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Angels and Demons[Rev]

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Marigold City. it was a town he had not visited in a long time. Too long in fact. If he was to spread his businesses influence, he would have to stay in contact with his dealers in each town. Recently, he had to go to the Grand Magic Games in order to represent his guild which hindered his progress. Now that it was over he could get back to work. His current guild blessed him with a magic where he could keep tabs on places he had been before. The magic he had was called thought project and it allowed him to appear anywhere in the world he desired. Now he was going to use it to his advantage.

Though the city was small, it was a wealthy one. The perfect demographic to sell his drugs, weapons, and slaves. The real challenge would be to find the right business partners. That was his mission today. He would scavenge the streets until he found the right buyer. Currently he was in Seighart Mountains but there was nothing on the schedule for today. He found a secluded spot and focused his mind. It was his first time trying out the magic since it was given to him from Kon. He closed his eyes and felt his projection travel towards the destination.

Caius opened his eyes and realized he had fucked up. He was in mid air above the city and falling down fast. Looking down, it seemed that he was above the market district. He was above a stall selling vegetables when he crash landed on the ground in front of the vendor. His body didn't make any impact since it was just a projection but it still scared the hell out of the people around them. One woman screamed while another man pushed the stall over in order to run away from the man who just fell from the sky. Caius stood up and looked around at the crowd now staring at him. "What the hell y'all looking at?" Ignoring the spectators he looked around at his surroundings. There was a giant castle on the hill that seemed like a good place to start. He figured since he had the crowds attention he might as well ask them. "So where do the high rollers hang out around here?"

Spells used:
Name: Thought Projection
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 1,000
Requirements: Diplomat
Type: Supplementary
Element: Arcane
Range: ~
Cooldown: 7 Days
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user closes their eyes and enters a meditative state in which they disconnect themselves from the world around them. The user then creates and conjures a projection of themselves elsewhere in the world, where they are capable of hearing, sight, and speech only. They cannot physically interact with the world around them, meaning they cannot attack or cast spells. Meanwhile the projection can be destroyed after taking 1x S-Rank damage. For the projection to succeed it must be somewhere they have either been before or someplace someone close to the user is present.


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Kurisa walked stubbornly with her arms crossed against her plushie chest and mother-birthing hips swaying towards an unknown direction. She cared not about where she was going since today was like a day off. The thought of doing any missions sounded terrible and helping people - she didn't care enough right now to do so. A flood could happen at any moment and she probably could just strip down and swim. Being a goddess-like figure of the sea and light was nothing to scoff at. Even if that was true, she wanted to get stronger to destroy a certain someone. She had to if she wanted to feel at peace.


What was peace? A word someone made up to make people feel positive about something they were doing, an excuse to make people believe it was something good for themselves as well. Peace for her could be immortality, love, or even just watching everyone drown while she flew in the sky. Half of her darkened, but the other half of her felt love and couldn't help but feel compassion for the humans, the people. Her thoughts were interrupted by a scream, 'We should check it out.' Arisa instructed Kuri.

Taking her time there, she saw people stare at someone. Tilting her head she wondered what this was all about. "What's going on?" She questioned in her breathy Italian accent. Her eyes wandered till she got the front view of a scruffy tall man. He was actually taller than herself. 'Who is he?' Arisa wondered to herself. Her lilac-colored eyes studied him while he was asking around about where high rollers hung out at. Did she count as one? She looked like one with her beautiful light purple dress and her golden halo-like crown. She had this since her past life. It was one of the things she couldn't get rid of. "They're everywhere they'd like to be. Nowhere specific in a town like this if you really must know." She deeply looked into her eyes that reminded her of the black abyss she once swam in.

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Useless every one of them! The crowd just sat there in silence to his question. They were all pretty skeptical to help a man who just fallen out of the sky. His large size and agitated expression certainly didn't help the situation either. Caius threw his arms up in frustration at the lack of a response and was about to leave when he heard a voice that made him stop in his tracks. It was a woman's voice that had a slight accent to it. It was about damn time.

Caius turned around and made eye contact with the woman who was kind enough to answer his question. To his surprise, she was a real beauty that stood out in the crowd. Not only because of her height, but the gorgeous lilac dress with her matching hair flowing through the wind seemed to make her shine. It was almost like she had some type of angelic presence to her. Unfortunately, it seemed like the brains didn't match the looks with the answer she gave him. It was some cryptic response saying they were everywhere they like to be. Gritting his teeth he tried to hold in his anger. She was lucky he didn't have a physical form right now or he would be laying the smack down. Instead, Caius just leered at her body taking note of her assets. While she did have a nice rack, he was more interested on what sat on her head.

