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Queen of the Field [Priscilla]

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#1Aura Chou 

Queen of the Field [Priscilla]  Empty on Thu Apr 30, 2020 10:54 pm

Aura Chou

Get away, run away, fly away
Curled up she felt the boat being rocked like a mother rocking their child within their arms. The ocean waters sang a sweet song that became louder the closer she got to Fiore. She has never seen Fiore with her own eyes, but then again she hasn't seen many things. The was a cold spring morning, noon, and night as the winds were strong, thunder crashing. All she could hear were the men yelling to pull the sails, fight the waves and she swore she heard a man go overboard. Her beautiful eyes were like moonstones as the colors changed. Her hair was a special violet color that reminded those of wine.

She feared what will happen once they landed and docked upon the poopdeck she went as she felt a nudge. Slowly, she crawled like a wild beast towards the top. The men seemed to have left the boat unscathed as none were here. Slowly, she got off, but her shakes of enslavement revealed her prescience. At the looks of all, she panicked and ran away into the forest and away from the city she was in. Aura didn't know what the place was called, but on the way, she met a traveler who rode on a carriage. Quietly, Aura crawled into it and curled up. Her eyes wandered constantly till her heartbeat settled. All she could hear was the nature around her and the wheels turning against the hard earth. She wondered what it was like to be in one of these and now she knew. There was so much she needed to learn. Her hair was ratted as her carriage stopped. There was no one to be seen again as she then leaped out. "I cannot stay here long. They will find me.". Whispering softly she went into the fields of grass, but following her was a trail of flowers as her magic slowly was revealing.

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#2Priscilla Ivalice 

Queen of the Field [Priscilla]  Empty on Fri May 01, 2020 4:47 am

Priscilla Ivalice
Marigold for the most part was interesting to learn and take in, For as Priscilla was learning a new area. There was a lot of potential for various things here even if it was a small quiet area for the most part, There was some kind of beauty with in this area that was something she did not find to expect right away.

Then again she was only still looking upon the outskirts of the city while she was taking her time walking into it. Priscilla most likely would go into the city to learn about how people lived their lives here, what guild they had here if there was any and how they felt about their guild.

Stopping for a moment Priscilla would stop to look around, So far Priscilla did not mind everything around her, The field by her was always nice to see. Nothing seemed to be a miss so far. Even listening, even sniffing for once with here Werewolf sense picked up nothing wrong either.

Normally the sound of rustling grass would get Priscilla to turn her eyes right away, But just listening to it in general she was starting to assume it was normal wild life.

It did catch her interest because she did not know what it was exactly after all her nose was picking up something interesting for the werewolf that she assumed was not normal wild life, more human then anything else but different. It sparked her wonder.

Was it something worth exploring? maybe but knowing her luck it was already running away from her. Then she was distracted by the various other sounds of nature, Looking in the background at the carriage then went close back, It was another interesting thing for her to keep note of if trade was going into this city it means something later down the road if her guild wanted to expand here, She had her ways of exploiting trade in the area.

#3Aura Chou 

Queen of the Field [Priscilla]  Empty on Fri May 01, 2020 4:32 pm

Aura Chou

Get away, run away, fly away
The demi-human hid in the fields with at least one tail poking out so it just seemed like some fox was trotting about. Each grain felt like grass tickling against her flawless skin. Unlike most slaves, she wasn't whipped nor harmed other than the shackles that chained her in her own place. The biggest torment possible other than Torment #23 for her was the torment of wailing flames. They chained her wrists together as they forced her to walk on flaming wood and coal as the fumes rose to her nostrils and eyes. It made her eyes water as they overcame the air around her.

Something was getting closer as she heard the bustling. 'Are they coming for me?' She quickly thought and looked back, sniffed the air like a lost fox, and tilted her head down as she backed away. Aura wasn't going fast as she was trying to be stealthy. What she didn't count on was the fact that someone had a huge curiosity as she did. "G-go away!" She spoke in Joyan as her mixed colored eyes glistened with her body slowly standing up enough for her fox ears to appear and a single tail poking out. Aura didn't want to show all her tails as that was unnatural enough.

