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Cultural Contrasts [MASAMI | JAN REN]

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#26Jan Ren 

Cultural Contrasts [MASAMI | JAN REN] - Page 2 Empty on Sat May 09, 2020 1:35 pm

Jan Ren
Bargaining, huh. Jan Ren did consider the idea; he was quite confident in his bargaining skills, what with his experience with people from around the world. In a way, Masami's "wild card" tendencies could be read, if the Sinese honestly gave a good try to figure what interests the young lady. He already began formulating what sort of argument he had to turn the tide in his favor and convince the Joyan to join Blue Pegasus, should he decide to. However, "Oh, no need for that." he said, waving a hand in refusal in-front of his face. As he explained before, his opinion remaining the same.

"I intend to stay by my word. As a foreign guild to yours, we will be at most allies." The young man decisively announced, already convinced that the two will remain on good terms; though never as guildmates. It was for the best; Masami was an interesting, beautiful girl. Right up Blue Pegasus' alley, thinking about it. But if she was already approached by a different guild, it would be rude to intrude. Basically speaking, she was already "marked", and stepping over that fact will be nothing short of improper.

There was no reason to bargain as there was no reason to convince her otherwise.

Coming back to Joya in a month? Huh. The continent of Ishgar was an awfully large place. He came to learn that in his time traveling, having literally crossed the entire continent in one year's time until he reached Fiore. "Masami, you want to go back to Joya?" Wide-eyed, justifyingly surprised; the Sinese couldn't help halting in place as it seemed rather unlikely for him. It would spell quite the project, especially for someone as young as the lady in question. Now granted, she did travel by herself to Fiore, and Joya was much closer to the kingdom than Sin was. Regardless, "Are you really sure...? When? Or, how will you do that?"

Because he's been through quite the journey himself, Jan Ren was well-aware. "This is not a mere foot travel like in Fiore. You intend to cross three borders... And back. Are you sure you can afford that...?" It was of course, possible to make such a journey without expenses, or rather without much. But, as it took the Sinese a full year to cross the continent, he could only imagine what the Joyan had in store.

Needless to say. If she planned to go out of commission for over two months, perhaps Blue Pegasus could give her a break after all. It'd be a shame if Alisa had to file in the paperwork only for said 'employee' to take a long vacation immediately after.


Cultural Contrasts [MASAMI | JAN REN] - Page 2 Empty on Sun May 10, 2020 2:33 am

'It took me three borders to reach here?' Masami thought to himself, dumbfounded, catching his own eyes wide open in disbelief and awe. 'Fiore is... that far... from Joya?' No way, there's way too many things putting Masami in stress. Though, he did know that Marigold City is awfully far from Joya, which was why there were so many books and tales about it, however... it was really, that far? Joya to Fiore didn't feel so far... oh! It was because Masami's hometown was near the seaside. How deceiving, he only wanted to run quite far away but... that was way too far away. He would say that he was along with a few shinobis that helped him burn the Joyan court but there's no way that he could tell that. Instead, he made an innocent nod in respose. "Yup, I promised my family, after all." a wide smile itched through both of his cheeks, making it seem like the thought of family was strong enough for him to... cross three borders from Joya back and forth. This wouldn't and shouldn't delay. Maybe he'd come back home next month, then after two months the next...?

However, Masami was sure not to worry about expenses. His Joyan citizenship (and reputation) honored him a safe and discounted journeys. Later, he would definitely open a map and check the distance between Joya and Fiore... yes, he hasn't really checked. The ones in the theater dormitories had outdated maps, probably because they didn't have any other choice but be stuck in Joya and die working for Joya. Some Joyan citizens are also very thrifty, to the point of awfulness, discarding ideas that involved spending at least a penny. "My mom might suffocate herself to death if I was a minute late. She's also very ill, she might truly die." Masami often uses this as an excuse, and he won't hesitate using it again. Come to think of it, most of Masami's drive came from his family. It was as simple as that, coming from a very family-oriented person with family-oriented ideals. If his mother would truly fail to heal, that would be enough to deceive Masami into thinking that someone like him should follow her in an unacceptable way.

His smile suddenly folded upside down, into a very slight frown. Masami also found himself staring into the ground, avoiding the Sinese's gaze. It was depressing, such a thought was enough to cause someone's sadness and deceit. If only Masami was great at healing incurable illnesses, except even his magical potential was used for destruction. Even Joyan doctors, Fiorian doctors, whatever ethnic doctors there were, they'd sadly nod into a "no" for failing to cure her. Masami realized that he was no longer thinking of anything else, he felt sluggish enough to stop deceiving other people by changing his facial expression. If it would be fine, he'd like to stay in this state for days.

#28Jan Ren 

Cultural Contrasts [MASAMI | JAN REN] - Page 2 Empty on Mon May 11, 2020 6:36 am

Jan Ren
Oh no. Those kinds of sob stories were easy to sympathize with... With Masami's mention of his family, all concern about distance and expenses was but gone (momentarily anyway), as the Sinese' expression took a sadder turn, feeling bad for the young girl. He was wrong to make an assumption based on distance, she was a good girl! Family was a big value in Jan Ren's life as well, and while he wouldn't come back to Sin for a long while (as it would take him far more than he'd like; especially having only arrived in Fiore recently), Joya wasn't too far off by contrast. This fact turned the odds far more in her favor!