He walked up to her and raised his left hand to point to the golden halo that set across her head. "Actually you look like you might fit the bill sweet cheeks. What's this crown you have here anyway? Are you a princess or something? That doesn't look like it comes cheap." he asked.


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She looked at him with slanted eyes as she studied him by face at first. His eyes seemed to be looking more at her body than eyes. 'What a typical guy.' Kuri thought. The people around them just gazed at both as if they were waiting for some show to begin. "Out of here." She swatted her right hand and glared at them, annoyed. They backed away immediately and then went away with their tails in between their legs. Once again her attention was on this man who seemed familiar, but couldn't think of anyone at the moment. He didn't look happy for her half-assed answer, but honestly, she thought it was funny in a rather non-humorous way.

The man pointed out her halo and wondered what it was, even included nobles to it. Her head shook, closed her eyes for a split second trying to forgive this man for thinking she was one of those people. Things. Instantly, her lilac eyes opened to look up at him. "No, the last thing I'd want to be is noble. What I meant about what I said is that I hate nobility that we currently have." Her head tilted a little sideways and arms crossed against her chest as if hugging herself. "This crown is more of a halo due to ... other reasons.". She didn't know if he was an enemy so telling him she was some angelic figure wasn't a great idea. No matter how attractive he was. Something just felt odd about him.  "Why do you need a 'high roller' anyways?" She teased with how he nicknamed them and chuckled sweetly towards it.  

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She certainly had the attitude of a princess. With a flick of her wrist, she dispersed the pestering crowd. They obeyed it without question as if an upper level order from a higher rank officer. Judging from her response she didn't seem like anyone special. What did catch his eye was what she said about the nobility. She hated them. Usually a hate stemmed from them doing something wrong. Caius was the type of man to keep encouraging them to act on those wrong urges. That was what his business was all about. Perhaps this woman could be useful after all.

Caius moved his finger back down as she described her crown. Whatever the reason she didn't want to get into it. Not wanting to prod any further he dropped the subject with a little quip. "You want to play dress up as an angel. I got it"

To address her question, Caius would have to pull out his good ole bag of lies to come up with a story for her. "Well you see I'm here on a business trip. It's only natural to look for the big names to see if I can get an investment in my products." Since she seemed to know about some nobility he would try to extract some information from her. To do that he would have to get to know her some more. "The problem is sweet cheeks is I don't know this town very well. Maybe you can show me around. I can make it worth your while. The name is Caius by the way."


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"You could say that.". Speaking in her breathy accent as she looks around, ending with her eyes looking back into his. "Why Marigold though? Nobles don't really live here. The only reason they'd come here is for the theater and the farmlands." She explained. This place had really nothing but fields and the theater. It was why the villagers were always interested in who was visiting their town. It entertained them, makes stories, and makes them money. She hated being a Nephilim sometimes as she use to be a higher up, as close to a real angel as she could, but she and some others were 'demoted' to the lower race of an angel.

'We don't need them as soon as we find immortality.'
Kuri believed. Arisa just wanted to feel whole again. The love was drained out of her because of the two that broke her belief in such a thing. Her children were the only ones she had left. Kurisa had to adventure throughout Fiore to find a purpose, love and she knew she won't find it here. Why was she here then? To get away of course. "Caius, it's nice to meet you." She said with a sweet smile that appeared on her luscious glossed lips. Her lilac eyes reflected him perfectly as she just kept gazing at his eyes, looked away, and then back again. She didn't know what name to tell him. She had so many, so many lives and names. "Kurisa. I'll help as much as I can if it's still needed, but for nobles you might be out of luck." She introduced herself.

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The response she gave about no nobles being around here was not to his liking. Was this just some type of hillbilly town? Sure they had a lot of farmers but they also had some big city culture ingrained as well. The theater was huge and the market district was booming. That had to make someone in this town rich and he was going to sniff them out. He refused to be believe it and remained optimistic. Caius pointed his finger to the castle that had its walls on full display on the hillside. "If someone was able to build that huge motherfucker, then someone has to have some type of wealth here."

When she went to give her name, she seemed somewhat hesitant at first. It was like she was a lost puppy. He just gave her a confused look. Was a name really that hard? After a short awkward silence she finally revealed it. "Kurisa huh? Nice name." He figured a small compliment might calm her down if he was making her nervous at all. Being a demon and a tall grown man he tended to have that effect on people. Now that introductions were out of the way he didn't want to waste any time getting back to work. "I think I'll take you up on that generous offer of help. So going back to what I said earlier I say we check out that castle area. Do you know anything about it at all or how we could get in? Come walk with me Kuri. Caius motioned for her to follow him as he headed towards the hillside.


