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Peoples Pub [Revana]

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#1Jin Tatsumi 

Peoples Pub [Revana] Empty on Sat May 02, 2020 2:12 am

Jin Tatsumi
Jin had gotten tired of walking all the way to Marigold and hopped on a train to finish the journey. He followed the energy of the people and it led him to a decent-sized pub in the center of town. The streets were clean and well organized. Everything had a place, which was something he heard about Marigold as a whole. A smile took Jin's face, thinking about a good way to begin the afternoon.

Taking in a deep breath he stepped into the bar with his hands on the straps of his backpack. As soon as he entered, a broken bottle ricocheted off the ground beneath where his heel was about to step. "Ow. Wow. Close," he rambled as he side-stepped the bottle and into the pub.

A gaggle of patrons just pulled out bottles and held mugs of beer ready to bash each other. In each of their hands was a weapon and they aimed at anyone in their way.

The bar erupted in a frenzy of punches and bar stools. Jin dodged a group of brawlers that came barreling toward him. He tried to speak up to break up the brawl but his voice was drowned out.

He made his way deeper in when a bottle was accidentally heaved at one of the waitresses. He rushed to the bar and tackled her over the side. The bottle still left a cut on her arm. "I got it," he said as he healed it with his magic.

He crawled to the end of the bar and when another person fell down he dragged them behind and healed them too. Most of the injuries were superficial and the brawl at worst just left someone unconscious with a bad headache waiting for them.

The light mage periodically peeked himself out from behind the bar to slip a bottle out of someone's hand or pull a wounded person back to get healed.

He stood up and leaned on the bar as if he was a weary bartender and grabbed one of the few unbroken bottles and took a swig.

"Come on," he said exhausted that it was still going on.


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 "We could just hang out at the bar. You're already halfway there." Jerrica spoke towards her womanly friend, Kurisa. The dark-haired beauty was indeed a friend she hasn't seen in a while. She remembered meeting her on a ship when she traveled the seas searching for her children and just adventuring in general. she couldn't remember where she said she was from, but at this point, it didn't matter. Their souls were friends as she too was an ancient, an ancient that was at peace, but alive. They both wore dresses, but Jerrica's was more of a business attire while Kurisa's was more of a party type.

Her angel-like tattoo could be seen from the dress she wore as the wings were revealed, unlike her real ones. Both of them walked in to see a fight going on. "This reminds me of our ship towards Svan." Jerrica laughed and they went on ahead towards the bartender. Kurisa now loved drinking, rather it was to get rid of memories or just to make the time roll faster. Her lilac eyes gazed towards her darkened beautiful friend who alas drank socially. Once she was there she leaned over the bar and slapped her hand against the counter. "I'd like to order some mixed drinks if you will.~" Kurisa spoke in her breathy Italian accent and a smile. "Make that two.~" Jerrica spoke in a British accent and laughed at nothing at all.

#3Jin Tatsumi 

Peoples Pub [Revana] Empty on Wed May 06, 2020 10:16 am

Jin Tatsumi
The battle rage onward with the people in the pub and Jin drug another victim of the madness behind the counter and cast a light healing spell on him. "At this rate, I'll run out," he said as he sat back with his butt on the ground and his back against the wooden bar. Bottles of alcohol were scattered behind him of all shapes and sizes. Most looked familiar but a few were foreign to the traveler. His moment of reprieve was interrupted by a sudden slap on the bar, giving the man a jolt as he hunched his shoulders up.

Probably another man thrown against it. That what he thought until the voice of two women called out and wanted...drinks? Clearing his through, Jin stood up at the bar. The fight was still going on behind them but the two seemed utterly unaffected. The people he encountered here were all too calm about things.

"Ah, and what can I get for two lovely ladies such as yourselves?"
he asked and leaned one arm on the countertop, just as two people knocked into the other side of the bar. One of them had a broken bottle and Jin quickly grabbed it and tossed it behind the bar and the two staggered off to fight elsewhere.

Once the two women gave him a specific type of drink he'd duck down to the rack of alcohol. He fumbled through the bottles trying to find what he needed. Not actually working here made it take a bit longer, but the injured bartender behind the counter pointed at a shelf, "Right there. three parts to one."