"I get it!!" The Sinese broke out; ignoring any and all possible protests. Maybe Masami was being honest, maybe she lied to him; it was irrelevant. Fact that she took a depressive turn also proved ineffective, as the young man promptly attacked the blond with a sudden embrace of sympathy; almost tearing up at the few lines of sob story. She held quite the impact. "You ran away too, I bet your mom is worried sick!! You go to Joya and assure her everything's okay!" He asked, still holding onto her dainty form. Public display of affection? Perhaps, but calling it worrying and sympathy would be far more accurate.

It didn't matter that communication with other countries was awfully scarce. It didn't matter that the borders could be cruel and dangerous. It didn't matter that Joya's affairs were hanging on borderline slavery (per the young woman). If family was on the line, Jan Ren would leave to visit his own folks too.

Pulling away from her, he held at both of her shoulders firmly, determined gaze looking straight in her eyes. "Alright, I understand!" He uttered; "This Jan Ren will come to your aid, Masami!" Fortunately, he did have a trick or two up his sleeve. Not quite knowing the Joyan's background beyond being an actor, he would come to offer his services regardless. "My parents back in Sin are probably struggling a lot too. But I can't up and leave this country and return so quickly, so you do that for your parents in my stead too!" And so the torch was passed on.

"At the very least, I can secure you a safe cross from Fiore's border to Bosco. You have my word for it!"

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Cultural Contrasts [MASAMI | JAN REN] - Page 2 Empty on Tue May 12, 2020 2:29 am

Masami felt bad and awkward, realizing how selfish he had been, running away just like that. Jan Ren is older and must've traveled to Fiore to bring back things that would benefit his family, but Masami had only ran away due to the fact that those bad memories would bring them nothing but more trouble. If they find out that Masami had contributed to a rebellion... they probably already know, anyway. 'What a pain...' Masami thought as he very slightly hugged back. Being the one who'd comfort rather than the one being comforted, it felt illegal to be cared for. However, it's not like he can change the tides now – just going with the flow. It's been a while since he had been hugged by someone due to sympathy, what a hassle. He couldn't even bid the theater workers goodbye.

What could this Sinese probably aid? At times like these, being materialistic is a good choice, based on Masami's perception. If someone got stabbed in the gut, doing nothing but telling them that everything will be alright isn't enough. Someone has to do something to stop the pain, and that is materialistic and demanding in some way. Bosco... how far is it? A better question would be: where is it? Masami should really check Fiore's map as soon as he comes back to the inns. "Thank you..." he quietly muttered, but quiet enough for Jan Ren to clearly hear. Such words were easy for Masami to speak.

He gently and quickly wiped the tears forming around the corners of his eyes as soon as he was released. As a teenage boy, he still has some pride to hide his weaknesses. "Right, I'll do something for you, too!" he held fists right in front of him with energy, while still thinking of the things he could do for Jan Ren. Masami would usually perform and everything would be okay, but as mentioned earlier, there's no way he could dance in front of a dying person to soothe the pain. But since he has no other idea, maybe other than providing some help via casting spells, he was left having to ask for suggestions. "What do you need? As long as I can handle it, it'll be fine." Inside, he hoped that it wasn't anything malicious, illegal or overly-sacrificing.

#30Jan Ren 

Cultural Contrasts [MASAMI | JAN REN] - Page 2 Empty on Tue May 12, 2020 9:20 am

Jan Ren
Jan Ren wouldn't really go out of his way to help any and everyone. Sure, it would bring a good name to his guild, but if there was little merit in it for him, he wouldn't do it in a flash. Which made Masami's case all the more special; for the both of them to value their families like that, the Sinese couldn't help but relate. And for that, he would exhaust his resources thoroughly. That said, he wouldn't reveal his ways to the young girl right away; that'd have to wait to the moment of truth, when it's needed. Until then, it would be kept a mystery.

The offer was, tempting, honestly. Just like before, the Sinese' immediate mental response was projecting the young girl in a not-so-pure situation, on white sheets. --Though it was quickly scrapped off his mind. This was an ideal moment for a jackass to find bribery in that form, but it would get him in trouble. As such, Jan Ren merely accepted that these thoughts came to mind, and mentally fought a bloody battle to shut them off. This was no time to think of such things!

"(--shut up,shut up,shut up,shut up,shut up,shut up--) Ahh, you needn't worry about that at all!" He assured her, flashing an eager smile, suppressing his thoughts to the best of his ability. Not to say he laid them off, he definitely wanted to try and make a proper advance with her; but it was unfitting. As such, simply keeping contact with her shoulders, not moving away; portraying at least, comfort staying close. "I can't refuse someone with such strong reasoning you know. Nobody can."