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She was unsure about what exactly this man wanted, but Caius seemed to just be interested in this large building, a castle. She really had no interest in getting in there since there was no reason to, but if he wanted to she could do so. Rather they turn out friends, enemies or just one-time only acquaintances was really up to him. Right now it felt like a business. She doesn't truly believe this will develop anything, that's for everyone. There was no belief in love anymore, but she did believe in friends, forgiveness, and well, not faith. Kurisa decided to follow him and stood beside him.

"Not sure if you can fly, but that is an option." She offered. There was that and some other ideas. "You could just sneak pass the guards, use magic -- What magic do you have?" She wondered. It could be useful for what he's wanting. Her lilac eyes cornered to look at him while arms crossed against her chest. Her purple dress waved with the light touches of the wind while her hair in a pony-tail flailed left and right. What she had in mind, he probably couldn't do. If she wanted to, her body could just let the door go through her body as it turned into water, like any phyiscal thing.


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Fly? Was the castle that heavily guarded that they had to jump to such a drastic measure? Maybe she was just screwing with him. Sure, Caius had demon wings he could use to fly but he didn't know if he could use them as a thought projection. Truth be told, he had never tried before. Either way, he was surprised to see her assume he had magic. Caius was starting to get his name out more much to his displeasure. Perhaps she had recognized him after talking for a while. Times were changing so he would enlighten her.

"So know out I was a mage huh? Fine I guess I can show you." Just telling her would be boring. He wanted to do a live demonstration just to see her reaction. "Stay still and don't blink." Caius stepped forward so that he towered over Kurisa just inches apart. A smirk grew across his face as he raised his left hand and extended it out towards her. It would go through her crossed arms and into her chest. To her it would look like his hand had just pierced her body. However, he was just a projection. There would be no pain or damage. Just the illusion. Afterwards, he pulled his hand out and waved at her. "Ta-da!"

Caius stepped back after his demonstration to give her some space. After all he probably just freaked her out and 'touching' her chest probably didn't help. "It's projection magic. I can manifest myself pretty much anywhere without having to be there. Pretty useful." Though it wasn't his only magic ,she probably would be satisfied with his answer. Now back to what she said earlier he pointed at her. "So I showed you mine. Are you a mage then too Kuri? You said something about flying earlier. You go some wings hiding under that dress of yours?"


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She looked at the man as he revealed of him being a thought projection. She couldn't have known that of course unless he told her or she tried to touch him herself. He came up close to her, inches apart as if he had a scent, she'd smell it instantly and feel his warmth, but alas he wasn't really there. Her eyes gazed at his till he soon questioned about her wings. She didn't intend in hinting she had them, but there wasn't anything to hide from Caius right now at this point.

There was no point in hiding much at this point...

"I suppose it's fine. Nothing special anyways." She coldly spoke that sounded more in sorrow. Slowly, she stepped back as a warm glow surrounded her. Wings sprouted from her soft soothing skin from her back as they glowed white with a tint of lilac. Her eyes had rings within them of silver moons. They flapped a few times before finally stopping, folding up. Her eyes looked away as she felt more harm from being reminded who she was than feeling lucky being 'gifted'. "I may be related to an angel, but... I am not one.".

Kurisa stood there silently if he didn't talk she will then suggest otherwise. "So maybe with your projection, it will not matter as we can just go through. While we do so, maybe tell me what you're looking for specifically in this castle.". Sure it was a person who had riches, maybe, but maybe there was something more to this.


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He couldn't believe it. She really had no reaction to him putting his hand through her chest. Just a stone cold poker face. This chick must have seen a lot of magic in her time to her to be unphased by that. Caius got off on messing with people and now his disappointment was immeasurable and his day was ruined.

To respond to his question, Kurisa took a few steps back. He kept his dark brown eyes locked on her to see how she was going to act. She seemed hesitant at first but after a deep breath two angel like wings sprouted from her back and her eyes changed color "GOD DAMN" was the only words he could utter. He figured maybe she might have a magic that allowed her to fly but never full on wings. The light it emitted was almost blinding so he had to cover his eyes as he looked on. He hated it. As a demon this light was his natural enemy.

Thank god she put her wings away after a short while so he could focus again. Quick to change the subject, she suggested he uses his thought projection to go into the castle. It was a viable option. However, Caius now had a renewed interest in her. The wings that sprouted and her eyes changing seemed similar to his transformation. He had some questions before getting back to business.

Caius held both hands up and made a motion to stop her. "Hold up there you can't just drop a bombshell like that and just expect me to be on my merry way. The castle can come later What the fuck was that? It didn't seem like any type of magic to me because I saw no circles. So if you aren't an angel what would that make you? In his time he had seen demons, werewolves, vampires but this feeling was new to him. Every fiber in his being didn't like it.