'Hopefully, they'll go away.' She had hoped. She didn't have any weapons on her. She was defenseless and honestly scared after the things she has been through. Flowers followed her trail as it leads whomever towards her. Nature seemed to have embraced her more ever since she came here. All she had for nature were animals like herself yet some were full beasts.  There were half felines, human boys and even human-like dogs who was fully dog, but built like a human. They went on the boat with her, but after waking up she found none of them. 'I shouldn't think of their own safety when I have my own.' she believed. She stayed in place as the five foot four woman was in an animalistic position as if she was going to pounce.

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Queen of the Field [Priscilla]  Ra9mni10

#4Priscilla Ivalice 

Queen of the Field [Priscilla]  Empty on Sat May 02, 2020 7:55 am

Priscilla Ivalice
When what her curious mind was following spoke to her Priscilla just let out a sigh."What bloody language was that?.."She did sound confused by it too Aura would have a different problem, Priscilla did not understand what was just said to her."Did she need help or not?"Priscilla knew some one else was there, Of all things some one else who did not speak Fiorian, She had been in this situation before, She had to wonder if she understood her.

The grass was tall enough that if Priscilla would go towards this person with her hands raised showing she did not mean any harm with out trying to speak a language she did not know. Any major action would most likely make her look like a threat when Priscilla did not want to be considered one.

But Priscilla did not want to leave some one stranded who might need help, So the Red headed werewolf would go into the bushes. Even if fruitless in her words."Do you need help?"She would start with, taking the first gamble of risk of going into tall grass towards what her smell was. Taking her time to look around.

What Priscilla's hope was to pick up where this person was, Raising her hands to show she would not harm them and see if she could continue on from there. Muttering to herself Priscilla mentioned."I should really start learning other languages at this point, It is starting to sound like it would make my life easier."That would be something for later to keep in mind at this rate she had tow language she wanted to learn, Maybe a third would not be so bad depending on how either of the first two went after learning them. nonetheless Priscilla was walking into Aura's trap and Priscilla was clueless to the pounce to come, For how good her nose and ears were, What she could not see was another thing.

#5Aura Chou 

Queen of the Field [Priscilla]  Empty on Sat May 02, 2020 8:31 pm

Aura Chou

Get away, run away, fly away
Aura stayed in her stance as she heard the woman get closer to her location. The voice sounded womanly though, making her loosen her tensed body by a little. She did not really know rather or not the womanly sounding person was here for her knowingly, but everyone from the point on was in 'caution' status. The smell of sweet fruits covered in honey could be smelled if she was getting to at least fifteen feet for a non-human and ten feet for a human. The woman was saying something and truthfully, Aura did not know the meaning of it. The woman didn't sound far either to her fox ears.

Slowly, she crept up enough so they will see eye-to-eye. Aura could see her eyes, but the woman could not see hers due to her matted hair like a long-haired cat. Her use-to-be long beautiful hair was now all knotted and all over the place, covering her face. The fox's ears twitched as she saw the red haired woman who was obviously coming to her. "Master?" was all she said in Fiorian. Her voice sounded tired and scared, but still sweet and soothing that soothed any beast or could at least.

Aura stood about five foot four as she wasn't super tall, but if the woman got closer enough to reveal Aura's full self. The red girl could see that she had multiple fox tails that were white as snow.

Lead me astray, to dreamer's hideaway

Queen of the Field [Priscilla]  Ra9mni10

#6Priscilla Ivalice 

Queen of the Field [Priscilla]  Empty on Sun May 03, 2020 5:33 am

Priscilla Ivalice
It was now time for them both to look upon each other generally as comfortably face to face to how they both would seem fit, Priscilla saw a depressing sight, one that she would openly express in a moment, Priscilla only realized and picked up in detail of Aura's location from her werewolf nose picking up her scent. The situation changed when Priscilla could finally understand Aura.

Priscilla could admit that she was not her master, not her right away thought."You look like you need help,More then looking for a master."Priscilla would admit, Priscilla sounded empathic more then anything else currently towards Aura.

So to show she meant no harm, She would raise both of her hands to make sure she showed she would not reach for anything to harm her, Priscilla was trying to take it easy for some one who looked so rough, far more rough then anyone else she had seen in a while. Priscilla had to ask, if she was asking about a master she had to ask."Are there people looking for you dear?"In her normal casual and endearing way of speaking."Do you need me to get rid of them?"With how she asked that Priscilla seemed like she was more interested in Aura's safety even if she was a stranger.

Priscilla having for now her only single eye would look at Aura for a moment and say."After I get them off of your case, I am going to find you some one who will help with your hair, I will find you cleaner clothing as well."This is what Priscilla wanted to do, After all she would also point out.