Strong is subjective, but it went to show how much value the young man held for family. His own was far away and he could never think of visiting them. And by this point, they were probably... ...No, thinking about that will only worsen the mood. A tinge of bitterness creeped to his lips for less than a second, as his smile persisted. "Blue Pegasus might be stationed at the south, and the border is to the northeast... But at any time, you can stop by our guild and we'll get you through to Bosco without trouble. I assure you!" He held much confidence in his people skills in that regard, at least.

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'Was this guy looking down on me just now?' Masami tried not to keep a blank face and a glare, returning the smile as well. When the Sinese rejected his offer, he felt as if he was deemed incapable due to his smaller and younger build. He was a boy, too, who also disliked showing his flaws and being looked down upon. However, perhaps he really didn't look like he was capable of doing anything. After all, for those past few statements, he made Joya look so disorderly when in fact, there was so much order that it was chaotic. Or was it because he appeared like a girl...? Then again, if that was the reason, then it would deduct more friendly points from the Sinese because of bias. Back in Joya, Masami was almost everything to them. Not only he was treated like a prince, but he was treated like an idol in some points because of his capability. All of those experiences were breaking down right when Jan Ren declined his offer.

He raised a brow and placed an innocent face, trying to avoid appearing selfish and rude. "I can do more than I look, you know." Correct. If you'd include the assassination of a Joyan court, then that would add up to what Masami can do. "I happen to be great at taking care of people, for having a sickly mother... if you're into fighting, too, I could be of help in enhancing your strengths." Would that be alright? Taking care of peoples' needs? Masami also knows how to conduct tea ceremonies, but that probably wouldn't matter if the Sinese wasn't into that. What else does he even like apart from approaching girls off of the street? He seemed to like his culture, though, but Masami doesn't have any idea what the Sinese culture is like.

The performer would've used dirty methods if he was bribing Jan Ren, except he wasn't. Everything, including Masami's offers, should be clean because of the respect he had given for the Sinese. He was starting to get a really hard time thinking of a good offer out of respect and friendship. Suddenly, a light bulb flashed on top of Masami. Since Masami knows a lot about girls in a way, why not use that instead? "I could help you get a girlfriend." he lowkey whispered, leaning against Jan Ren with a cheeky smile on his face, even having his left pinky finger raised in front of his lips. It's like offering black market items, how suspicious.

#32Jan Ren 

Cultural Contrasts [MASAMI | JAN REN] - Page 2 Empty on Wed May 13, 2020 3:37 am

Jan Ren
Many countries held belief in the old tradition, generosity without expecting anything in return. Sin, to a degree, held a similar concept, something Jan Ren wasn't overly aware of every day, but certainly found himself justifying the scene with that value in mind. The young girl needed help, and the most righteous act would be to answer the call, regardless if he would be getting anything in return. ...That was what he had planned, initially... "T-Taking care of people." He repeated, almost monotonously, silently as he frowned some; once more, an impure image creeping to his mind.

What kind of work did they make her do in Joya that he wasn't aware of!!?

Violently shaking his head, long and smooth black hair waving here and there in his motions; bangs disoriented enough for the young man to have to redo them manually, nervously with his hand; the Sinese stood firm with his choice. "No, it's quite alright, really!!" Jan Ren insisted. Despite desiring something Masami could offer (clearly in his mind anyway), it would be nothing short of unethical.

Though adamant in keeping his stature properly, the charming blond proved to pose a challenge; making him flinch in his spot as she offered something, quite tempting. It would solve all his issues (probably). It would bring him definite bliss (probably), and deal with the occasional lonely feeling (probably) as well as any rising urges (again, probably). He gulped down, giving it some thought. Evidently the Blue Pegasus mage's willpower was questionable, at times. From the way Masami put it, there was some obvious room for interpretation. "(Is she.... Is she really offering that? Her-- Really??)" Was it always this easy??

Alright, so he's self-interested at times. Sue me.

"---No! No, no." He broke out abruptly, letting go of the girl at that moment of his own volition; seemingly struggling to keep his balance as he took several steps away, turning his back to her. It'd be futile to hide away the blush he's been experiencing for a while now. "I need nothing in return!" He declared, more to psyche himself than to convince his company; then turning back to face her. "Yanyu once said, Continually Give!" --Continually Gain. Though it was deliberately omitted. Sinese proverbs at their "finest".

"One should be content aiding someone in such need, like yourself Masami! I don't expect anything in return, besides you putting my gift to use! Go visit your mother."

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Cultural Contrasts [MASAMI | JAN REN] - Page 2 Empty on Wed May 13, 2020 10:21 am

Because of the Sinese's persistence, Masami was left with no other choice but to let the flow... flow wherever it wants to flow. Masami had thought that he was being looked down upon, but after Jan Ren's statement, he felt somehow awful for thinking that. The Sinese had proven to him that he truly was careful for others' efforts and feelings, and that made Masami feel better. The quote was on point, too. Statements are often better when they added a quote from someone wise, even if Masami had no idea who Yanyu was – perhaps a historical Sinese hero, or something of the like. Jan Ren also seemed to have a family that he loves as dearly as Masami loves his own, and that thought alone was enough to make Masami's heart soften.