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He seemed interested that she had some wings. They weren't that special nor did she find them amusing, but this man did. She tried to change the subject, but he didn't want to apparently. He questioned it to the point that she might actually have the answer. "Short story, I am an underdog version of an angel. Instead of a Seraph, I'm a Nephilim." She explained. Her eyes looked away, arms crossed against her large chest, and sighed. "I wasn't good enough for them apparently. I suppose there are other races like that though.". Kurisa wasn't sure what this man was, but it didn't matter to her.

Rather he was a vampire, werewolf, daemon/demon, or something else, it didn't matter unless he himself made himself her enemy. That was proven enough when she almost dated a Lich after being friends with him for years, till he betrayed her. "Any more questions?" She chuckled sweetly and walked beside him with a little brush against his hand, but due to the fact he was a projection, it went through. Her head tilted up as her long beautiful lilac hair flowed behind her. Her eyes sparkled with the shining lamps against the stone walls. "If not, we should get going.". Kurisa wanted to avoid any more changes of getting close. Her heart can't take another hit, rather it's a failed friendship or betrayal of more. Even if he was a stranger now, anything is possible.


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A Nephilim? He had heard of them in stories but never had seen one in real life. So they did exist. In a way she was like him. Powers of an angel but not the real deal. Caius had the same situation but his was with demons. Both hated by their own kind. Who knew they had so much in common! By the old stories they were supposed to be rivals and kill each other. While it was true Caius hated light associated mages, he didn't abide by those rules in the religious books. He made his own fate and used his powers more for his own amusement and personal gain. Besides he was a thought projection right now. He couldn't hurt her even if he wanted to. Messing with her though. That was still on the table.

It didn't seem like a subject she liked to bring up. Judging by her body language it affected her a great deal. She attempted to change the subject again and head to the castle but Caius had one more thing to say. He chuckled a bit to himself before speaking. "So you're one of them huh? I got one more thing you need to see in our little show and tell presentation." Caius wasn't sure it would work with his current form but he gave it a shot. He clenched his teeth and his eyes turned a dark black with a white iris. Black feathered wings emerged from his back filling up the sky like the dark knight. Success! "I'm actually a demon." He gave her a short pause to soak it all in. "But I'll make a deal with you. You keep those bright ass wings tucked away and I guess I can spare you."


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She listened to what he said, making a horrified scared facial expression that would satisfy any lunatic or killer. Her eyes looked innocent and pure as her lips were frowning. Slowly, she turned away, ''Oh please, don't hurt me." She said in her sweet tone.

'Is this a threat? Death?'.
Her eyes glared and her eyes turned into an icy purple with crescent moons under the pupil. Her hair slowly turned snow white as she stood there. Kurisa's facial expression turned into an annoyed one. Scoffing, she spoke in her cold breathy voice as she shrugged. "You threaten me with death?". Hysterically she laughed like some mad woman. It was like a first-time death threat that triggered her, Kuriana. "Look, you're cute. Demon, God, the ruler of hell. I really don't give a damn. I'll just come back anyways through a new body like it has been for the past years. I don't count.". Her soul will always move on, and the more she thought of love maybe it was better she had none. They always leave her, die, and move on. It was whatever in this case.

Her eyes looked at his wings, smirked with her plump glossed lips, and swayed her way around. Kuri studied the human phased body. "Dissecting a demon. Or lesser would be interesting, although I would hate to do it on someone such as you. Thought we had a connection, but then again I've been wrong about that before." She turned her back away. ''Stupid Lich..." She whispered. "Too bad.". Her hand was placed on her wide hip. 'He seems to think just because of our race, we should be enemies.' Arisa felt in a saddened tone. 'Reminds me of the war a few years back. Wait...' she thought and cornered her eyes as she studied him. 'Nah, he looks different from that guy.'. She remembered blasting someone in the war who was obviously not human due to their fear.

"Do you want to be my enemy, Caius?". Her arms crossed under her chest, put out her hip a little more to the right, and sighed. Her voice was in sync as both breathy and sweet as Kuri and Arisa spoke. "My wings stay if they feel like it. They're apart of me. Accept it or don't if you want to, but doesn't mean I'll listen.". She'll never be truly accepted anywhere besides maybe a tool or body, but a person? Never.


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Her reaction was warranted giving their races history. Kurisa seemed pretty scared at his reveal and turned way from him. If she wanted to bail, he would be fine with that. He got information on Nephilim and Marigold town from her. It was a productive day. However, her tone suddenly changed to a more serious one and then into crazy laughter. Her hair color turned a glossy white as the cackling continued. It wasn't easy to put Caius on edge but he was freaked out right now. Hopefully, he didn't break her sanity.

