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Radioactive Marvel/DC Crossover Jcink

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Radioactive Marvel/DC Crossover Jcink  Empty Fri May 01, 2020 5:33 am

Radioactive Marvel/DC Crossover Jcink  36Ejdn
All is fair in love and war. Never again. Those words mean something to different people. They evolve from experiences. Both themes are playing out in realtime in the Radioactive Universe. There is a story that can’t be told without your piece to the puzzle. There a romance waiting to blossom as one may stand on the same team or believe in completely different ideals. Friendships are shattered and new ones forged in fire. Superman rose to power alongside Magneto when his love died. Heroes are simply humans but these are their stories within a world that you never thought possible. So, jump in. Come write with us. We are looking for imaginative, creative, and people that want to create stories that come at you from nowhere.

Radioactive is one year+.
We have no numerical word count.
Canons and originals are welcome.
Small group, looking for plots, romances, friendships, and enemieships.
Leadership roles open to members and original characters.
Many teams looking for members.
Story and Character development driven.

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