He shrugged, "A'right." he loosely swung both of his arms backwards, then placing them back on his waists the moment the fall back in front. "Okay, Mister I Don't Need Anything In Return..." he paused, not knowing what to say next. 'Man, I still wanna tease him...' One thing that didn't slide through Masami's mind was how Jan Ren reacted. He definitely somehow liked that offer, as Masami had thought. The performer was slightly squinting his eyes, thinking through Jan Ren's previous reactions. Wouldn't men easily accept offers like that? Unless Jan Ren's trying hard for humility, since he was talking about the Blue Pegasus guild a moment ago, and even referred being required to appear their best – if that even included as well as the personality.

Nevertheless, Masami continued. "Really? Nothing else? That kinda makes me feel useless..." he puckered his lips to the left, taking a deep breath back out. As much as possible, he wouldn't want offering himself just for the sake of fun. "Well, if you say so... I have no contradictions." he exaggeratedly shrugged, turning away, expecting the Sinese would feel bad. In Masami's teenage logic, he somehow deserved that for making Masami feel bad first. Although he knew that it was wrong, at least Masami could make up for himself. There's utterly no way he could let an opportunity of help slide; there are so many intentions upon one statement. The main reason would've been to help out as well, a selfless response – the sub reason was for Masami to leave no regrets and not feel selfish, although that itself was quite selfish. The third reason was... as expected, to have fun.

#34Jan Ren 

Cultural Contrasts [MASAMI | JAN REN] - Page 2 Empty on Wed May 13, 2020 11:46 am

Jan Ren
Continually Give, Continually Gain. With these words, the Great Wise Sinese meant that by giving to others, one's value increases. While few could interpret those words perfectly, being vague as they were, it's no lie that in terms of chivalry, no better proverb could be applied. By giving to others, he has the privilege of giving, and there is nothing more humble than that.

So, where exactly are his gains in this?

Fortunately, it appears that Masami did cave in to his pleas. She would accept his offer without much resistance, despite giving some very dangerous offers. Ah, what a relief... It'd be bad for his heart if he had to deal with any more suggestiveness from her liking. Sure, he would stand on rejecting the offers as much as he'd need to until she finally consented (if only he could apply that technique when chasing, without being called a pig); though surely if she tried enough times, he'd eventually succumb and give her a piece of his mind. Naturally it wouldn't be the Wild Thoughts he'd experienced through his rejecting process...

Though for some reason, she seemed to pout and turn away. Was she... Offended...? --A certain thought line ran through his head; Sin and Joya were at war once, but both countries were awfully close in terms of lore, probably mythology and from what he inferred, mannerisms as well. They shared a single concensus in religion, at least. It might have just been the case that, he turned down an offer similar to his own; and it'd be rude. Regardless...

"Hey." That's just the way it was going to go. "You really shouldn't feel bad about that... It's okay to let people take care of you sometimes." He said, closing at her from behind and lightly patting her head. Height differences did help, but. At that moment, beyond the obvious cutesy behavior, Jan Ren couldn't view the blond as much more than just a kid. That's right... She was still just a kid. No matter her actions, no matter her words. Despite her apparent fit, a more warm smile took over the young man's face.

He was smiling a lot today, huh.

... "--Ah." ...How old was she even?

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Cultural Contrasts [MASAMI | JAN REN] - Page 2 Empty on Fri May 15, 2020 3:17 am

Masami wasn't convinced. Rather, he refused to be convinced. Joyan culture, or whatever was thrown upon him through the years of living in a strict and practical cultured land, taught him to stay loyal to his ideals. Although Jan Ren was correct (and accepting those words tasted like vinegar) about having other people take care of you in some moments, Masami's begging of making a difference was worth it. As a Joyan performer and idol, Masami was being taken care of by not only his family or theater staff, but also his fans who looked up to him. So far, he has only ever taken care of his mother, and it wouldn't hurt taking care of other people for now. "Alright." that was his response, however, slightly giving up by shrugging and loosening his shoulders. His eyes slightly squinted as well, when the Sinese touched his head. It wasn't awkward because they were both guys, but it would definitely be annoying if a girl ('less they are older and mother-like) touched his head.

"Ah–?" he repeated Jan Ren's words in the last parts right away, raising a brow while looking up to him. If he had more to say, Masami would like him to say it right away so that Masami could think of more counters on word play. "You remembered something?" this was a common thought. People who'd usually say "ah–" say this in expression of remembering a forgotten notion. "If it was something to pick up, I could at least help you out with that." this one, in fact, was an innocent statement. Picking things up would be the only slightest possible thing Masami could do if he'd utterly want to help people. When he said this, he felt like forgetting all of those devilish ideas. However, when he looked at Jan Ren's face (which he deemed tease-able), he regretted having a side-track of mind.

#36Jan Ren 

Cultural Contrasts [MASAMI | JAN REN] - Page 2 Empty on Fri May 15, 2020 7:47 am

Jan Ren
Though typically patting others could have been seen as rude, Jan Ren paid it almost no mind as he lightly tapped the young blond's head. It felt like the right thing, though if he thought about it he'd have realized it might have been due to how he viewed the young girl, on top of their respective heights playing a good part in promoting the action.