The laughter ceased and she spoke her mind. He didn't understand the first half. Some gibberish about coming back if she died. He glossed over it. The second half really caught him by surprise. Dissecting him? So it seems even angels had some messed up people in their ranks. That side was hot. They weren't so different after all. While speaking, she periodically turned around and seemed to talk to herself. It seemed like she had conflicting feelings judging by her words. Caius would put a rest to all that.

Caius raised one hand out telling her to stop. "Well first off you need to calm the fuck down woman. Deep breaths. Follow me" He said wafting his hands in the air imitating a deep inhale. After that he spoke his mind. "The truth is I don't really give a shit if you are part angel or not. I got these powers to help me reach my goals. I'm not some fanatical demon from legends trying to end all life." He was more of a enslave people kind of demon. The occasional murder here and there but he would leave that part out. Caius pointed his finger at her. "Just like you're not some goody two shoes angel Ms. Dissection"

He walked past her and would head towards the castle. He would turn around one last time towards her. "I'm heading to the castle walls to bag me some nobles. If you still want to come you're welcome to. But for real though if you are going to bust those wings tone down the light just a smidge or get me some sunglasses. My demon eyes are sensitive.."


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Her eyes looked into the man's darkened ones as she listened to him speak. He wanted her to calm down as there was nothing wrong so far. As she breathed slowly she chuckled softly with a small smile. He didn't care about her being a Nephilim as she didn't care about him being some sort of demon. Slowly, her right hand slid against her right cheek and cupped it while her plumped lips smiled. 'So sweet.~ He seems to want to play.' Kuri thought as Arisa was thoughtless on this one. Caius was an interesting one and more to boot, an adventurous one. "As long as it's not towards me or those I hold dear. I could care less about what you do.~". There were a few things she had morals on, but then there were things she could care less about as she furthered into her journey in her lifetimes.

Her eyes widened with excitement as she heard about him wanting to nab a few nobles. She walked up to him to stand by his side as they were going towards the castle. Her hand moved outward towards the door and giggled happily as her mood from cold changed drastically into a bubbly one. "Lead the way.~" Her breathy yet sweet tone spoke as she was curious about his first action towards this. Nobles and Royals are normal people who acted as if they were gods. Kurisa was curious about what the man was going to do with these nobles after bagging them up. Perhaps interrogate? She felt like maybe she'll ask later. For now, she was for once enjoying herself as for once she wasn't afraid to be who she was. Maybe holding a little back for now though.


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Lucky for him his little speech had paid off. Kurisa seemed content with his answer as long as nobody close to her got hurt. "No promises." he replied with a playful smile. It was the truth. If there was a way he could make a profit for his business, he would do whatever it took. Even if he had to kill, capture, or sell one of her friends. That was the way he rolled. Once their little conflict was over, they both headed up the street to Castle Syllas.

After a brief walk, they both had arrived at the castle walls. The prestigious stone walls expanded all around the hillside of Marigold Town. It was truly a beautiful sight to behold. Giant, grated, iron gates blocked the entrance with two armed guards standing watch. Looking through the gaps of the gate, Caius could see the large houses of the rich down the streets along with the castle itself in the far distance. This was the right place. Now the challenge would be getting the guards to open the gate. As they approached, both guards used their long pikes to block the way. "HALT"

There was a couple options he could try here. Like Kurisa said before he could just walk through the wall being a projection. However, she would be left out and have to fly over. Unlike him if the guards attacked her she would get hurt. Instead he went with the classic routine. "Gentlemen! I'm going to need you to open the gate for me thank you very much. You see I'm late for a meeting and it's guild business. I"m sure you are familiar with Sentinel Syndicate?" Caius pulled his black shirt up revealing his red guild logo as it lit up with magic power. The two guards looked at each other not sure what to do. Caius gave them a little reassurance. "Listen guys. It's not worth it. You don't want to piss off the guild AND the nobles I'm meeting with do you? If you don't let us in, I will name drop both of you two jack knobs as the guys who postponed the meeting ." The guards had a silent agreement between themselves and opened the gate.

The two of them walked in as Caius reached his arms out and did a little victory twirl back to Kurisa. "Easy as that welcome to high society my little angel. Breathe in the fresh air. No more of that poor farm land smell." Caius took a deep breath before exhaling. "Now then be on the look out for someone with a lot of guards around them. They usually have something to hide and are big spenders. "


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Kurisa followed him to the castle doors that they honestly could've just went through, but he didn't know her magic nor its' potential. He seemed to give no promises so did that mean he was a threat to her? The fact that he could at any time attack her with his real physical being or even her friends just meant that she'll have to watch him, closely. Silently she stood there beside him while he talked to the guards. He talked the right amount as too much was annoying - unless it's a story.

Sentinel Syndicate

So he was from a guild called 'Sentinel Syndicate'. Her eyes cornered to look at the symbol with the amount of time she had and then back at the guards with a sweet smile. Her lilac eyes mirrored the beauty of inside once they did go inside. "You must enjoy a rich life then," she spoke in her breathy tone.