"As well as what else you may need, If you will let me."She would then slowly lower her hands since she felt her point was made, Part of her would assume that she would be refused because Priscilla was just a stranger who popped up out of no where, They did not know each other. Priscilla just was not a woman who would stand by and leave some one like this to suffer.

#7Aura Chou 

Queen of the Field [Priscilla]  Empty on Mon May 04, 2020 8:12 pm

Aura Chou
The woman got closer to where they then met eye to eye. An instant a strike of pain was felt on the right side of her head. Her right hand suddenly cupped the area it was hurting and closed her eyes as she tried to rub it. The woman talked about master, she was not her master? Is that what she was getting at? She tried to just ask if she was working for him, but so far as she could tell the red-haired chick didn't know what she was talking about. That much was probably true, but things soon got real.

Both of her hands were in the hair like she just didn't care, but for this, it was more of a way to show she was going to give any harm. 'This woman is treating me like she cares, but does she really? Does she just want to be a 'hero' for people.'. It really didn't matter for her reasons behind it. Most of what she said she didn't understand, but she felt like she was asking about her condition. ''Ran away, lost them, and nowhere.". she explained as she then wondered how stupid she sounded. She only understood so much and could only speak so little.

#8Priscilla Ivalice 

Queen of the Field [Priscilla]  Empty on Thu May 07, 2020 4:53 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
It seemed at least Priscilla had something at least she could do to help her and maybe slowly gain the trust of some one she felt really needed people to trust in."Perhaps...I can do something for you that will be helpful."Priscilla did not sound like she the planing or plotting something.

She would take a moment to sniff the air to pick up if anyone else was around and she would say."I want to come with me, I wish to take some time to teach you to speak this language better."Priscilla wanted this interesting woman, To be able to stand on her own and by herself, Free with out trouble."I will teach you if you wish."Priscilla was taking a risk in two ways, She was risking herself and risking this person now too.

Part of it was trying to get her out of here and hiding somewhere."I promise you safety and protection from anyone as well."Priscilla would let her have time to consider, It was a great worry, Priscilla was a stranger, one whom stood out as well. But with a promise with protection must have meant she had a plan for that too.

She would just try to think of something else, Did Priscilla go with her bluntness or continue her understanding of not trusting anyone upfront like she had before. Priscilla would take a moment to think a bit more then could not come up with much else rather then to ask."So will come with me?"Priscilla was more asking then ordering, That is all she wanted to make sure her voice was sounding. She was not trying to order or command some one who really needed to understand what is going on around her and should learn and know what to do with her freedom.

#9Aura Chou 

Queen of the Field [Priscilla]  Empty on Fri May 08, 2020 8:07 pm

Aura Chou
The woman was speaking some things that she could not really understand. Her eyes squinted as she started to really think on what she was saying. All she fully understood was that she wanted her to follow. Something about teaching her her language as well. Aura just nodded away as her eyes looked at her. "So, when do we start?" She spoke in Joyan. Perhaps she could teach Pricilla some Joyan as well. Just how to speak it at least since writing it took even longer to learn. So many characters and lines that even she herself didn't really like nor care to write in Joyan.

"I. Teach you too." she said in Fiorian slowly. Her head turned left and right like an animal does when being hunted. "Not here. Place?" She questioned. The woman had to have somewhere to eat and drink as well as stay. This place was rather open fields than anything, but she still didn't know where everything was. To people she spoke like a cavewoman when speaking Fiorian in her own accent, while when speaking joyan it sounded a little angry. Aura was not angry, but just fearing and hungry. The people around her didn't seem to pay attention to her, or maybe it's just because she has been hiding away from the humes.

#10Priscilla Ivalice 

Queen of the Field [Priscilla]  Empty on Sat May 09, 2020 5:34 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Even if it was a even exchange for the both of them then. But Priscilla wanted some where less open, This field was far too open in her point of view."We will start somewhere that isn't an open field."She would mention in general but Priscilla realize that her phrase were far too complex currently for her to understand.

So Priscilla would hope for the best and use single words and hope she did not annoy the woman she was trying to help."House,Food,Warmth."Is what she would start with."I know where."Priscilla would try it like that because she was really hope it is working for her and for Aura to finally get at what Priscilla was trying to mention to her.