Shortly enough, he laid his hand off, looking away casually. "No, nothing like that..." The Sinese started, trailing off. Was it appropriate to ask her for her age? From her facial features alone, she was definitely below twenty, but post at least a surge of puberty. Still childish features, but half-grown. Sort-of...? If he had to make a guess, he'd easily claim her to be in her early teen years, but things don't get much vaguer than this.

It took a good moment, but Jan Ren was then reminded of why he had set out in the first place. Putting both hands together, hidden in his wide (even oversized) sleeves, the black-haired took a short, respectable bow. "I just trailed off for a bit. Apologies," he let out, now clearly as calm as could be throughout their entire conversation.

Despite the rollercoaster of moods Masami managed to pull him through, the Sinese eventually found his way back to ground zero, assuming the more peaceful attitude; not to worry about much.

--"Masami, you don't look too old to be traveling by yourself." He started, nonchalantly; perhaps oblivious to the way it could be taken, though within good reason. "Few would dare cross borders if they were in your position. But just how old are you?" If he showed sufficient interest, it was fine. Regardless of trying to getting to know the girl better, it would make for an honestly peculiar topic to wonder about. He hasn't known many teenagers to live by themselves, much less take to travel alone to a foreign country.

Even he himself; without his parents' aid and the circumstances of his home, wouldn't have set out on this journey he's on today.

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He would almost cringe, seeing how suddenly the Sinese expressed his cultural way of showing respect. 'Only now?' he thought as he avoided such expression, smiling instead and returning the respect by shortly bowing. Since the Sinese didn't forget anything, which also means Masami had nothing to help with any longer, he had fully given up. Whatever the tide brings, that would be enough. After all, Jan Ren seemed to stay to his word with respect and trust. A true gentleman like that would utterly not let a lady become mistreated.

Speaking of his age... that's true, the other kids stayed in Joya to work there. Some wouldn't even leave Joya at all, so it would be a question why Masami is in Fiore in the first place. A lot of people assumed that Masami was a young adult, in terms of femininity, in Joya, that was. So automatically, he responded: "Younger than you think." was that convincing enough? If they think Masami's about twenty, they'd probably think that he's eighteen after the statement. "How about you?" Young adult, definitely. When Jan Ren asked for Masami's age, he had started to scan and guess the Sinese's identity. About eighteen to twenty, that's for sure... or older? Looks can be deceiving, and that deceit is right here, in front of the Sinese, so Masami doesn't have to judge. To add another response, Masami nodded after thinking. "Oh, though, you're right. A lot of us don't cross the border just like that." he didn't want to blatantly give out the correct answer just like that, it'd be boring.

Playing the guessing game now, he believes. There's no way he could admit that he helped with an assassination of a court, which was why he ran away, only to come back almost every month just to check up on his family. "I'm used to taking care of myself, else I wouldn't know how to take care of others. Can't give what you don't have." right after, he shrugged, thinking that he gave out a logical statement. However, he knew to himself that he believes in taking care of the self first before the others, but he wouldn't want to be deemed as righteous or selfish. If he knows that he couldn't do it, he wouldn't even try.

#38Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
That statement simply blew the young woman off of Jan Ren's scale. Younger than he thinks? Considering the blond's features, height and attitude, it suddenly clicked, in an oddly fitting way. A way the Sinese would come to respect with a light chuckle and an assured smile. "Ahh... I see." That means Masami wasn't even sixteen yet. He had no reason to doubt her on that, and as such it translated to the woman turning into a mere child in his perspective. Just a young, mischievous girl; and so every bit of tension he felt throughout their interaction, simply faded away. Jan Ren would even mentally chastise at himself for desiring an underaged girl. "(But for a girl that young to act so boldly... I'd be worried for her.)"

"--Ah, I've had my 21st birthday this year." Not much explanation needed there, right? If there was any willingness to open in playful banter, it was originally to mess with her and score a point or two. Considering her already impish nature, now on top of her youth, it'd best be skipped.

Despite her age (now factual), Masami proved to be awfully mature in some respect. She held wisdom, or rather values not commonly found among teenagers. "Huh..." He listened intently, looking straight to the young girl's eyes as she explained. "I agree." He uttered in response; "If you're in no state to help people out, you'd be better off not offering it in the first place. Taking care of oneself is more important than plain altruism, in a way." The Sinese added, voicing his opinion. He could easily come to respect a girl, especially so young, that can take proper care of herself; and fact Masami made the journey from Joya to Fiore all by herself served proof to her capability.

She'd make an incredible woman when she grows up. Not that she wasn't one, already. Just a little young, is all.

"I imagine you would be forced to learn to take care of yourself first off in your travels." He assumed, continuing as he placed both his hands behind his back. "Thinking about it... I really think joining a guild would prove very beneficial to you."

