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Farming Simulator X789 pt.2 {Quest:Lucian}

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#1Lucian V. Crimson 

Farming Simulator X789 pt.2 {Quest:Lucian} Empty on Sat May 02, 2020 1:48 am

Lucian V. Crimson
There had been a call for help issued, the Marigold theater was putting on another production showcase for some charity work and to showcase the talent of the theater. After my recent run-ins with the place, I can not say that I would be too fond of helping put the play together, but then again this was for the benefit of the people and these had been good people.

Lucian had felt welcomed by them the moment he entered the town, some of them issuing warnings of respect and some just advice but all of these folks had proven to be loving folk and this was a chance to provide them with something to get their minds off their recent troubles and just dissolve them away into a few moments of momentary bliss.

Walking towards the theater, Lucian could feel the familiar feeling of tension that was the theater at work, preparing for a show was no easy task and after having been apart of quite a few productions it was quite easy to tell that there was no way this was going to be a small put together of performance, this was going to require more than the average work that was required for such a thing. But that was the cost of being a person of the people.

Lucian took to the stage work with ease, falling into the rhythm of constant repetition, the tasks were easy and somewhat negligible to a sense, he could disappear into his own world and just work on his own.

All he had to do was complete this task and go about his business, nothing more nothing less. No more schemes, no more games, just honest work, and honest living. The days of the dark was over. Or so he thought.


#2Lucian V. Crimson 

Farming Simulator X789 pt.2 {Quest:Lucian} Empty on Sat May 02, 2020 1:49 am

Lucian V. Crimson

As Lucian was helping to lift a sandbag to the rafters, a face from the past made her appearance, not even giving him a look of acknowledgment, he didn't need anything else to help identify who was before him. Alice Nightingale was still the reigning queen of the theater and she was clearly enjoying the fruits of her power, the stagehands and workers all greeted her with lovely pleasantries and the costume crew seemed to still tread lightly in her direction, even the director had come to be under the heel of her boot. It was a poor sight to see but nonetheless it was no longer his place to comment on the situation.

As Alice paraded around the theater, her soft-spoken daughter Rebecca tailed behind like a lost puppy, without direction and focus. Clearly a ruse on her part, as she was probably thinking about taking down her mother and usurping her throne as the queen always playing the role of the obedient servant. Loyal till there's a chance to stab you in the back and then when the time is ripe they gut you like the fish they think you are.

Lucian had his fill of their ignorance and dark ways and even being near them at the moment was downright revolting, slowly the workers continued to push onward, Alice and the director talking in a hushed conversation.

While he and the others worked the two of them giggled like children about the latest gossip, after a few minutes of conversation the director clapped his hands together and summoned the entire team to the stage, Lucian took the opportunity to throw on his hood to mask his features, remaining towards the back to remain inconspicuous and remain free of Alice's prying eyes.

"Well team, as I'm sure you all know, we are bound to perform our new play in the next few hours, we all have all worked tirelessly to put on this performance and all of your work, including those of our volunteers, is so appreciated. But this is not my stage to talk. So I would like to invite the producer and lead for this play to give you guys a quick pep talk."


#3Lucian V. Crimson 

Farming Simulator X789 pt.2 {Quest:Lucian} Empty on Sat May 02, 2020 1:50 am

Lucian V. Crimson
Walking to the front, Alice's eyes scanned the group, her Cheshire cat-like smile seemed to try and connect with all of the people present. The ruse didn't fool him, he had seen the true evil in those orbs of faux innocence, the devil lied dormant in her irises.

"I know you all have worked tirelessly to put this production together and from the bottom of my heart, all I can say is thank you. This show is not just for me, but for you all. To showcase all of your talents, skills, and dedication to the craft that is the theatre, so this is for us and for the beauty of the sweet Marigold!"

The team was riled up and cheers echoed from the collective mass they all believed her, and who could blame them, but this was Alice, the mastermind behind so much of their pain. A here she was about to get another boost to her already savagely large ego. Not only that but her prestige as well. If this play goes as well as it needs to, the possible patronage she would receive could catapult her to such heights of power that she would transcend just the theater in Marigold but the world as well. Unless he put a stop to it and ruined this play. Lucian sat quietly, he was a brooding storm of thought and planning.

Alice could not be allowed to gain any more power from this, she was taking these people hard work and using it for her own personal gain and vendetta, I know that it would be just as selfish to ruin all of this but there was no way he could sit back and allow this to occur. Once again fate had spoken, but how? The play was only in a few hours and everyone was on high alert, there was no way he would be able to just fidget with the various things unless...


#4Lucian V. Crimson 

Farming Simulator X789 pt.2 {Quest:Lucian} Empty on Sat May 02, 2020 1:52 am

Lucian V. Crimson
Once the meeting had adjourned, the cast and crew flocked to various areas of the theater, eager to begin their own personal preparations for tonight's festivities. Lucian took to himself, set about making his plan a reality. Disappearing into the rafters, he knew that there would be no way to alter anything on the ground floor, but if he rigged some of the things above, he could cause quite enough catastrophe.

Though what would he do, looking up at the lights, he noticed that their axis was kind of close to some of the hanging ropes that were attached to the heavy sandbags for the curtains among some of the other things for the show. Thinking quickly, Lucian took to climbing higher, grabbing onto the ropes, he tied them to the axis of the lights, as they would try to raise the lights it be pulled down by the weight of the bags and prevent them from coming up. And if they raised the curtains they would pull the lights too far up and wouldn't be able to let them down without closing the curtain, though childish in nature the damage would be enough to make them have to focus on fixing it. Leaving him with enough time to do what was necessary to finish everything else.

As the play began everyone got into their designated position, Alice came forward and introduced herself as the producer, main patron and the lead for tonight play, giving a rousing speech of welcome, she ducked behind the curtain and signaled for things to commence. Lucian sat in the back of the stage and went about the various rooms, doing a quick check on everyone. The play started out with a simple monologue with a spotlight, as expected a struggled whirling could be heard from the light above as it tried to go into focus. The pulling it off course, the actor on stage tried his hardest to maintain his focus but the audience's attention was already drawn away. The back of the house went mad as the various workers clamored to see the issue, as the stagehands in charge of the lights disappeared, from his station, Lucian quickly maneuvered to the control station of the lacrima crystals.

Flooding them with his mana, he brought down all the lights of the theater, turning it a cold pitch black. The room was swept up in a loud chatter as many tried to figure out the meaning of all this. Some still believing this to be apart of the show, taking the opportunity for someone to return back to the lights to bring them up, he quickly slinked out of the station and towards the backstage. Disappearing towards the dressing area, feeling his nails elongate with a struggle, he ripped into the costumes, tearing at the various pieces and turning them into ribbons.

Ducking back out Lucian could see the director on stage try to save face but he knew it was over, some of the audience had already started to file out of the room and were no longer trying to enjoy the show. Slowly the room became empty, joining the exodus, Lucian could hear the mumbles among the crowd, they definitely would remember this for time to come and their precious Alice was losing face among the masses. Just as she deserved.


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