Glutton of luxury.

She did as well, but there were finer things she wanted to taste. She desired it all, the ecstasy that a satisfied life gives; pure love, food with drinks, and perhaps away from everyone else on some island with a little sprinkle of Hakuna Matata. As they walked about her eyes sought out some nobles, kings, or queens of riches.  "Understood." She simply spoke. 'Do we just perhaps drown the whole building?' Kuri wondered.

'No'. Arisa responded as she walked towards what appeared to be the food area. They were chowing down, slobbish, and sorts as they spoke. Some were in lazy boy chairs as they drank wine and cheered to each other. Her dress was fine silk and lilac, designed with swirls and jewels. It was noble enough as her luscious body and fine soft white hair. As she waltzed in some eyes were gawking at her like a hawk. 'Just play it coo-' She was about to think till a large fat man approached her. He had a single blonde curl on top of his head and looked like he at a literal elephant without digesting. His clothes were white and gold with multiple rings and jewels. A single earring was made out of pure gold and swirled with diamonds. "Mmm, what do we have here?~" he spoke in a high whiney tone. He licked his lips like he wanted to eat her and his fingers wiggled like he wanted to touch her.

Eyes started to twitch as Kurisa's lilac eyes gazed at the man with no interest, but he was noble and he seemed rich. "Oh.~ Who is the richest one here? I need a loan for my poor lonely self." She spoke sadly with the tip of her fingers against her chest, defensively. Caius was nowhere to be seen and she needed information. Where else would there be to look other than the Place Of Gluttons and Greed? "Oh, my dear.~ I can help you with that!" He spat and grabbed her hand with a tug towards him. She felt disgusted, touched even by a hand against her own, but she had to act. "Oh, could you?" She asked worryingly. She wanted to slam his face against the marble walls, but he wanted some nobles. So here she was baiting.  

Her beautiful skin being touched by one so tainted, not even hot to be dragged towards more filth. "Here we are my dear.~ Men! This beau wishes to meet us." he said in his whiney tone. They licked their lips all together like it was some trap. She was going to be trapped by these men? If it wasn't for what Caius wanted, she'd just flood the place after beating some faces and leave. "Come to our... chambers. We'll talk about the money there. I wish to show you our treasury." One spoke as they escorted her out of the room towards another.

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Kurisa was a natural. She took the initiative and approached a group of noble men dining outside. Caius stood back a few feet to not get in her way but close enough to observe what was going on. With his Hawken Eye he could see everything crystal clear. It didn't take long for these noble pervs start undressing her with their eyes. It wasn't everyday you saw an angelic beauty like her walk into town. They would be all over that booty like white on rice.

Like clockwork, men started to surround her to try to woo her in their favor. Caius saw her look around for him probably feeling uncomfortable in this situation. He responded by giving a double thumbs up as to tell her she was doing a good job. Though he couldn't hear what the men were saying, he could guess by their gestures and expressions on their face. Two fat bastards escorted her to a back room inside the building. She worked fast. Since she was part angel, he assumed she was somewhat powerful. It was time to move in before they pissed her off and started to holy smite them.

Caius walked into the building and received some dirty looks by the patrons. They were all dressed up in expensive suits and dresses. Meanwhile, he was just chilling in a black tee and black jeans. Reaching the door where Kurisa was took, he was blocked by two guards with their hands up towards him. "Boss said no interruptions. Back up loser. " the thug said. Caius responded by dropping some wisdom on him.

"Listen buddy I'm going to get through that door one way or another so if you could just open it up now that would be great." The thugs responded by pulling out two large daggers from their waistbands and surrounding him on his sides. "Last chance punk back up." Caius responded to them by raising his hands to their face and giving them both the middle fingers. The guards lunged at him aiming to stab his torso. The two daggers would go through his projection body and cause them to stab each other in the chest. Karma's a bitch.

The two thugs screamed in pain as the patrons screamed in horror at the men bleeding out on the ground. Using it as a distraction, Caius phased through the door. Inside was a hallway with a collection of doors on each side. He didn't want to have to check each one so he just yelled out. "Kurisa where you at girl?"


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Her arms crossed against under her chest and gazed at what must be where the chambers were located. The door was unlike the others with the golden lion in the middle and jewels around it. There was some punk with white spikey hair guarding it and another who was skinny and roughed up. He must've done something wrong and got punished. She almost felt like something more was going on as the door opened with the larger guy going in first and then she went in, finally, the guy with the love tattoo on his head went in from behind her.