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"Ah!" Masami exclaimed in a flash as he leans in, almost as if he was dashing, right after Jan Ren mentioned having his birthday this year. "Congratulations! May you be blessed by many blessings!" he took a step behind and started to exaggeratedly clap his hands in a quick face, lightly bouncing off of his feet in excitement. The boy couldn't say anything else, not giving enough time for himself to think of any additions. There was something about birthday celebrations that had always excited Masami, and he couldn't explain this himself, as well. "I've had my sixteenth birthday this year, too!" he leaned closer again, raising a palm for a high five then... too close, he hit the Sinese's face without even him noticing.

Well, that was awkward. Masami took light steps back, slowly. "A-Ah..." he felt too hyped up and didn't want to apologize – though he feels like it due to his belief in karma, but he refused to. Now doesn't seem to be the right moment, and it's alright even if the Sinese thinks that Masami was thinking highly of himself. After all, he suddenly acted in an unexpected way... then revealing his age, just like that. Masami sighed over himself, internally extracting his spirit out of him in humiliation. "W-Well..." he intentionally lightly coughed when he twisted away, crossing his arms afterwards.

"I presume you're right." and by that, his face suddenly switched to utter seriousness. "Pretty sure I'm a very selfish being as well, despite liking to help people out." Humans naturally sin, but Masami doesn't believe that generally, humans are sinners despite their natural ability to do so. Masami, for one, strongly believes that he is the main cause of his mother's illnesses. An odd belief came from his 'almost exact' similarity upon his mother's facial features, the elders referred this as a curse. Masami swung his right leg, scratching the heel of his wooden slipper against the pavement. "Well, resist temptation and it shall flee from you." he quoted this from a proverb he made just now, having nothing else to say. He didn't want another sudden hug, else he'd be deemed as weaker or more fragile once again. For a boy with his own unique pride, strength is still pretty much an issue.

#40Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
Three pieces of information befell upon this revelation; "Oh, heh, thank you. It's-- Bnph." The first, Jan Ren was wrong in his assessment, and the girl transformed back to a woman quicker than he'd want to reject the image. She was of age, and with that, his nulled assumption turned relevant once more. The second, Masami was excitable with the simpler things. Befitting of one who'd carry themselves with some degree of maturity, some simple aspects in life simply riled her up; birthdays and celebrations seemingly being one of them. Which was, for lack of a better word, cute. The third... This blond couldn't aim highfives for the life of her.

Here, we have an example of the Sinese' face at the misplaced gesture. Frozen in place, naturally silenced, the young man sighed deeply, exhaling through his nose. That, he wasn't quite ready for. Staring down the kid, narrow-eyed, Jan Ren had to make some little struggle to clean her image in his mind off; reverting her mentally, to the mischievous young lady she was. Despite the obvious display screaming how she, simply failed to aim.

"Hehh. ...Who said that?" Her sentence definitely sounded like a proverb, a quote of sorts. He could adopt it to his own use if he found it respectable enough; though the underlying message sat a little odd, he found wisdom in it. He turned slightly confused with it; "So... I should give in to temptation?"

--Crap. That mere thought managed to spark some bad imagery in the Sinese' mind once again, including (surprise surprise) the blond in question. One could even interpret it in a way befitting of such behavior, in other words an invitation. Would that be okay?? Mentally fighting himself once more, the young man had ultimately decided to let go of his lecherous thoughts, disregarding the blond despite her factual age. He's decided to count it out, and... Maybe sixteen was a little too soon after all.

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The sudden incorrect answer caught Masami's attention. "N-No." he didn't mean to stutter, but he didn't mean to rub it in Jan Ren's face that he took the metaphor in the wrong way. "It actually meant to 'resist the devil' in some translations, but since the devil characterizes evil... err." Masami knew that he had to specifically explain the 'devil' because such a characters has already been morphed in different versions. Joya had the kami and the akuma, there were many of them and neither all of them are necessarily evil nor good, but God and the Devil had subsided on black-and-white categories, either good or bad. Humans sometimes force themselves to perceive the two characters differently than the messages already conveyed in the books.

Masami dedicated a moment of thought. "The Saligia." he mentioned as he recalled each and every one of the acronyms. "Pride, lust, envy... you get the main idea, all of those evil stuff." assuming the Sinese would already get the main idea off of those, Masami stopped explaining. He also didn't have enough knowledge to explain everything, and it wasn't worth the humiliation for not knowing enough. "What do you think you'll be doing if you gave in?"

It was a question Masami shouldn't have asked. Right after he said that, a vision came to his mind, as if to answer his own question. Everything was burning, and it seemed so real if only Masami wasn't having a strong grasp over reality. He could feel the flames enveloping his skin, almost burning himself in his mind. But that was over a split-second, the vision ended as if nothing happened (although, nothing did happen), but it left Masami in a slightly dumbfounded feeling.

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Jan Ren
Resisting the devil? Naturally, Sin had its own version of God and the Devil, that is, of evil and good. Though it was never given proper character names, as the concepts remained in the realms of morals. That said, Jan Ren wasn't entirely oblivious to the ideas shared in this country, namely the church and its own principles of '7 deadly sins'. Not that he believed any of it or dared take it seriously. As such...

"The Saligia."