Jin nodded and patted the man on the leg, before rising back up with the bottles in hand and two glasses. With a quick mix, something that he picked up from all the drunken wedding he attended, he made their drinks and poured them out.

"I don't mind you staying, but are you sure it's not to violent in here for you? I wouldn't want you to get hurt?"
he said not knowing the might of the person across from him.


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 She smiled as she saw her friend as small yet effective as can be. Kurisa enjoyed a little company and it was great that Jerrica appeared just in time. They had so much to catch up on. The area was getting loud, chaotic, but it didn't seem to bother the barkeep. Her lilac eyes studied the boy as she then was nudged by her friend. ''Hey, why don't you start a conversation instead of gazing." She whispered softly enough just for her to hear. Smirking, Kurisa rolled her eyes and chuckled, ''Alright.". She paid her attention towards the barkeep who then questioned if they were sure about being here.

"Violent?" Jerrica questioned while gripping Kurisa's shoulders from behind. "This girl here isn't afraid of anything. Doubt you want her to get violent." She started and sat back down. "Do you want them to stop?". Her lilac eyes turned more silver as she gazed into the man's eyes. She could easily make it stop, fear them as 'they' once made her fear. Once she finds 'them', she'll make them fear her as she'll be the last person they'll see. Slowly, after speaking she picked up the glass by the stem to sip it while enchantingly gazing into his blue ocean eyes.

#5Jin Tatsumi 

Peoples Pub [Revana] Empty on Thu May 07, 2020 8:19 pm

Jin Tatsumi
The two ladies seemed to have a close relationship, and one unconcerned about the meager trifles of the world around them. They were the only two who were not engaged in the brawl, so Jin took up a few glasses and a cloth that was set on the countertop. He ran the cloth around and inside the glasses to clean them out when the woman decided to speak.

Her friend was proud of the still-seated woman's accomplishments and abilities. Jin looked at her more intently, curious who she was and also because she had already examined who he was. Before he could respond the woman peered into Jin's eyes. Silver replaced the color of her eyes. She had an aura that could send someone cascading into her eyes and one that chilled with the promise of might behind it. His hands stopped washing the glass and he simply looked back at her for a few seconds.

He cleared his throat and set down the glasses, "I guess that depends if that causes these people pain or not," in a rare moment he was serious out of concern for what power the woman could unleash. His expression softened again, "But I do prefer a world with as little violence as possible. So if you could I would be grateful."

The woman's gaze enthralled him and he found himself unable to look away, while she took a sip of alcohol. "I've never seen eyes like those?" he asked as she finished the drink. Whatever was going to happen, he couldn't pass up a chance to see what it was this woman possessed. Was it destructive or calming?

The other patrons were still as rowdy as ever and held broken pool sticks ready to stab one another and escalate the situation. Jin put a reassuring hand on the shoulder of one of the wounded men behind the counter.


Peoples Pub [Revana] Empty on Sun May 10, 2020 3:17 am


The man seemed to want less violence as the place was getting wild. People were harming each other and the Nephilim within her wanted to take change over these humes and do something about it. The man said the words, making her slowly look away and towards the crowd. Her body pushed itself up so she stood up tall. ''Uh oh." Jerrica chuckled and sat back, watching. Kurisa gazed at them innocently, but then glared coldly. An aura of gold, but red to her enemies to her eyes and theirs. Suddenly they stopped and looked at her as if they could feel it.

"Hey, you people need to behave and stop breaking shit before I break you." Her face expressed disgust as she glared. People slowly started to put their stuff down as they felt fear from looking and listening to her, anyone weaker than her of course which were a lot of people nowadays. She could hear the glasses clashing as they started to drink their booze, listen to music and talk to whomever. Kurisa herself went back to her seat as nothing happened and gazed back at the barkeeper. "Happy now?", she questioned before taking a sip of her alcohol. Drinking was probably going to be her new lover, cause her stories, they just make her want to drown herself instead of cities.

Creating her own Atlantis.

