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Off to marigold (Travel Magnolia to Marigold)

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#1Jin Tatsumi 

Off to marigold (Travel Magnolia to Marigold) Empty Fri May 01, 2020 1:29 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin packed up all his gear and stuffed his bag full. Hoisting it on his back he headed out of his room at the guildhall. On his way out he swung by Judith in the kitchen to say by and took a handful of whatever she had made and set on the kitchen counter. He stuffed it in his mouth so far that his cheeks puffed out.

The light mage sauntered on out the door with his mouth full and his eyes wide with adventure. What was ahead of him, he wasn't sure about. But he had a full below and another bag full of Judith's food for the road. He tagged a good luck charm on the side of his bag and walked out of town.

It was going to be a short trip. Just to the nearby cities but he chose not to take the train. Therw was something nice about just walking to get to where you were headed. plus he could peddle his goods on the way.

He walked the countryside, stopping at posts along the way and villages, where he sat by the entrances and inns and sold charms to whoever would stop by. Word spread that he also brewed potions that could heal people and soon the sick began to show up for Jin's magic tonic. A potion that was just water but he used his magic to heal them. it was just easier, in the long run, to hide behind the idea of selling potions. He still wasn't keen on everyone knowing he was a healing light mage.

On his way, he found a way to infuse the options with a bit of temporary light and healing to keep up the act.

he finally arrived at Marigold. Home to another guild and the great theater. he walked into town with his head held high and taking in all the sites.

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