"The what?"

...He openly showed his ignorance. That is, a man of his nature, of his origin and of his status, wouldn't delve into matters that didn't interest him. Regardless, it was a troubling question. Almost like the Sinese had to speculate what it'd be like if he lost all of his morals. And if that were the case -- "Hmmmm... I guess I wouldn't be human anymore." He concluded, after giving it some thought. "What separates humans from animals is the concept of consciousness, you know? Animals live to survive, humans look for meaning in life. To keep an orderly society and preventing us from becoming 'just another animal', morals were introduced." He claimed, not entirely sure of his answer; though mainly in fault of it being mere philosophy. As what does it truly mean, to be Human in spirit? Many would give diverse answers, but not one could pinpoint the exact meaning.

"That'd be why have the word 'humane.'" The Sinese finally finished, giving Masami a wholely serious glance; oblivious to the young girl's mental image, even if she seemed a little troubled. Maybe she found herself dwelling on the answer too? Or maybe his wisdom had surprised her! Not too shabby, huh? He laughed a bit, rubbing at the back of his head in some discomfort. "Haha, but I wouldn't know! I don't follow Fiorian principles. Their senses might be different to mine." Trying to make some humility out of the subject, Jan Ren decided to conclude.

He'd also choose to entirely ignore the fact that he knew all too well, just at the blond's mention. That should he give in to said 'sins', the one to most likely stick out the most would have to be Lust. Funny. If he didn't mind courtesy, his answer might have been entirely different. It would also prove a difficult question to answer, precisely because the young man held no interest in the concept, and initiated conversation with a different idea in mind. Fact he was practically slapped in the face just a moment ago, and toyed with through poison moments earlier, also didn't help.

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It made Masami easy to believe that Jan Ren had lots of occurring temptations and impulses going on inside of him, and it might be even as worse as killing a mere child. For Masami, it was reasonable – although he wasn't entirely afraid of the Sinese (and perhaps will never be) because he wasn't sure whether the hypothesis he made was even accurate, Masami recalled his past experiences upon the theater. There was a man he looked up upon, and although this man was utterly kind, he often played the villainous roles rather than the heroic ones. Right after a split-second of seeing visuals of those memories, Masami started to think if Jan Ren was a criminal. Had he killed people before, just like Masami? Is his reason of leaving Sin and joining a light guild his reason to repent?

"It must be hard," Masami gave a light chuckle before continuing, "but I hope that repentance pays off!" Generally, humans find it hard to repent, based on Masami's perception. It's the same way as having a hard time apologizing, or having a hard time confessing your true feelings. Honesty was such an easy word to begin with but it has lots of requirements. For Masami, he was required to become self-aware, else he'll lose his own identity in one of the roles he will be playing as. For Masami, honesty isn't an issue because he was always honest with himself. He knows if he's being prideful, he knows if he's being selfish – all his wisdom came from adults who were wise as well; Joyan culture has tried its best to maintain a pure life, so very so often Masami would get scolded if he ever did something wrong. It was always hard for him to admit that he was wrong (especially if he believes that he didn't do anything wrong), which was why he understood Jan Ren's situation... if that even was a case.

As a younger fellow, it was inevitable for Masami to learn something from the adults. As Jan Ren gave a moment of thought and expressed those thoughts upon words, Masami couldn't help but nod at every word the Sinese mentions due to excitement – excitement from learning something new or excitement from hearing those types of words from people he respects. "I wouldn't compare myself to animals, though." Masami added, scratching his nape to express his uncertainty. Being aware of the great gap between animals and humans, Masami believed that it is unacceptable for humans to come from animals; they could be compared to at least demons, or gods, or nephilims or whatever races that actually existed outside Joya. They had this thing called Nekomatas or Kitsunes, however, but Masami had never actually seen one himself. Before Jan Ren would state another word regards what Masami had previously stated (or even debate), Masami had already spoken. "Don't wanna talk about it." he mentioned this when his hands held upon the Sinese's shoulders, pulling himself as he gives out a glare, voice pitch kept low; he utterly didn't want to debate, knowing that there was a big difference between cultures (and the fact that Jan Ren gave an unexpected impression of wisdom upon Masami) and most likely, Masami would be degraded to a level of not being able to say anything.

Because Masami couldn't tip toe any longer (due to height difference issues), he lightly bounced away then brushed his clothes. Though there wasn't entirely anything to brush, it was an expression he made as he looked away. 'Awkward...' then he looked back at Jan Ren with both of his hands upon his waists instead. "Any plans for the week?" Masami had thought other, spiritual or sentimental, questions but believed that it had already been too much. He didn't want to suffocate the Sinese with those types of things, and didn't want to make it look like Masami was interrogating the fellow. Something sensory and present would be a good idea to talk about instead, because that's where Masami lives in. "I hope you don't intend to eat any poisonous berries." he just had to bring this up for the humor, even while preparing such an innocent face. This is the reason they first met, anyway.