#7Jin Tatsumi 

Peoples Pub [Revana] Empty on Tue May 12, 2020 11:45 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Without another word or comment, the woman stood up to face the crowd. Jin gulped as quietly as he could, worried about what could happen next. "What do you mean Uh oh?" Jin asked a bit worried. He didn't know anything about the woman but he knew a person with power when he saw them.

Her chilling voice swept over the bar just as domineering as the heavy pressure of fear that radiated from her. She stood tall and unwavering as the patrons backed down and tamed their boisterous pride. The ruckus returned to the low rumble of drunks, but all were a bit unedge at the presence of the woman there for a few minutes thereafter.

Jin breathed a sigh of relief, he was running out of magic to keep healing people at the rate things were going. The woman returned her gaze to him with a simple question. But her unearthly enchanting eyes dazed the man. He quickly composed himself and wiped the counter off with the cloth he had. "Uh yeah. Thanks. I try to avoid violence wherever I can," he added but he was no stranger to it. He tried to avoid it but it violence seemed to hunger for him as if the fates deemed it so.

"So let me ask you. what brings you to Marigold or are you a native of the city?"
As he asked the question the people that were hurt behind the bar began to filter back out. The regular bartender stood back up still nursing his injury.

"I don't know who you two are but thanks," the owner said and set a bottle of the alcohol that Revana was drinking on the table. "Bottles on the house," and he nodded at Jin for letting him know to keep on working. The owner sauntered off to the back to treat his wounds.

"I guess I'll refill your glass," Jin said and poured more into both the ladies' cups.


Peoples Pub [Revana] Empty on Mon May 18, 2020 9:32 pm


The glass was poured as she was given a free drink. Her friend also got a drink. Jerrica was more than satisfied as she got up, patted her shoulder, and went off into the crowd. She enjoyed getting into banter with randoms. Sometimes drugs overpowered her will, making her ask random people if they had any. Most people in bars had some type of drug with them. Rather it was to see hallucinations or just to feel better about life. She swayed her hand with no care as she knew she will do what she wanted. Kurisa, on the other hand, had no interest in such things unless it was the relaxing drug that made you see pretty colors. It was the type to smoke as she never felt so much better the last time she smoked that stuff.

"So how long have you worked here?" she wondered as her attention went back on him. Her last friend also worked at a bar, owned a bar, and probably still does in Oak. "Who we are aren't really important. Just glad to keep it peaceful. As peaceful as it can get in a tavern." Kurisa spoke softly in her breathy accent. She swirled her drink and gazed at the swirls. "I have a question for you, boy. Answer honestly...". Her eyes filled with pain and some regret but looked up at him anyways. "What's love to you?" She wondered.

#9Jin Tatsumi 

Peoples Pub [Revana] Empty on Wed May 20, 2020 1:14 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin smiled at the abrupt exit of the woman and shook his head as she instantly mingled with the random people on the dance floor. It was always refreshing to see someone so open and carefree about life. Jin was known for being somewhat of the same way when he wasn't being accused of various crimes he didn't commit. But now it left him alone with the angelic beauty that had doused the violence in the bar with a single sentence.

He half expected the other woman to get up and join her friend and turned to walk away when her question, halted him in place. "Oh. actually I don't really. The owner got stabbed in that brawl you just stopped and I'm just watching it for him while he recovers," he shrugged with a light chuckle and poured himself a drink. Itw as a strange position to be in, but someone needed to run it while the man recovered and it was easier than breaking up that fight.

The response she gave was a clever way to duck and dodge any details about her life. Jin took a sip of his drink and looked her in the eye, "We're all important. Including you. But if you'd rather keep who you are a secret, then that''s fine by me," he gave a half nod. "But thanks again for bringing peace. As for me, I'm actually a wandering merchant." He divulged a little about himself. Perhaps it would make it easier for her to talk about herself, but if not, he would take no offense to it.

His lips curled at being called a boy, that was the second time since he had come to this town and he was still debating on how he felt about it. "Of course," he replied quickly to her demand for an honest answer. He wasn't ready for what happened next. Her eyes were filled with pain and Jin lowered his glass with a small clang as it tapped the wooden counter.

