his parents were orphans ever since they were a baby, his grandparents had abandoned both his parents. But they were lucky to be found by an orphanage. So Eric understood the situation a little, it was not that he does not have any relatives, it was just that they were unknown. Both of Eric's parents looked a little bit sad and down when telling him about this. Eric didn't want his parents to be sad, so he pinched their cheeks and told them that it didn't matter he was already happy having the two of them in his life. His parents at that time could only laugh at the remark and was touched by his words. They both were very grateful to have Eric as their son. Their lives continued perfectly and happily throughout the years.

But when Eric was 17 years old, tragedy struck. His parents had a business meeting regarding some matters on their trading company, the meeting was held in Fiore and as Caelum was broken off from the mainland, they had to use a ship. Eric hugged and kissed both his parents cheeks before they climb on the cruise ship, he waved goodbye at them and they waved back as well. Then off they went on the cruise ship, journeying across the ocean. It was something pretty normal for Eric to have his parents gone on a business trip, so he would wait patiently for their return, it would only be a couple days before he could see them again, or so he thought. After several days, he received a news. There was an unforecasted storm raging through the sea the night before, and that the cruise ship his parents were on never arrived in Fiore. Rescue teams were sent out to search for the cruise ship and what they found was only a sunken ship with no survivors. Eric was devastated, he did not know what to say, what to do, what to feel. He was lost, he was in pain, he wasn't ready for this.

A year pass by and Eric was still grieving, he simply couldn't move on from what had happened. Until one night, while he was sitting in his parents' bedroom, he noticed that there was something off with the framed picture that rested on the small table beside the bed. His instinct told him that he should check the picture, so he did. It was a picture of his younger self with both his parents, they all looked really happy. Eric even smiled a little while looking at the picture. He opened the back of the frame, and there was something there. A letter. he quickly opened it. Inside was a hand written letter from his mother. As he read, tears fell down his cheek. He wasn't crying because he was sad, but rather moved by what his mother wrote inside the letter. The letter was meant to be read after their death, and in it, his mother told him that they're not really gone, they're both still inside him. He was born from her womb and that he was made from parts of her body, the love that she and his father gave him made him into who he was that day, her last words were, "...Love will find its way back to you in a different form. So live on, continue our story my son.".

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