Priscilla would turn herself towards where Aura's voice was again she was just wanted to know,see and hear if Aura would go with her. So far Priscilla was counting her blessing that if anyone was looking for this woman that they are not checking here. Nor have they came to look here.

Again Priscilla just having a moment she would just speak normally."I am thankful that it is just her and I here."She mentioned that because at this point, If anyone tried to take away and this lady so much as resisted, Priscilla might have slaughtered people.

Trying to distract herself Priscilla was thinking how wonderful it would be to learn whatever language she spoke normally, She could take use that to her advantage, Just as much as becoming a werewolf had benefited her as well. Back to focusing Priscilla would then say."Coming?"It was a one word question but it did serve a point, More to try and see if she could get Aura to come out so Priscilla could get her more inside.

#11Aura Chou 

Queen of the Field [Priscilla]  Empty on Tue May 12, 2020 9:08 pm

Aura Chou
Aura listened to the woman as she spoke with genuine kindness. Her red hair signaled of evil to most people with suspicious beliefs. The kitsune studied her movements as she wondered what she was going to do next. The woman has a feeling of trust, but she couldn't fully trust the woman. She signaled a leave as she wanted Aura to follow up. Slowly, she moved out of the fields that kept her safe as all nature does to follow this woman. The area was thankfully quiet as there was no one out here to start trouble, to capture her, but the place she was going.

Was it a trap?

What if master was there and this was a trap all along? The ideas of magic being injected inside her as he did to the other girls who escaped were nightmarish enough. She remembered him, a boy who kept defying master and then it began. Experimenting at their finest. Wherever this woman went, she followed as she was at least curious on where this was going. Learning to speak to another was good enough reason to follow as it could be useful to her in surviving in areas, like here. She never got to learn at all as a slave, other than the things that made a perfect concubine or even an assassin who lured in lust and killed.

#12Priscilla Ivalice 

Queen of the Field [Priscilla]  Empty on Thu May 14, 2020 4:23 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
In reality was Priscilla a cruel monster? Yes, she had called herself one before, But she also had something with in her she often tried to had away, empathy and compassion for people at their lowest. Some one who had been through such a stage herself, It was hard right away to tell the signs, But Priscilla did look around a lot more because she was still missing an eye, such tales for when they where alone. She just knew humanity and compassion were a rarity at times and these where one of the moments it could be used.

Priscilla more thought that the moment anyone else tried to pull this woman away from her she would kill them and not Aura. As normal here Priscilla would lead, but while walking she would take off her cape for not putting it on Aura. She wanted Aura to wear more and be covered, Slave clothing did little to protect from the cold the cape would help.

Yes they would benefit one another this day, But that was never Priscilla's worry, Her worry was more Aura be able to live and be safe, when she spoke Forian better Priscilla would explain that to her. Was this compassion and empathy more common form her now because of motherhood? It was hard for her to judge and she did not know the answer either."Help with the cold."Priscilla would say to her after fitting her red cape on her.

It was also to cover her up more to avoid Aura being detected from anyone right away, Their eyes would be on the cape, it would be enough time, Even if wasn't windy or cold it had a reason behind it.

Priscilla and Aura would come to a inn, one Priscilla had set herself up at before going for the walk that she met Aura in. She would take her key unlock the door to her room and she would walk in and wait for Aura to come in.

It was a standard room with a couch to sit on meant for two people, a bed to sleep in and a desk with a wooden chair. Priscilla had a small collection of clothes for this travel. On the desk seemed to be a picture and some papers with letters Fiorian.

#13Aura Chou 

Queen of the Field [Priscilla]  Empty on Sun May 17, 2020 12:08 pm

Aura Chou
Aura was not sure of what this woman wanted, but she followed anyway as she was used to following. Nature followed her as small flowers grew behind her till they were at least five feet from their destination. The girl wondered what was inside, she has never been anywhere other than the medium-sized Joyan house with nothing by the floor and roof. There were no beds, no tables for her to eat on when she got food nor beautiful things to gaze upon. Out of nowhere, she was given some cape. Shaking her head, ''I'm Fine.''. Simply enough said she continued to follow inside and towards the room to see things she hasn't really seen.

Slowly, she sat down on the ground as she looked up at the woman. ''Peaceful room." She simply spoke again as her eyes wandered to look at the place. The bed, 'So that's bad?' She thought curiously. It looked comfortable, so nice to sleep on, but she didn't have permission to get on any furniture. Now that she thought about it, she didn't have permission to sit either. Quickly she got up and hid behind her nine tails like a fan. "Sorry." She spoke worryingly and sadly while her ears tilted downward.