Her eyes glowed gold as she saw what was promised, riches. There was gold flowing around the bed and jewels of ancients around. She swore that some of these things were rather one of a kind. "Well now my dear.~ Let's talk." Spoke the Love tattoo'd man as he wiggled his fingers and licked his lips once more. His eyes were scanning all around her, undressing her with her eyes. 'Disgusting.' Kuri thought as her lilac eyes gazed at him. The bigger guy sat down on the bed and she swore he was going to sink. Her eyes hurried to switch to the love guy who kept gazing at her hungrily. "So do you guys own this huge castle?" She wondered innocently. "We do actually... They all listen to us here in Marigold. If we want food, we get it. If we want women..." He gazed at her more. "We get it..."

There was something amiss as she didn't feel momo. Was she gone? Did someone take her? Her eyes wandered about but didn't see her. 'That diva will get us in trouble...'.

Momo wandered in the halls wondering where that troubled man was. He seemed all roughed up with his scruffy look but wasn't too bad. She knew Kurisa has been around worse. Her nose sniffed the air and smelt nothing, but then again she couldn't smell him anyways since he was a projection. 'Where could he be?' Momo wondered and then heard him yell. 'Is he trying to alarm everyone?'' Momo whispered as she worm hopped towards him with her little legs. Jotting down the halls she finally found him still there standing, shouting out for her. "She's in the room down the hall. The golden door it seems. Wanted to escape from her to find you." Momo said and then looked towards the direction. "You got her in this mess. Let's go." Momo gave no shits who this man was, but she wanted to get to Kurisa sooner than later. She started to go her way if he followed she'd lead him to the right door. If he didn't, she'd just glare unamused till he did.

"I'll give you a loan alright... if you become my slave, one of my wives." The love guy spoke and wiggled his fingers. He was going to touch her, but as soon as he got about five inches to her face she slapped his hand. "Mmmm, fiesty. I like this one." He slurped as the other guy was just deadly gazing at her. "We shall use her till she's worth nothing." The bigger guy on the bed spoke at last.


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Caius waited for Kurisa to call out with his hand at his ear but got nothing. Damn it now he would have to search each of these doors. He walked through the first door and found some couple doing the hanky panky. The woman saw him and screamed as she threw a pillow at him. "Keep up the good work you two. " He said as he backed out of the door. Before he could reach the next door, a little red rat appeared before him. It aimed it's head towards the door at the end of the hall with the gold handle. It looked fancy so that's probably where the high rollers were. Their type loved to over decorate.

Walking over to the golden door, there was two guards. Rather then paying them any attention, he just walked right past them and through the door. The two fat slobs were on a bed with Kurisa slobbering all over her. She did not look happy. More importantly, the riches they had laid spread out all throughout the room. Gold coins and jewels as far as he could see. His intuition had paid off. The two men stopped there advances to question him. "Who the hell are you. How did you get past the guards!?!?" The love tattoo man said.

Caius waved at Kurisa. "Good work angel" Then he gave a bow to introduce himself to his potential partners. "Hello you disgusting fat fucks! Good news! My name is Caius and I want to be your friend." The two gritted their teeth in anger at the comment but he continued. "You see I'm like you just more powerful and handsome. I just want to live the simple life of money, women, and magic. I see you like that girl right there. She's one of mine. If you want more like her calm your man tits and listen up to my offer."

"ENOUGH OF THIS! GUARDS KILL THIS IDIOT!" The bigger man said. They were tired of being insulted and it didn't help they interrupted what would be their sexy time. The two guards he walked by entered the room and surrounded him. Caius just shook his head. "Forceful negotiations I respect that. But you forget one thing that girl you are eye banging is an X rank mage. Let me demonstrate. Kursia waste these fools," He said pointing to the guards. It was a bluff on his part. He didn't know what magic she had or if she was strong. He just assumed she was powerful being part angel. Not only that but she looked like she needed to take her anger out on something.


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Kurisa gazed at the two who were trying to devour with stares. She felt violated in many ways than she'd like to. She kept her arms crossed in self-defense as she tried to act innocent. How far will she go before she self-destructs? The woman herself didn't know as what the man lastly said made her spine crawl. Even their ugly bubble made her feel like they were too close. The fact was, their personalities were uglier. Some people didn't understand that there were people who cared for such things, looks usually appear a bonus though. 'I wonder where Momo went.'. The furball has been gone for a little while and so has Caius.

