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Astera to Marigold.(Foot Travel)

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#1Priscilla Ivalice 

Astera to Marigold.(Foot Travel) Empty Thu Apr 30, 2020 2:32 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Relaxing and time with her son and Vali where now over for Priscilla, No doubt that now with what Vali knows about her Vali had a lot more to consider and for the moment, Priscilla really did not want to deal with the whatever he may choose, It maybe an overreaction for something she told him not to worry about, Now Priscilla worried about Vali considering her a risk to not only her son but anything in his dealings as well, It made Priscilla slightly paranoid at that moment while she was packing up her things to depart for some where else.

She would take her time with her travels, It was easier and more relaxing now days with looking like a different person. But much like the reason for this change, Priscilla was getting a bit weary of always wanting to changing what she looked like or acted like, Even if it was simple for her. You can only change so much before you forget who you where, that was the place Priscilla was at currently, It was why she made such a huge change and kind of tried her best to stick to it, It was oddly nice for her.

Life made it's self good to be "Priscilla" in one way while in reality she set herself up perfectly to be Valerie Ivalice she just needed to get use to saying and having people call her by that name as well. But that would take time and Priscilla was fine with that.

Putting on her cape and making sure she had everything. Letting out an sigh that she was already traveling and going back to things she did so normally. That break did not feel enough, Then again Priscilla felt if she talked to Vali a bit more, She might have admitted a few worries on her mind.

After she did not want to express her worries at all. She would bare her own problems like she wanted too for the sake of keeping everything in place of how they where now, It was a life she never thought she would have. It was dream long gone that was with in her grasp, She touched it all and everything, She would be at a place she would consider close enough to happiness, she did not want to risk breaking what she just pieced together now, It was something far too dear for her.

Getting that worry off of her mind, While Priscilla was in her travels it would be from one of the ladies she saved a long time ago from a human trafficking ship, A different one from Kazimir's task to her. She remember the day killing every single one of her captors, seeing her chained up and looking at Priscilla like she as well wanted Prisccilla to end her life, Rather then Priscilla freed her and got her to try starting a new here, Since they while this woman did not speak Fiorian well, She wrote it well enough to talk to Priscilla normally.

This letter she was reading from her now, showed what a life she chose to expand upon since being freed from chains and in horrible dirty clothing that just covered what it needed too. She had taught her self the basics of fire magic and swinging a sword. Priscilla felt rather proud of her.

To see a woman bloom from a withered flower to a bright and life filled plant. One of these days she will actually visit her once she found out where she actually was, Not that she minded not knowing, They would get to it with their life updates, She learned about Priscilla having a child and everything, Only to her pen pal wishing to be there.

Taking a break in her travel, Priscilla took a moment to write out a letter to her pen pal and continue on her way, Her letter took most of the night and Priscilla actually left great detail into her reply to her. One of the more nicer things in life was just how she was.

She had traveled a long way, Unsure if she wanted to do would exactly be achieved here, Nor did she really care after all there where chances and risk for reasons, Even if it lead to nothing. Marigold was still a nice place, There was a lot there going for it, she would see if there was anything to pick up there of interesting for the sake of future plans or need.

So thus Priscilla continued on her way, as she normally would until something else she needed to deal with came up, No doubt she would mix work and play here, It was just in her nature too it was something normal of her to do so.

[exit to Marigold]

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