#14Priscilla Ivalice 

Queen of the Field [Priscilla]  Empty on Mon May 18, 2020 5:09 am

Priscilla Ivalice
Well it seemed Priscilla had to adjust to everything, This was dealing with some one else who was a captive all over again. During the moment she refused her cap Priscilla would merely put it back on, she did not mind. Most part Priscilla was trying to think and figure out how to clearly express what she wanted to say and express to this fox lady, Priscilla was done, not only would Aura realize she was free and could do whatever she wanted, Look like a foxy lady and hold a bit of pride walking around free with many options and things she could do all with out needing a master, She knew it would take time to adjust.

Getting into the room Priscilla would take off and fold her cape neatly and place it on the desk where she had papers, She would take off her gloves, rolled up her sleeves to just her elbows, She would then unzip a part of her outfit to just before cleavage area. When Priscilla realize what Aura was doing she realize what was going on.

Priscilla would walk over to Aura and kneel down slightly to be eye level to her."The bed is yours."Priscilla mention to her trying to express she meant it and hoping she understood. Priscilla wanted to be sure that was clear, Because it seemed like she wanted the bed Priscilla had no problem letting her stay in the bed.

"Go ahead, It is okay."Priscilla did not sound commanding or ordering she just mentioned it was okay. Trying to hide the fact she was bothered by it slightly, Just not expressing it at all.In her attempts Priscilla would finally try to start what they intended learning each other's language.

For now, The knelt down Priscilla waited to see what would happen next, But also would say."I am Priscilla."Just so she wasn't nameless, Priscilla did not want to be called master or anything by her."I am not master. I am Priscilla, I am friend."She hoped this would have a different kind of reaction, not fear, not hiding. She wanted none of this. By the time she was done Aura would not fear Priscilla.

#15Aura Chou 

Queen of the Field [Priscilla]  Empty on Mon May 18, 2020 6:19 pm

Aura Chou
Pricilla introduced herself with her name as she called herself a friend. Aura wasn't even sure what a friend was. She knew people as just people that come and go - other than master and loyal clients. Were the people she was always around in the enslavement house friends too? She missed them and all the special feats that they had. The woman told her that she could get on the bed, the bed that looked so soft, made her so sleepy. Softly, she yawned and looked towards the bed and looked back at her. Was she sure about this? She felt confused.

Slowly, she approached the bed and as soon as she got to the edge she squished the edge with her chained hand. "Soft." Simply spoken she then crawled on top of it. This woman gifted her with a so-called bed for the night. It was like a cloud as she was too dirty to truly enjoy it. Although that was true she fell right to sleep due to exhaustion and comfort. She never slept on a bed before, 'So this is... 'bed'.' she thought and drifted into nothingness or probably a nightmare that will always be with her, forever. Rather or not she'll be here when she woke up next time it didn't matter as she was comfortable than she ever has been.


#16Priscilla Ivalice 

Queen of the Field [Priscilla]  Empty on Wed May 20, 2020 12:59 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
It seemed time had passed greatly for the both of them, Priscilla however being the type of woman she was, Stayed away for longer then Aura did. Maybe it was just Priscilla being paranoid and unsure if some one would actually be coming for Aura or not.

Eventually Priscilla would get tired herself, unsure if Aura would really want her in the bed the faithful watcher rather move the couch closer to the bed and slept on that, To Priscilla a bed is rather lonely with out Vali or her son around. It was no longer the same, There was something missing and Priscilla would not want to really sleep in a bed until that feeling returned.

Maybe she just needed to trust in other people for that same comfort. Such a thing could happen over time, But until that reality actually happen Priscilla would be comfortable just by herself, Watching over the fox woman, Still waiting for if anyone trying to find her to take her away. Priscilla would still kill them with out a second thought.

Part of her wondered why she would just take people in all of the time to give people at what she felt was there lowest point and drag them free from it, In self reflection it is because she would want other people to do the same for her, as one did.

Eventually the next day would come and Aura and Priscilla would depart, Aura wanted to look around and explore it seem and Priscilla did not mind letting her go around free, It was her entire point. She would fine the fox lady again one day eventually. It was something Priscilla would make sure of while she was in Marigold if she found her again, Aura was never to be a slave again as long as Priscilla lived.


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