Finally, he came as he walked in, but what was said was a little unexpected. Kurisa listened to every word, he called her his as if she was some property. It was surely an act, but for some reason something felt off about it. 'So, he likes having a lot of women, does he. Didn't take him for a womanizer, but can't judge by looks. He is cute.'. Kuri thought coldly and then paid attention to the two who were looking at him, getting angry since he ruined their 'hit'. Once he gave the okay to do something, she did it without thinking about it. Towards the bigger one that was sitting on the bed she pointed her finger in a gun pose and shot it back quickly. A 2x2 bullet shot towards him and collided with his body. Knocking him out she coldly then gazed at the love tattooed man who then made a facial expression of terror. ''O-okay! I'll listen!" He yelled and cowered into the corner. He looked at her and then Caius. "Did you wanna do something or him too?" Kuri questioned coldly as she had some thoughts on somethings that had nothing to do with the two rich assholes. Her finger pointed to the tattooed man and waited. If he gave it the go, she'd then use a spell on him too.

Name: Cosmic Star
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: Undine Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Water/Light
Range: 20 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: Fingerbanging towards the target, as it'll create a circle that'll shoot out a 2x2 meter shining star-like light with water swirls towards the target. Once they're hit they'll receive S rank damage.


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Kurisa didn't hesitate after he gave her the go ahead to go nuts. They were really clicking together in this partners in crime arrangement they made. Or so he thought at the time. What looked like a liquid bullet shot out of her hands and hit the fatter man in the stomach which sent him down to the ground. Caius thew his hands up. "No Kurisa! You don't shoot the people we are dealing with you shoot the guards! It's intimidation 101 over here!"

The guards hesitated after seeing one of their bosses go down buying him some time. It looked like the tattoo man had already given up without a fight. Caius sighed and got over the earlier mess up to focus back on the task at hand. He answered Kurisa's question. "You can kill him if he doesn't dismiss these two guards." Not wanting to get hurt, The tattoo man quickly complied and sent them away so it was just the three of them now. Well four but he didn't count the fatty mcgee that was knocked out right now.

Caius walked up to them on the bed and squatted down next to them. "So back to what I was saying before I was rudely interrupted. I got a few new openings in my business and you look like a big enough scumbag to fill that position. See I'll be in town in a few days and I need someone to move some products around town. Drugs, women, men, liquor, you name it. Do a good job and maybe just maybe... I will give you a cut. We got a deal

"Fine whatever you want! Just don't hurt me!" The tattoo man said quickly. Now that his guards were gone he had reverted into a complete coward. Caius clapped his hands together. "Fantastic I say we celebrate." Looking around the room there was a giant bottle of champagne that was unopened. He turned to Kurisa. "Nice job partner. I say we pop that open to celebrate."


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Caius looked at her and couldn't tell if he was getting mad at her or what after shooting the fat guy. Her eyes looked at him innocently, shrugging. "He asked for it. Couldn't help it since he made me feel disgusted." Her eyes gazed back to the tattooed man. He seemed to get the hint and listened to what Caius had to say. He wanted to use the fat bastard for what reputation he had to hide and ship things to him. She wasn't sure what Caius was fully up to, but so far it just seemed she was his partner for now.

There probably was nothing, it will be nothing. She didn't expect anything other than maybe a thrill of adventure at least. Caius was happy and called in for drinks. Her eyebrow cocked, "You can't drink though...". There was only one way that he could drink or be here and that was if he switched with his projection. She doubted that was the real him as she just went up and slammed the head against something to open it. She poured two glasses and smiled sweetly offering one glass to him. It was a test then cause a projection couldn't touch things, feel things, or do anything. A part of her frowned at this cause it wasn't like she wanted to see the real him or anything. Slowly, she sipped her glass and looked at him with her lilac moon eyes deeply into his. After a few sips she murmured softly. "So what now?". Kurisa was curious after all. Was he just going to go poof on her? It was the most expected route.


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Just as he thought. Kurisa admitted to having a lot of anger built up from the fat man trying to get at her goods. Caius peaked over to see he was on the ground still breathing. The two men were probably business partners so he would have to reach out to him eventually when he gained consciousness. If he rejected it Caius would shoot his kneecap. Much more effective when they stay conscious and can feel the pain. For now it was time to enjoy his victory. Kurisa popped the champagne and brought over a glass .

"GET OUT WE'RE HAVING A MOMENT!!" He screamed at the tattoo man. He tucked his tail between his legs and ran out the door as she approached with the beverage. Caius smiled at her as he reached his hand out to get the glass. It went through of course and he laughed. "Well shit I was so excited I forgot I wasn't here. Just drink one and pour the other in my projection and we can count that."

After the drinks, he decided his time here was up. He had a buyer now so he was going to head into town with some of his products and do his demon duty of raising the crime rate significantly. . Caius clapped his hands together and faced Kurisa. ""Not bad for your first shakedown Kuri. I didn't think an angel would have it in them to get down and dirty. Color me impressed. He walked up to her so they were only inches apart and stared down at her. "I'll be in town in a few days if you're around. If you want anymore work you can find me here. For now taa taa " Caius reached his index finger out and bopped her on the nose. "boop" and then his projection dissipated into thin air.


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