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What's Mine is Mine [Solo quest]

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#1Rinni Faithe 

What's Mine is Mine [Solo quest] Empty Fri May 01, 2020 4:24 pm

Rinni Faithe
It was a beautiful starry night. Ever since her encounter with that werewolf, Achak, she had grown fond of the night. The moon was beautiful to gaze among, she loved star gazing as well as the feel of a cooling breeze upon her light delicate skin. It sent gooseflesh up her arms. She had promised Achak that she would defeat his brother, and claim the role of alpha as her own. This was not a title she desired, but to not do so would put so many innocents in danger as Amarok was quite vicious. So, she decided to gain farther experience before tackling such a vicious beast. If she were to win, or in the least make it home alive, she needed practice.

Though not initially what she had in mind for training, she had met a business tycoon. He was seeking the aid of anyone willing to venture into a mine in search of untouched riches. It was dangerous, but the pay was good. The man, after all, was wealthy and offering a high payment of jewels to any willing to take the job.  This job was just a means to an end. Little did she know how these events would later affect her future.

As she headed into the Dawncliff Mine, Rinni hugged herself as a chilling night breeze blew by. It was dark in the mine, darker than it was under the pale moonlight. Rinni pulled out a flashlight she had brought with her for just such an occasion. She turned it on and clipped it to her shirt as she ventured into the cold, dark mine.

She couldn't help wonder just how deep this mine goes, as she looked around admiring the walls and ceiling. She could see the markings of miners etched all around her. Most of the gems and ores of this section were already claimed. It appeared she'd have to explore quite a bit deeper to reach anything of value.

So far it was empty and quiet. As she thought so a colony of bats flew overhead and into the night causing her to gasp as she awkwardly ducked out of their path. It wasn't that she was scared; they had just surprised her. Recovering from her startle, she adjusted her ponytail and proceeded onward into the depths of the mine.

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#2Rinni Faithe 

What's Mine is Mine [Solo quest] Empty Sat May 02, 2020 5:19 pm

Rinni Faithe
Rinni slid her hand along the wall, feeling the cold rock against her fingertips as she headed deeper inward. The mine was scary, at first, but the longer she lingered the less afraid she became. It was so calm and quiet, she doubted there was any danger to be found here. The air was still aside from the occasional breeze passing inward from the entrance. The air came in from one direction and continued on for a while with no backlash. This led Rinni to believe it was either really deep, or had an exit on the other side. The peaceful silence and cool night chill made her feel calm and peaceful with the world as she encroached deeper and deeper into unknown territory. She had no idea what was in here, there could be any manner of wild beast down here. But in all honestly, it'd be good training if there were. However, she had no intent on attacking anything that did not attack her first.

Looking around her surroundings, the light cast her just enough of a view to see her path without walking into a wall or tripping over a rock. It was a little scary, and Rinni shuddered, hugging herself against the draft that came from the mine entrance. Aside from the bats, it appeared as though she was completely alone. She continued onward quietly for what felt like another half hour to an hour before she heard noises up ahead. It sounded like hammering and banging on rocks. Perhaps the miners she was told might be in here that may or may not be keen on the intrusion of a stranger. She, cautiously now, edged toward the noisier section of the mine and spotted a group of miners busily at work. Her Silent Movement ability left her unnoticed as she approached the unsuspecting miners. She needed to ensure they weren't a threat before making her presence known. After deciding she was in no danger, she decided to reveal herself. and as they hadn't noticed her presence yet, she slowly stepped into view, raising her hands to show she wasn't a threat.

"Hello. I'm not looking for any trouble..." Her voice quickly caught their attention. As they turned to face the intruder, a few were angry or annoyed, while the majority felt a soft spot for a young, pretty girl. The older miners saw her as a sweet child. The younger ones saw her as a pretty young lady. She blushed in embarrassment as they all stared at her, her heart racing from her sudden discomfort.

"What are you don't in a place like this, little one?" one of the older miners asked, the group drawing in around her as they tried to figure her out.

"I was sent here... by a rather wealthy man. He uh... he wanted me to see if I could find a rich mining spot untouched. So, I was down here searching. I meant no harm." Rinni reassured timidly. She was outnumbered but didn't wish to harm civilians. These men were just doing their jobs; mining for riches to get buy. She wasn't entirely sure why a rich businessman had an interest in mining for riches, but maybe this could work toward her favor.

"If you can guide me to the richest, most untouched section of this mine... maybe I could strike a deal with the businessman." She offered, smiling.

"What kinda deal, missy?"

Rinni bit her lip and thought carefully on how to word this in a way that'd draw them in instead of turning them away. In the end, she opted to explain to them that if they allowed her to further her exploration, once she got out of the mine and reported her findings (if the results are favorable) she would mention the miners and perhaps the rich man would hire them to work for him, and pay them for their trouble.

The miners huddled to discuss this proposition. Sure, the mine had riches, but if this man was as wealthy as she said, perhaps it'd benefit them more to trust her on her word. If she's wrong or lying, what do they have to lose, really? They could just as easily carry on unhindered once she's gone. So, in the end, they reached an agreement and Rinni continued her exploration of the mine.

She wandered deeper, an occasional rodent or bat passing by her. She wondered just how deep this mine did go, and the further she went the more mindful she was of the danger of a cave-in that it posed. Small debris fell from the ceiling as she ventured deeper until she finally found it. Riches the likes of which she had never seen.

All around the walls and ceilings were shimmering gems and ores. There were copper, gold, and silver as well as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Glancing around in awe of it all, she ventured deeper to see how far this untouched earth went. It probably wasn't the smartest nor safest thing to do, but curiosity had gotten the best of her. Her flashlight flickered, a sign it was probably running out of power. Perhaps it was safest to head back.

No sooner did she turn away from the deeper section, there was a rumbled as several rocks fell into place blocking any further exploration. She sighed in relief, grateful she hadn't decided to look any deeper. This should be enough to please the old man. She turned to head back out the way she came. On the way, she passed the wary miners who watched her cautiously; the friendlier of them waving at the young girl as she backtracked. This mine was deeper than she had realized, but it felt like it took less time to go out than it had to come in.

She saw the dim moonlight ahead and continued toward the exit. As she left the mine, she continued onward into the night. It was so peaceful, and she loved the quiet calm and beauty of the crescent moon amid the millions of stars that dotted the bluish-black sky. She smiled as a crisp breeze blew through her hair as she returned to town to seek out the rich man. She would report her findings, receive her reward, keep her promise to the miners, and then be on her way. She had much to think about and much to do before the night was through.

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