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Jan Ren
It really wasn't that difficult. Jan Ren was a lot more subjectible to his own desires than he'd prefer to let on, though that on itself, would be his way of being true to himself. For the most part, it came out in the form of, surprise surprise, desiring members of the opposite sex. Though in not just one case, the Sinese has proved to himself that despite the urge to turn everything upside down and simply drown in his desires, he'd find self-control, and value honor and respect over lust or vanity. ...At least, he believed as such.

The young man couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the girl's reply. His philosophical view wasn't to be traced in literature, as much as it was common sense; perhaps words of wisdom he has heard in his past. Though just as quickly as a message was offered back at him, it was cut off, with perhaps one of the more intimidating looks he'd have gotten from the blond. Mischief aside, the young man almost flinched in place; a drop of cold sweat rolling down the side of his head (conveniently hidden behind a long bang by his ear). It raised a question, what would be so dire as it would bother this Joyan girl so much?

"--Alright." Nevertheless he complied, somehow not getting much in desire from the notion; but rather, he felt slightly repulsed. Evidenced by his own eyes narrowing some, as with a finger pressing against the blond's forehead, he applied little pressure to push her back; away from his personal space. She was very welcome to invade it with her suggestiveness up to now, you bet. Even if he wouldn't act on it, having decided not to for, reasons. But as a seeming threat, he'd have to stand up for himself. In humility, of course, but still. Though words were left unspoken, and better done so, the action on itself spelled out his issue with her sudden act of suggestive aggression, by itself.

Shortly after, the Sinese interlocked his hands inside his elongated sleeves once more, skin hidden beneath the cloth. A shady stature if anything, but one he was very much used to. "(Woah, just like that, heh.)" He mentally chuckled at Masami's quick change of pace. She really was a theatrical natural, huh. Juggling between those two instances as if they were a single step away from each other. "Hmmm... Not in particular, actually." He commented, finding that he really hadn't planned out his day further. He could spend his time humoring and getting to know the blond some more, of course, that proved quite the interesting pastime spent. He'd gotten fond of her, as a person; not simply based on appearance.

Though, there was more to gain. By the corner of his eye, the Sinese had detected another beauty. Few could be said for appearance, as his Jan Senses simply tingled enough to notify the young man of this other stranger's presence; as she passed by. Seems plans for the day had just been made!! "--Actually, I did just remember something!" The Sinese declared, raising his head up some as he smiled; turning to the young Joyan and giving a fair bow.

"I wouldn't want to steal off your own time either. You do have a guild to check out, don't you? Ah, do rest assured. I won't get poisoned, even if I ate just one~." He commented, giving obvious throwback to the young blond's own, unexpected action several moments earlier.

Second target, acquired!

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Well, he got that one right. "Wah, you know me well already." his hands placed upon his waists with pride, even smiling back. He was going to check up on the guild, especially now that the Sinese mentioned it. Masami wasn't bothered by Jan Ren's sudden change of plans, it was quite expected already, after all. He would love to add a reaction to when Jan Ren poked Masami's forehead, 'Which slightly hurt, by the way.' but let it slide. He didn't want to get into a fight... at the moment; Masami will simply get his revenge later on.

Masami actually had no plans – he simply went out and started to wander on impulse. Initially, he was doubting whether he'd go to the guild or not, considering that it'd be the first time he'd be committing himself to a group like that, a group different from theaters. A boy like him is too young to think of those types of things, just like how old people tell the younger generations not to get into reckless relationships because they may not be able to handle it. Masami is supposed to have fun at this age, however, since he had already lost his childhood games, there was no point. His enjoyment came from working hard. Is that the end of it?

"The day is still young." he mentioned, looking at the sky above Jan Ren. He sniffed the air in a subtle way before taking a foot to make a step behind. "Well, I need to go before it's too late, so I'll see you next time. Goodbye!" his farewell was said in his traditional language, just to add up to the optimistic farewells – goodbyes are generally sad, and Masami didn't want either of them to get upset. He waved a hand when he said this, his body facing the opposite direction but then he turned his head to take a last look upon the Sinese, then he continued to walk in the guild's direction to initiate today's plan.


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Jan Ren
Remaining still, greeting the young girl with his trademark professional smile, the Sinese took his time to see her off; listening to her latest bits, even taking in, rather surprised, her latest word. Off context and some previous knowledge, the young man deciphered that this was a 'goodbye', in a 'see you again' sense rather than a farewell. His eyes widened for a second before letting out a chuckle; taking a bow once again once he affirmed the girl was looking his way. "Bye bye." He let out, rather silently; in his own native language. A fair reply, matching the intention thrown his way. He would see her again, for sure. Remaining standing still, smiling at her even as she turned back, until finally she disappeared from sight.

The blond would come to remain on his mind for a short bit. Masami of, presumably, Penumbral... Whatchamacallit. He already forgot that guild's name. Seems that's how little importance he held for it, honestly considering it to be a small-time guild with little success; with it not having the same fame as Fairy Tail or Blue Pegasus, such was a given. Oh well. Onto the next--

"--Hey!!" He called out to the lady from before, tracing her direction and happening to catch up some time later. "Have you heard of Daphne berries, miss?"

Yep. Just another day.


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