The look in her eye that came with that question was painful to see. He slid his glass to the side and leaned against the counter with one arm. He looked off beyond the ceiling for a moment to formulate his answer. "I think love is exactly what you're feeling. It can be painful and bring heartache. But that means it was real. I think love is passion and caring and something to hold onto dearly once you find it," he slowly turned his gaze back to her as he spoke. Her question told more about her than any name of affiliation.

"Love is fear and hope. And it can last a lifetime," he spoke with mourning in his eyes. "And I hope to find something like that one day," he smiled through a bit of grief.

he took another sip of his drink,"I'm also a sucker for romance theater. Gets me every time."He added a bit of humor at the end, but it was completely true.

"What about you, Woman, "
he rested both his arms on the table and called her woman to playfully poke at what she had called him earlier. "What makes you speak about love with so much pain in your eyes?"


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Kurisa looked at the boy waiting for an answer about love as it was a touchy subject. There were so many reasons she could hate the word, but something about it made her want it. He talked about love like they do in stories, good stories, but she knew that there will always be hardships and sometimes... the good things destroy you. He enjoyed romance theater as the theater does show some promising displays. Her eyes lowered as he asked her about love and what made her look the way she did while she questioned it. She wasn't sure how to explain it to the boy as she went through many cases and lives.

"Love is a desire that will end up destroying you or making you be the best you possible. Between two or more beings that help each other with a goal and will give affection of all kinds to each other to show how they feel. Sometimes... it doesn't end that way. Sometimes the person - one or both end up using the other for whatever they have to gain and then abandoning them on a cliff after making them feel like they truly didn't exist in their heart." Her eyes half-closed as she took a drink.


"I have many examples of what love is and isn't." Kuri, Arisa and even Ana when she was with her had many stories that they probably could've made  their own play or novel.

#11Jin Tatsumi 

Peoples Pub [Revana] Empty on Sat May 23, 2020 5:11 pm

Jin Tatsumi
His question caused her to look away. Jin stood patient as she collected her thoughts, it seemed this was a rather touchy subject for the woman. One certainly about loss and heartache. He never felt more like a bartender than at this moment. The classic scene of a man cleaning a dirty glass while a patron sat across from him and told a sad story weighing heavily on who they were.

The first thing she uttered was about destruction. a word that gave Jin a moment to pause, with bated breath as he pondered how wrought with grief or anger the rest would be. His shoulders tensed in anticipation but with the more upbeat follow-up she spoke, the tension left and he could have nearly breathed a sigh of relief. Her description of love went dark once more only this time she painted a very specific image,

"I wonder if you can even call it love if a person would abandon another so callously,"
he shook his head. "That cliff sounds lonely," he said, almost asking if it was her that it happened to. he didn't want to directly ask for fear of being rude on such a delicate matter.

"How many examples?" he asked, without sarcasm. Just making casual conversation. As casual as this topic could be. "have you given up on it?" he asked, bringing all his attention back to her. He didn't speak as just a bartender making small talk but someone that genuinely cared about what she was going through. Sometimes it was easier to use a stranger ears than someone close to you.

He looked passed her and towards her friend that was mingling with the people, "Love isn't always someone to share a bed with. It seems you have someone that cares about you a great deal. but I'm sure a woman like you has no shortage of people falling in love with her."


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"You could say that I suppose. It's why I wish to find him and destroy them." She chuckled. Rather it was a joke or not was up to him on how he took it. The man deserved what was coming for him once she finds him. He had a lot to explain. He wondered if she was giving up on it, assuming he was still talking about love she frowned. "No... Love is what I desire so much." She smiled painfully. Slowly, she put down her drink and turned to look at Jerrica. Truthfully, she was her sister. Actually blood-related sister of Ana. She wanted love between a woman and man. One where they could share their hearts and one where they will defend each other.

There was no such thing it seemed, but maybe she can at least write something in her story she was making. She hasn't started quite yet, but it'll get there. "She's really out there if you know what I mean though." She chuckled. "Still appreciate her company. Haven't seen her in a few hundred years." Ana spoke normally as her voice was soothing yet cold. Slowly, she got up and turned to him. "It was nice meeting you. Perhaps we will talk more and update each other on what all has happened. Do you mind?" She wondered.No matter his answer she waved bye, her friend deciding to stay to hook up with someone for a one night stand.


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